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Existence of God for Years Essay

… Existence of God for years has been the most debated topic. Many philosophers, scientists and theologians have presented their views about the existence of God and provided proofs to validate their theories and beliefs in this regard (Existence of God, 2004). Without the evidences all arguments and theories shall be rendered useless due to lack of generalization. It would be more of a subjective argument, pertaining to one's own concepts and beliefs, rather than an objective one. Knowledge about the God's existence according to epistemology differs from a mere belief about it, by justifications and verifiable evidences that help in the identification of truth and reality. However, if no conclusions can be derived from scientific or non-scientific approaches and no proofs or evidences are found…. [read more]

God in Genesis the Nature Essay

… In this chapter, God becomes anthropomorphized; he becomes more like human beings than in chapter 1. In becoming part of creation, more of his humanized characteristics become apparent. As such, God becomes potter, herdsman, and gardner. As God starts interacting with his creation, he also comes closer to the human mind in terms of understanding. It is easier to understand a God who does things as human beings would do them than it is to understand one who can create planets and life from nothing. As such, the creation process of Adam and Eve become more comprehensible than the creation process described in the first chapter.

In Genesis 1, then, God's creation acts are vast and panoramic. They are the first effort at putting into…. [read more]

Does God Exist? Essay

… Existence of God

The debate about the existence of God is probably one of the most ancient ones. However, the supporters of either side have not been able to convince each other since the ones who believe that God exists have a lot of faith in this claim and those who believe that God does not exist are very firm about it. It will not be wrong to say that the belief that whether or not God exists is a matter of religion and also a matter of personal choice. In every religion including Islam, Christianity and Hinduism, to name a few, the followers believe that there is a God who they worship and who takes care of them. They always ask their God for…. [read more]

Existence of God Essay

… Existence of God

God's existence is not provable, but one can just believe in it.

Believe of God's existence depends on understanding and source of information that individual has on this subject.

Believing and having faith in God can help people understand His existence as no one can prove it.

Faith is what it calls to believe and thus if one has faith in God's existence, then not need to prove it.

There are some proofs on God's existence.

External happenings can proof God's existence.

Human believe of how and why things happen proofs God's existence.

Faith dictates believe on the understanding of whether God exists or not, and whether one can prove this or not.

The Existence of God


According to the Christian…. [read more]

Existence of God the Philosophical Essay

… It may be argued that if an all-good God designed the world, he surely would not have allowed evil. The problem of evil is generally regarded as the most important argument against theism. (Mavrodes, 1995)

The argument from morality, like the cosmological argument, is really a family of arguments (Hick, 26-27). First, there is the argument from the existence of objective moral laws to a divine lawgiver. Second, there is the argument from the existence of objective moral laws to a transcendental Ground of Values. Third, there is the argument from the fact of human conscience to a divine "voice of conscience." Finally, there is the argument from the acceptance of moral obligation to the postulation of a transcendental Ground of Values. Religion and morality…. [read more]

Existence of God the Debate Essay

… Existence of God

The debate regarding the existence of God has been around for many years. Over time, scientists, theologians as well as philosophers have all fronted arguments either in support or disregard of the existence of God. In this text, I form a position on God's existence based on the arguments fronted in the suggested readings. Later on in the text, I will examine the problem of evil.

Does God Exist?

The number of arguments advanced in an attempt to prove that God does exist are as many as those disputing the existence of a Supreme Being. Mostly, arguments against the existence of God point out at alleged contradictions when it comes to the belief in God. Some arguments in this category also point…. [read more]

Existence of God on Using Arguments Thesis

… Existence of God

On Using Arguments to Establish the Case for God

McCloskey states in his article that the problem with most theists is that they come to believe in God based on other factors and reasons other than proofs alone.1 He may be referring to subjective factors like faith and personal evidence, which he possibly might abandon as true proofs and for good reason. However, he does acknowledge that there are three "proofs" that motivate the theist to believe in God -- the cosmological proof, teleological proof, and the argument from design -- all of which he describes as defective.1.

It's probably worthwhile to consider these "proofs" in light of the Cumulative Case approach in the PointeCast presentation. The Cumulative Case is noteworthy because…. [read more]

God's Existence Can Be Demonstrated Term Paper

… God's Existence Can Be Demonstrated

Proof of God's Existence

Proof of God's existence can be found in various proofs presented by many major names in philosophy. Of course the arguments against God's existence are just as profound. Here I will be presenting an extremely brief overview of the arguments both for and against the existence of God.

Major philosophical figures have consistently contradicted each other when it comes to the existence of God. Their positions often depend on their own spiritual positions at the time. One major problem is the supernatural aspects of God, which does not lend itself to empirical evidence. However, Karl Popper determined that this is precisely what makes his existence undeniable, or a non-falsifiable hypothesis, by virtue of it not being…. [read more]

God and Science the Art Essay

… Larson & Witham (1998) explained the survey of 58% of 1914 scientists rejecting God, and almost similar statistics show the same percentage demonstrated no change in 1996. In the course of a decade, neither science nor religion has made any headway into convincing one side or the other as to who is right. Since religion came first, this argument seems to have an advantage. However, the Christian religion is rather recent in comparison to older pagan religions, Eastern religions and those religions we don't quite understand. In fact the Christian God, based on the Jewish god Yahweh, was adopted in the story of Christ. At that time many gods were being worshiped and not one single one was to be held with any more reverence…. [read more]

God and Creation Term Paper

… It is indeed a great privilege to be an American, and therefore, it must be believed that God is with America and will always bless and keep the American citizen.

One of the famous Presidents of the United States of America, George Washington, is reputed to have believed in this exact concept, wherein he has stated in his farewell address to the people of his nation, "The name of American belongs to you ... And with slight shades of difference, you have the same religion."

He was, according to John Marshall, the then Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, "a sincere believer in the Christian Faith, and a truly devout man," and therefore, being one of the founders of the United States of America,…. [read more]

God's Knowledge in the Thinker Term Paper

… Yet the idea of a non-omniscient being would mean there is no 'larger' plan or purpose for human suffering in the world. God's ability to affect the world would not necessarily be impacted, however the concept of a purposeful human existence, under the watchful moral eye and hand of God would be significantly altered.

There are religions and traditions that are polytheistic, and contain non-omniscient Gods that have less ability to understand, see or impact the future than the monotheistic Christian god. These gods often are at war with one another and embody forces such as evil and good, so that the principles that often cause humans to ask, 'why me' are embodied in different entities than the God one prays to in monotheist religions.…. [read more]

God Exist? The Case Term Paper

… " One person's definition of these terms is different than another's. Therefore, each person's concept of God is different. Immanuel Kant also disputed St. Anselm's reasoning as proof. His thinking is somewhat complicated, but in essence, he says that St. Anselm's argument requires you to assume the existence of God in order to prove God's existence. Also, St. Anselm is implying a relationship between what we perceive to be reality to be and what ultimate reality is. The relationship hasn't been proven to exist. Kant does not believe that human conceptions of time, cause, and space necessarily apply to God (Burr; Villa).

St. Thomas Aquinas has his critics, too. The first proof, the prime mover proof, is attacked on several fronts. Critics say that that…. [read more]

Existence of God Speech Oh Thesis

… But even the most liberal estimates of the total universal mass fall far short of the required amount.

But. It's all theoretical, and a new discovery about one of a dozen factors could render every model completely irrelevant. So instead of trying to prove a weak theory, I'll take a look at a much more commonly believed theory: evolution.

If God is interested in the Earth, and particularly humans, it is simple to understand why He (if a gender-specific pronoun is appropriate) would want those humans to be intelligent. After all, without a forebrain we would only be a lot of pets, which would make God akin to the strange old lady with thirteen cats in her apartment. But why would evolution evolve intelligence? And,…. [read more]

Is God in Christianity Personal? Term Paper

… God and Human Relations

God was clearly involved in His people's lives. He reveals himself in many important ways throughout the scripture to his people. We will list a number of ways in which God revealed himself to His people and showed that he was personal. First, with a general belief in the gospels, we accept our Lord's teachings that the authors of both the New and the Old Testaments were guided by God. That prophecies were fulfilled is another clear indication that God is involved in the human history process. God predicts the future and also sees the fulfillment of such prophecies. God's miracle works in history is another example of his intervention. The crossing of the Red Sea (Ex14) or the confrontation involving…. [read more]

God's Existence and the Existence of Evil Essay

… This respective force apparently uses morality as a tool to differentiate between individuals and as a means to determine who should be provided with privileges and who should not (Herman 1993, p. 237). Taking this into account, it would be safe to say that the idea of karma is a better alternative to Christian arguments for the existence of God because it does not actually attempt to provide a definite explanation of a divine power. Even with this, the fact that it categorizes particular things as good and others as evil contributes to making it less general. This makes it seem that it is a concept characteristic to humans rather than an objective concept.

Although it is set in a Christian context, "The Book of…. [read more]

Debating on the Existence of God Term Paper

… Existence of God

For centuries there have been arguments centering around the existence of a Divine Creator. These ideas about God have been debated far earlier than the Christian world, and actually seem to form the basis of philosophical thought -- what is knowledge and where do we get it? How can there be evil in a world created by an omnipotent God? If God exists, who or what created God? In 1948 the British Broadcasting Company hosted a debate between Father Frederick Copleston, a Jesuit Priest, and the agnostic philosopher Bertrand Russell.

Both agree that Christianity is a term than implies the belief in God and immortality of the saved soul, and that Christ is the Savior of humans and the wisest of men.…. [read more]

Problem of Evil Against the Existence of God Assessment

… Existence of God

Evaluation of the "Problem of Evil" Argument

The existence of evil in the world has long been used in arguments that God does not exist. This "Problem of Evil" argument can take many forms, but it is nearly always centered on the idea that God and evil are mutually exclusive. The strengths and weaknesses of these arguments depend on assumptions made about both the nature of God and the nature of evil. As an example, we'll examine the following argument:

Premise: Many reptiles perished during the fire in the park.

Premise: The animals suffered terribly.

Therefore, God does not exist.

In order to analyze this argument properly, we must first unpack the implied premises and sub-arguments of the deduction. The argument is…. [read more]

Existence of God Philosophically Term Paper

… Arguments against God can also be refuted by logical philosophy. Firstly, an atheist might argue that God cannot be seen with human eyes, and is therefore not there. In response to this I would ask, can love be seen? Can you in fact see any emotion? Can you see trust and devotion and hatred? All of these things can be seen through actions and lives, but in themselves these qualities are invisible. But nobody would argue that they are not there. In the same way I think God can be seen as manifest in everything around us, discovered through science or seen by the human eye. God can be seen in order and rules, and in human intelligence and creation, all reflections of his nature.…. [read more]

High God Christians, Muslims Term Paper

… There are many people who have read the sermons and writings of Word-Faith teachers, like Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Savelle, Lester Sumerall, Charles Capps, and other leading faith teachers in an attempt to find the blessings of God. But these teachings have only led to creating misunderstandings between the readers and the religion.

The Lord Jesus Christ promised to lead us in the truth if we continue in His Word" (John 8:31,32). Therefore, it is the Word of God itself, which is a light unto our path (Psalm 119:105). It is the Word of God by which we are sanctified (John 17:17) and through which we grow (1 Peter 2:2). God uses ministry-gifted men to protect the churches (Eph. 4:11-14; Titus 1:5-11), but the…. [read more]

God Exist? Humanities Fascination With Life Term Paper

… ¶ … God Exist?

Humanities fascination with life and death has led to question what happens when we die. Atheists view life as a sentence that begins with a Capital letter and ends with a period. However, others see life as a continuously changing ribbon of time that goes on forever. This essay will explore arguments and counterarguments regarding the existence of God.

The Atheist Viewpoint

Atheists live in a material world and deny the existence anything that cannot be seen, felt, or touched. The only world that exists is the one that surrounds us here on earth. The key atheist argument is that God does not exist because the essence of God cannot be experienced on earth. According to Atheist doctrine, the proof that…. [read more]

Descartes' Believe in God Essay

… 43). Above all, the understanding of good and bad (conscious) formed the background factor that was considered during the processing of a given believe. For philosophers such as Descartes, it was apparently that moral right or wrong was to be shifted from the church to one's heart. Descartes tried to apply scientific knowledge to develop partners, which managed human being morality. In his experiments, Descartes attempted to prove that mediating gland H (Pineal gland) aided the interaction between body and the rational soul. In encapsulation, God made Man with a complete system to process vital choices regarding personal decisions when it came to believing or not believing in God -- so God applied science and not superstition.


Modern philosophers will often question the validity…. [read more]

Morality Still Exist if God Research Paper

… As long as a citizen honors his or her civic obligations, he or she is considered 'good' or at very least protected by the laws of the land, regardless of his or her personal beliefs about God.

But although ancient Athens was a democracy, it is interesting that was not the case in Socrates' day, as manifested in his prosecution for impiety. Denying the existence of the gods of the state was verboten: to question the gods was considered impious, and to deny the obligations one owed to the gods was illegal. Ancient Athens was a far less diverse society than our own, culturally and religiously, and there was a single state religion even though there were many gods. To honor the particular gods of…. [read more]

Faith and God in Elie Essay

… Never shall I forget those flames that consumed my faith forever. . . . Never shall I forget those moments that murdered my God and my soul and turned my dreams to ashes" (Wiesel and Wiesel 33-34). How could just God allow these inhumanities continue, Elie wondered? He began to think that God either did not exist or the existing God was unjust and cruel.

While Elie continued to struggle with his faith, another incident further shook his childhood faith in the goodness of God. During an allied raid in Buna, one of the prisoners tried to eat some food and the Nazis shoot him. Afterwards, accusing another boy of stealing food, the Nazis hanged him in the presence of other Jewish prisoners. Many others…. [read more]

God What Is the Image Term Paper

… When God gave us a creative ability, He certainly gave us one of His own characteristics, therefore contributing to us being "in His image." We also have consciousness, personality, and the ability to think abstractly, all things that God has as well. These are all spiritual characteristics, yet by sharing them with God, we can certainly say that we were "made in His image."

In Hebrew, the word for image is tselem, and this word has a literal interpretation of meaning the nature of immaterial part of something ("Image of God in Man"). Hebrew, of course, is the language of the Jewish culture, and people from this culture wrote the Bible. It becomes even more likely, then, that they really meant that man has a…. [read more]

Kingdom of God Christianity Term Paper

… In his famous meeting with John the Baptist, Jesus would adopt this same quest for spiritual purity. It is quite ironic, then, that the values of the Jewish forerunners to Christianity would also eventually be seen as the enemy to the evolving Christian value system. The New Testament, though a continuation of the narratives and values expressed in the Old Testament, would also offer explicit rejection of some of the latter's strongest conclusions.

For instance, the primary text notes, the book of Titus says, "therefore, rebuke them sharply, so that they will be sound in the faith, and will pay no attention to Jewish myths or to the commands of those who reject the truth." (Titus 1:14) This idea of Jewish mythology would be an…. [read more]

God Creation and Evil Essay

… Solaris, God and Ineffability

The film "Solaris" concerns a psychiatrist, Chris Kelvin, who is sent to a space station where the crew appears to be experiencing a collective mental breakdown. Chris is to provide his superiors with a report on the mental state of the crew, which will be used in deciding the fate of the station. The issues addressed by the film revolve around the ineffability of death, as well as the role of a supreme being in the events after death. In general terms, the nature of death is often seen on the basis of religion. Most religions have a very specific after-death ideal. Ancient ideas such as the Viking Valhalla and the Nirvana of Eastern religions have evolved to the current forms…. [read more]

Existence of God and Religion Term Paper

… Religion

Anselm, Aquinas, and Hume (Word Count: 1185)

The central argument made by Anselm in his Proslogion is that the ability to conceptualize the existence of God is sufficient to prove God's existence. In his Summa Theologica (written in response to Anselm), Thomas Aquinas also endeavors to prove God's existence. This paper compares the two canonical religious authors, placing them in dialogue with each other (addressing whether they are mutually compatible) and with David Hume's Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion.

Although Anselm's theory is considered to be less scientifically grounded than that of Thomas Aquinas, it is important to acknowledge that Anselm's beliefs were still borne out of an early skepticism toward whether God existed, as well as a need to attempt to prove his existence.…. [read more]

God and Evil Essay

… No one can rightfully claim to know why God allows terrible things to occur, and no one should believe anyone that makes such a claim. The argument that terrible things mean God cannot exist is rendered moot by these logical explanations for why God might in fact allow these terrible things. Questioning the reasons behind God's choice is not the same as trying to deny God's existence because God's choices are not understood, and open-minded questioning allows for a greater understanding of God and his will, or his potential will, than does uninvestigated faith.


Understanding God's motives is not something that was meant for humanity, but that does not mean that human beings should not endeavor to understand and discern what of those motives…. [read more]

Is There a God? Thesis

… ¶ … God Exist?

The question of whether or not God (or gods) exist is probably as old as the concept of divinity itself. The different ways of answering this question, however, developed over different periods of time. The three main ways of looking at this question are through revealed theology, natural theology, and the philosophy of religion. The first of these theories is the simplest to explain and understand, and possibly the oldest, making it a good place to start.

Of the three theories mentioned above, revealed theology is the most closely aligned with pure faith.

The basic tenet of revealed theology is that the existence of God can be proven only through special revelations such as the Bible and the Koran. Faith in…. [read more]

God's Existence Arguments for God's Sake Term Paper

… God's Existence

Arguments for God's Sake

Traditionally there have been four main arguments for the existence of God, the ontological argument, the teleological argument, the cosmological argument, and, of course, the moral argument. Each has certain unique properties, but all tend to bow to the principle that God exists because there is a need for Him to. Each argument, whether suppositional or deductive, posits God as the only logical foundation of what would otherwise be a void in the order of the universe.

The Ontological Argument: This argument is solely based on pure reason and logical argument. One of the firsts to ponder this was St. Anselm, the archbishop of Canterbury during the eleventh century CE (McIntyre) as well as many other theologians and philosophers…. [read more]

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