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National Incident Management System Theoretical Term Paper

… Generally, the incident command systems are the most common sets of command structures and terminologies, which are used on various incident scenes. They are important in providing efficient management of the resources that are involved during an incident resolution process. National Incident Management System is important in providing a national framework, which enables global responders work collectively on complex incidents. The National Incident Management systems command and management revolves around three key areas. The key areas are the Incident Command Systems, Public Information Systems and the Multiagency Coordination Systems. In this case, the National Incident Management System's Incident Command Systems revolves around the National Wildfire Coordinating Group. In contrast, the Incident Command Systems highly focuses on intelligence and information incorporation.

National Incident Management System Public…. [read more]

Evidence-Based Medicine Working Group. ) Peer Reviewed Journal

… More interaction among researchers, policymakers, and clinicians, so studies can be aimed at answering questions of interest to policymakers and clinicians.

Policymakers should commission RTs of policy-relevant questions

Authors of reviews should provide more contextual information or refer readers to easy-to-find articles

Authors of reviews should develop user-friendly formats: this article suggests 3 formats: a 20-second version of 1-paragraph to 1-page bottom-line summary; a 2-minute version of 2- to 3-page summary focusing on validity and applicability; a 2-hour complete version.

Waldman, M.H. (2006). Evidence-based medicine. How to translate research into patient care. Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association 96(4), 374-377.

Evidence-based medicine (EBM) consists of integrating clinical experience with the best evidence from systematic research to improve patient care

Must learn how to critically…. [read more]

National Culture and Related Theories Assessment

… The cultural dimensions presented by McSweeney are widely implemented at multinational organizations to manage their culturally dispersed employees (Kinasevych, 2010).

Risk Taking and Pro-Activeness:

Kreiser, Marino, Dickson, & Weaver (2010) have also criticized the five cultural dimensions by Hofstede. They believe that uncertainty avoidance and power distance restrict individuals from taking risks and have high aims in their lives (Lenz 2008). They argue that collectivistic cultures do not flourish in low power distance and high uncertainty avoidance atmospheres. The findings of Kreiser, Marino, Dickson, & Weaver (2010) suggest that individuals should be given a proper platform where they can take risks and contribute towards their organization's innovation. Individuals cannot achieve their high aims at the workplace if majority of their coworkers avoid risk taking and…. [read more]

Evidence-Based Models Research Paper

… The only probable way of controlling this is by placing the persons in some community program. (Champion, 1994) Thus there cannot be a model that ignores both these aspects.


The two models -- medical model that treats addiction as a disease has a lot of merit when the criminal addict is treated at a facility under strict supervision and care. This is effective in addressing the biological nature of man discussed in this paper and hence can be the model ideal and suited for the therapy inside the prison, and a correctional facility. However the model lacks enforcement once the person is released. On the other hand the community-based system is very effective in the society.

The ideal model would be where a convicted…. [read more]

National Institute of Justice (Nij) Essay

… Literature review

One researcher that hypothesized the same issue was concerned about the location of the ROTC units, and made conclusions after analysis that the units were located in the lower educational stations such as colleges, other than the major reputable universities. Janowits, however, hardly predicted that the program was ending, but emphasized on the transformation of the program from major universities, to the colleges and high school. Garnier later commended Jonawits and proved that he was correct, and most of the ROTC units are currently located in the less prestigious school, and the expected results led to general intellectual (Reed & Loman, 1975).

The Army Research Institute (ARI) has also maintained a researching the ROTC program as one that supports leadership traits of their…. [read more]

Canadian National Identity Essay

… Until this there was no other identity Canada had, except being called as a British colony. As stated by Grant, the intention of many Canadians was to have a different identity from United States, in terms of religion, education, politics, and socialism (Grant, 1965).

As Canadians were searching for a different cultural identity, Hockey provided a platform for it. It was begun when the Canadian team competed in the Vancouver Winter Olympics. It unified the whole nation, and the Canadian team grabbed recognition from throughout the world. Ice hockey is a traditional game, played by men, and since it has masculine roles, it simultaneously attracts other men as well. This role played by Ice hockey is crucial, as it contributed a lot in creating a…. [read more]

National Healthcare Systems Research Paper

… National Healthcare Systems Decision-Making

Justification for the Research


Theory employed

Personal opinion

Means of Gathering Information

The National healthcare systems form one of the most important systems in the lives of all citizens. This is because it deals with issues related to the diagnosis right through to the treatment of most ailments. In the course of providing these services, several persons and equipments are employed for different purposes. In this paper, we analyze the impact of computer systems in the provision of quality services in the healthcare settings as well as the debates and issues surrounding their application in the healthcare provision. Our discussion is however centered on the collaborative and decision making advantages related to the use of soft informatics systems. Several approaches…. [read more]

Evidence-Based Models for Substance Abuse Case Study

… This medication blocks the effects of other opioids and is difficult to abuse" (p. 54). In addition, the National Institute on Drug Abuse emphasizes that, "Effective use of medications can also be instrumental in enabling people with co-occurring mental health problems to function successfully in society. Behavioral strategies can increase adherence to medication regimens" (Principles of Drug Abuse Treatment for Criminal Justice Populations, 2011, para. 2).

This evidence-based treatment regimen is well suited for the purposes of this author's agency where budgets have been slashed and the need for cost-effective treatments has become highly pronounced. Both methadone and buprenorphine/naloxone have proven efficacy in the general population and there is a growing body of evidence concerning their effectiveness in prison populations as well (Byrne et al.,…. [read more]

National Association of Public Hospitals Thesis

… National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems' Position on Uninsured Healthcare Consumers

Today, the National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems (NAPHSS) provides more than $6 billion in unreimbursed healthcare services to healthcare consumers in the United States and operates a number of emergency rooms and ambulatory care facilities that represent the only access to healthcare for many people. Together with the Department of Veterans Affairs, the NAPHSS is also responsible for training many of the healthcare practitioners that go on to make substantive contributions to the nation's healthcare system. Clearly, the NAPHSS represents an important component of the nation's healthcare system, but the manner in which these hospitals are funded and the amounts they receive make the problem of continuing to provide…. [read more]

Evidence-Based Practice Essay

… Evidence-Based Practice

Faith MS, Van Horn L, Appel LJ, Burke LE, Carson JAS, Franch HA, Jakicic JM, Kral TVE, Odoms-Young a, Wansink B,


Rosett J (2012). Parents as Agents of Change for Obese Children. Retrieved Sepetmeber 5, 20120 from:

Date (year)

Review of the Literature

Specific data analysis

Suggested Conclusions

Faith MS, Van Horn L, Appel LJ, Burke LE, Carson JAS, Franch HA, Jakicic JM, Kral TVE, Odoms-Young a, Wansink B, Wylie-Rosett J

Official Journal of the American Heart Association

Environment as an important influence on a child's health and whether or not the child becomes obese: parents has a huge influence on that environment.

Consults a range of literature which support the idea that the family unit has a tremendous impact on…. [read more]

National Healthcare Agency Consent Term Paper

… Even when parents are loving and want to help their children, they may not have the capacity to fully understand the implications of the research from a layperson's perspective. But there has been a great deal of criticism about the lack of research conducted on children, thus resulting in the off-label and experimental use of certain drugs and treatments only tested on adults. For example, there have been no extensive drug trials on the use of antidepressants in young children, causing many psychiatrists to prescribe such drugs for off-label use to children. According to one recent study on the use of antidepressants on children in the field; "children less than 13?years old were less likely to have had an FDA-approved indication (5-10%). Most off-label prescribing…. [read more]

National Presto Industries Defense Segment Essay

… In this case, the perceived gap is positive, which means that there are more resources allocated than necessary and more contracts from a single client than healthy for the company's development in the future.

The leverage points in this case are both the volume of resources allocated for the defense segment of the business and the number of contracts and volume of business received from a sole client. However, if either of these are set too low (either a volume of contracts or volume of allocated resources that is too low), the business as a whole will have to suffer as well. In either case, one can expect that the company will eventually lose its contract with the Department of Defense and the entire part…. [read more]

National Identity Term Paper

… National Identity and the People of the United States

National Identity: How Important is National Identity to the American People?

National identity should take precedence over other possible identities in the United States, because the United States was founded on the principles of unity and trust, and because if the national identity is not front and foremost in most people's eyes, civil unrest would erupt threatening the safety of all people living in this country. The United States is the only nation in the World to create a national identity, partly because the United States welcomes as its own so many people from different nations, of different cultures, and people that speak different languages. The United States was created as a nation inclusive of many…. [read more]

Evidence-Based Nursing Practice Research Proposal

… Evidence-Based Nursing Practice

"Evidence-based nursing is the combination of individual clinical or professional expertise with the best available external evidence to produce practice that is most likely to lead to a positive outcome for a client or patient" (Evidence-Based Nursing, 2008). The general idea is to be able to produce the best possible outcome for the patient by implementing care based on the best evidence of what works.

Fatigue is a difficult and persistent problem for patients that are undergoing cancer treatment, cancer survivors, and patients with cancer who are at the end of their life. Approaches to reduce, manage, or eliminate fatigue tend to have a positive impact on patient outcomes. These include: symptom grief, physical and vocational functioning, psychological distress, family well-being and…. [read more]

Evidence and Analysis: The National Term Paper

… Sandra Scheuer was killed while on her way to class; Jeffrey Miller was killed when taking part in the rally; William Schroeder was killed while looking at the fight between demonstrators and Guardsmen; and Allison Krause, who may or may not have been taking part in the rally, was also killed. Nine others were wounded. After the killings more than 450 universities and colleges throughout the nation were closed because of student or faculty protest strikes. Riots swept over the nation's campuses and at the ending of May the National Guard had been called out 24 times at 21 campuses in 16 states."

This incident was happened during a rally, which was held at the university premises. After this incident many students protested against…. [read more]

Nurses Deliver Evidence-Based Care? Term Paper

… (Beyers, 104)

It is worthwhile to extend some evidences that visualize the prevailing results of EBN. Empirical data demonstrating the efficacy of nursing intervention have been visualized to exert a crucial part in performing the distinction in patient consequences, when applied properly. One such clinical study, analyzed the efficacy of the self-management program on COPD patients. Bourbeau and Maltais, et al. during 2003 organized randomized, blinded regulated trial on 191 stable COPD patients and followed up for the whole year. About 96% were dispensed to a self-management program offered by case managers for an hour a week in the home of the patients for about seven to eight weeks, and simultaneously about 95% were offered to a regulated group. The patients in the self-management group…. [read more]

National Brands Fight Private Labels Term Paper

… ¶ … National Brands Fight Private Labels and How is this Competition

The reported study in this work examines the problem concerning the complexities in understanding precisely how National Brands (NBs) can effectively compete against Private Labels (PLs) in the marketplace and focuses on comprehending exactly how retailer and category characteristics affect competition between the PLs and NBs. Research questions in this study are those of: (1) 1. What factors influence the success of a private label brand?; (2) How do category characteristics moderate the relationship between these factors and National Brand success?; and (3) How do retailer characteristics moderate the relationship between these factors and National Brand success? The methodology employed in this study is one of a qualitative nature and in the form…. [read more]

National Football League Term Paper

… Maintaining a large pool of talent also ensures that the competition between the team will attract fans and keep them captivated. The NFL also has the ability to provide players with the best training and medical care, which can prolong their careers.

Franchising is also a key success factor in this industry. The NFL has the ability to provide franchise owners with the tools they need to have a successful team. The better the market, the more successful the franchise will be. For instance, the Washington Redskins is the most profitable team in the league because it is in a prime location. The location is prime because there is a large population with high per capita incomes.

Is the Industry stable or unstable?

The industry…. [read more]

Forensics and Digital Evidence Research Paper


Archimedes' Principle. (2004, January). Retrieved from forensics is a discipline which uses standardized techniques to pull apart an event, analyze what happened, and find a more accurate conclusion to the data analysis than just witness testimony. For centuries, lacking even rudimentary techniques like finge

Casey, E. (2010). Handbook of Digital Forensics and Investigations. Burlington, MA: Elsevier Academic Press.

Frieden, J., & Murray, L. (2011, XVII 2). The Admissibility of Electronic Evidence Under the Federal Rules of Evidence. Retrieved from Richmond Journal of Law and Technology:

National Institute of Justice. (2010, November 5). Digital Evidence and Forensics. Retrieved from Office of Justice Programs:

Quinche and Margot. (2010). A Precursor in the history of Fingermark Detection and their Potential Uses. Journal of Forensic…. [read more]

Blood Evidence Research Paper

… The procedure ensures the correct, orderly and responsible handling of evidence from the crime scene to the courtroom (NIJ, Bertino).

A receipt is issued to document the orderly transfer by a department's property and evidence section (NIJ, 2000; Bertino, 2013). This is usually done after a request for analysis and in a form, which lists the evidence items and a documented chain of custody. Every person or member of the chain who assumes custody from collection through analysis must sign the chain of custody document. This process is now automated through information management system bar codes. This chain neatly identifies every person who contributes to the analysis of evidentiary materials. When done, the evidence is either sent back to the submitting agency or stored at…. [read more]

PESTLE Analysis Country's Profile Political Essay

… Poor water management and inadequate storage are the main causative agents for this situation. There have been various plans been rolled out in Pakistani parliament, however most of them failed to secure the support of majority so there has been no substantial growth in this regard. The country has been working in a close liaison with United Nations Development Pogramme and has been taking measures for saving wildlife, and maintaining adequacy of natural resources (See Figure A in Appendix A).

Out of all these factors, poor infrastructure and shortage of energy and fresh water resources are main factors which can act as a major hurdle in carrying out manufacturing in Karachi, Pakistan. According to Pakistan Textile Journal, more than three hundred factories have shutdown only…. [read more]

Financial Analysis of a Coach Case Study

… The splitting of advertising procedures into those focusing on local, national and regional tradition propagates the company in making contact to its consumers.

Regulatory and operating characters

The company continues to operate within the confines of its core values and strategies to ensure success while implementing its objectives. These are the regulatory internal factors, including the company culture and regulations governing the internal operations and engagements of the employees and managers. Additionally, like other trading companies, Coach is subject to the local, national and international trading regulations in all the areas where it operates. Therefore, under the watch of the rules and regulations governing market engagements and activities, the company stays within the operating limits of the industry. The operating characters of the company include…. [read more]

National Intelligence Strategy Essay

… Therefore, the intelligence community has to develop, sustain, and be accessible to expertise across the nation. NIS proposed the promotion of a deeper cultural understanding, scientific and technological knowledge, and better language proficiency by the intelligence community. It can also be seen in the application in the war to reclaim Afghanistan and its people. The sole responsibility of identifying the existing gaps in the area, region, or expertise was to be with the Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Analysis.

From a strategic intelligence perspective, these Mission objectives are the correct ones to be pursued with the introduction of a few other details. According to strategic intelligence, which involves the collection, processing, analysis, and dissemination of intelligence, the mission objectives have incorporated all these to…. [read more]

HR Audit Term Paper

… National Institutes of Health

Human Resource Audit on Compensation Policies

The Human Resources (HR) Audit is a process of examining policies, procedures, documentation, systems, and practices with respect to an organization's HR functions. The audit determines if HR is doing what it is supposed to be doing, if compliance is met, and to discover any potential problems. Indeed, the HR audit is a diagnostic tool used to identify areas of improvement. A good HR strategist will not be satisfied, ever. An initial audit and subsequent ongoing assessment of the results will help the HR strategist in using the audit tool to best effect. In this paper, an HR audit of the National Institutes of Health is performed, focusing on the human resource area of Compensation…. [read more]

Stiglitz Analysis of the Price Essay

… 2 million. That's the kind of gap not seen since the 1920s, just before the Great Depression." (Chinni, p. 1)

Course Principles:

The course principle which emerges with the greatest clarity in the Stiglitz text is that relating to the prioritization of public service in governance. In a course of public administration, we are inclined to think about government agencies as designed inherently to serve the civic needs of various publics. Stiglitz would argue that while this is the grand purpose of our government, this priority has been eclipsed by the opportunities for personal enrichment that seem to drive so many office-holders today. This is the primary problem at issue in the text. For Stiglitz, public administration has become highly distorted by self-interest and political…. [read more]

Policy Analysis Critique Rationale Essay

… The requirement of precautionary public health approach cannot be ignored simply in the face of this fact statement. Intensive farming, housing and transportation of large amount of poultry actually leads to the propagation of avian influenza outbreaks. These factors are actually regarded as vectors when considering the terminology for disease transmission and involve high risks levels pertaining to bird-to-human transmission (Owen and Yui, 2010).

One can consider the use of avian vaccines in a bird's farm as a very useful measure, but one remains doubtful about the efficiency of these vaccines (Owen and Yui, 2010).

Dense populations of birds and humans

The warnings that have been expressed by the government in this regard are quite true. This new disease is a result of increasing population…. [read more]

National Treasure the Liberalism Term Paper

… ¶ … National Treasure

The Liberalism in National Treasure

The movie National Treasure has a liberalism that captures the passion of the founding fathers of the United States, specifically their pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Declaration of Independence, the symbol of American freedom and in many countries, the model of democracy and human rights, is the focus of the entire movie. This symbol of American freedom, and its liberation from being static and lifeless to being alive again is a strong undercurrent in this move. Ben Gates' many exploits during the movie ironically mirrors the same progression of events for Benjamin Franklin and his pivotal role in the writing of the Declaration of Independence.

The allegorical link of Ben Gate…. [read more]

Globalization and National Security Term Paper

… This leads two the second main category of vulnerability, which is the economy itself. As international trade and investment has increased, foreign investment in the United States has expanded exponentially, while increasingly, jobs and services that were previously performed or provided domestically are now outsourced overseas.

This represents a threat to the United States national security because not only does this mean substantial elements of the U.S. economy is controlled by foreign (and sometimes anonymous) powers, but also that key elements of the national security apparatus actually depends on businesses or employees located in geographically distant regions, regions that might not be as secure as the United States itself.

Finally, the last category of vulnerability is the educational sector, because over the last few decades…. [read more]

National Association of Student Personnel Research Paper

… Maturation or development occurs as people become more capable of articulating and critiquing personal stories, reframing them and reshaping their own lives." (The National Association of Student Personnel Administrators and the American College Personnel Association, 2004, p.2) Also stated is that the work of Kegan (1994) and Baxter and Magolda (1999) describe this process as self-authorship and consider it one of the higher levels of the developmental process, a way of making meaning in which people reflect on their lives, their values and their behavior and consider whether or not previous choices remain useful or productive for them. Frames of reference -- and, therefore, students' stories -- change with growth, emerging or fading in a non-linear way. Mezirow (2000) describes this process as transformative learning,…. [read more]

Tax Revenue Analysis Project Term Paper

… Tax Revenue Analysis Project

Tax is a fee levied by the government on income, property, sales and other activities. New York is one of the few states in the United States having its own incomer tax as well as having the highest property taxes. In New York, every income-earning individual, trust or estate residing in the New York city are required pay personal income tax, and the government calculates taxes to be paid by tax payers based on the number of day an individual resides in the states. In New York City, tax rate on personal income range from 4% to 6.85% depending on the level of income. Pennsylvania also has its own personal income tax, which is about 3.07% on taxable income.

Additionally, New…. [read more]

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