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Fandom Was Born When the First Two Term Paper

… Fandom was born when the first two people started talking about their favourite program and it rolled like an avalanche into our times when fandom took unimaginable proportions for those first people who used to bring it up as a means of interacting. Today there are associations, estates (Tolkien Estate) and numerous fandom communities around the globe the existence of which is facilitated by today's means of communications through television and Internet.

TV series such as Star Trek, Xena or X-Files long after they ended their production still have their share of faithful fans. Matt Hills' researches on the topic of "Fan Cultures" reveals and analyses the scientific grounds for two mainstreams of fandom: "good " and "bad," or consumerist fandom. He is citing the…. [read more]

Analyzing a Film Dance for Camera Essay

… It is common to use smoke machines in the film. They have also been used to create a delicate color shade in the space used by Alex to rehearse. Artists make use of pastels to portray the fleeting emotional and visual effects of an environment that keeps moving all the time. They also help to create the instantaneous impression of a luminous mood.

The movement of the flashdancers sets them apart from the rest of the pack. While the typical strippers pose erotically, with their bodies suggestive as they move, the flashdancers doing their jig at Mawby’s move through the frame as they own the space they can access at will. The mis-en-scene in the Zanzibar incorporates both the audience and the dancers. At…. [read more]

Junot Diaz Short Story Evaluation Thesis

… Junot Diaz: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao hails as Junot Diaz's greatest creation. In this book, Diaz details many facts of Dominican life that are often absent from the minds of the rest of the world. Diaz relies on his own memories of childhood and a vast repository of historical knowledge already in his head (Zuarino). In researching the book, Diaz found himself watching many of the movies that the narrator and the protagonist were obsessed with in the novel (Zuarino).

The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao came after a seven-year battle with writer's block (Kachka). Kachka feels that conflict between the real world and the nerdy fantasy world that the success of Drown…. [read more]

Spirited Research Paper

… Much like with names, Miyasaki uses a recurrent theme throughout his films of stories of bildungsroman or "coming of age" where characters are in their formative years and experience something that changes them for life, it matures them and prepares them for what is to come in adulthood. (Satoshi 27) People often miss out on learning important lessons in life. Miyasaki creates these stories to help teach children the importance of things and morals such as hard work and identity. Doing things that are difficult, but help a person grow for the better is seen throughout "Spirited Away." The first instance is when Chihiro has to get a job working for Yubaba. At first she cries and bemoans working in such a place, but later…. [read more]

Use Ideology Consumption and Globalization Three Theories to Discuss Pop Music Term Paper

… POPULAR MUSIC is the obvious link to the mass consumer culture. It represents a challenge for any claims as to its transformative potential and capacity for resistance. The revolutionary forces must follow the lead of various cultural theorists, who support something of aesthetics of the popular, beyond, above, but also what we witness in contemporary pop and commercial artifacts, not only in terms of what's "hot" and what's not, but also in terms of the genres and artists themselves. This inevitably involves a peculiar paradox whereby we valorize, but also undermine, the popular. We embrace it, but also push its limits.

Numerical and statistical analysis is the guiding criteria towards for judging the music popular. What music is listened to the most? What music has…. [read more]

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