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Fad Diets Such as Atkins Term Paper

… ¶ … Fad Diets Such as Atkins

An increasing number of body-conscious Americans have taken to dieting in the last few years. This is hardly surprising in a youth-worshiping culture. While weight watching is an essentially healthy activity and a welcome development, most dieters, instead of following a common sense, long-term approach to dieting, are on the lookout for easy short cuts. Several "low-carb" diet programs, e.g., the Atkins' Diet have been devised to cater for this demand and have attained tremendous popularity. Clearly such diet fads miss the true path to weight loss and overall health: a balanced diet with moderate exercise besides posing serious health problems. This explains why most popular fad diets, particularly Atkins', are based on faulty, unproven theories and describes…. [read more]

Dieting Factors Americans Spend Term Paper

… As a result, the authors recommended that there needs to be a better match of the diet chosen with the individual patient's food preferences, lifestyles and cardiovascular risk profiles.

Dansinger and colleagues thus concluded that adherence may have been better if the participants were able to choose their own diet approach: No one diet is best for everyone, they reported. Thus, very low carbohydrate diets are not any better than standard ones for the total population.

One of the more extensive research studies that compared different dietary approaches is a meta analysis that was conducted by Nordmann et al. (2006). For their analysis, the authors identified those trials that compared the effects of low-carbohydrate diets without restriction of energy intake vs. low-fat diets in individuals…. [read more]

Diet and Exercise Term Paper

… ¶ … diet and exercise. There are sixteen references used for this paper.

Americans are becoming more and more obese, which can lead to serious and potentially fatal health risks. It is important to explore diets and the role that exercise plays in them, as well as how age affects a person's metabolism.

Understanding Diet

Diet is "food and drink regularly consumed for nourishment. Nutritionists generally recommend eating a wide variety of foods; however, some groups of people, such as Eskimos and vegetarians, survive on a very limited diet (Unknown, Columbia)."

Until refrigeration was developed, availability was the factor which decided most people's diets. Diets were dependant upon growing seasons and the migrations of animals. Culture and religion also played an important part in an…. [read more]

Low Fat Diets Are Healthier Term Paper

… Dietetic deviations of the Atkins plan results in immediate water retention when a carbohydrate starved dieter gives into temptation (Blackburn).

The most damning criticism of Atkins is hardly unique to Atkins, in particular. Regardless of the amount of weight lost, no weight loss diet can be considered "successful" except to the extent that it allows dieters to maintain the weight loss indefinitely. As mentioned briefly before, one significant reason that Atkins subjects like the program is that it allows some of their favorite high-fat foods that are severely restricted on every traditional weight reduction regimen.

Nevertheless, before long, Atkins subjects report that the cravings for all the carbohydrates proscribed under Atkins become as irresistible as those to which they succumbed with regard to high-fat foods…. [read more]

Health and Nutrition -- Diet Plan Proposal Essay

… Health and Nutrition -- Diet Plan Proposal

The objective of this project is to outline a dietary plan that will enable the subject to reduce excess body weight, lower body fat percentage, and maintain that diet for the long-term. In principle, that requires establishing fundamental principles of healthful nutrition that are effective from the weight-loss perspective but not so drastic or difficult to maintain that the diet will only be capable of being sustained for the short-term, resulting in the typical yo-yo weight loss and gain cycle that is characteristic of fad diets such as the Atkins Plan or South Beach Diet. Ideally, this diet plan will provide more of a lifelong approach to nutrition and ideal weight maintenance than a "diet" in the sense…. [read more]

Effects on the Heart Term Paper

… ¶ … diets upon heart disease.

Though heart disease is one of the number one reasons why an individual may embark on a diet to lose any amount of weight, fad diets seem to the be the most logical answer for many, as their results are often seen to be much more immediate than a standard, balanced diet, suggested by most traditional medical practitioners to be most effective and healthiest in the long-term. This work will briefly discuss the effects of fad diets on heart disease. Low-carbohydrate diets, or all protein diets such as the Adkins diet will be addressed first as their recent popularity among dieters is significant, yet, the work will also look at diets that remove a great deal of fats from…. [read more]

Eating for Good Health Term Paper

… The second phase is called ongoing weight loss and this continues until the dieter has reached within 5-10 pounds of their desired weight. In this phase of the plan, carbohydrate intake is increased by 5 grams a week and in the order suggested in the diet plan. In the third phase, pre-maintenance, carbohydrate intake is increased by 10 grams a week and once again in the order laid down by the plan. In the final phase, lifetime maintenance, dieters learn to control their eating and maintain weight for life. This means a lifetime of following a similar regime as the dieter did throughout the plan, counting carbohydrates and sticking to a diet rich in fats and proteins.

A low-carbohydrate diet such as Atkins must be…. [read more]

Advertising's Affect / Impact on Americans' Diet Choices Research Proposal

… Advertising Impact on American's Bad Diet Choices

And why we are Lured to Eat "Bad" Food

The reason Americans, young and old, make bad diet choices and eat too much fast food is because advertising and promotions lure them into it.

Did you know that, each year, the fast food business spends billions upon billions of dollars on advertisements for kids? But do all those ads really work?

Some nutritionists (and parents) believe that kids might be more susceptible to advertising with their food choices than we might think.

Thomas N. Robinson, M.D., M.P.H., an associate professor of pediatrics and medicine at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif., reports they are (Atkins, 2007).

When Dr. Robinson and his colleagues performed a taste test with 63…. [read more]

Weight Loss Term Paper


The United States has been criticized by doctors, researchers and government officials as being one of the fattest and unhealthy countries in the world. Our population currently faces numerous problems regarding health issues, weight loss, and now childhood obesity. Historian Harvey Levenstein (1988) contends that the most dramatic changes in the American diet occurred between 1880 and 1930. These changes were a result of many sociological factors and technological advances, including the development of the modern cooking range; the advent of new ways to preserve food; and the birth of our modern processed food industry. Levenstein (1988) also states that the greatly expanded food supply that resulted from the settling of the American West to be another factor, as well…. [read more]

Low-Carbohydrate Diets Food Service Industry Term Paper

… More specifically the scientific method employed in the present research investigation will provide a systematic and organized series of steps that will ensure the greatest amount and objectivity and consistency in researching the aforementioned research question. As such reliability and validity of the findings will be provided with respect to patterns and interrelationships of the variables previously identified.

At this juncture measurement data gathering and statistical data analysis has not been deemed necessary and/or appropriate for the following reasons:

1. A need has yet to be established highlighting the effects of a low carbohydrate diet on the American population visa via nutritionists, physicians, health advocates, general public, or food manufacturers.

2. Government (FDA) alerts have not been issued with warnings against low carbohydrate diets.

3.…. [read more]

Obesity in America Many Think Thesis

… Even if they eat less food, they are particularly likely to eat food saturated in fat, and to be less physically active than leaner people.

Another factor is the increasingly sedentary lifestyle that is due, in part, to advances in technology and transportation, as well as to the appeal of sedentary entertainment options, manifested by (for instance) television, video games and computers. Studies show that increased activity and improved aerobic fitness can significantly reduce bodyweight and prevent obesity, particularly in children (Epstein, Paluch, Gordy & Dorn, 2000).

Methods of Obesity Prevention

In order to lose weight or to prevent oneself from gaining weight, people can do three things: they can reduce portion portions, they can restrict food intake, and they can exercise. (If very obese…. [read more]

Nutrition Intake Daily Recommended Servings Term Paper

… 3mg to 2mg. On day one, I consumed 2.496mg of vitamin B6. (banana 0.7 mg + turkey 0.644 mg + salmon 1.152mg = 2.946mg) On day two, I consumed 1.652mg of vitamin B6. (salmon 1.152mg + mahi 0.5mg = 1.652mg) I consumed adequate amounts of this B. vitamin.


Folate (a form of vitamin B9) is important in the production of red blood cells and a healthy nervous system. It is also essential in the production of DNA and brain functioning. It is especially important for women who are going to be having children. The recommended daily intake of folate is at least 400 mcgs to 600 mcgs. On day one, I consumed 186.3mcgs of folate (banana 22.5mcg + turkey 9.8 mcg + salmon 60mg…. [read more]

Best Way to Lose Weight Thesis

… ¶ … Loss

This project represents my research into the topic of effective long-term weight loss. My research process consisted of first investigating two of the most popular diets that I am familiar with from the media as well as from the experiences of several friends and acquaintances. I selected The Atkins Diet and the Slim-Fast Diet because both of them have been widely followed and are considerably successful from their perspectives.

To compare the information provided by the two official websites of those programs, the second phase of my research consisted of a review of two authoritative websites maintained by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the National Institutes of Health. The third phase of my research consisted of a search…. [read more]

Nutrition Physical Activity and Obesity Nexus Research Paper

… Nutrition, Obesity, And Physical Activity Nexus

The population of the United States is a much less healthy and fit than their preceding generations. Once the healthiest of modern societies, the U.S. has fallen below dozens of other nations in measures of the health of populations, including some countries whose progress into modernity was largely funded by the U.S. throughout the second half of the 20th century. Conversely, objective measurements of public health have declined in the U.S.

The British Healthcare system in Britain (in particular), has demonstrated that one of the most glaring weaknesses in the American healthcare system is the failure to appreciate the value of preventative care. Physicians and health insurance companies treat conditions mainly in relative isolation and frequently, only after they…. [read more]

America Has Been Built Term Paper

… Additional research has shown that employers try to control the appearance of their workforce. This includes mandates on dress, grooming and other aspects of looks. Studies need to be done to determine if this desire to control the appearance of the workers including weight (Fowler, 2001).

Case studies have also indicated that the morbidly obese are discriminated against on a regular basis in the workplace. One woman who was a finalist for a sales position had more experience and a better sales record than the person she was competing against for the job. She did not get the promotion and was later told by a member of the decision making team it was because of her weight (Freed, 2003).

That hurt," said Weaver, now a…. [read more]

Tastycake Sensables Background- Tasty Baking Essay

… 7. Commercialization

Product launch, distribution chain, critical path analysis.

Ad campaign -- indulge.

8. New Product Pricing and Redevelopment

Impact, forecasts, competitive transition, value segments, plan for future.

Market extension, product lines.

Ideas to market foods are often quite problematical, due to the issue of discovering whether a new product is a trend or a fad. Not all products can be as successful with such longevity as Twinkies, Hostess Cupcakes, etc. Tastykake's entry into the low-carb market was dangerous at best, even though market trends showed that there was a strong need for low-carb, sugar free, desert indulgences. It made sense -- consumers desperately wanted to be able to snack, but wanted to do so without the guild associated with most snack foods. Clearly, though,…. [read more]

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