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Nursing Research the Study Essay

… The diagnosis stage in the nursing process allows nurses to analyze and interpret data to reach a professional decision concerning the client's problem. Similarly, research process also involves analysis and interprets the data to arrive at the research findings. Although, both nursing process and research process use different approach to solve a problem, however, the objective of both processes is to solve a problem by identifying the problem, collect and analyze data.

III. Literature search to locate Research Articles

This section identifies three articles that discuss the palliative care and nursing research process. The first article is written by Klick, & Hauer, (2010) titled "Pediatric Palliative Care" reveals that palliative care has been a part of the children care, which include the intervention on children…. [read more]

Standards of Care/Mental Health/Cultural Competence Essay

… Patients who utilize family interpreters or non-professional interpreters, for instance nurses, clerks, and technicians are the ones that would be less satisfied with their visitation (Furler, 2012).

Potential Solutions

Culturally competent assessment skills are vital to assist communication, to show reverence for cultural diversity, and to inquire culturally sensitive queries about practices and beliefs that need to be measured in the transport of health care. The more information a nurse has about a particular culture, the more precise and complete the cultural valuation will be. For instance, if nurses are not aware that a lot of Hispanics use traditional healers for example curandros, masjistas, sobodoes, y (j)erberos, and esperititas, they will not recognize how to ask exact and suitable questions about the person's use of…. [read more]

Nurse-Patient Relations the Main Focus Essay

… Theories

One theorist, Hildegard Peplau (1952), described nursing as "A healing interpersonal procedure done by nurses through facilitating growth and increase amongst patients." Peplau regarded the relations that are between nurse and patient as being very beneficial to the nurse and the patient as well (LaSala, 2007). Her theory is look upon as a developmental model utilized for nursing, by reason of her concept of the patient passing going through four developmental stages in sequence to accomplish health. Hildegard Peplau functioned inside mental health nursing and, even though her work communicates mainly in the direction of this kind of nursing, concepts which shape her model can be utilized inside overall nursing. Truth-seekers Peplau and McMahon are both alike in the technique they use in conceptualizing…. [read more]

Health Promotion in Primary Secondary and Tertiary Levels in Nursing Practice Essay

… Health Promotion in the Area of Heart Health

Health Promotion is a responsibility of the medical community that extends into many areas of the public sphere. This denotes a responsibility for nursing professionals in all contexts to take part in health promotion initiatives, which are frequently channeled through private doctor's offices, hospitals, public clinics, school infirmary facilities and other such outlets. The role of the nurse in the area of health promotion, generally speaking, is to help disseminate information through direct interaction with patients and/or clients. The heath promotion subject driving the three articles selected for consideration here is 'heart health' which is viewed as a public health priority extending into the areas of exercise and nutritional diet.

The use of the health belief model…. [read more]

Adolescence-How Adolescence Viewed Cultures Essay

… Little impact is made on the general stages of performance among these people. In the ancient time, adolescence was regarded with little significance in the biological exemplifications. For instance, the adolescent people were expected to stand their trials that come with urgency of adolescence. In general, adolescence was a crucial stage of human life. Through this stage, many activities took place in the personal and communal life. Without the stages of growth and development, it would be unintelligent to have a simplified stage of growth and development among the youth in the society.

What are the differences and similarities with the western view of adolescence?

The western view of adolescence is different from those held by the traditional rudimentary stages of human life. There are…. [read more]

Healthcare in the United States Essay

… Physicians increased the number of surgeries performed in their offices, hospitals increased the number of outpatient surgeries, and psychiatric hospitals created partial and outpatient programs. This is especially true in psychiatric settings, where patients are forced into these alternative levels of care without appropriate medical consideration of their needs and conditions. The Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics (Committee on Health Care Access and Economics Task Force on Mental Health, 2009) published a special report to the Surgeon General of the United States that there is today a "high prevalence of mental health needs of America's youth (p. 1248)." Mental healthcare continues to be an ongoing tug of war between managed care, psychiatric hospital providers, physicians, and other mental health practitioners. There has…. [read more]

Hisory of Palliatve Care Palliative Ghost Writing

… Development of instrument that can be used in improvement of palliative care

There are legal standards that are being used in the United States to help sustain the lives of young children. Creation of machines to help in the program to sustain lives especially of those children suffering from long life diseases like cancer is the current project. This is an initiative taken by the pediatric palliative care department. The program will play a significant role in prolonging lives especially to those children with serious illness. Two instruments in the suggestion for use and reviews made to see the effectiveness. Parents and palliative care employees from various institutions gave opinions to act as a guideline on the effectiveness and progress. The instruments are essential in…. [read more]

Reducing Health Disparities for Inner-City Children Suffering From Asthma Research Proposal

… Intervention

The intervention will be adapted from the intervention used by Julian et al. (2014) and will involve three educational sessions providing progressively more detailed information and intensive counseling. On the same day as the initial evaluation the patient and caregiver will be provided with general information about childhood asthma and treatment modalities. The time allotted for this encounter will be 30 minutes. The nurse will provide this information and answer any questions the patient or caregiver may have. A second encounter lasting 2 hours will occur between 2 and 4 weeks following the initial evaluation and will provide a more detailed presentation of asthma pathophysiology, disease course, and the benefits and risks of treatment modalities. This group counseling session will be attended by patients…. [read more]

Community Health Problems Health Issues and Analysis Essay

… Community Health Oklahoma

Modern healthcare is a rewarding, but challenging, career choice. The modern healthcare professional's role is not limited to only assisting the doctor in procedures, however. Instead, the contemporary professional takes on a partnership role with both the doctor and patient as advocate caregiver, teacher, researcher, counselor, and case manager. The caregiver role includes those activities that assist the client physically, mentally, and emotionally, while still preserving the client's dignity. In order for one to be an effective caregiver, the patient must be treated in a holistic manner. Proper communication and advocacy is another role that the modern caregiver assumes when providing quality care. The interconnection and synthesis of multidisciplinary nursing, for example, becomes critical, not just in the idea of achieving national…. [read more]

Caring Is Important to Human Essay

… The vulnerable populations are those people with greater risks of developing health problems. According to the centre for disease control and prevention, the homeless youth face various health risks from the environment they live. They do not have a proper diet; they involve themselves in risky sexual behaviors and drug abuse. The environment also exposes them to harsh conditions of weather and violence among themselves. By using the tools of analysis, nurses and medical practitioners can help the vulnerable population out of their problem. Tools of analysis can help to develop a sense of self-awareness to the vulnerable homeless youth. Beck depression inventory tool can enable the homeless youth determine the risks of depression they face. Daily hassle and Calgary family model can help homeless…. [read more]

Nursing Organizations the Purpose, Mission Research Paper

… It focuses on childbirth, rather than on all pediatric specialties. It also focuses on nurse-midwives and not all midwives are nurses. While NAPNAP's inception is relatively recent (1973), the ACNM is "the oldest women's healthcare organization in the United States" ("About ACNM," ACNM, 2012). The core functions it serves are similar to that of NAPAP. It supports the continuing education of members and sets ethical standards for the profession to increase the sense of professionalism and regard the population feels for midwives. It also has a political arm, in its creation of "liaisons with state and federal agencies and members of Congress ("About ACNM," ACNM, 2012).

ACNM is committed to creating the impression of professionalism for the profession of midwifery and strongly supports the certification…. [read more]

Caring Essay

… It did, and he is now pain-free and has full use of his tongue and faculty of taste (Gross 2011). Although 'caring' alone is not reflected in this case -- the chef's surgery also reflected advances in medical technology -- it does embody the related concepts of tailoring treatment to a patient's individual needs. This is contrary to, for example, simply recommending that a patient get a preventative mastectomy, based upon her family's history of breast cancer without talking to the patient first and examining her personal perceptions of the risk.


Caring is rooted in specificity to the patient's needs. It involves taking time, whether it is the time to learn the patient's name and engage in carative behaviors such as touching and talking…. [read more]

Health Disparities: Problem of the Uninsured Term Paper

… A physician compromises this principle by treating a patient negatively because of their choice of not taking coverage; but all the same, the physician has a duty to inform the patient of the probable consequences of their choices (Macklin, 2003).

Justice: a healthcare practitioner ought to treat all their patients in a fair manner (Macklin, 2003). This principle requires a practitioner to treat uninsured patients in the same way they would treat an insured one with a similar condition. The ANA supports the ongoing health reforms because of the current system's inability to accord the same standard of care to all patients. The principle that "all persons are entitled to ready access to affordable, high-quality health services" is a perfect representation of the justice principle…. [read more]

Palliative Care Queensland Professional Writing

… The aforementioned components should be there as part of any action plan that is devised to provide palliative care as part of the policy.

It should be noted here that in order for PCQ to provide healthcare services to the local population all over Queensland, there are certain recommendations that need to be made a part of the policy. It is recommended that the Minister for Health provides resources at the earliest for 24-hour palliative care information that would be available over the telephone and all over the state along with support and referral service (Palliative Care Queensland, 2012). Apart from this, skilled nurses along with other allied health and all the required support should also be made available over the internet. Special alterations need…. [read more]

Children, Grief, and Attachment Theory Term Paper

… Children, Grief, And Attachment Theory

When a child, age 7 to 11, experiences the death of a nuclear or extended family member, the experi-ence generates subsequent grief reaction/s. During the mixed methods study, the researcher investigates ways attachment theory may positively compliment grief reaction/s and concerns challenging the grieving child that may include feelings which include, but not limited to anger, confusion, fear, and self-blame. When not addressed, these reactions may link to the child experiencing ensuing health and/or mental health problems in his/her later life. The study also relates a number of ways to help to confront bereavement issues that children experience.

Relating to Death

Addressing "Something Else"

Statement of the Problem

Purpose of Study

Significance of Study

Scope of Study

Rationale of Study…. [read more]

Nursing Recent Research Shows Essay

… Early intervention can save money, and improve quality of life for all citizens. Public policy should include improved training for childcare workers, early childhood educators, counselors, foster parents, nurses, and social workers. Being able to identify the risk factors associated with mental health problems in early childhood, such as poverty, trauma, and broken homes, can be helpful. Similarly, it is important to distinguish between the typical misbehaviors and types of acting out and those behaviors that are atypical and unhealthy. When risk factors and behavioral variables are understood, then intervention programs can be created and implemented. These programs do not have to be structured, rigid, or systematic and nor should they be. In fact, the interventions should be integrated with early childhood education and childcare…. [read more]

Health Care System Evolution Organizational Analysis and Continuum Essay

… Health Care System Evolution, Organizational Analysis and Continuum of Care

The objective of this work is to examine the evolution of the health care system and how health care delivery systems have influenced the current health care system in regards to Medicare/Medicaid. This work will conduct an organizational analysis for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention including the stakeholders impacted by this component and how they are affected. Finally, this work will examine the continuum of care for Diabetes care program in the United States including the services provided and how these fit in the continuum of care. This work will examine how the equity contributes or fails to contribute to the overall management of healthcare resources and will examine the future trends of…. [read more]

Nursing Family Case Study

… Watson engages the role of transpersonal values in curative service where faith and hope participate in healing of the patient's. In the theory, harmonization of the functioning of the body, mind and spirit is crucial in curative extend beyond human understanding. Human caring must integrate and prioritize the patient's needs and health goals. A holistic approach that involves the community interconnections is ideal for the provision of protective environment (Katz & Friedman, 2008).

In the implementation of appropriate interventions, it is crucial to address various legal and ethical issues. A look at this family reveals that the two children belong to different fathers. Arrangements to involve both fathers in the lives of the two girls respectively require legal redress. Grandparent participation in the providence for…. [read more]

Health Assessment of Environmental Processes Essay

… Choose the topic of either adolescent depression or adolescent suicide. Discuss contributing factors and signs and symptoms that may be observed or assessed in these clients. Describe primary, secondary, and tertiary methods of health prevention for this topic. Research community and state resources and describe at least two of these for your chosen topic. What nursing interventions could you use to assist an adolescent you suspect is depressed beyond referring the adolescent to a state or community resource?

One of the most tragically reliable sources of unnatural death in adolescents and school-aged children is the commission of suicide, and while the act itself may not be classified as a medical issue, the underlying disease of depression which so often accompanies can surely be treated by…. [read more]

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Term Paper

… Beyond graduate education, certification through a professional nursing organization and state licensure are also necessary to legitimately practice as a pediatric nurse practitioner, or any advanced practitioner nurse for that matter (Teicher et al., 2001). A strong background and knowledge in pediatrics and terminal illness is also required. In addition, pediatric nurse practitioners should enforce their unique role through continual collaboration with physicians and other healthcare professionals (Teicher et al., 2001). Also, active research continues to develop and establish the crucial role played by pediatric nurse practitioners (Teicher et al., 2001).

The true value of the pediatric nurse practitioner role must be demonstrated through the evaluation of patient outcomes, and patient and family satisfaction (Teicher et al., 2001). Teicher et al. (2001) explained how this…. [read more]

National Institute of Nursing Research Essay

… In collaboration with the NIH the institute seeks to convene a forum intended to energize and mobilize end-of-life and palliative care research. NINR prioritizes its funding to interdisciplinary researches that promote health and reduces risk to people. Daly et al. (2005) explains that, NINR provides funding through a mechanism that is designed to strengthen the ability of nurses to conduct research and innovation. NINR funding mechanism prioritizes current initiatives that require intensive research and have a great impact on the health sector.

The current NINR priority is to fund research aimed at improving health disparities especially among communities that are less advantaged. Direction of funds is also towards acquiring of research administrative equipments and management resources. In order to accelerate the pace of conducting research…. [read more]

Health Risk Behaviors Drug Literature Review Chapter

… Similarly, O'Donnell and colleagues (2008) found that early alcohol use is relatively overlooked and few parents in that sample believed that their child might have had a drink. Greater15parental awareness occurred with older teenagers and in households that communicated more frequently.

Parental denial

Not only are parents unaware of their child's drinking they also seem to be in denial about their child's drinking and unwilling to accept the truth about their child's actions. Parents of teens are more than three times more likely to believe that their child's friends engage in substance use behaviors than they were to believe their own child engaged in these behaviors. Research has shown that parents are much more likely to believe that their children's peers drink and drive than…. [read more]

Family Break Up Term Paper

… The inevitability of crisis in the family life cannot be avoided; however, the effective efforts of strong families include facing of the crisis as effectively as possible in order to have a minimum harm simultaneously focusing on the growth avenues. The strong families are distinguished from the mode of their addressing to the crisis and magnitude of the attained success in the area. The renowned economist, philosopher, general system theorist, Kenneth Boulding emphasized on continuous individual and collective efforts for attainment of the basic objective of betterment of human life. (Conger; Harold; Fincham; Osborne, 247)

Betterment is being viewed as a continuous transformation in the system which can be assessed as continuous improvement. The objective is enhancement of the ultimate object which is evaluated to…. [read more]

Children and Bereavement Essay

… The authors emphasize that very young children (those in preschool, for example) often do not comprehend the "permanence of death" and as a result, they may ask "repeatedly" when that deceased family member is coming home (Morgan, et al., 2010, p. 207). Very young children are apt to use "magical and egocentric thinking," Morgan explains, and they may believe that they "somehow caused the death because of their inability to differentiate between thoughts and deeds" (207). Typically, a very young sister might think her brother died because in the past the sister was very angry at him, Morgan continues (207).

For children aged 7 to 11, they might experience a sense of guilt because they believe that they should have been able to do something…. [read more]

Healthcare Schuylkill County Research Paper

… By age group, however, we see a different paradigm:

< 5 years

5-24 years

25-44 years

45-64 years

>65 years

Birth Defects




Heart Disease




Heart Disease





Heart Disease





Adult Behavioral Health Risks- Based on diagonsis, warning signs, and have been medically counseled on issues: Obesity (64%); Flu Shots (51%); Smoking (21%) HIV (37%); Asthma (10%; Alcoholism (6%).

Insurance Coverage -- About 22,000 are enrolled in insurance programs, or only 15% of the total population. Many consider this to be a high risk of morbidity due to individuals then only seeing physicians during emergency needs.

Hospitals/Nursing Homes -- 4 total hospitals, 14 certified nursing homes.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment - 81% of…. [read more]

Family Violence and PTSD Children Are Subject Term Paper

… Family Violence and PTSD

Children are subject to a number of stressors that may contribute to the onset of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). One of the stressors given particular attention is domestic violence, not necessarily against the child, but violence that the child witnesses. Such events in the home have an effect on the child who is privy to them, creating a sense of guilt, adding to the child's stress, and distorting many aspects of the bonding process with one or both parents while also putting a strain on other relationships the child may have at home, at school, and elsewhere. Studies have examined this issue and found a link between violence in the home and subsequent problems played out in children who have witnessed…. [read more]

Nursing Consideration for Patients With Eating Disorders and Its Associate Medical Complications Term Paper

… Nursing Consideration for Patients With Eating Disorders and Its Associate Medical Complications

One of the most widespread and substantial health dilemmas in The Western world, in general, and in America, in particular, is eating disorder. Nurses have come up with several strategies of treating eating disorder amongst both young and old members of the population. This paper assesses the affects of some treatment strategies on medical complications associated with eating disorders.

Eating disorders are not a new health concern as people, both young and old, have been suffering from this disease. For instance, Shisslak, Crago and Estes (1995) studied the spectrum of eating disorders and revealed that adolescents have a much greater risk of developing an eating disorder. While eating disorders are spread across a…. [read more]

Adolescence Stress and Depression Research Paper

… Stress and Depression Among Adolescents

What are the common causes of stress and depression among American adolescents? What is the relationship between stress and depression in young people? How does the conflict between adolescents and their parents contribute to stress? These and other questions will be addressed in this paper.

Stress among Adolescents

An article in the journal Social Forces studied 599 adolescents to determine how much stress can be blamed on "daily hassles" and "experimentally induced cardiovascular reactivity" -- in terms of offering an explanation for adolescent self-esteem and risk taking. In other words, is risk-taking by adolescents directly related to stress? Is it related to increased cardiovascular reactivity? If researchers can answer those questions, author Hans Vermeersch asserts, it may be that scholars…. [read more]

Advanced Practice Nursing Term Paper

… The assumption is that the adult health worker is not alone but rather contributes a unit of impacting forces and these can better or obstruct her services in all the four aspects of health, patient, environment, and the state of nursing components itself. None are in isolation; all are conjoined, and for optimum effects, all have to work in unison and form one integrated, directed process focused on patient's improvement and comfort. Also related is that patient should not be overburdened by too many stakeholders. The sufficient and relevant stakeholders should be involved, no more and no less, and, if family and friends are supportive, these should be included as well. This is partly so since as patient-focused model of care, patient's culture plays a…. [read more]

Nurse-Care Analysis of Sheepshead Bay Essay

… Differences in cultural idioms used to express comfort or discomfort also play a part as well as somatic presentation.

Sandy and Elliott's (1996) review of the literature found that previous studies have been inconsistent in their adjustment and decision of causality of these factors. It was undecided whether it was language (i.e. insufficient proficiency in English) or culture of origin, or the acculturation scale itself that was used that determined results and/or interpretation of result, but their own case study and survey revealed that language skills had an undeniable effect on seeking and receipt of health care. Depression, therefore, often seems to be linked to deficiency in language skills. Depression is particularly prominent amongst females who also have a tough time straddling work, looking after…. [read more]

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