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Existence of God and Religion Term Paper

… Religion

Anselm, Aquinas, and Hume (Word Count: 1185)

The central argument made by Anselm in his Proslogion is that the ability to conceptualize the existence of God is sufficient to prove God's existence. In his Summa Theologica (written in response to Anselm), Thomas Aquinas also endeavors to prove God's existence. This paper compares the two canonical religious authors, placing them in dialogue with each other (addressing whether they are mutually compatible) and with David Hume's Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion.

Although Anselm's theory is considered to be less scientifically grounded than that of Thomas Aquinas, it is important to acknowledge that Anselm's beliefs were still borne out of an early skepticism toward whether God existed, as well as a need to attempt to prove his existence.…. [read more]

Existence of God for Years Essay

… Existence of God for years has been the most debated topic. Many philosophers, scientists and theologians have presented their views about the existence of God and provided proofs to validate their theories and beliefs in this regard (Existence of God, 2004). Without the evidences all arguments and theories shall be rendered useless due to lack of generalization. It would be more of a subjective argument, pertaining to one's own concepts and beliefs, rather than an objective one. Knowledge about the God's existence according to epistemology differs from a mere belief about it, by justifications and verifiable evidences that help in the identification of truth and reality. However, if no conclusions can be derived from scientific or non-scientific approaches and no proofs or evidences are found…. [read more]

Religion What Roles Do the Gods Essay

… Religion

What roles do the Gods and Goddesses play in Hinduism and what do they tell us about the Hindu concept of the Divine (Brahman)?

There are different roles played by the gods and goddesses in Hinduism. Each god or goddesses have a unique role. For instance, Kama is a god of Love. Though the gods and goddesses are many, there is a supreme god known as Brahman. In essence, the religion remains monotheistic. Brahman is a supreme reality that surpasses human knowledge and understanding.

Hinduism believes in the concept of "many paths under one truth." For instance, when a certain family worships several gods, another family may be worshiping a different god. Even though Buddhists may worship different gods, the central supreme reality is…. [read more]

Religion Qualifications of the Divine Essay

… Buddhism is a religion that challenges the mind to contemplate existential paradoxes. There is no Absolute Reality, but everything is Absolute Reality at the same time. Absolute Reality is Nothingness, but it remains possible to be conscious of nothingness while still being alive and in the world. Buddhism suggests that Absolute Reality is qualified by consciousness, which is why meditation offers the key to achieving the Absolute Reality. Absolute Reality is liberation from suffering, as explained in the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism. Life is suffering, meaning that human beings typically contend with anxiety, anger, and anguish. These types of suffering are a direct product of desire, or craving. To eliminate suffering and achieve a divine state of mind, one must eliminate desire by following…. [read more]

Religion of Consumerism Versus Lakota Using Phenomenological Approach Term Paper

… Religion of Consumerism

Consumerism is the term used to describe a person who equates their happiness with the act of purchasing and possessing material things. (Barber, 2007). Lakota is a Native American tribe from the Great Planes area. (Christafferson, 2001). The Lakota Indians lived, and still do live, simple lives that focus on the connection to nature. In modern day, consumerism has evolved into a form of a religion. The difference between Consumerism and Lakota is that consumerism takes the person further away from their natural roots.

What does it mean to be human?

Every individual and community answers the question of "what it means to be human" or "what is the meaning of life" differently. These differences in answers stem from each individual's personal…. [read more]

Religion - Exodus Exegetical Discussion Term Paper

… Religion - Exodus

Exegetical Discussion of Exodus 19:5-6

In an attempt to understand the glory and inspiration of early Biblical texts, it is necessary to attempt close readings of individual passages. God intends for the Bible to serve as a learning tool and a way to bring us closer to Him. Only through introspection, reflection, and study can we truly understand the messages that God has left for us in his holy book, the Bible. How does the 19th chapter of Exodus work into His plan? In relation to the overall book, what impact do the individual verses 5 and 6 have on our faith and purpose? Exodus 19:5 reads: "Now then, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you…. [read more]

Religions and Development Term Paper

… The same was the purpose of the invasion f orthodox Serbians in Bosnia against the Muslim. The fact is that Islamic fundamentalists are quite successful in enlisting support from impoverished peoples. They trade promises of housing and food for that support. It is much easier and quicker to trade visible solutions in the form of food and houses than ideals of development. The poor will also buy the ideas of these seducing Muslims, that "the reason for evil is the existence of non-believers" in the outside world. They can and do render these fanatic supporters intolerant of other considerations and ideas. This is subversion, which they sanction, and terrorism is only an offshoot or a co-existence. It disregards economic, social or personal realities - their…. [read more]

Religion in the Leviathan Term Paper

… Religion in the Leviathan

The Leviathan is one of western philosophy's most interesting commentaries on religion. But before understanding Hobbes' comments on religion, first we must tackle his overarching principles in constructing the work in the first place.

Hobbes in Leviathan argues that civil peace and social unity are best found by the construction of a commonwealth through social contract. Hobbes' ideal society is ruled by a sovereign power tasked and empowered to protect the commonwealth's security and is assigned absolute authority to ensure the common defense.

Indeed, Hobbes invested so much in his idea of the commonwealth that he calls the commonwealth an "artificial person" and finds it a body politic that actually mimics the human body. Hence, the name Leviathan, or sea monster.…. [read more]

God in Genesis the Nature Essay

… In this chapter, God becomes anthropomorphized; he becomes more like human beings than in chapter 1. In becoming part of creation, more of his humanized characteristics become apparent. As such, God becomes potter, herdsman, and gardner. As God starts interacting with his creation, he also comes closer to the human mind in terms of understanding. It is easier to understand a God who does things as human beings would do them than it is to understand one who can create planets and life from nothing. As such, the creation process of Adam and Eve become more comprehensible than the creation process described in the first chapter.

In Genesis 1, then, God's creation acts are vast and panoramic. They are the first effort at putting into…. [read more]

Religion Before I Started Term Paper

… Religion

Before I started this course, my understanding of evil was very much the same as it is today. Evil is a necessary element in the universe, just as there is night and day, light and dark, for without it there would be nothing with which to compare good, thus good might not exist. It is much the same as friends and foes. Enemies actually enable an individual to define his or her friends, as well as whom she or he really is regarding their own character and ethics. Whether something is right or wrong, good or evil, because God commands it or whether He commands it because it is right or wrong, is much like the question, "if a tree falls in the forest…. [read more]

Religion in Indonesia Islam Essay

… Religion in Indonesia

Islam in Indonesia

Islam was largely the dominant faith in Indonesia with the largest tally of adherents that constituted approximately 87% of the total populace in 1985 (Kipp, 2002 p. 78). This heightened percentage of Muslims in the Indonesian dispensation made the nation the greatest Islamic nation globally in the epoch of early 1990. Most islands and provinces in the nation had a large populace of Islamic adherents. According to the conformist practice, Islam is a stringent monotheistic faith in which Allah is omnipresent. Muslims do not classify Prophet Muhammad as God but regard the Prophet as a servant of Allah who would spread the word to the people from the Quran. Islam is a faith based on elevated moral principles and…. [read more]

Ethics Epistemology Religion Term Paper

… Religion

This work looks at the concept of religion by first explaining its definition. It argues about whether God really exists and takes the standpoint that He does exist. The argument of this paper is based on this thesis and addresses some of the issues associated with God. It describes two theories that express religion and picks the strongest theory for the rest of the work. It also looks at the controversial issues of God and science. It follows to discuss the nature of God and the conflicts that arise with His interaction with man. The work ends with a conclusion that summarizes the main points captured in the work.

There as many definitions of religion as there are people who try to define it.…. [read more]

Does God Exist? Essay

… Existence of God

The debate about the existence of God is probably one of the most ancient ones. However, the supporters of either side have not been able to convince each other since the ones who believe that God exists have a lot of faith in this claim and those who believe that God does not exist are very firm about it. It will not be wrong to say that the belief that whether or not God exists is a matter of religion and also a matter of personal choice. In every religion including Islam, Christianity and Hinduism, to name a few, the followers believe that there is a God who they worship and who takes care of them. They always ask their God for…. [read more]

Roman Religion in Antiquity Essay

… In the event of a successful conquest, the divinity in question was then accepted as Roman.

The is a concept echoed in the work of Hijmans

, who focuses on two different solar deities found in the Roman pantheon; Sol Indiges, a Roman god, and Sol Invictus, A syrina god of late antiquity. What is interesting here is that many scholars struggle to find agreement amongst themselves, as well as reconciliation within their own research to suggest that these two widely different deities could have existed, albeit at different times, within the same religious environment.

This disagreement is indicative of the general disagreement and debate that has been part and parcel of religion since its existence in human communities. Indeed, Beard, North and Price

mention…. [read more]

Religion on the Surface Essay

… In Hinduism, there is also a concept of gods becoming incarnate on Earth. The concept is called the avatar, and there are several examples in Hindu scripture that refer to avatars. For example, Krishna is one of the most important gods in the Hindu pantheon. Krishna is an avatar of Vishnu. Unlike Jesus, Krishna has blue skin and loves dancing. Yet like Jesus, Krishna is worshipped as the incarnation of a supreme deity. "Of all avatars he is the most popular and perhaps the one closest to the heart of the masses," (Das). There are, therefore, similar roles of gods in the Hindu pantheon as there are for Christianity. The Christian God is a savior who makes direct contact with human beings; but the Christian…. [read more]

Roman Religion Although the Ancient Term Paper

… "

Aeneas marks this altar as specifically Roman according to not only the city's religious tradition, but also its cultural tradition of dress of mythical history. One can see a possible motivation for this intentional linking when considering the other figures depicted in the Ara Pacis' friezes, and particularly the image of Augustus. The procession of which Augustus is a part represents "the processions that would have taken place in 'real life' around the sides of the precincts, leading up to the altar itself -- and perhaps, more specifically, that procession which took place on the day the altar was first consecrated."

Recognizing this is crucial for understanding the depictions relation to both Roman religious practice and political life, because the particular representation of Augustus…. [read more]

Religion and Politics Religion Today the Average Thesis

… Religion and Politics

Religion Today

The average day of most individuals is that of waking up early, rushing to work to give 110% of themselves and their efforts and then rushing back home to give another 100% to the family chores. In this dynamic and stressful environment, a question is being posed relative to the role of religion. While some will argue that religion plays a decreasing role in our modern society, others will state that its importance is increasing as more and more people turn to God. The findings actually indicate that the first theory might be more compelling and is supported by the decreasing numbers of churchgoers as well as by the increasing numbers of books condemning religion (such as Christopher Hitchens' God…. [read more]

Religion Versus Science Term Paper

… Religion vs. Science: the issue of cloning and stem cell research

The debate about religion vs. science is one that has been ongoing since the start of the industrial revolution and the inception of modern science. In the late Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries as science began to advance, many of the accepted religious issues and beliefs about reality were put into question.

This meant that many the fundamental beliefs and worldviews of religion were also questioned and doubt began to creep into Western civilization about the validity of religious perceptions of reality and life. This questioning attitude and doubt was accelerated in the Twentieth Century. The two World Wars that occurred during this century also caused people to question traditional religious views.

However this decline…. [read more]

Religion and Personal Identity Essay

… The Islamic faith is more than a religion since it goes beyond rulings and rituals, but helps in developing rational faith and moral conduct through understanding right and wrong. It offers the framework for an overview of reality and a recommendation for a good life (Sulaiman, 1997).

Information from Other People

In light of the impact of religion on my personal identity, other people have expressed various opinions regarding the impact of my chosen identity marker. First, other people have argued that a person's value system is largely influenced by religion, which shapes a person's beliefs and perspective of the world. In this case, religion provides a significant emphasis of values that are tested over time and are beneficial to others. As a Muslim that…. [read more]

Existence of God Essay

… Existence of God

God's existence is not provable, but one can just believe in it.

Believe of God's existence depends on understanding and source of information that individual has on this subject.

Believing and having faith in God can help people understand His existence as no one can prove it.

Faith is what it calls to believe and thus if one has faith in God's existence, then not need to prove it.

There are some proofs on God's existence.

External happenings can proof God's existence.

Human believe of how and why things happen proofs God's existence.

Faith dictates believe on the understanding of whether God exists or not, and whether one can prove this or not.

The Existence of God


According to the Christian…. [read more]

God and Science the Art Essay

… Larson & Witham (1998) explained the survey of 58% of 1914 scientists rejecting God, and almost similar statistics show the same percentage demonstrated no change in 1996. In the course of a decade, neither science nor religion has made any headway into convincing one side or the other as to who is right. Since religion came first, this argument seems to have an advantage. However, the Christian religion is rather recent in comparison to older pagan religions, Eastern religions and those religions we don't quite understand. In fact the Christian God, based on the Jewish god Yahweh, was adopted in the story of Christ. At that time many gods were being worshiped and not one single one was to be held with any more reverence…. [read more]

Religion of the Spirits Essay

… This will then serve as the basis for Aquinas' argument that God planned and created everything in existence according to a predetermined set of plans and rules.

Nietzsche, on the other hand, would take the opposite view. If confronted with the Religion of the Spirits believers, he would probably begin by saying that the spirits do not exist, and that they are figments of the overactive and needy imaginations of the believers. Nietzsche would then espouse his belief in nihilism as the basis for this argumentation. Specifically, he might tell the believers that life on the physical plane is all that human beings might reasonably expect. The fact that this life repeats itself, without any potential for improvement or change, is at the heart of…. [read more]

Existence of God on Using Arguments Thesis

… Existence of God

On Using Arguments to Establish the Case for God

McCloskey states in his article that the problem with most theists is that they come to believe in God based on other factors and reasons other than proofs alone.1 He may be referring to subjective factors like faith and personal evidence, which he possibly might abandon as true proofs and for good reason. However, he does acknowledge that there are three "proofs" that motivate the theist to believe in God -- the cosmological proof, teleological proof, and the argument from design -- all of which he describes as defective.1.

It's probably worthwhile to consider these "proofs" in light of the Cumulative Case approach in the PointeCast presentation. The Cumulative Case is noteworthy because…. [read more]

God's Existence Can Be Demonstrated Term Paper

… God's Existence Can Be Demonstrated

Proof of God's Existence

Proof of God's existence can be found in various proofs presented by many major names in philosophy. Of course the arguments against God's existence are just as profound. Here I will be presenting an extremely brief overview of the arguments both for and against the existence of God.

Major philosophical figures have consistently contradicted each other when it comes to the existence of God. Their positions often depend on their own spiritual positions at the time. One major problem is the supernatural aspects of God, which does not lend itself to empirical evidence. However, Karl Popper determined that this is precisely what makes his existence undeniable, or a non-falsifiable hypothesis, by virtue of it not being…. [read more]

Religion Scientific Creationists Are Different Term Paper

… Religion

Scientific creationists are different than creationists in that scientific creation is based on scientific evidence while creationists believe in creation as it is told in the Bible. In the Book of Genesis there is a six-day account of creation, which includes Adam and Eve, God's curse on Earth because of man's sin, as well as the stories of Noah's ark and how certain languages came into existence. These stories cannot be backed up by scientific evidence. Scientific creationism also holds that there is a creation period, however, it cannot be pinned down to a period of six days.

Henry Morris believed that the Bible's account of the creation was both true and scientific; however, his claims can be explained in other ways. For example,…. [read more]

Religion Should Be Eliminated From Human Society Term Paper

… Religion Should Be Eliminated

From Human Society

Since the beginning of recorded history, man has attempted to discover ways in which he could transform his primal instincts into manageable emotions which would benefit his fellow human beings. In most cases, this transformation has been accomplished through various religious systems based on polytheistic and monotheistic beliefs, philosophies and practices. Of all the major religious faiths in the world today, Christianity, Buddhism and Islam appear to have served this transformation the most, despite that fact that millions upon millions of persons have died as the direct result of religious doctrines.

Organized religion and even those that are not considered as such are for the most part based on mythology and superstition which in the beginning were meant…. [read more]

Religion Augustine: Divine Grace and Free Will Term Paper

… Religion

Augustine: Divine Grace and Free Will

One of the Doctors of the Church, St. Augustine's teachings have been profoundly influential since earliest times. In particular, St. Augustine expounded upon the relationship between Divine Grace and human Free Will and the roles that the two did, or did not play, in the achievement of individual human salvation.

The argument represented a major doctrinal dispute of Augustine's day, most notably between his own teachings and those of Pelagius. The ideas of Pelagius, which taught that Divine Grace was not the sole necessity for achieving salvation, were ultimately condemned as heretical at the Council of Carthage in 418. Augustine himself believed that Divine Grace, above all, was essential for the salvation of human beings; that men and…. [read more]

Religion, Neibuhr, and Daly Term Paper

… Such theology does not undertake to be the science of God for it knows that the Transcendent Universal is known or acknowledged only in acts of universal loyalty and in transcending confidence (faith), precedent to all inquiry and action. (p. 89)

Neibuhr's declaration is Theo-centric. There is a God, a Transcendent Universal which is above and outside ourselves. We will not find him by radically transmogrifying ourselves into androgynous peoples. We will find him though acts which closely model his revealed character, which was written in an everlasting word, and demonstrated by the ever living Word, Jesus Christ.

Just as it would be impossible to discover new species of deep water fish by excavating in a cave, Daly's pursuit of a statement regarding the nature…. [read more]

Religion Term Paper

… Religion in the News

Religion is a highly complex concept and the debates on religious matters are far from being exhaustive. To most of us, religion is a refuge, the hope for a better life or the payer for a second chance. Religious beliefs promote the idea of a higher power, of an invisible entity that watches over us, rewards the good and punishes the evil, if not in the current life, in the one after it.

Today, religious values seem to become less and less convincing, proof of this standing the increasing number of atheists. The reasons for increasing atheism vary, based on each individual's education, background or life experiences. However, a reason that stands out is their argument that religion cannot be scientifically…. [read more]

God and Creation Term Paper

… It is indeed a great privilege to be an American, and therefore, it must be believed that God is with America and will always bless and keep the American citizen.

One of the famous Presidents of the United States of America, George Washington, is reputed to have believed in this exact concept, wherein he has stated in his farewell address to the people of his nation, "The name of American belongs to you ... And with slight shades of difference, you have the same religion."

He was, according to John Marshall, the then Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, "a sincere believer in the Christian Faith, and a truly devout man," and therefore, being one of the founders of the United States of America,…. [read more]

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