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Family Therapy Term Paper

… Family Therapy

Family establishment and sustainability are a multifaceted endeavour that has immense explanations and perceptions in the world. Many families in the society have diversity in management, care, materialization of existence, and continuum of productivity and success. The existence of different approaches of building families has led to diverse methods of encouraging and sustaining families and family relations. As a code of directionality and normalcy, this piece of study has endeavoured to relay a number of facets that determine a successful or strange family. The article has explored several approaches and theories that are behind a family under tragedy in the society. It is a common endeavour to find communities living under differing notions of belief and functionality. This piece of study and writing…. [read more]

Family Genogram Synopsis Me Term Paper

… As a result, I enjoy education because it challenges me to think critically about a wide range of subjects. Although I do not yet know exactly what career path I wish to take, I feel increasingly drawn toward some aspect of either public relations or social work. Regardless, I feel that I will be working with other people on collaborative projects or in the role of a counselor. I feel that my communication skills are strong, which can be used in situations requiring mediation. I can make a difference in the community by applying myself to whatever I am doing to the best of my ability, regardless of what it is.

If I do decide to become a social worker, I would most like to…. [read more]

Psycho-Educational Models of Family Therapy Research Paper

… Hence, the individual must differentiate between the intellectual self and the emotional self; he focuses on how the recognition of the self must occur first before differentiation can take place. This also engages other separations like from parents, women, friends, etc. (taken from chapter 8).

Triangles (Brief summary)

Bowen asserts that the triangles are used as a 3-person relationship structure that embodies the expansive emotional structures and is usually structured whereby two persons emotionally involved or in a problematic emotional state are put in a controlled environment using a third person as the interventionist. The third person then serves as the source of reason and one who finds common ground and serves as the link that helps separate the intellect and the emotions (taken from…. [read more]

Family Therapy Term Paper

… ¶ … Parent Trap 1 and 2" is a movie that depicts a family that would benefit from family counseling. Using Bowen's Family Systems Therapy and McGoldric's Ethnicity and Family Therapy, the following essay outlines the cultural and social contributors to this family's issues. Drawing on the theoretical approaches covered in this course, the following is a 15-page analysis of the family dynamics and structures that are causing the presenting problems. It provides ample examples and explain relevant theoretical notions. It also describes the strengths and resources that would enable this family to tackle these issues more effectively. Finally, it develops and justifies three culturally sensitive therapeutic interventions: family intervention, dyad, and individual.

I decided to use the "Parent Trap" since it revolves around a…. [read more]

Assessment Tool Assessment

… ¶ … road is not just the road; the road is the way that you walk it." -- Juan Ramon Jimenez

Because not all changes affect all family members, and alterations in one individual are not going to influence the rest of a person's family, it seems families can use whatsoever techniques to ease smooth performance. Then, what is the meaning of family and how family therapists aid families when difficulties do arise? A family is a collective of persons, and family therapists have certainly been dealing with people within families. Therefore, it is rather difficult for family therapists or counselors to deal with the family as it needs observing people as characters and as part of a whole. With that said, in assessing the…. [read more]

Social Work Summary Assessment Term Paper

… My decision to follow a career in social work stems from my personal experiences, and from a determination and drives to serve others. Our community had a social worker who was overburdened with casework, but who had a compassionate approach toward our issues. I hope to be of assistance in the same way, but hope that more people are attracted to the profession and can work with native populations.

The most challenging aspect of social work is akin to what I witnessed as a child and adolescent: that of being overburdened and under-served with regards to resources. A lack of funding and facilities impedes social work in communities that are poor or disenfranchised. Political, economic, and social disempowerment are therefore the primary challenges to being…. [read more]

family genogram and analysis Research Paper

… Michael and his mother are close, but Michael speaks differently with her than with Xavier. Michael's role has become an important feature in unhealthy triangulation, as his relationship with his mother and his father are both strained.

Because of the complexities of relationships in the household, triangulation is inevitable. It is apparent that Poppy has triangulated the relationship between Xavier and Samantha. "Triangles can appear when a dyadic relationship is under stress and unstable and a third party, often a child, is drawn into the relationship to stabilize the situation and diffuse the tension," (Collins, Jordan & Coleman, 2013, p. 91). Collins, Jordan & Coleman (2013) also point out that triangles can be especially problematic -- albeit common -- in families like these in which…. [read more]

Genogram Family Tree Analysis List Research Paper

… Controllable Risk Factors for Kidney Disease:

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), obesity is one of the leading precursors to CKD, and this controllable risk factor can be mitigated by maintaining a proper diet and active lifestyle (2010). Reducing cholesterol intake and monitoring blood pressure are also viable ways to mitigate the effects of controllable risk factors.

3.) Identify the personal risk for illness or death as low, moderate or high. Explain this rating by comparing it to someone who is slightly overweight but eats well and is modularly active in comparison to the risk factors that have been identified.

In terms of the risk that cancer will be developed, either in the lungs or the breasts, the fact that each of the…. [read more]

Family Intervention Essay

… ¶ … United States is characterized as a nation of immigrants. Culturally, the United States is in somewhat of a conundrum regarding immigration. As a nation, we know that the types of jobs many immigrants take (cooking or dish washing in food service, hotel and janitorial work, agricultural work), are those that most Americans would not choose -- therefore we know we need someone to take those jobs. On the opposite side, we remain concerend about the fiscal costs for social services, education, and children born in the United States who are then, legal citizens. Latinos now constitute about 16% of the U.S. population, the second largest ethnic grou p in the country, or just under 50 million people (Bureau, 2008). There has been a…. [read more]

Frame, M.W.). The Spiritual Article Review

… Additionally, there are different expectations that arise depending on one's faith -- certain dogmas strongly insist on certain percentile tithes, others are less rigid. Some ask that members disclose their income, others allow for this to be more private (Allitt, 2005).

Hess (2012) specifically looks at whether people in areas of higher than average religious norms may have credit scores, lower debt, lower incidents of bankruptcy or foreclosures, and generally higher financial acuity and security. The results show that there seems to be a correlation between high religious culture and a stronger degree of ethical behavior, a lower likelihood of risk. Adopting this lower level of risk and higher fiscal and ethical behavior, these households tend to have lower credit card balances and a system…. [read more]

Community Health Nursing Lansdowne, Phila-Delaware Case Study

… They have put in place workable mechanisms aimed at dealing with various communicable and contagious diseases.

The genogram for the Community's Social Relationships

Creating a Community genogram to present the data collected in the Assessment

Provide a short interpretation of the genogram, including the health indicators for this community

The color-coded lines in the genogram show the different kinds of relationships that exist among families and households in the borough of Lansdowne. It also shows ho family ties affect the health status of individuals in the community.

Formulating a community diagnosis of Lansdowne

Community diagnosis is the process or situational analysis that public health practitioners undertake as a way of identifying and analyzing the factors that affect health in a given community. The public health…. [read more]

Strategies of Solving Family Problems Chapter

… Emotionally Focused Therapy


The problem is formed when couples and family members establish rigid interaction patterns because of eminent emotional experiences that prohibit emotional association and trust.


While seeking to enhance change, the therapist requires having an insight of the emotional experiences that hinder continued engagement and trust. It needs a deep exploration of behaviors and modification of emotional principles (Metcalf, 2011).


The major strategy involves reflecting and validating the necessity to eradicate the previous obstacles and concentrating on the future. This should be accompanied by vivid, heightening, reframing, and restructuring.

Key concepts

The major concepts to focus entail the eradication of past emotional experiences and restructuring to establish a smooth emotional engagement and trust. Perception is also fundamental especially when an…. [read more]

Genogram Generation Essay

… They abandoned the healthy Mediterranean diet and switched to a typical American diet with fast foods that are high in calories and saturated fat. They did not have weight issues until they came to the U.S. It is crucial they get back to the diet they once had in Turkey, before they develop cardiovascular conditions like plaque formation or dyslipidemia and worsening hypertension.

The main area they should focus on is changing their dietary habits. For example, there is the Mediterranean Diet which is heavy on healthy fish, olive oil, red wine and vegetables. There is also the DASH diet that focuses more on plant foods like fruits, vegetables and low or non-fat dairy. Since plant products do not have saturated fats, they are extremely…. [read more]

Farewell to Manzanar the Intact Term Paper

… Those who answer no to loyalty questions will be deported. Both Papa and Woody answer yes to the questions and in that instance, Papa attacks a man who calls him an inu or traitor.

Pressures and tensions are somewhat relieved when the Wakatsukis transfer to a better barracks near a fruit orchard and manage to survive through gardening (Houston 2001, Sparknotes 2005). The camp as backdrop now resembles a typical and small American town but still fenced in from the outside world. Bill and Jeanne adjust to their new world, Bill forms a bank called "The Jive Bombers," while she takes on certain Japanese and American hobbies and religious interests. Jeanne tells how she has begun distancing from Papa, while he and Mama are drawn…. [read more]

Examining Personal Cultural Identity From a Sociological Perspective Chapter

… ¶ … culture from a social science perspective. The second purpose is for the author to describe her own cultural identity from a personal and academic perspective. Combined, these two functions will help demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses in the author's concept of cultural identity, suggesting areas for future study, and also areas of current mastery.

Defining Genogram

A genogram is similar to a family tree, but has much greater detail. In a pure science approach, these genograms can show how diseases or other biological traits are transmitted across generations, or, in the case of disorders that are not heritable, it can highlight that a family may have been exposed to certain risk factors. In the social sciences, a genogram might contain psychological traits or…. [read more]

Categories and Phases of Loss Case Study

… This usually requires changes in the relative positions of family members: more proximity may be necessary between husband and wife, more distance between mother and son. Hierarchical relations and coalitions are frequently in need of a redefinition. New alternative rules for transacting must be explored…" (Antonovky and Sourani, 1988) Therapeutic change is acknowledged as a process of assisting the family "…in the process of helping the family to outgrow its stereotyped patterns~ of which the presenting problem is a part. This process transpires within a special context, the therapeutic system that offers a unique chance to challenge the rules of the family. The privileged position of the therapist allows him to request from the family members different behaviors and to invite different perceptiOn5~ thus altering…. [read more]

Children, Grief, and Attachment Theory Term Paper

… Children, Grief, And Attachment Theory

When a child, age 7 to 11, experiences the death of a nuclear or extended family member, the experi-ence generates subsequent grief reaction/s. During the mixed methods study, the researcher investigates ways attachment theory may positively compliment grief reaction/s and concerns challenging the grieving child that may include feelings which include, but not limited to anger, confusion, fear, and self-blame. When not addressed, these reactions may link to the child experiencing ensuing health and/or mental health problems in his/her later life. The study also relates a number of ways to help to confront bereavement issues that children experience.

Relating to Death

Addressing "Something Else"

Statement of the Problem

Purpose of Study

Significance of Study

Scope of Study

Rationale of Study…. [read more]

End Stage Renal Disease Term Paper

… End Stage Renal Disease

End-Stage Renal Disease


This study addresses a patient named 'George White', born 7/15/1950. He is married to Donna White, born 1/5/65, and has two children: Jamal (male), born 9/25/92, and Rasheeda (female), born 7/11/97. Mr. White has a 2nd daughter and two grandchildren. His oldest child Kia, from prior relationship, was born 10/23/70, and she has 2 children: Kijay, born 6/18/90, and Quadir, born 8/14/96.

Summary of health problems/disease:

Medical history of patient George White: (a) Diabetes Type 2; (b) Hypertension; (c) Congestive heart failure; (d) Chronic hepatitis C; (e) end-stage renal disease (analysis topic); and (f) patient has been on Hemodialysis treatment since June, 2011.

Medical history of Patient

diabetes type 2


congestive heart failure

chronic hepatitis C…. [read more]

Life Experience of Personal Care Research Proposal

… Diabetes is reported as "twice as common in American Indian and Alaska Native communities as in the general population (15.3% compared with 7.3%), and it is steadily increasing." (NIAMS, 2006 in: National Association of Chronic Disease Directors, 2012, p.3)


The study conducted is to be a qualitative phenomenological study. Lester (2009) states "The purpose of the phenomenological approach is to illuminate the specific, to identify phenomena through how they are perceived by the actors in a situation. In the human sphere, this normally translates into gathering 'deep' information and perceptions through inductive, qualitative methods such as interviews, discussions and participant observation, and representing it from the perspective of the research participant(s). Phenomenology is concerned with the study of experience from the perspective of the…. [read more]

Veterans of Foreign War and PTSD Substance Abuse Research Paper

… High Risk Family Analysis

Veterans of Foreign Wars: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

and Substance Abuse Risks and Analysis

In beginning to assess the affects of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and its link to substance abuse among veterans of foreign wars, a survey questionnaire was distributed to 75 veterans (68 male and 7 female), with the following questions for their addressing: 1.) Have you experienced any mental health issues since returning from deployment or war; 2.) Do you abuse alcohol or drugs; 3.) Do you suffer from PTSD; 4.) Were you diagnosed with any mental health disorder; 5.) Do you feel that your substance abuse is related to your PTSD or your service in the war; and 6.) Do you feel that you have suffered…. [read more]

Community Health Nursing Galveston Case Study

… , (2011).


The City of Galveston meets the statistical norms of the rest of the country with regard to birth and death rates and other similar demographics data, but the area still has not fully recovered from the effects of large storms that happened in 2005. Because the population decreased so dramatically, crime has risen to some degree, there is more evidence of decay, and the city seems to be waiting for the next large storm to arrive. Many of the health centers and hospitals have left the city and moved to the more suburban areas of the county in consequence to the movement of the population. This has made it more difficult for people within the city to receive adequate healthcare.


See…. [read more]

Systems and Ecological Perspectives Definition Term Paper

… systems and ecological perspectives definition. In light variability concept, establish true? Makes examples readings, proof crucial.

Explanation of ecomap

Zack's current status in school is very uncertain. Zack struggles academically and has difficulty fitting in with his peer group because of his attention-related issues. Zack finds little source of pride in terms of the accomplishments he is able to make in school: although he is on medication for his ADHD, there does not seem to be sufficient support and understanding of his condition, either by his teachers or his peers for him to find fulfillment in school or to make progress. It is unclear if Zack has any learning disabilities or any other impediments to learning; he does, however, have clear self-esteem issues.

At home,…. [read more]

Community Diagnosis: Pearland Essay

… com, 2012).

References (2013). Houston Acupuncturists. Retrieved 21 Feb. 2013 from (2013). Pearland Acupuncturists. Retrieved 21 Feb. 2013 from

Barns, Patricia M., Bloom, Barbara, and Nahin, Richard L. (2008). Complementary and alternative medicine use among adults and children: United States, 2007. National Health Statistics Reports, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Retrieved 17 Jan. 2013 from

Census (U.S. Census Bureau). (2013a). American FactFinder: Community Facts -- Find popular facts (population, income, etc.) and frequently requested data about your community. Pearland City, Texas. Retrieved 20 Feb. 2013 from / faces/nav/jsf/pages/community_facts.xhtml.

Census (U.S. Census Bureau). (2013b). State & County QuickFacts: Pearland (city), Texas. Retrieved 20 Feb. 2013 from / 4856348.html.

Census (U.S. Census Bureau). (2013c).…. [read more]

Psychology - Counseling Intro to Guidance/Counseling Core Thesis

… Psychology - Counseling

Intro to Guidance/Counseling Core Assessment

Introduction to guidance and counseling core assessment

Review of key concepts and theories pertaining to counseling.

Empathic understanding: Empathic understanding involves seeing the world from the client's perspective, although not necessarily validating the external reality of what the client feels. For example, if a man feels his wife does not understand him, the therapist will validate that the man feels this way, not that his wife is actually cruel or heartless.

Unconditional positive regard: In Rogerian (person or client-centered) therapy, the counselor gives unconditional positive regard (acceptance) to the client to help the client achieve a sense of self-worth that is not contingent upon outside factors. For example, a student whose self-worth is entirely contingent upon his…. [read more]

Theoretical Analysis of One of the Two Children in the Movie Stepmom Term Paper

… ¶ … Ben from Stepmom

Ben, the son from Stepmom (1998), presents with issues of erratic behavior and a seemingly incorrigible tendency to defy directions and evade adult supervision. While it is true that children often exhibit a tendency to behave in a mischievous manner, Ben's case is particularly conducive to therapy because it appears to be in response to the many changes that take place in his familial environment. For example, the fact that he got lost in Central Park is especially significant in that it occurred under the supervision of Isabel and is likely a response to his anxiety surrounding the fact that Isabel now shares the role of mother with Jackie, his biological mother. Moreover, the erratic behavior appears to be a…. [read more]

Development Theory Brought Forth by Piaget Applied Essay

… ¶ … development theory brought forth by Piaget applied to my life and different phases of my learning processes. The paper also incorporates the views highlight by Santrock in his book "Life Span and Development" and how the heredity aspects and socio-emotional characteristics build a child's cognitive development and personality. Both of these aspects, and others, were also discussed on how my own cognitive development and personality was developed based on the heredity aspects and socio-emotional characteristics that I experienced as a child, personally and professionally, under the social environment and circumstances I grew up around.

A) General Description

Growing up in a joint family, I had the best and the worst of both worlds; I had friends at home and didn't need to look…. [read more]

Ecological Systems Theory and Person-in-Environment Assessment

… ; and, Analyze the overall parallel of morals and ethics that exist. Having all these facts in hand will help us create suitable, quick and sustainable solutions for the problems that communities face.

Use of Podcasts in Social Work

The use of podcasts in social work can be very useful as they can help: Provide a mentor for the children and families inside the comfort of their very homes; tackle different issues like education, health, social structures, feedback, etc. In one publication; The overall impact of a social work strategy can be easily recorded, documented and them marketed for more penetrating influence; The social work improvement structure will break the time and space barrier; Help in communicating loopholes in the education, social and political structures…. [read more]

Client Is a Never Married Essay

… She also finds herself ruminating about her parents and feels lost and is unable to find purpose or meaning of life. She also finds that she is now eating a lot of sugary foods and junk food. She has continued to take her Lamictal as she is afraid that she will suffer even stronger mood swings if she stops. The client has a scheduled follow-up appointment with her psychiatrist in four weeks.

She now wonders if having gotten a college degree would've made her parents happier. She also wonders if she should of had children as now her parents will never see their grandchildren. She has had two boyfriends whom she has been sexually intimate with, but did not want to marry them. She is…. [read more]

Edit of Smithers Proposal Public Business Proposal

… We approached the communities with a tremendous quantity of medical information about relevant therapeutic and healing processes -- alcohol abuse education was a necessary portion of this.

But overall we established a total of 439 separate programs dealing with all sorts of aspects -- a virtual laboratory for informed community response and wellness-based projects as well as traditional forms of therapy, rehabilitation, and overall medical care.

But overall our approaches, being community-based and reflecting community standards, were best characterized as diverse. Canada's Aboriginals are by no means a homogenous and monolithic entity but entail a broad variety of different traditions, from the Inuit (recognizable, but hardly well-known, through their routine depiction in popular culture) of the frozen North and West to the Kwakiutl, with their…. [read more]

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