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God in Genesis the Nature Essay

… In this chapter, God becomes anthropomorphized; he becomes more like human beings than in chapter 1. In becoming part of creation, more of his humanized characteristics become apparent. As such, God becomes potter, herdsman, and gardner. As God starts interacting with his creation, he also comes closer to the human mind in terms of understanding. It is easier to understand a God who does things as human beings would do them than it is to understand one who can create planets and life from nothing. As such, the creation process of Adam and Eve become more comprehensible than the creation process described in the first chapter.

In Genesis 1, then, God's creation acts are vast and panoramic. They are the first effort at putting into…. [read more]

Existence of God Essay

… Existence of God

God's existence is not provable, but one can just believe in it.

Believe of God's existence depends on understanding and source of information that individual has on this subject.

Believing and having faith in God can help people understand His existence as no one can prove it.

Faith is what it calls to believe and thus if one has faith in God's existence, then not need to prove it.

There are some proofs on God's existence.

External happenings can proof God's existence.

Human believe of how and why things happen proofs God's existence.

Faith dictates believe on the understanding of whether God exists or not, and whether one can prove this or not.

The Existence of God


According to the Christian…. [read more]

Existence of God for Years Essay

… Existence of God for years has been the most debated topic. Many philosophers, scientists and theologians have presented their views about the existence of God and provided proofs to validate their theories and beliefs in this regard (Existence of God, 2004). Without the evidences all arguments and theories shall be rendered useless due to lack of generalization. It would be more of a subjective argument, pertaining to one's own concepts and beliefs, rather than an objective one. Knowledge about the God's existence according to epistemology differs from a mere belief about it, by justifications and verifiable evidences that help in the identification of truth and reality. However, if no conclusions can be derived from scientific or non-scientific approaches and no proofs or evidences are found…. [read more]

God and Creation Term Paper

… It is indeed a great privilege to be an American, and therefore, it must be believed that God is with America and will always bless and keep the American citizen.

One of the famous Presidents of the United States of America, George Washington, is reputed to have believed in this exact concept, wherein he has stated in his farewell address to the people of his nation, "The name of American belongs to you ... And with slight shades of difference, you have the same religion."

He was, according to John Marshall, the then Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, "a sincere believer in the Christian Faith, and a truly devout man," and therefore, being one of the founders of the United States of America,…. [read more]

Morality Still Exist if God Research Paper

… As long as a citizen honors his or her civic obligations, he or she is considered 'good' or at very least protected by the laws of the land, regardless of his or her personal beliefs about God.

But although ancient Athens was a democracy, it is interesting that was not the case in Socrates' day, as manifested in his prosecution for impiety. Denying the existence of the gods of the state was verboten: to question the gods was considered impious, and to deny the obligations one owed to the gods was illegal. Ancient Athens was a far less diverse society than our own, culturally and religiously, and there was a single state religion even though there were many gods. To honor the particular gods of…. [read more]

Does God Exist? Essay

… Existence of God

The debate about the existence of God is probably one of the most ancient ones. However, the supporters of either side have not been able to convince each other since the ones who believe that God exists have a lot of faith in this claim and those who believe that God does not exist are very firm about it. It will not be wrong to say that the belief that whether or not God exists is a matter of religion and also a matter of personal choice. In every religion including Islam, Christianity and Hinduism, to name a few, the followers believe that there is a God who they worship and who takes care of them. They always ask their God for…. [read more]

God's Existence Can Be Demonstrated Term Paper

… God's Existence Can Be Demonstrated

Proof of God's Existence

Proof of God's existence can be found in various proofs presented by many major names in philosophy. Of course the arguments against God's existence are just as profound. Here I will be presenting an extremely brief overview of the arguments both for and against the existence of God.

Major philosophical figures have consistently contradicted each other when it comes to the existence of God. Their positions often depend on their own spiritual positions at the time. One major problem is the supernatural aspects of God, which does not lend itself to empirical evidence. However, Karl Popper determined that this is precisely what makes his existence undeniable, or a non-falsifiable hypothesis, by virtue of it not being…. [read more]

God and Science the Art Essay

… Larson & Witham (1998) explained the survey of 58% of 1914 scientists rejecting God, and almost similar statistics show the same percentage demonstrated no change in 1996. In the course of a decade, neither science nor religion has made any headway into convincing one side or the other as to who is right. Since religion came first, this argument seems to have an advantage. However, the Christian religion is rather recent in comparison to older pagan religions, Eastern religions and those religions we don't quite understand. In fact the Christian God, based on the Jewish god Yahweh, was adopted in the story of Christ. At that time many gods were being worshiped and not one single one was to be held with any more reverence…. [read more]

Existence of God in Descartes Term Paper

… 24-35). One cannot but help agree with Descartes' line of thinking here given the irrefutable logic that curiosity is an innate part of human nature, and therefore, has to be part of a deliberate design by a far greater higher power or God.

Descartes completes his reasoning that God exists in Meditation Five through effectively demonstrating the essence of God in the nature of material things. He does this by pointing out that existence can no more be separated from God's essence than the idea that a valley can be separated from the idea of a mountain. Indeed, the immutable laws of nature are proof positive that existence belongs to the essence of God (Descartes, p. 44-45). Descartes line of reasoning, here, is as persuasive…. [read more]

Existence of God the Philosophical Essay

… It may be argued that if an all-good God designed the world, he surely would not have allowed evil. The problem of evil is generally regarded as the most important argument against theism. (Mavrodes, 1995)

The argument from morality, like the cosmological argument, is really a family of arguments (Hick, 26-27). First, there is the argument from the existence of objective moral laws to a divine lawgiver. Second, there is the argument from the existence of objective moral laws to a transcendental Ground of Values. Third, there is the argument from the fact of human conscience to a divine "voice of conscience." Finally, there is the argument from the acceptance of moral obligation to the postulation of a transcendental Ground of Values. Religion and morality…. [read more]

God Look on My Works Essay

… Sallie McFague stakes out a very different position than either of the other two thinkers discussed here. While Freud saw religion as an artifact of human history that individuals might be able to evolve beyond, and St. Augustine saw the worship and acceptance of divine love as something that individuals might be able to evolve into, McFague sees the way that the idea of God operates within human society and psyche as essentially metaphorical.

McFague, a feminist Christian thinker, is little concerned about whether God exists or not, and if there is indeed the existence of a divine entity what form that existence might take. Rather, she asks people to consider not the nature of God but the function of the idea of God. In…. [read more]

Existence of God the Debate Essay

… Existence of God

The debate regarding the existence of God has been around for many years. Over time, scientists, theologians as well as philosophers have all fronted arguments either in support or disregard of the existence of God. In this text, I form a position on God's existence based on the arguments fronted in the suggested readings. Later on in the text, I will examine the problem of evil.

Does God Exist?

The number of arguments advanced in an attempt to prove that God does exist are as many as those disputing the existence of a Supreme Being. Mostly, arguments against the existence of God point out at alleged contradictions when it comes to the belief in God. Some arguments in this category also point…. [read more]

God: Review of Karen Armstrong Term Paper

… Armstrong's theory does not credit Man with original thought and places little value on Man's ability to rationalise or theorise on the concept of God and a life beyond the corporeal that has nothing to do with demanding gratification or continuous proof of existence. Armstrong places little importance on faith but more on interpreting surrounding events with one's own bias.

Another core theme of the book relates Armstrong's less controversial belief that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam possess similar characteristics and have also influenced one another.

In the Roman Empire, Christianity was first seen as a branch of Judaism, but when Christians made it clear that they were no longer members of the synagogue, they were regarded with contempt as a religion of fanatics who had…. [read more]

God's Holiness Doctrinal Term Paper

… God's Holiness Doctrinal Essential

I saw the Lord seated on a throne, high and exalted, and the train of his robe filled the temple. Above him were seraphs, . . . And they were calling to one another:

"Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory."

"Woe to me!" I cried. "I am ruined! For I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips, and my eyes have seen the King, the Lord

Almighty. (Isaiah 6:1-6)

God's Holiness

Hagiasmos (Greek) = "to Make Holy" or "to Sanctify"

Qadosh (Hebrew) = "to set apart"

A highway shall be there, and a road,

And it shall be called the Highway of Holiness.

The…. [read more]

Compelling Arguments That Can Be Assembled in Support of the Necessary Existence of God Essay

… God

The necessary existence of God implies that God must in fact be infinite, perfect, omniscient and timeless. According to the theory of necessary existence, being is itself a divine quality. The theory of necessary existence is predicated on the assumption that God exists in the first place; the theory does not entertain the notion that God might not exist. Atheism has no place in the theory of necessary existence. Rather, belief in God warrants an exploration and explanation of the nature of God. That nature is absolute and independent.

One corollary of the necessary existence of God is also one of the strongest, most compelling arguments in support of the theory. That is, God necessarily exists because the universe of our senses exists. The…. [read more]

Moral and Not Belief Thesis

… In a more moral society, it is easy to have a solid foundation of morals in existence of God. On the vice versa, the existence of God marks a solid foundation for the existence of morals (Mosser, 2010.

My position

With and without love for God, one can be moral in the face of humanity. Existence of morals is a facet that can be attributed to the existence of man and God. God can be termed as the source of morals in the society. Nonetheless, the origin of morals is also a supposed origin of immorality in the human phase. The two facets are concurrent and cannot be differentiated. Likewise, human beings can exist in a moral society without having a single attribute of the…. [read more]

Existence of God Philosophically Term Paper

… Arguments against God can also be refuted by logical philosophy. Firstly, an atheist might argue that God cannot be seen with human eyes, and is therefore not there. In response to this I would ask, can love be seen? Can you in fact see any emotion? Can you see trust and devotion and hatred? All of these things can be seen through actions and lives, but in themselves these qualities are invisible. But nobody would argue that they are not there. In the same way I think God can be seen as manifest in everything around us, discovered through science or seen by the human eye. God can be seen in order and rules, and in human intelligence and creation, all reflections of his nature.…. [read more]

Debating on the Existence of God Term Paper

… Existence of God

For centuries there have been arguments centering around the existence of a Divine Creator. These ideas about God have been debated far earlier than the Christian world, and actually seem to form the basis of philosophical thought -- what is knowledge and where do we get it? How can there be evil in a world created by an omnipotent God? If God exists, who or what created God? In 1948 the British Broadcasting Company hosted a debate between Father Frederick Copleston, a Jesuit Priest, and the agnostic philosopher Bertrand Russell.

Both agree that Christianity is a term than implies the belief in God and immortality of the saved soul, and that Christ is the Savior of humans and the wisest of men.…. [read more]

Attributes of God Philosophy of Religion Essay

… ¶ … Attributes of God

Philosophy of Religion

Many have attempted to study the philosophy of religion throughout the ages. For as much as most individuals try, a clear understanding can be extremely difficult to grasp and obtain. The attributes of God are often discussed, and depending on who you ask, there are many versions of this very specific topic. Some people choose to discuss only a few attributes of God, while others list several. For many faith-driven believers, understanding the attributes of God is extremely important to their overall existence and everyday life. Others argue that having an understanding of God's attributes may inhibit one's overall understanding of God.

Throughout this essay, we'll discuss and answer the following questions:

Can following the basic attributes…. [read more]

Descartes' Believe in God Essay

… 43). Above all, the understanding of good and bad (conscious) formed the background factor that was considered during the processing of a given believe. For philosophers such as Descartes, it was apparently that moral right or wrong was to be shifted from the church to one's heart. Descartes tried to apply scientific knowledge to develop partners, which managed human being morality. In his experiments, Descartes attempted to prove that mediating gland H (Pineal gland) aided the interaction between body and the rational soul. In encapsulation, God made Man with a complete system to process vital choices regarding personal decisions when it came to believing or not believing in God -- so God applied science and not superstition.


Modern philosophers will often question the validity…. [read more]

God Exist? Humanities Fascination With Life Term Paper

… ¶ … God Exist?

Humanities fascination with life and death has led to question what happens when we die. Atheists view life as a sentence that begins with a Capital letter and ends with a period. However, others see life as a continuously changing ribbon of time that goes on forever. This essay will explore arguments and counterarguments regarding the existence of God.

The Atheist Viewpoint

Atheists live in a material world and deny the existence anything that cannot be seen, felt, or touched. The only world that exists is the one that surrounds us here on earth. The key atheist argument is that God does not exist because the essence of God cannot be experienced on earth. According to Atheist doctrine, the proof that…. [read more]

Existence of God Speech Oh Thesis

… But even the most liberal estimates of the total universal mass fall far short of the required amount.

But. It's all theoretical, and a new discovery about one of a dozen factors could render every model completely irrelevant. So instead of trying to prove a weak theory, I'll take a look at a much more commonly believed theory: evolution.

If God is interested in the Earth, and particularly humans, it is simple to understand why He (if a gender-specific pronoun is appropriate) would want those humans to be intelligent. After all, without a forebrain we would only be a lot of pets, which would make God akin to the strange old lady with thirteen cats in her apartment. But why would evolution evolve intelligence? And,…. [read more]

Evil and God Term Paper

… Problem of Evil

God, Evil, and the Endless Debate

The problem of evil has bedeviled theists and atheists alike for thousands of years, leaving both sides at what appears to be a perpetual impasse. Atheistic thinkers generally argue that a conventionally defined God (omnipotent, omniscient, and benevolent) is logically incompatible with an apparently flawed creation in order to disprove religious claims, forcing theologians to defend their own belief on logical grounds. Neither attack nor defense has been perfectly convincing, and so the argument grinds on.

If history's great thinkers have been unable to resolve the problem, I find myself forced to focus on the persistence of the impasse in itself as the most fertile approach. The alternative is to acknowledge that yes, the experience of…. [read more]

God What Is the Image Term Paper

… When God gave us a creative ability, He certainly gave us one of His own characteristics, therefore contributing to us being "in His image." We also have consciousness, personality, and the ability to think abstractly, all things that God has as well. These are all spiritual characteristics, yet by sharing them with God, we can certainly say that we were "made in His image."

In Hebrew, the word for image is tselem, and this word has a literal interpretation of meaning the nature of immaterial part of something ("Image of God in Man"). Hebrew, of course, is the language of the Jewish culture, and people from this culture wrote the Bible. It becomes even more likely, then, that they really meant that man has a…. [read more]

God's Existence Arguments for God's Sake Term Paper

… God's Existence

Arguments for God's Sake

Traditionally there have been four main arguments for the existence of God, the ontological argument, the teleological argument, the cosmological argument, and, of course, the moral argument. Each has certain unique properties, but all tend to bow to the principle that God exists because there is a need for Him to. Each argument, whether suppositional or deductive, posits God as the only logical foundation of what would otherwise be a void in the order of the universe.

The Ontological Argument: This argument is solely based on pure reason and logical argument. One of the firsts to ponder this was St. Anselm, the archbishop of Canterbury during the eleventh century CE (McIntyre) as well as many other theologians and philosophers…. [read more]

God and Evil Essay

… No one can rightfully claim to know why God allows terrible things to occur, and no one should believe anyone that makes such a claim. The argument that terrible things mean God cannot exist is rendered moot by these logical explanations for why God might in fact allow these terrible things. Questioning the reasons behind God's choice is not the same as trying to deny God's existence because God's choices are not understood, and open-minded questioning allows for a greater understanding of God and his will, or his potential will, than does uninvestigated faith.


Understanding God's motives is not something that was meant for humanity, but that does not mean that human beings should not endeavor to understand and discern what of those motives…. [read more]

Existence of God and Religion Term Paper

… Religion

Anselm, Aquinas, and Hume (Word Count: 1185)

The central argument made by Anselm in his Proslogion is that the ability to conceptualize the existence of God is sufficient to prove God's existence. In his Summa Theologica (written in response to Anselm), Thomas Aquinas also endeavors to prove God's existence. This paper compares the two canonical religious authors, placing them in dialogue with each other (addressing whether they are mutually compatible) and with David Hume's Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion.

Although Anselm's theory is considered to be less scientifically grounded than that of Thomas Aquinas, it is important to acknowledge that Anselm's beliefs were still borne out of an early skepticism toward whether God existed, as well as a need to attempt to prove his existence.…. [read more]

Existence of Evil Proves That God Essay

… Problem of Evil

One of the oldest arguments against the existence of a supposedly omniscient, omnipotent, and omni-benevolent god proposes that this god is logically inconsistent with the "evil" observed in actual reality, because there is no way that an omnipotent, omni-benevolent god could allow such evil to exist. There are variations to the "argument from evil" meant to refute certain counter arguments, and when taken as a whole the "problem of evil" is sufficient evidence to accept the impossibility of an omniscient, omnipotent, and omni-benevolent god. While the problem of evil is not sufficient to disprove the existence of every definition of god, it can at least demonstrate how the version of god proposed by some of the world's largest religions is logically impossible.…. [read more]

Thomas Aquinas and God Essay

… For example, it takes some faith to grope around a room in the dark. The person trusts that the furniture has not moved and that there are no hidden disasters. Yet ultimately, it is reason that informs most thought in the tangible, transient universe. Likewise, the realm of God is best understood with faith but there are times reason can be used to grope around the spiritual darkness that is doubt and uncertainty. Aquinas's logic is remarkably solid, even though there are core assumptions about the universe that are not fully reconcilable with reason in an absolute way. The ways of knowing God are internally valid, even if they are not infallible arguments. God is not, for example, a necessary prime mover. The universe could…. [read more]

God Given Rights: Understanding America Essay

… Both are experiencing difficulties in getting recognized as a respectable, independent party. When Wheatley claims, "Remember, Christians, Negros, black as Cain, May be refin'd and join th' angelic train." (REFERENCE) she is challenging the Christians, explaining that like them, she is a child of God, and is therefore protected by Him. God also gives rights to all people, such as those listed in the Declaration of Independence, as "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness." (REFERENCE) As all men are created equal in God's eyes, the people of America get this right no matter what their oppressor, England, tries to force upon them.

Each author comes from a difficult standpoint: The minority. As the minority, Wheatley fights for the general respect and acceptance of her…. [read more]

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