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Life Coach as Singer Essay

… This has led to the discovery that the inability to resist the desire for instant gratification may actually be hard-wired into the brain. The issue was originally looked at by a study in the late 1960s and early 1970s that used marshmallows and cookies to assess the ability of preschool children to delay gratification and those who could not. Later, brain imaging was used that showed key differences between the two groups in two areas: the prefrontal cortex and the ventral striatum. "This is the first time we have located the specific brain areas related to delayed gratification. This could have major implications in the treatment of obesity and addictions," said the lead author B.J. Casey, Ph.D (Nauert).

As we have seen, instant has definitive…. [read more]

Life Coaching Listening Skills Research Paper

… Life Coaching

Listening is an integral component to the life coaching process. Coaching is a psychologically and emotionally intimate professional relationship that depends on a strong two-way flow of information. Similar to both counseling and mentoring, coaching involves empowering the client by tuning into client needs, goals, backgrounds, and communication styles. The information flow should ideally remain as unimpeded as possible.

Life coaches need to remain continually aware of their listening skills at any given moment in the coaching process. As Dunbar (2009) points out, many life coaches take for granted that they are already good at listening and forget the pitfalls of poor or passive listening. Listening skills fluctuate and can never take them for granted, especially by a professional life coach (Dunbar 2009).…. [read more]

Life Coaching the Goal for All Blind Essay

… Life Coaching

The goal for all blind skiers is more freedom.

You don't have to see where you're going, as long as you go.

In skiing, you ski with your legs and not with your eyes.

In life, you experience things with your mind and your body.

And if you're lacking one of the five senses, you adapt"

Lorita Bertraun, Blind American skier (Columbia World of Quotations, 1996).

In a figurative sense, just as blind person learning to ski needs a skiing instructor, an individual wanting to make positive changes and/or reach goals in his/her life needs a life coach. Bertraun points out that a person experiences life with his/her mind and body; he/she learns to adapt when he/she lacks one of the five senses…. [read more]

Coaching Color Psychology Term Paper

… Research on color psychology shows that coaching clients will respond to stimuli. For example, marketers use color regularly to alter consumer behavior. The same principles used in marketing can be applied to life coaching.


Adams, F.M. & Osgood, C.E. (1973). A cross-cultural study of the affective meanings of color. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 4(2): 135-156.

Bellizzi J.A., Crowley, A.E. & Hasty, R.W. (1983). The effects of color in store design. Journal of Retailing 59(1).

Cherry, K. (2012). Color psychology: How colors impact moods, feelings, and behaviors. Retrieved online:

"Color Psychology: The Emotional Effects of Colors," (2012). Art Therapy. Retrieved online:

"Color Psychology to Empower and Inspire You," (n.d.). Retrieved online:

Elliot, A.J. & Maier, M.A. (2007). Color and psychological functioning.…. [read more]

Coach Carter as a Tool Movie Review

… This scene ties together many of the themes of the movie, and can be used both to develop therapeutic understandings on the part of a counselor or coach and to help bridge gaps between a coach and a reserved, distant, or self-isolated client (Gregerson, 2009).

Scenes in which Carter confronts the community (or vice versa) can also be used to illustrate certain therapeutic conflicts and needs. These scenes tend to depict the conflict of "goods' that can occur, when principles seem to divide a psyche and impede progress. The need to be brutally honest with oneself in order to achieve a cohesion of purpose and action towards the principles and ends one knows to be right is one of the main points of this film,…. [read more]

What to Expect From Life Coaching Research Paper

… Life coaching, as is commonly promoted and described, is a new professional area of learning. Life coaching is an enormous responsibility. This profession enables a person to make a lifelong impression on other people's heart and mind. The video reveals three important concepts that inform my coaching practice: attitude, helping others find answers themselves and motivation.

As a life coach, I am trained specifically to help people look at their lives objectively. As a result, I will offer the client advice that helps to develop answers and plans for improving attitude and resolving troubles. The issues I will be dealing with will be large or small, interpersonal, personal, work, financial or health related. Additionally, it would increase the person's confidence. In turn, the person will…. [read more]

Life Coaching Thesis

… Accountability and Life Coaching

Setting Up Accountability Factors

Setting up accountability factors is primarily a matter of soliciting information directly from the client for the purpose of establishing the strategic goals of therapy (Whitworth, L., Kimsey-House, K., Kimsey-House, et al., 2007). In that regard, it might be helpful to outline the concept of accountability by contextualizing it simply as a form of awareness or purposeful consciousness on the part of the client with respect to taking note of relevant indicators of progress in therapy. Defining specific accountability factors will necessarily vary from client to client because they will be dictated by the particular reason that the client sought (or was referred for) counseling.

Incorporating Accountability Factors into a Relationship and Plan of Action

In that…. [read more]

Comparison: Counseling vs. Life Coaching Research Proposal

… This could be in form of getting new jobs or switching career paths. Continuous learning and personal renewal could be essential in adjusting to the changes, and each person is responsible for devising their curriculum. These challenges face individuals, teams, and organizations.

This is where the life coach comes in. The coach is a teacher, and whether it is an individual, a client or a company, the relationship is usually deeper than that. Their function is to relate particular goals to the whole plan created in close consideration with the client's core values. The coach helps the client see more options and resources that might be at their disposal, while guiding them through a learning process of managing change rather than fearing…. [read more]

Coaching Case Study

… Coaching Case Study

In this text, I concern myself with Joe; an employee of Techno Corporation who seems frustrated given the recent re-organization of the firm which has brought with itself a greater need for collaboration between the business and marketing teams and the technical teams. Joe is currently the corporation's systems analyst. As Joe's supervisor, I will utilize the Five Elements Model to highlight the scenario and come up with the relevant suggestions by amongst other things describing Joe's specific areas of growth and strength, identifying the various concerns likely to be addressed in a coaching relationship and lastly; coming up with an action plan incorporating measurable goals that can be followed by both Joe and I.

Joe's Specific Areas of Growth and Strength…. [read more]

Coaching Human Resource Development -- HRD Essay

… Coaching

Human Resource Development -- HRD is a relatively small but extremely significant component of Human Resource Management -- HRM and deals with the training and development of employees so as to motivate them to realize their full potential. Even though the concept was present for quite some time, the field was defined and recognized only in the late seventies and has subsequently evolved to include a wide gamut of activities of which coaching has come to occupy an important place. Coaching is an HRD tool employed to guide and advise employees at all levels to perform better at their jobs so as to achieve both organizational as well as personal goals. There are a number of models like co-active coaching and the GROW model…. [read more]

Coaching Skills Essay

… Coaching

Keeping the Unique Relationship: Coaching

Like teachers, coaches are often some of the most influential people in the lives of students, athletes, and competitors. Taken outside of the home, authority manifests itself in a new way -- not on a soapbox preaching while simultaneously requiring a chore and punishing one for the last one left undone -- but with compassion, motivation, and the backdrop of an event that one enjoys. While this unique relationship is of extreme value in most everyone's lives, achieving the trust and motivation required in a coaching relationship is not easy. Furthermore, a successful coaching relationship focuses both on the subject as well as the sport or event, combining a self-motivation with a desire for glory in order to achieve…. [read more]

Coach, Inc Case Study

… Coach is a luxury goods maker with $3.6 billion in revenue, derived from own-branded stores around the world. The company, faced with struggling Western economies, is looking for growth overseas and has identified China and India as two of the more viable markets. In order to guide this expansion, the company's HR strategy will need to facilitate this growth.

The best approach for this strategy is the integrated model, combining elements of the resource-based model and the control-based model. This strategy emphasizes a paternalistic and commitment-based approach to human resources development. The recruitment focus will be on internal sourcing, as employee retention is important to maintaining high customer service standards. Motivation will be based largely on opportunity, of which there is expected to be a…. [read more]

Marketing Plan for Coach Russia Term Paper

… Coach in Russia

The Russian market is an attractive one for makers of luxury goods. Coach Leather Products markets handbags and leather accessories within the luxury goods market. North America, Japan and Greater China are the primary markets for Coach, but Russia is a promising new market.

Russia has a high number of millionaires, fueled by that country's expanding oil and gas wealth. This class of Russians is the core target market for Coach. The target market is women aged 35-60, in wealthy families, and they are typically worldly and educated. These women use luxury brands as a sign of their status within Russian society. In general, they live in either Moscow or St. Petersburg, where most of Russia's wealth is concentrated.

Coach should set…. [read more]

Value of Group Coaching Research Paper

… It is beyond doubt that the success of my efforts will need supportive interventions from the other experts' in-group coaching. Among the support I will seek, include ways of expanding my group coaching program, marketing strategies, and incorporation of other services that will enhance the experiences of the participants.

Significant analysis of the reading has also shown me that not all the certifications for the group coaching programs produce similar outcomes for the program as compared to others. As such, seeking professional assistance from individuals who have run the group coaching programs successfully will be imperative. Choosing focus of my group coaching will be imperative. One of the focuses I will use to ensure success of my coaching programs includes shared passion and strategies aiming…. [read more]

Wooden a Lifetime of Observations and Reflections on and Off the Court Book Report

… Wooden

The legacy of John Wooden extends well beyond any of his games, because the philosophy that guided his actions as both player and coach includes insights into success above and beyond the game of basketball. In his 1997 book Wooden: A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections on and Off the Court, written with Steve Jamison, Wooden offers insights from his life, demonstrating how the same ideals that helped him to become the only person to enter the College Basketball Hall of Fame as both player and coach also helped him through his personal life (Forck, 2010, p. 20). By comparing the advice and insight Wooden offers in his book with contemporary sports psychology, it is possible to identify a few relatively simple ideas that…. [read more]

Movie of Coach Carter Essay

… Coach Carter is a biopic about Ken Carter, a man who accepted a basketball coaching position at a struggling school in a low socioeconomic district in hopes of transforming his players into not only better athletes but also better people. As a coach, Ken Carter strove to instill important life lessons in his players. By transforming this remarkable story into a movie, Coach Carter now has the chance to share these lessons not only with his team but also with all who watch the film. This paper will focus on three of the over-arching lessons a viewer can learn from this film: the importance of respect, the need for discipline and perseverance, and the long-term consequences of the choices we make today.

Upon arriving for…. [read more]

Lives, Issues of Personal Struggle Arise Continuously Essay

… ¶ … lives, issues of personal struggle arise continuously, and we as individuals must take what we've learned about human interaction and about ourselves to shape how we deal with these situations. In my own life, and especially in my childhood and adolescence, I faced the personal struggle of dealing with bullying- particularly at my school. For years, I allowed these bullies and their actions to shape how I led my life. When they would bully me, I would feel like less of a person; I felt discouraged; I felt humiliated, and above all else, I felt significantly self-conscious about the person I had always been. In retrospect, I should have understood that such self-doubt was unmerited, but at the time, the hateful words of…. [read more]

coaching and counseling differences Research Proposal

… Counseling represents an ethical and competent application of relationships for facilitating emotional development and acceptance, self- knowledge, and optimum improvement of individual resources. The general goal is offering a chance to endeavor towards leading a more resourceful and satisfying life. Counselor-client relationships differ in accordance with need; however, they might deal with developmental problems, tackling and solving particular issues, decision-making, crisis management, dealing with internal conflict, knowledge and personal insight enhancement, and relationship skill improvement (Gladding 2004). Although some of these objectives are also shared with coaching techniques, the counseling approach works to address these items from its own internal perspective.

The task of counseling addresses wellness, professional development, personal development, and pathological issues. That is, a counselor addresses relationship-related areas (Casey 1996), including inter-…. [read more]

Psychology of Sport Exercise Conroy Capstone Project

… The intended audience is primarily individuals responsible for coach training programs. Yet, the data was collected from the athletes, and apparently no data was collected from coaches with regard to their own perceptions or observations about their use of coaching strategies. Particularly of note is the absence of self-assessment by coaches of any differentiated treatment or interactions based on the gender or ages of the young athletes. Analysis of the relation between coaching styles and gender was not identified as an important variable in the initial approach to the study. The age range of the participants is wide, and calls to question whether different strategies might have different impact on the youth athletes depending on their age, as well as their gender. Moreover, this study…. [read more]

Report of Solution to IT Problems of Coach, Inc Case Study

… ¶ … it solutions to Coach, Inc.

Coach, Inc. prides itself on establishing one of the world's most recognizable brands. Through its high end products, Coach, Inc. has captured an elite section of the market space and has grown in both size and reputation since its founding in Manhattan. With this growth comes expansion and infiltration into international market spaces, the need for coordinating across borders without any flaws manifests itself as a tantamount priority (OLBETER, 2004). In order to ensure this process is as effective and efficient as possible it is imperative the appropriate telecommunication system is in place.

All businesses experience some level of "growing pains" and Coach, Inc. is no different. In it's quest to become the largest high-end retailer in the…. [read more]

Ethical Practices in Mentoring/Coaching Research Paper

… Consideration of ethical principles is a crucial keystone that fosters effective and safe practice. A good coach or mentor must help the client in achieving the greatest good, must prevent harm and uphold autonomy of his/her client. The success of mentoring and coaching is enhanced through establishment of proper relationship between the mentor and mentee, application of regulations and law, and application of codes of conduct. For instance, in Sheena's issue, there was no established relationship between her and her client, and hence the fear of contacting him, and the client feared to contact Sheena. The established relationship besides code of ethics and laws facilitate effective, mentoring and coaching practice.


Connor, M., & Pokora, J (2012). Coaching and mentoring at work: Developing effective practice.…. [read more]

Success Verses Personal Life Term Paper

… Success vs. Personal Life

Success in Career vs. Success in Personal Life

Most people in today's generation, especially those who are in their twenties and thirties, belong to the workforce and working in the category of white collar jobs. Most of them are able to live independently, able to take care of their needs and wants in life. This includes paying for their own house rents and even owning cars while working in large companies that pay them satisfactory salary, or sometimes enough, in exchange for their skills that they share to the success of their companies. Basically, in general, people who see such kind of life lived by those who are in their midlife years would say that such people are living a successful…. [read more]

Life at Friends University Term Paper

… I will remember the way my professors and coaches behaved during the good times, but more importantly, how they acted during the difficult times. It is easy to "be" good when everything is going well, however, the way one acts during adversity, is a true picture of character. I will take numerous examples of men and women who possess character traits which I value and will try to emulate.

I have an excellent academic record at Friends. My overall grade point average is 3.89 and I've been on the President's Honor Roll every semester. I am a diligent student, but I believe that there are also other reasons for my academic success. A number of my classes are taught by practicing professional engineers. This is…. [read more]

Life After Cancer Essay

… Cancer and other terminal illnesses can have devastating effects not just on bodies but also on minds. Survivors cope using different mental and emotional tools. Some become bogged down by self-pity and resentment. Some do little to change their lives once their cancer goes into remission. Others might turn to drugs or alcohol or become depressed. Betty Rollin avoids negative pitfalls of coping with disease. The author describes illness as an opportunity for growth. In "The Best Years of My Life," Betty Rollin describes getting breast cancer as a blessing in disguise. She used her illness as a catalyst for personal and spiritual transformation. All the negative aspects of her diagnosis are turned into positive elements. Rollin changed her career, developed creative pursuits, and most…. [read more]

Life There Are Many Important Term Paper

… I cannot possibly imagine feeling any better than I did at that moment.

A whole crew of nurses seemed to descend out of nowhere. They took the baby and began to wash and clean it. They told me it was a girl (boy), and my heart just swelled with pride. I had a daughter!!! I was a daddy!!! I held her for a brief second after they wrapped her in a soft blanket, and then they placed her on her mother's chest, where she could feel the warmth and the safety. And then they whisked her away to the nursery to take care of her. I didn't want to let her out of my sight for even a minute. My wife and I held hands…. [read more]

Motivate N.B.A Basketball Players Term Paper

… 26 because he was suspended for seven games without any match fees. (What does poor anger management by NBA players mean in larger society?)

Rasheed Wallace and Bonzi Wells were brought from Portland as the team was having a harrowing experience with them. Emotional excesses are tolerable, but there is a limit to it. Spewing hatred on somebody who is simply performing his duty is not a correct thing. Trailblazer franchise and the city of Portland were abashed due to the suspension of Rasheed Wallace for seven games. It was a failure on their part to contain their player. After attempting to calm down Wallace for several seasons, the Trailblazer franchise in effect and stopped cajoling him and transferred him to the Atlanta hawks during…. [read more]

Manager Essay

… Self-development whether recognizable or not, boils down to it being an ongoing process of how to best use your personality as manager to do certain activities that will ensure the best results and targets and as a result bring the organization repeat clients and profits. The manager does not have to be a self-development guru to be able to figure out how best the human personnel can achieve their goals and targets. Incorporating many coaching theories or sections of them is therefore extremely helpful and an effective and simple plan / methodology of achieving goals. Coaching theories enable managers to focus and put emotions aside at the workplace and are effective strategies of finding solutions to work related problems Taylor, 2010()

Some forms of learning/coaching…. [read more]

Baseball on "My" Life Term Paper

… I had to be, or else I would be outside playing with the other kids. Mom had to be protecting me from the scrutiny of the normal children. According to one football coach whose writings have become very important to me as I have aged, "Many experts believe that an increasing number of children today display symptoms of clinical depression. For varied reasons, these children feel emotionally abandoned or rejected by parents, peers or society and suffer diminished self-esteem. Without a positive counter influence for these children, experts believe their negative thoughts and feelings may ultimately translate to violent actions." (Norton, "Tragedy") The only violence I wanted to be a part of was the cracking of a baseball bat on the ball as I hit…. [read more]

Leadership in Sports Smehra Term Paper

… It is this nature of 'loving what you do and doing what you love' that can be considered a key-aspect of any success story, but in the world of basketball coaches, it is perhaps an aspect of the game that sometimes goes unnoticed. Amidst the swirl of money issues, steroid use and sex-scandals, there is the undying dream to play, and to win. In order for a coach to be successful, they have to harness that dream and bring their players together as a team with one goal, and one purpose - to win.

c. A successful coach is a leader for his team, and a competent worker and communicator. He spends many hours of his day studying up on his sport, and the methods…. [read more]

Path-Goal and Expectancy Theories Term Paper

… " The two contingency variables which supplement House's Path-Goal Theory are described as follows:

Environmental Contingency Factors

A wide array of external factors works to affect the leader-subordinate relationship in both positive and negative ways, including time sensitive deadlines, the confines of legality, and other restrictions outside of a leader's direct control. By remaining cognizant of the environmental factors which might undermine the establishment of authority or fracture a cohesively working unit, an effective leader is able to manage morale by compensating for organizational deficiencies overcoming institutional obstacles.

Subordinate Contingency Factors

Within the confines of a collaborative team-based dynamic, through which the efforts of individuals are co-opted for the greater good of the group, effective leadership necessitates a continual process of evaluation to determine the…. [read more]

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