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Ethics in Relationship to Power Essay

… Some of them have been convicted of different crimes ranging from bribery, fraud, income tax evasion, and perjury while in office. Others have been reported to obtain fraudulent loans for their personal businesses after leaving office. Between 1999 and 2003, various leaders pleaded guilty to numerous charges among them conspiracy and racketeering. Most charges were part of the scandals that later known as "licenses of bribe." It led to the conviction of many private citizens and state employees (Stensota, 2010).

Public officials in Chicago, Illinois and New York continue to be entangled in scandals incorporating drivers of trucks receiving licenses in return for bribes ending up in a political campaign fund. Such scandals are only made public when the truck drivers are involved in accidents…. [read more]

Ethics in an Organization Essay

… In conclusion, the role of ethics to organizations in the society of today has been able to come a long way and will endure to be a significant subject going ahead. Consumers have more material at their fingertips than ever before and are able to get access to more media than they have ever been able to get. Information regarding establishments is willingly accessible and without high ethical standards of ethics establishments will see their collapse. As mentioned in this essay there are a lot of different concepts for governments to impart appropriate standards in their employees and to safeguard achievement and future growth. It is up to separate governments to take the proper stages to guarantee that they are running morally and providing the…. [read more]

Shakespeare Othello ) My Noble Essay

… His vengefulness is in direct contrast to this quote. Here, Caliban seems entranced. He has been drinking with Stephano and Trinculo, and the alcohol has liberated his tongue. This is a side of Caliban that he typically represses, as he is unable to express himself fully and honesty while a prisoner of Prospero. Prospero projects so much negativity onto the spirit, which makes Caliban unable to develop his higher faculties. Caliban here proves himself to have higher, creative faculties, at least those that help him to appreciate art and aesthetics. The spirit refers to the celestial music with great appreciation, and then sadly notes that he "cries to dream again."

The passage shows how spiritual, psychological, and physical enslavement prevents people from reaching their highest…. [read more]

Ethics and Professional Responsibility Essay

… Ethics and Professional Responsibility

In basic terms, discrimination of individuals on the basis of their race, sex or even sexual orientation is inherently wrong, unfair and unethical. If that is the case, each and every individual should have his or her interests taken into consideration without any bias. In this text, I evaluate the premise that there can never be any justification for racial discrimination. Further, I explore the relevance of ethics in contexts of military conflict.

Race, Racism and Ethical Considerations

Race denotes the categorization of human beings into distinctive groups based on factors such as outward physical appearance and ancestry. It is a phenomenon also related to and influenced by traits such as ethnicity, culture, socio-economic status and appearance. On the other hand,…. [read more]

Ethics Compare the Similarities Essay

… This is addressing ethics and morality by illustrating how the beliefs and actions will determine if someone is accepting these attributes. ("Deontological Ethics," 2007)

A personal experience to explain the relationship between virtue, values, and moral concepts as they relate to one of the three theories

A personal experience involving these different theories occurred when I was driving a friend to the hospital (who was suffering from a heart attack). To reach the hospital sooner, I was breaking the speed limit and running stop signs / red lights. I successfully brought them to the emergency room and they were treated for the condition.

A few days later, the doctor told me how I was lucky. This is because my friend's situation was becoming more severe.…. [read more]

Ethics Words: 1,294 "Every Man Essay

… We are creatures of habit -- our future behavior can usually be predicted by our past behavior. And if we make a wrong choice, we try to convince ourselves it was right by making similar choices in the future; it's a way of easing the conscience we should have listened to in the first place. Lydia's conscience won't allow her to forget what Sophia, her boss, and coworkers would think of her character if they discovered her lie; she likely won't sleep as well at night and her self-esteem will suffer. So in fact her decision does have serious consequences that will extend into all other areas of her life. She has set the stage for a downward spiral in terms of self-esteem and character…. [read more]

Calcifying Effects of Racism: Othello Essay

… ¶ … calcifying effects of racism: Othello and a Raisin in the Sun

Both Othello and a Raisin in the Sun depict how racism is damaging to the souls and self-esteem of black individuals. Racism does not simply hamper social advancement. It also has a profound psychological effect on the person deemed 'inferior' by society. From the very first scene of Othello, the viewer is immediately alerted to the fact that he or she is witnessing a man living in a racist community. When Othello elopes with Desdemona, who is the daughter of the noble Brabantio, the villain Iago alerts the girl's father by shouting "Even now, now, very now, an old black ram/Is topping your white ewe" (I.1). Iago's crudeness highlights how, despite the…. [read more]

Personal Development Ethics Essay

… I was envious of my cousins who had very nice stationery. When my cousins' came to visit I showed off the box to them. My older cousins asked me where I took it from and I told them my father had bought it for me. They did not believe me and checked the underside where a name was written so one whispered to the other that it was stolen. Their whispers and words embarrassed me so much that I vowed never to steal again or lie again. In my work place I am one of the most hardworking and helpful employee. My head acknowledges and praises my thoroughness and my endless hard work. I help out everyone and offer my ideas which have made me…. [read more]

Ethics and the Internet Term Paper

… S. Department of Defense to "provide a distributed, flexible and self-healing command network which would enable the U.S. military to continue operating even if Soviet military missiles took out certain geographical locations on the network." (INTERNET ETHICS: OXYMORON OR ORTHODOXY?) The idea of a network of computers was adopted by the academic community in order to increase research capabilities and to communicate easily over long distances with one another. The early Internet also enabled people to share and discuss large amounts of information.

The Internet then began to expand and there followed the creation of Newsgroups. This was an important development as this technology allowed anyone to share information on any subject. This also included unethical practices such as the sharing of pornographic information. This…. [read more]

Ethics Research the Role Creative Writing

… Ethics Research

The role of research and science is very important in today's society. In many ways, this social class dictates much of what is accepted as truth. With this burden, comes a great responsibility that requires those who do research, on a professional academic level, to exceed normal expectations of ethical behavior. There is simply too much to risk in avoiding ethical mistakes, as this type of exposure rips down foundations of credibility that have taken decades of struggle to construct.

The purpose of this essay is to describe the ethical guidelines that will formulate my research behavior and practices throughout my continued academic pursuits. This report will discuss all aspects of doctoral research and the ethical principles that lie beneath them. Also, this…. [read more]

Ethics in For-Profit Annotated Bibliography

… This article takes the form of a case study of the Starbucks organization, which the articles' authors praise as enhancing the spiritual lives of employees by connecting every level of the organization to a larger sense of mission. Rather than viewing ethics as antithetical to profitability as often was the case in the classical conception of the firm, this suggests that ethics can enhance organizational functionality.

Montoya, I.D., & Richard, A.J. (1994). A comparative study of codes of ethics in health care facilities and energy companies. Journal of Business Ethics, 13(9), 713.

This article takes the form of an ethnographic study comparing codes of ethics and compliance outcomes at not-for-profit health care facilities and for-profit energy companies. Despite the touting of the importance of ethics…. [read more]

Ethics Journal in Goldman Essay

… While it would be illegal to fire someone because of his or her religious beliefs, the issue in this scenario goes beyond the employee's personal religious beliefs. In many ways, he infringed upon the religious freedoms of his fellow coworkers. He was in a leadership position and handed out religious propaganda at his workplace. When coworkers complained that this behavior was making him uncomfortable, and he persisted in his behavior. In many ways, it can be conceived that Coppedge's own behavior was actually creating a hostile work environment for his coworkers, who were having their own rights to religious freedom infringed upon by Coppedge.

The moral issue in this case really involves an investigation of the boundaries of religious freedom. Can one person's religious freedom…. [read more]

Othello as a Tragedy Defined by Aristotle Research Paper

… Othello as a Tragedy Defined by Aristotle

Shakespeare's play, Othello, defines tragedy in many ways for modern audiences and ancient audiences alike. When we hold the play up to the definitions of tragedy defined by Aristotle, we see that it meets all the criteria. These criteria include an aspect of realism, a hero of high renown, a move from good fortune to bad, and the hero finally realizing his error. Othello presents us with a fantastic character in Othello in that he is the source of many emotions - love, hate, jealousy, and sorrow. Othello is also a great warrior, which is what attracts Desdemona to him; it is also what makes him a target in Iago's eyes, for he had the power to promote…. [read more]

Othello What Is the Logic Term Paper

… Othello

What is the logic of saying there are two main characters in this play?

One of the unique aspects of the play Othello is that Shakespeare does not invest his tragic hero, Othello, with the same characteristics as many of his other characters. For example, Othello does not have a task to complete by the end of the play, in contrast to Hamlet who is attempting to catch his father's murderer or Macbeth, who is taking over Scotland. On the contrary, in Othello, the character who is seeking to finish tasks and accomplish a goal is Iago, whose goal is to bring about Othello's downfall by causing him to suspect his wife, Desdemona, of infidelity. In addition to Iago's quest being the driving force…. [read more]

Ethics: To Rescue Case Study

… Secondly, John could follow Margaret as the remaining group waits for help. This is particularly the case given that nobody else (except Margaret who has already descended) appears willing to take the risk. Embracing this course of action would in this case increase the survival chances of those crying out for help. After all, the situation might not be as bad as Joseph paints it with his claim that they would never be able to make it through and survive should they follow Margaret.

Part B

What are the possible consequences for those acceptable alternatives?

Should John and Joseph follow Margaret so as to rescue those trapped downstairs, they could succeed in their mission or fail to find their way back. If everybody elects to…. [read more]

Business Ethics in the Fire Service Research Paper

… Business Ethics in the Fire Service

The fire service in most countries is held in high esteem and widely regarded as a paragon of ethical business practices. Because the fire service is funded with scarce taxpayer resources, though, it is vitally important that the lofty perceptions of ethical practices in the fire service are supported by consistent applications of ethical principles in their day-to-day operations. Although every public service organization is unique in some fashion, fire service managers and firefighters alike encounter a number of ethical dilemmas in the course of their work that require an informed, professional response. To gain some fresh insights regarding these issues, this paper provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature concerning business ethics in the fire…. [read more]

Ethics in a Computerized Society Research Paper

… Ethics in a Computerized Society

Ethics are extremely important in our society since they help to determine whether an action is right or wrong. There are different types of ethical systems that are used to determine whether the action is right or wrong. The first is ethical relativism whereby there are no morally right or wrong actions. Instead, right and wrong is determined by the social norms. In this ethical system, the norms of the society which are the basis of determining the action help to preserve the culture of the society. On the negative end, the ethical system confuses what ought to be done with what is currently being done. The second ethical system is the divine command theory whereby moral standards are based…. [read more]

Othello and Death Knocks: Two Essay

… Othello clearly believes he is not worthy of Desdemona -- because of his color and his age -- but rather than admit that he fears she has every reason to cheat on him with Cassio, he sublimates this (with Iago's prodding) into a conviction that she has already cheated him.

Iago is helped by the fact that Othello is a man who is more inclined to trust men than women, thanks to his military upbringing. Desdemona has forsaken her father and her family for his sake, yet Othello trusts Iago's words over hers. He has no reason to do so and has even promoted Michael Cassio over Iago to be his lieutenant. But despite his evident belief in Cassio's greater competency, because Iago gives voice…. [read more]

Othello as a "Moor Term Paper

… He was not Christian, and many people did not trust the Moors, but Shakespeare makes him a sympathetic character, but tragic and flawed. Is this because of his race? Perhaps. His race raises more issues in the play because he is black, and those issues would not be there if he was not. I don't know why Shakespeare wanted Othello to be a Moor, but it adds something to the play that makes me think about people, how they get along, and how there have always been differences between races and cultures. Sometimes it seems like we think all the differences between races and cultures are modern, but plays like "Othello" show they have always existed in some form or another. Othello is a tragic…. [read more]

William Shakespeare's Play, Othello, Desdemona Essay

… ¶ … William Shakespeare's play, Othello, Desdemona is "more sinned against than sinning" because she is the innocent victim in the play. Her husband, the man she should trust with her life, turns against her in a fit of jealousy. He allows himself to be duped by a cunning heartless man but the real sin not in the jealousy, although that is bad, but in the fact that he never allowed Desdemona to defend herself before taking her life. Desdemona is the definition of innocent victim as her sins were all imaginary. She commits no sin and yet seems to pay for the sins of her husband.

Othello sins against Desdemona in the worst of ways because he never gives her a chance to defend…. [read more]

Shakespeare's the Tempest and Chamoiseau Essay

… The racism is presented as ironic, too, given the "impressive" aspect of the French brand of colonialism, which embraces all of its subjects as Frenchmen and women (203). Thus, the people of Martinique have multifaceted and skewed identities. They are all French; yet their Frenchness can be superseded by their racial heritage. As both Naipaul and Chamoiseau point out, too, the social structure in Martinique is hierarchical and rigid. The color line is a clear demarcation of power, privilege, and prosperity.

On the island in The Tempest, a strict social stratification also exists, and is likewise rooted in race. For example, the indigenous people of the island are magical beings. Prospero engages them as a French colonialist engages a black local on Martinique; with an…. [read more]

Ethics in Management Research Proposal

… Ethics and Management

Management and Ethics

In this paper, the author investigates the ethics of business management. After reviewing the literature to determine the concerns mentioned by business ethicists, the author compares those concerns with the concerns of a small business man, as revealed in a case study. The first part of the case study involves a covert participant observation of the ethical practices of a privately-run small business. The second part of the case study consisted of an interview with the small business owner, to determine whether or not he perceived ethical conflicts in the course of his business, and the nature of any ethical conflicts that he perceived. Finally, the author compared the ethical concerns described by the business scholars and commentators to…. [read more]

Ethics and Professional Behavior Essay

… These tools provided in the seminar will enable them to effectively identify and handle all the possible ethical issues that may arise in the course of their work (Joycelyn M. Polock, 2010 ).

The five areas of ethical conduct that will be looked at are value statements that they should always remember, the codes of conduct that they should always strive to abide by, the Mechanisms to discuss difficult cases still within the ethical dimension, ethical modeling process and ethical communication channels and standards. These shall have embodied the vast concept of ethics within the criminal justice system and will have modeled the law enforcers into behaving in an ethical manner as well as passing down the ethical behaviors to other officers within the system.…. [read more]

Ethics Policies on 3 Companies Term Paper

… Ethics Policies on 3 companies.

Ethics Policies

Memo of transmittal

Ethics policies within companies

Microsoft Corporation


Intel Corporation

Memo of transmittal

The current ethics policies are the outcome of years of debates as to what should define morality and fair and appropriate behavior. Nowadays, most institutions in the fields of economy, politics, medicine and law guide their activities by a set of morals rules concentrated in their internal code of ethics. To better understand the concept of ethic policies, one needs to analyze the code of ethics of at least three major organizations, preferably all three belonging to the same industrial sector, for instance electronic engineering.

Executive summary

The term ethics generally refers to the conduct and behavior of individuals and groups within our…. [read more]

Ethics According to the Principles of Ethical Essay

… Ethics

According to the principles of ethical relativism, moral decisions are made on the basis of what an individual believes, or what the culture from which the individual comes stands for. There is no general set of principles or morals that applies to all individuals or all cultures.

Martin Luther King operated from the principle of cultural realization and individual empowerment. He was an ethical relativist, because not all people or all cultures during his time agreed with the principles he advocated. During the time of Martin Luther King, it was believed that white citizens in the United States were superior to all other races. This is a European supremacist attitude that originated from the time of colonialism and imperialism. The European belief of superiority…. [read more]

Ethics What Usefulness Does Ethics Training Research Proposal

… Ethics

What usefulness does ethics training have on workers ethical behavior? What should be included in an ethics training program?

Ethics training involves information and awareness. Although the actual behavior of employees cannot be controlled, behavior will be strongly linked to the normative environment created in the organization. By incorporating ethics training into a workplace program, employees help create an environment that fosters ethical behavior and enforces ethical codes. Therefore, an ethics training program has a strong impact on employees when the program is both systemic and systematic.

Effective ethics training programs are systemic because they are entrenched in the systems that govern the organization. They are systematic in that they run efficiently and professionally, ascribing to legal codes. The training program reflects not only…. [read more]

Ethic Discussion Psychology -Ethics Research Paper

… Not only practice but also the research is benefited from ethical behavior and a person should make sure that he does not ignore the importance of morality. While there are many advantages of adopting ethical behavior in practice and research, there are several disadvantages of unethical behavior. Psychological practice and research is not only a business endeavor but it entails responsibility towards the society. The researcher should ask himself following questions before he carries out a research:

I. What is the code of conduct of research in area/industry?

II. Why it is important to show ethical behavior when practicing psychology?

III. Will the research and practice in field of single parenting be affected if unethical behavior is shown?

IV. Does the observance of ethics make…. [read more]

Sociology: Ethics and Responsibility Essay

… Rather, when it comes to ethics, Cooper cites the work of Preston who most succinctly describes what ethics means as manifested by the Humane Society: "ethics is concerned about what is right, fair, just or good; about what we ought to do, not just about what is the case or what is most acceptable or expedient" (2012). Clearly all the effort, time, energy and money exerted by the Humane Society are in the name of rightness and justice to animals, as it would be faster and save more money in many respects to just allow the animals to suffer.

Ethics go hand in hand with responsibility as responsibility honored exhibits and inherent sense of virtue (, 2009). The Humane Society of America exhibits the necessary…. [read more]

Ethics Inventory the Ethics Awareness Essay

… Ethics Application to external issues:

The character driven perspective is not just essential to practicing psychology with ethical balance. It also informs the degree to which the professional

Most particularly, this is an orientation that will be of great value in the field of psychology, where the variance of spiritual, social or organizational ethics likely to present in a population will challenge the instincts and sensibilities of the practitioner. To an extent, Valazquez et al. (2010) indicates, there are certain universal notions regarding ethical orientation. Among them, they indicate, "ethical standards also include those that enjoin virtues of honesty, compassion, and loyalty. And, ethical standards include standards relating to rights, such as the right to life, the right to freedom from injury, and the right…. [read more]

Ethics Statement I Base Essay

… This brings me to responsibility, another cornerstone of my ethical philosophy. As adults, we have the burden of responsibility, and we owe this burden to a lot of people. It is easy to say that that one is responsible, but there are times when difficult choices must be made with respect to responsibility and that is where the strength in one's own ethical philosophy comes into play. I believe that we each need to accept the responsibility that is afforded to us, even when it is inconvenient to do so. This is because our society has set an unwritten rule in place that tells us that responsibility is something that adults embrace and do not shy away from. Being able to rise to the challenges…. [read more]

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