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Alcohol I Began My Research Term Paper

… For example, in many countries that have lower rates of binge drinking than the United States, children have sips of wine with dinner or learn how to drink in moderation by the time they are teenagers. This moderation approach prevents what some call the "forbidden fruit" mentality. A forbidden fruit mentality means that the person who is denied alcohol as a "forbidden fruit" will be more likely to binge on that substance because it has added allure. This is what seems to be happening in the United States, where the cultural norms and laws against alcohol are too strict and prevent people from learning healthy drinking behaviors. If drinking in moderation has been proven to be healthy, then shouldn't researchers and policy makers be focusing…. [read more]

English Language Essay

… Those who deny this would argue, if they produced an argument at all, that language merely reflects existing, social conditions, and that we cannot influence its development by any direct tinkering with words and constructions. So far as the general tone or spirit of a language goes, this may be true, but it is not true in detail." (Orwell, Page 283)

There is an interesting moment within his writing, in the midst of his linguistic rant, that Orwell acknowledges that he has engaged in some of the behaviors and practices he admonishes against in the writing itself. It is less notable that he breaks his own rules and more notable that he has the self-awareness as a writer to know when he has committed the…. [read more]

Transforms Correlations Essay

… Both cluster and factor analysis, do not differentiate dependent and independent variables. Cluster analysis appears to be the counter factor analysis.

Methods for confirmatory cluster analysis are not available in standard software. SPSS offers only a rudimentary confirmatory analysis. All starting values have to be fixed or freed for estimation. Linear or non-linear restrictions or fixing some parameters is not possible. The validity of the conclusions drawn from cluster analysis techniques is sometimes questioned since very different clusters can be formed from the same data depending on how the analysis is performed. This apparent ambiguity results from the decisions made by researchers prior to the actual analysis.


Ankerst, M., Breunig, M.M., Kriegel, H.-P., & Sander, J. (1999). OPTICS: Ordering Points To Identify Clustering Structure.…. [read more]

Marketing Research Process Essay

… Conversely this phase can include interviewing thousands of respondents, as consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers incouding Procter & Gamble routinely do when launching a new product or repositioning an existing one. This is a phase where the research objectives begin to get accomplished and primarily results begin to show if the insights needed will be obtained. This is also the phase or step where additional studies are defined and entire new research processes are also begun. Line-of-business managers will often preview initial results and see if their assumptions about a given issue or right or not, and will also drive for quicker completion of results once data arrives in. This is a period of the research process that must be executed with a very high…. [read more]

What Would Happen if the Drinking Age Were Raised in the Military? Research Paper

… Military Drinking Age

What would happen if the drinking age were raised in the military?

George Will once said, "Sensible politics begins with epistemological modesty about what one can know about a complicated society" (2011).

One can certainly argue that sensible journalism begins in much the same way. The writer, the researcher, the journalist, must acknowledge that there are certain limits to what he/she can about his/her subject matter or to the extent to which he/she can answer certain inquires relating to the nature of the human condition.

More candidly put, knowing about something has as much to do with knowing what one doesn't know about that something as it does with knowing what one knows about that something. Interesting, I may be inadvertently channeling…. [read more]

Role of Research in Social Essay

… 8. Were the conclusions consistent with the findings? Are the findings generalizable beyond the study? Why or why not?

The conclusion of the research study is consistent with the findings of the experiment as illustrated by the author. In the conclusion of the experiment, the researcher notes on the explicable variation of the forces affecting the growth and development of the children in the context of gay and lesbian marriages. Some of the factors in line with the findings of the experiment include lack of social support, stress exposure thus persistent stigma, and absence of the legal security for the parental and relationship statuses. These are representative of the findings of the research. It is also essential to note on the concept of generalization of…. [read more]

Families Society Purpose Essay

… 72) How are people selected for program participation? Does this affect the interpretation of findings, and, if so, does the researcher discuss this?

Program participants are at-risk children and families. "The child and family worker provides training to staff in attachment concepts that relate to children's exploratory and security needs. A child and family worker is placed in the service to train and support staff to increase their understanding of children's behaviours" (Valentine, Thomson, & Antcliff 2009).

73) Are the results clearly explained?

The positive input of program leaders and participants are noted.

74) How does the article address the other areas of evaluation discussed in earlier chapters?

The article records a qualitative, researcher-reported summary of the findings.

12. Quantitative Analysis

81) Is the results…. [read more]

Gender Leila Ahmed's 1992 Book Essay

… Islam then borrowed heavily from the cultures that preceded it. Ahmed uses primary and secondary sources to substantiate the claims, weaving those claims together to form a complex but accessible discursive tapestry.

Ahmed is generally successful in Women and Gender in Islam. She fails to mention a few details related to gender in Mediterranean Islamic societies. For example, Berkey points out that female circumcision is a core component of any discourse on the gender in Islam but that a "silence affects the scholarly discussion of ritual female excision," (p. 19).

Although Ahmed's book could have been bolstered also by more detail, Women and Gender in Islam is a successful work of scholarship. The discussion of the veil is comprehensive and fits in well with other…. [read more]

Theory Help Essay

… This is never a good argument because, since the media is strong, someone will hear the outcry of the wronged party (whether that be human or environmental). Organizations benefit from critical theory evaluation because it allows them to look past themselves and the drive to make money. Critical theory makes the management of the organization morally responsible for the decisions that they make.

Management and Critical Theory

Management is the actual focus of critical theory (Stanton, 1993) because issues with management made it necessary for someone else to have a voice. At the beginning of the industrial revolution, a new reality was created for the managers of the multitudes that peopled the new factories. That reality continues today. It is that "management was lionized, even…. [read more]

Integrated Management Framework Essay

… Different functions strive to meet their internal goals on the assumption that the results will be synchronized in the end. For example, sales team will aim to increase sales and shorten the time between production and delivery whereas the focus of production team will be on increasing efficiency of supplier qualification processes. An alternative was to use collaborative forecasts and work together towards the same goal which was not considered due to lack of integration. This lack of cross functional amalgamation confines the benefits of OM initiatives as they are restricted to specific operations only.

When we move down to the second level of integration, organizations break the walls surrounding these functions. Operational Interaction between functions is increased which results in enhanced understanding of each…. [read more]

Governments Should Not Allow Human Cloning Essay

… Governments Should Not Allow Human Cloning

As society comes closer to the reality of cloning humans, we should pause a moment and look at what we are doing and where it will lead. As children, we are taught to take responsibility for our actions and face the consequences of our choices. We are also expected to think ahead and use foresight when making decisions. While it is easier to think in the here and now, it is wise to think of the implications of what our choices will mean tomorrow. This is especially true with cloning. No doubt, it is in our future, but the questions we should be asking relate to the notion if we are actually ready to deal with cloning. At present,…. [read more]

Learning Outcome Has Had a Positive Effect Essay

… ¶ … learning outcome has had a positive effect on me, on the way that I think, and on the way that I write. I personally believe that a person who is interested in putting across intellectual thinking needs to be acquainted with the believing and doubting game. Whenever I try to consider new ideas I employ critical thinking and I attempt to doubt concepts that I believe to be true simply in order for me to be able to get a more general understanding of the respective ideas. Through taking more time to think about an idea I am more likely to improve it or to discard it, depending on whether or not I learn more about it. There is no room for comfort…. [read more]

Internal Audit Can Improve Social Essay

… For further analysis, the research could later focus on evaluating the risks in terms of monetary value to the institutions.

Recommendation and Conclusion

The financial institutions will continue investing in internal audits to manage their business operations. Thus, through collaboration and facilitation of resources, the social media risk audit will remain a key area of focus in improving the security of the institutions, as well as, fostering their relations with the customers. Therefore, in recommendation, the internal audit should continue re-evaluating its position to ensure it is at the best position to help the financial institutions to achieve their objectives.


Dunning, M. 2011, "Small, midsize firms overlook social media risks," Business insurance, vol. 45, no. 20, pp. 1-n/a.

Esola, L. 2010, "Companies often unprepared…. [read more]

Career Choice: Essay

… It will encourage me to learn how to work well as a part of a team, through group assignments, and teach me how to conduct independent research that will be useful to me in my work. AB.A. In business offers many hands-on opportunities for me to enhance my learning with internships and practical experience in the field. The degree will also give me ethical problem-solving skills to ensure that I am able to cope with whatever dilemmas I am faced with in the workplace.

Concentrating in the field of supervision and management will allow me to deal with an organization's most valuable resource -- its employees. This is also a field of business that likely seems to be expanding: "employment is projected to grow by…. [read more]

Products That You Have Selected Essay

… Condensed milk: marketing of Eagle Brand ® Sweetened Condensed Milk markets towards the lower-middle class lady by promoting recipes for baking and demonstrating how the condensed milk can become an essential part of the baking product.

Its product is mainly promoted via Internet in colors, style, and format that interest the general tastes of this supposedly genteel and refined class.

The price too corresponds to the budgetary range of its audience.

Eaglebrand promotes itself via recipe and essay contests and vary their condensed milk with 7 different tastes. They also make them easy for their clients to use by recently affixing an easy to open can.

The cans are attractive and colorful.

Eagle brand runs a recipe club, and offers its clients incentives such a…. [read more]

Chabros International's Expansion to North Essay

… This seems like a good idea, but Chabros has grown by being bolder than that. The evaluations from PESTLE and SWOT analysis are necessary, but they can be done in conjunction with other solutions.

The final failed solution is probably the most dangerous of all. The company cannot extend itself like that without serious danger to the company as a whole. If they commit resources and the people of the region choose another supplier, they will not have the capital available to rethink their position. It is necessary to have some surety in the internal and external features of the market before they enter into it in such a fashion.

The only possible solution is to enter the market in a fashion that does not…. [read more]

Criminal Justice/Security Management Research Article Essay

… Public interviewees consisted of representatives experienced in crime and terrorism, supply chain security and customs.

How were the variables operationalized?

The responses of both subjects in open-ended interviews were compared, common themes were identified, and then specific dilemmas related to the creation of a common EU forum to facilitate dialogue and information-sharing were catalogued.

Over the course of the research, different options were entertained about the creation of an EU forum devoted to talking about security issues. Suggestions included the creation of a virtual forum which was password-protected; an open forum with one physical meeting a year; a stable 'trusted' forum of public and private representatives that would have defined responsibilities; an executive forum of top-level industry and government leaders (not necessarily security personnel), and…. [read more]

Customer's Purchase Behavior Is an Important Essay

… ¶ … customer's purchase behavior is an important part of increasing revenue for business. When this is connected to the greater use of online sources of knowledge it becomes critical to a business's survival to produce knowledge bases (KB) that improve customer satisfaction and attitudes about the product or service. Consequently Hsu (2011) focuses "attention on knowledge-base capabilities and their relationships with customers' self-service in conjunction with repeat purchase intention" (Hsu et al., 133). The study is valuable because it examines an area of customer behavior that has received limited attention through empirical research.

For this study the researcher examines four major constructs and the relationship between them. The major constructs tested in this study are Knowledge Base (KB) of a computer product (KBCP), self-service…. [read more]

Stanford Prison Experiment Essay

… " Real-life examples highlight what happens when one group of people are endowed with legitimized authority, as prison guards are, and another group is stripped of that power, as prisoners are. Zimbardo (2012) explains, "our guards became sadistic and our prisoners became depressed and showed signs of extreme stress." I value the Stanford experiment as a landmark example of the pitfalls inherent in the current prison system. Unfortunately, the unethical methodology used at Stanford is considered common practice in correctional institutions around the world. We might have learned how to design psychological experiments better, but we have yet to learn how to design correctional facilities better.

4. The Stanford prison experiment effectively illustrates the situational variables that impact human behavior. As Cherry (n.d.) points out,…. [read more]

Groupware Applications Information and Communications Essay

… Since our organization relies heavily on contracts, proposals, plans and other business documents, the previous business process entailed printing these documents and routing them for review before final printing. The process involved using lots of paper but when the DMS was implemented, documents were electronically routed to reviewing and authorizing individuals and when comments have been garnered, the final paper is then printed. Indeed, the DMS save a lot of time and resources that proved invaluable in providing for a more efficient and effective business process. One of the key change management and social marketing strategies used was peer review of the planned groupware application project. The stated intended peer review objectives were clear, everyone understood objectives; and followed through on intentions (O'Connor, 1999, p.…. [read more]

Doctor and Patient Relationship Behavior Essay

… The research aimed to examine if exclusive breast feeding was a prominent ideal within this community.

Problem Statement

The research in this article is premised on the idea that only 32% of children under 6 months old were exclusively breast-fed in Kenya 2008. The author's also assume in their research that exclusive breast feeding is an optimal way to feed infants.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this qualitative research was to gather data on attitudes and perceptions about exclusive breast feeding from caregivers within Kenya. In the authors words "the aim of this study was to explore perceptions and feeding practices of caregivers of children under 6 months old with special attention to the caregivers' indigenous knowledge, perceptions about the health and nutritional problems…. [read more]

Future of Capitalism Current Economic Essay

… This payment shortage with Europe had previously weakened the structure. It was also affected by the resultant increase of a Euro-Dollar market. Regardless of its apparent idealistic demand, the period of the 'gold standard' did not prove to be steadier. In Europe, from the year 1873 to 1913, the country faced key banking crises during "1873, 1884, 1890, 1893, 1896, and 1907." (Breser-Pereira, 2009) Every crisis clearly has its individual contiguous reasons, dynamics, and outcomes.

As mentioned by Smith, being the administrators of other individuals' capital instead of their own can be intimidating. Moreover, they should keep an eye on it with the similar concerned observation with which the associates generally look after their own. Latest arguments on the subject of whether financial institutions should…. [read more]

Arts and Humanities in Rosseau Essay

… Such a technique, whereby half of the sky represents storm clouds while the left of the sky represents the wilderness, is a subject that celebrates the power of nature and the pure American wilderness. This symbolism, "pure American wilderness" has a correlation to Rousseau's primitive nature of human beings. In that state, pureness described the human beings because they were innocent and knew only the language of nature until science came about. In the paintings, the right side represents a clear sky after a storm passes, and the neat tilled land depicts the influence of human behavior on the land (Rodriquez 63-73). This compares to Richard essay in that, after science revolution, the innovations worked well and brought about good things. However, the same way…. [read more]

Work Life Balance Essay

… Telecommuting, through the use of these advance devices has helped in moving the workplace to employees as opposed to the past where the reverse was the only possibility. Organizations are therefore ale to provide individual employees with devices and giving them authority to engage in some of their work related activities while at home and for the most part of their work time (Weese & Tucholka, 2007). As Maxwell (2009) notes, telecommuting has not only facilitated productivity for organizations but also become an advantage for the employees who work for these forms.

Telecommuting does not happen in a vacuum, as there are structures and devices necessary for accomplishing the goals of the entire process. Telecommunication tools in the form of modems, fax machines, internet, email,…. [read more]

Designing an Early Years Learning Essay

… Conclusion

The research showed that the Early Years Learning Framework initiative has focused growing interest on identifying best practices for young learners in the kindergarten and preprimary years based in large part on the importance of this period in transitioning into the formal educational system. Teachers can facilitate the transition process and help engage young learners by incorporating learning experiences that are relevant, interesting and enjoyable. One book that was shown to provide educators with a valuable teaching tool that is aligned with the EYLF approach is Shake a Leg by Boori Monty Pryor and Jan Ormerod. Teachers can use this book to help young learners understand cross-cultural differences between people in their own country as well as around the world.


Elliott, S. &…. [read more]

Alternative Models to Strategic Planning? Essay

… (Blue avocado. Alternatives to Strategic Planning)

What can you do to ensure that the strategic plan in your organization (see attached) remains a "living" document rather than getting placed on the shelf and visited infrequently? 425 words

Frequent complaints about strategic plans is that they end up accumulating dust. Here are some ideas about how I can prevent this from occurring:

I can have my team meet to reduce these goals into small-term mini goals, to delegate them to specific individuals, and to set timelines to accomplish them in. We can also hold monthly meetings to discuss the progress of these goals and to brainstorm ways of meeting encountered challenges. Benchmarks may be implemented to measure our progress and evaluation / observation activities may be…. [read more]

Remembering the 1960s Qualitative Research Essay

… The search for an objective reality, favored by quantitative researchers, is abandoned to the assumption that people construct their own personalized worlds. (Sage Pub, 2012,-Page 344)

Narrative research would clearly establish and reinforce the concept of the multiple realities of the 60s experience. Multiple realities further lends itself to fields in the hard sciences such as quantum physics, further underscoring how qualitative research, in the face of criticism related to accuracy or scientific merit, demonstrates applicability and relevance in a larger network of subjects and methods in a wide spectrum of directly related as well as indirectly related subjects.

A scientific standard demands a transparent audit trail from reliable data to conclusions, and a clear articulation of refutable claims. Where subjectivity is inevitable, it should…. [read more]

Liability of Smallness Essay

… 660). Finally, larger firms enjoy the advantage of simply having been in business longer than their start-up counterparts in a self-sustaining process where resources are accumulated over time. For instance, Frese (2000) points out that, "Larger firms are much more successful than smaller ones. Obviously, success is highly related to size -- bigger firms are, by definition, more successful because they have grown more" (p. 170). Although size does matter when it comes to firms, it is not the only key to success in the corporate world and these issues are discussed further below.

Response by Smaller Firms

Lacking a sling and smooth stones, smaller firms must compete with their larger Goliath counterparts in innovative ways. Because they do not enjoy the same level of…. [read more]

1415 Europeans Began a Long Essay

… Renaissance Italy, too, offered opportunity for business and advancement. The borders of Italy expanded as a result.

Religion was another factor that expanded borders and, in a way, religion transcended borders. Countries exported their missionaries from their own soil to that of another thereby transporting their culture and expanding their cultural influence. A notorious instance of this is Britain who Christianized and Europeanized third-world regions by exporting zealous missionaries to foreign regions.

Countries expanded via exploration. Famous instances of these are the Spanish, the Portuguese, and the Dutch. The Spanish, for instance, sent Columbus to discover new territory. He claimed for Spain the New World which later became known as America. America, in turn, was later ruled by the British who settled its land with…. [read more]

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