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Evaluating Code of Ethics of Raytheon Company Essay

… In collaboration with government, we intend to provide a valuable public service through running adult correction company of the highest standard (CCA, 2005).

Implementation and reporting:

If an employee notices violation of a known Code of Conduct by law, he is obligated to report it immediately. Most of the Code of Conduct policies are generic in nature and doesn't facilitate each and every circumstance with respect of a code; each employee is obligated to report violation, illegal and dishonest activity in case it's not present in the Code. Apart from that, violation of Code of Conduct can be prevented before it occurs.

Breach of protocol can be reported to a manager or some suitable corporate officer, legal department, human resources or via the company's ethics…. [read more]

Employees Accepting Gifts Term Paper

… As a result, goods and services may be bought at higher costs, directly impacting the profitability of the organization. Again, this is not to conclude that employees will blatantly decide purchasing from sellers offering gifts. What can actually happen is that employees may not go the extra mile in securing the 'best buys'. In such an event, the incremental cost per transaction may not be significant, but the sum of several such transactions, especially in multi-location and large organizations can make a difference.

Employers tend to believe that a section of employees accepting gifts may spread the practice to other departments for a chain of favors. For example, in an engineering firm, the purchase executive may try to influence the quality control manager to do…. [read more]

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