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Extreme Programming and Language Prototyping Term Paper

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Extreme Programming

The field of software development on the basis of the values of plainness, communique, feedback and audacity is known as Extreme Programming or XP. (What is Extreme Programming?) Kent Beck introduced the methodology of Extreme Programming on the basis of his prolonged experience of being an object oriented software developer and specifically, in collaboration with Ward Cunningham using the Smalltalk programming language. Since the Smalltalk was considered to be the first widely accepted object oriented language, Ward and Kent where working with it considerably longer than just about anyone else. (Extreme Programming FAQ)

Extreme Programming is a frivolous software process that is aimed at small-sized teams in operation at an environment of little understanding and/or swiftly varying…. [read more]

Asynchronous Java Script and XML Research Paper

… Classical web applications are based on a multi-page interface model, in which interactions are based on a page-sequence paradigm. Ajax changes this by allowing asynchronous requests to be made after a page has been loaded and allowing JavaScript code to update parts of the page in the browser, effectively making delta-updates without reloading the complete page." (Matthijssen, Zaidman, Storey, Bull, Deursen, 2010)

Instead of a new web page being loaded with new information, AJAX is able to update specific parts of the webpage and therefore when the browser is refreshed or reloaded, the specific asynchronous areas of the web page are remitted with new information and therefore are able to update without forcing the browser to refresh to a new page. Although the authors describe…. [read more]

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