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Ethics Epistemology Religion Term Paper

… Religion

This work looks at the concept of religion by first explaining its definition. It argues about whether God really exists and takes the standpoint that He does exist. The argument of this paper is based on this thesis and addresses some of the issues associated with God. It describes two theories that express religion and picks the strongest theory for the rest of the work. It also looks at the controversial issues of God and science. It follows to discuss the nature of God and the conflicts that arise with His interaction with man. The work ends with a conclusion that summarizes the main points captured in the work.

There as many definitions of religion as there are people who try to define it.…. [read more]

Sub-Disciplines of Philosophy Final Argumentative Essay

… Therefore, skepticism could be used in reducing the possibility of errors, but it would not be good to use skepticism in questioning everything that people presume and know.

Conflict of science and religion

The main aim of science is to understand the natural world behavior. Science is not concerned with abstract universals or supernatural objects as they are not considered scientific. Religion is mainly concerned with that which cannot be detected by senses and is immaterial. It is not easy to define science and religion, mainly because there is no sufficient condition that can describe either of them.

The theory of evolution is one of the main contentious issues between science and religion. Religion believes that God created the universe, while scientists believe that creatures…. [read more]

Christian Ethics in Relation to Capitalism Essay

… Christian Ethics in Relation to Capitalism and Ecology

The role of Christian ethics in the political sphere has shifted dramatically over the last thirty years, as the fall of the Soviet Union and a growing awareness of the planet's interconnected nature has forced a reevaluation of theology's role in public life. The near-total triumph of capitalism over socialism and communism (even in ostensibly "communist" states such as China) requires theologians to consider how Christian ethics might be usefully applied to this dominant economic system, while increasing evidence of humanity's effect on the planet requires a simultaneous reevaluation of ecology as to how it can embody Christian ethics. The crises of the next century will largely be economic and ecological, and theologians must necessarily direct their…. [read more]

God and Science the Art Essay

… Larson & Witham (1998) explained the survey of 58% of 1914 scientists rejecting God, and almost similar statistics show the same percentage demonstrated no change in 1996. In the course of a decade, neither science nor religion has made any headway into convincing one side or the other as to who is right. Since religion came first, this argument seems to have an advantage. However, the Christian religion is rather recent in comparison to older pagan religions, Eastern religions and those religions we don't quite understand. In fact the Christian God, based on the Jewish god Yahweh, was adopted in the story of Christ. At that time many gods were being worshiped and not one single one was to be held with any more reverence…. [read more]

Public School Prayer Essay

… Vitale (1962) decision (Barton, 1994). Here are some of the figures he presents that are associated with the ban on school prayer:

Effects U.S. students:

1. Pregnancies in teen-age girls by the year 1994 had increased 400%. The highest rate of teen age mothers in the western hemisphere.

2. Sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea rose almost 400% among students age 10 to 14; two thirds of teenage boys admit to having sex. By the time they are 18 they have had an average, 5 partners. Rapes committed by 13- to 14-year-old boys increased 186% since the ban.

3. A sharp decline in SAT scores; military forced to provide remedial education for recruits.

4. A dramatic increase in school violence with student suicides up 253%.…. [read more]

Philosophical Issue Ethics, Epistemology, Religion Essay

… There are a lot of cases involving doctors acting against their oath simply because they could not accept the fact that their patients experienced great suffering and there was no remedy for their pain.

A. When looking at matters from a utilitarian point-of-view, one is likely to understand that there is nothing wrong with assisted suicide. The Netherlands is one of the few countries that uphold the concept of assisted suicide and it can practically be considered a model in regard to the safety and ethical nature of the operation. The Dutch assisted suicide "story does not begin in earnest until 1973, when a Dutch physician, who killed her seventy-eight-year-old mother at her request, was tried for homicide and, after a very closely followed trial,…. [read more]

Philosophy What Did Kierkegaard Essay

… Philosophy

What did Kierkegaard mean when he said religion requires a "leap of faith?"

Kierkegaard believed that faith is the definitive subjective act -- that is, it is irrational, a "leap" beyond all probable rationalization. He believes it to be irrational because faith has nothing to do with ethics or good behavior. The ethical life cannot allow for a leap of faith because of its concept of self-creation and responsible choice.

This kind of higher rationality is way beyond the ethical, which needs rational behavior. Faith is something that puts the individual in relation to something that is higher, which is itself the essence of everything that is ethical. For Kierkegaard, the ethical life is essentially concerned with religion in the social sense, but to…. [read more]

Nursing Ethical Theories Essay

… Due to this deficiency mostly thinkers have supported deontological ethics theory.

Justice Ethics vs. Care Ethics

Justice Ethics

The word 'justice' means 'to be fair with all people' and it is intimately attached to the legal system. In the nursing profession, decisions have to be taken on each and every spot, therefore, there is a code of justice ethics to be followed for elderly, poor or disable patients.

All the human beings are liable to look for the well-being of humanity and to reduce pains from the world and this relates to the basic duties of a nurse. The basic principle of this theory has been placed on the right and wrong of an act and on principles that coerce the performance. According to Emmanuel…. [read more]

David Hume William James Contrast and Compare Theories Term Paper

… David Hume/Williams James

William James (1842-1910) was one of America's most notable philosophers, however, his work went beyond the boundaries of philosophy (Schick & Vaughn 2009). Born in New York City to a theologian father and the elder brother of famed novelist Henry James, James spent much of his youth studying religion and writing his thoughts on the subject matter with a "lively, clear style that seems more suitable to a novel that a philosophical treatise" (2009), which doesn't seem all that strange considering his brother's talent as a novelist. James went to school to study art but then changed his course of study to medicine and enrolling in Harvard University (2009). While at Harvard, James would become interested in philosophy -- the topics of…. [read more]

Absolute Truth Claims Journal

… Evil

For Christian theologians, one of the most troubling questions is the presence of evil in the world. If God is good, and the world is good, how can the world God created contain evil? One possible solution that has been offered is that evil is like the 'hole in the doughnut,' or the absence of good. For example, walking past a child starving in the street without a second glance is evil, because of the lack of compassion shown to the child. To be good would be to feed the child, and to try to eradicate the forces that produced that child's poverty.

The absence of good, however, also means that there must be an absence of God, and if God is everywhere, how…. [read more]

Ethics Assisted Suicide White Paper

… ¶ … tried to expand on areas that looked very week. You can copy and paste into your paper. If you have any questions or concerns let me know

I'd put this in either the first section the basic dispute section

The motivation that drives a person to pursue assisted suicide is an important issue in the debates regarding the ethics, legality, and what appropriate response to requests for assisted suicide should entail. Understanding the motivation is critically important to in order to determine if physician-assisted suicide should be considered a viable alternative for these individuals. The empirical literature has revealed three general categories of previously described explanations that people use to justify their desire to end their lives: (1) the most common reason for…. [read more]

Religion and Leadership Core Religious Research Paper

… An individual who is emotionally intelligent is likely to also be emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually mature. Regardless of the philosophical or religious tradition from which an individual hails, servant-leadership will ensure organizational success. Research shows that emotional intelligence is linked to measurable results in an organization, which is why servant leadership may also ensure the fulfillment of both personal and organizational goals.

The concept of servant leadership is one that is holistic and multifaceted. Servant leadership and transformational leadership go hand in hand. For this reason also, systems theory and servant leadership go hand in hand. Organizations seeking stronger ethical foundations would be wise to cultivate servant leaders. Regardless of whether an organization is a Christian -- or any other type of religious -- one,…. [read more]

Religion There Are Few Opportunities Research Paper

… Monism implies that anything that hurts the earth also hurts human beings. Moreover, if human beings are not hierarchically superior to the land, then humanity theoretically shares an "essential identity" with all life (Nelson 64). Advaita Vedanta theoretically encourages a sense of reverence for nature. In practice, however, Advaita Vedanta does no such thing. Nowhere in the Vedas is there specific reference to the relationship between a human being and the natural world. Such a relationship does not exist, because both human beings and nature are equally as much a part of Brahman. While this metaphysical construct would make human beings and nature equally valuable in the grand scheme of things, it does not mandate any specific ecological ethical behavior.

Nelson notes that the "dominant…. [read more]

African-American Women and Womanist Theology Research Paper

… African-American Women and Womanist Theology

Religion has been a strong part of the black culture since the beginning of time. Upon migration to the United States, religion and the church was a source of survival, especially for black women. Black women theologians practiced throughout the Civil Rights Movement, the responsibility to exercise racial uplift and social responsibility as the core of the religion life.

As womanist theology emerged, it criticized the black male theologians for ignoring the treatment of black women and their ideas with respect to black theology. It criticized white women for excluding the experiences of black women and the racism of white men.

Black women theologians felt that the experience endured by slavery was the basis for moving towards freedom.

Education, poverty…. [read more]

Kelly James Clark One of the Recurring Research Proposal

… Kelly James Clark

One of the recurring questions in any study of religion is how humans can believe in God without proof of His existence. Some philosophers have determined that such a belief is irrational and argue against the existence of God. They instruct that human beings should not believe in anything that they cannot prove. Other philosophers disagree, and give evidence of God's existence as support for why humans should believe in the existence of God. Finally, some other philosophers go even further, suggesting that human beings should believe in God, without regard to proof or evidence of God's existence. Kelly James Clark is one such philosopher, and his essay, Without evidence or argument: A defense of reformed epistemology, outlines the reasons that he…. [read more]

Ethical Theory and Moral Practice Thesis

… Their work shouldn't be interpreted as a move to jettison the pursuit of objectivity, however. Rather, it is an effort to identify how "to triangulate across multiple fallible perspectives" (Trocham, 2006) in order to achieve objectivity. According to Trocham (2006), objectivity can be obtained through the efforts of many individuals -- through the conscientious critique of science by truth-seekers in their respective fields -- and not by any one individual. Trocham reminds the reader that "[w]e never achieve objectivity perfectly, but we can approach it" (2006).

Empiricism -- as a methodological assumption of the epistemological paradigm -- is a limited means of acquiring truth and knowledge. Therefore, an exploratory review of literature is an apt choice. Gastmans (1998) and Beauchamp (2007) reveal ethical theory and…. [read more]

Jainism and Hinduism Term Paper

… For example, the concept of Lesya differs in Jainism. Lesya refers to the color of the aura of the soul.

The special aura of the soul can be described in terms of colour, smell, touch or taste indicating the stages of spiritual progress of a living being, whether human, animal, demonic or divine. Lesya is determined by the adherence of karmic matter to jiva or soul, resulting from both good and bad actions. This adherence is compared to the way dust particles adhere to an oil-smeared body.

Gangar, A)

While Hindu and Jaina schools of thought agree generally, "Jaina thinkers developed significantly different accounts of these phenomena, including lesyas."

Skoog, Kim)


There are many other areas of subtle differences between Jainism and Hinduism. The…. [read more]

Haskalah and Hasidic Movements According to Shira Term Paper

… Haskalah and Hasidic Movements

According to Shira Schoenberg, the Haskalah, or "Jewish Enlightenment," "was an intellectual movement in Europe that lasted from... The 1770's to the 1880's" and was inspired by the European "Enlightenment." The word Haskalah is derived from Hebrew for "sekhel" which means reason or intellect and was initially based on rationalism. This movement "encouraged Jews to study secular subjects, to learn both the European and Hebrew languages and to enter such fields as agriculture... The arts and sciences" ("The Haskalah," Internet).

The person most closely affiliated with the Haskalah movement was Moses Mendelssohn (1729-1786), often called the "German Socrates." In essence, Mendelssohn expressed the possibility that the Jewish creative participation in secular culture and society was not in conflict with the traditional…. [read more]

Absolute and Ordained Power of God Research Proposal

… ¶ … Absolute and Ordained Power of God was written by Francis Oakley, and published in July, 1998. The main focus of the text in question is placed on the development of the idea of "the absolute and ordained power of God" from the fifteenth, through to the eighteenth century. Oakley argues that while philosophers have tackled this topic from a variety of perspectives, historians have focused on the "quintessentially scholastic" distinction which took the shape of "a 'yes' and 'no' answer to the question whether God is able to do or arrange things other than he did in creating the orders of nature and grace." In other words, the article covers the history of a philosophical idea from a historical perspective; in addition, Oakley…. [read more]

Run for Your Wife Ray Essay

… By depicting John a bigamist and an "ordinary man" -- first in the eyes of his wives who do not know of his infidelity yet and later in the eyes of Stanley who tries to protect John's secret -- the play forces us to ask critical questions about our ways of understanding fundamental issues in our societies.

This kind of critical inquiry may be used to explore other themes in Ray Cooney's farce. For example, let us take homosexuality. How did many societies come to a conclusion that it is a deviation from the standard behavior? Or how homosexuality is tolerated and accepted as the norm in many societies today? The answer is simple. Both the justification of homosexuality and its shunning are dependent on…. [read more]

Fichte Separate Right From Morality Term Paper

… This is through examination of the unique roles of ethics and rights in controlling and determining interactions between individuals within the society. Ethics forms part of the first principle in relation to the illustration by Fichte as he seeks to build on the ground by Kant on the systems of ethics. Rights on the other hand focus on the second principle relating to the recognition of the rights of other individuals and institutions within the society. Ethics aims at promoting relationship among individuals within the society and aspect of self-awareness as a motive for the demonstration of morality. This differentiation is essential in limitation and enhancement of the freedom of the human beings within the society (Fichte 2007). This is through formulation of the laws…. [read more]

Death Penalty One of the Most Contentious Research Paper

… Death Penalty

One of the most contentious issues in contemporary America is the continued use of the death penalty against certain offenders. For supporters, the death penalty is valuable because they believe it acts as a deterrent against further crime, and implicitly argue that the state is well within its rights to execute citizens. Those who argue for the abolition of the death penalty point out that by any reasonable metric, the death penalty does not act as a deterrent, and even if it did, the state does not have the Constitutional authority to perform executions, especially when they are applied as unevenly and unaccountably as has been the case in America. After examining the evidence for both sides, it becomes clear that the death…. [read more]

Similarities between India and China Essay

… The Gupta Age became India's "nine Gems": the group of knowledge producers which includes the world's major astronomers, mathematics, and physicists. Narrative histories, religious and meditative writing, and lyrical poetry emerged to enrich, educate, and entertain the people.[footnoteRef:5] [3: Dola RC, "Gupta Empire," Ancient History Encyclopedia, last modified October 30, 2015, /Gupta_Empire/.] [4: Dola RC, "Gupta Empire," Ancient History Encyclopedia, last modified October 30, 2015, /Gupta_Empire/.] [5: ( 2016)]

China and The Gupta Age of India both had very different religious and governmental ideas. While China focused on both religion and philosophy, The Gupta Age of India focused on more of the philosophy aspect of life that aligned with education rather than the religious aspect. As a whole both classical periods formed powerful,…. [read more]

Philosophy Essay

… Philosophy is a broad science and it is normally used as an umbrella term for comprehensive body of studies. It is usually used for the study of inordinate concepts such as ethics, logic and aesthetics. But it also goes beyond these to study religion, social values, political theories etc. For many decades even psychology was considered a part of philosophy but not anymore. Every science involves philosophical problems, but the above-mentioned subjects all raise, in one form or another, the problem of values and thus start metaphysical questions of central import.

Thus metaphysics is the clearing house for all fundamental philosophical problems. It is the comprehensive discipline in which all philosophical issues and theories converge. Indeed, inasmuch as the special sciences, such as physics, biology,…. [read more]

Plato and Kant Plato's Life Term Paper

… It is not incidental that both Plato and Kant accorded the discernible world as the good and the moral. They as per their thought portrayed the same ultimate existence as life's oneness in the own accord. At the constraint of human thinking, both of these intrude past the central features of the Ultimate reality as moral. Anyhow, both Plato and Kant did not draw out the ontological constitution of the Good. They did not solidly pinpoint what the virtue is in accordance of primitive movement of life. Just like the Plato's the Good has not solid content, so Kant's definite significance is just an official definition of morality. They did not pinpoint the radical structure of the good and the evil in accordance of life's…. [read more]

Understanding Educational Philosophies Research Paper

… ¶ … Education Philosophies

Understanding Educational Philosophies

The notion of education refers to the learning process that continues from the time a person is born till the time of his death. Individuals engage themselves in the learning process in order to gain knowledge that can shape and contour their learning styles. Teachers and trainers in this regard play a significant role for the students that aid them in their learning process during their formal education in elementary, middle, high school and beyond (Vang, 2010).

In this regard, educational philosophy is an academic field of applied philosophy that bolsters and supports a specific vision and idea of education. The definition, objectives and significance of teaching and learning process is evaluated in the process of applied philosophy.…. [read more]

Confucianism Describe the Unique Characteristics Term Paper

… Confucius tells that not many people are able to keep jen constantly in mind; he also tells that jen is very close to us. As 'humanism' deals with ren or humanness, 'humanism' is the core of Confucianism. This is specifically emphasized by Mencian wing of the Confucian tradition and elevated to metaphysical level by one of the later thinkers, Neo-Confucian schools of Song-Ming times. Confucianism appears to be an open counter part with Chinese communism as 20th-century Confucian scholars credits the word 'humanism' to Confucianism; and hence this new understanding must itself be "historicized" as a metacommentary. (Huang, p.32)

The distinctive characteristics of Confucian humanism can be known from the teachings of Confucius. Confucius says the person cannot bear difficulties for a longer time and…. [read more]

Philosophy Personal Worldview Out of the Hodgepodge Term Paper

… ¶ … Philosophy

Personal Worldview

Out of the hodgepodge of education and personal experiences I have gained in my lifetime, I have managed to develop a "mixed bag" kind of personal philosophy or worldview. How I imagine the world working at any given moment depends on the circumstances at hand. When it comes to love, I tend to imagine a romanticized world of surreal spirituality and fate. On the other hand, when speaking of disease, my mind turns to biology and scientific fact. And I imagine that the view I choose to take of the world on any particular subject has something to do with how much I know about the subject, and with how pleasing it is for me to think along those lines.…. [read more]

Polisci American Political Identity Has at Times Term Paper

… Polisci

American political identity has at times seemed woefully fragmented. The twenty-first century is becoming a time during which the schisms and chasms in American society are coming to the fore, bubbling to the surface. Although the election of 2000 brought to light the divisions between Red states and Blue states, between Red America and Blue America, such divisions existed well before George W. Bush came onto the political stage. These political divisions in American society are sometimes framed overly simplistically in terms of "liberal" or "conservative." Yet these two terms, liberal and conservative, cannot begin to encompass the range of political values and philosophies embedded within the diverse American society. American political philosophy is best understood not as a duality but as a continuum.…. [read more]

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