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James Algar and Samuel Armstrong Essay

… Even the character Goneril played as Lady Kaede unlike the role of Goneril in Lear the character has a very complex and unfathomable mind with vengeance brings down the House of Ichimonji, first as the wife of Jiro. The victory that the director achieved is to bring a static story to an action filled war drama with the greatest display of martial art, and flow. Kurosawa shows the power of using jump cuts, which give a dynamic and rapidly shifting, and mad movement that bring about better visual encapsulation of the emotional climax of Ran, bettering Shakespeare's King Lear. (Jclarkmedia. Ran: King Lear -- Jim's Film Reviews)

There are parallels to the decline of the Character Hidetora into delirium which was portrayed with reality. Somehow…. [read more]

Fantasia 1940 1.5 James Algar Essay

… Therefore, he defected while on tour in Canada and received political asylum from the Canadian government. The dancer joined the American Ballet Theater for four years in 1974, popularizing traditional Russian ballets including "The Nutcracker" and "Don Quixote." He would eventually work for other companies as both a dancer and director, and has appeared in a number of feature films, cable television episodes, and stage performances (Abhinav, 2012).

There are a number of things I learned about this lesson on Baryshnikov. One is the enormous physical talents ballet dancers must have. The fact that he was renowned for his high leaps readily proves this point. Another is the universal influence of music. Although there were other reasons why this dancer defected, one was to be…. [read more]

James Joyce, Portrait Essay

… ..mind and body," "aware of nothing that is in the world" give the reader a feeling of man's happenstance with the spiritual world. Joyce appears to be giving this situation as the first main sin that Stephen generates in a long sequence of perturbing carnal living that he goes through during the course of the novel (noticing the beauty of the woman who lies out on the beach) and therefore produces it as an epiphany to contribute the reader the feeling that Stephen is slowly starting to realize what the world has to compromise against what the church has to bring.

This sounds very familiar with the prodigal son in the bible who also turned away from God for a season very much like Stephen.…. [read more]

James Otis and the Writs of Assistance Term Paper

… James Otis and Writs of Assistance

In 1761, James Otis represented the merchants of Boston in a case regarding the legality of "writs of assistance," documents which gave their holders the authority to enter and search any home or building in the then-colonies without any prior warning or stated justification, and compelled any British subject to assist in that search. Though he argued against the constitutionality of writs of assistance from the position of a loyal British subject, Otis was eventually lauded as the progenitor of the movement which eventually spawned the American Revolution a decade and a half later. The events which allowed a decidedly pro-monarchy reformist to eventually become the adopted standard of the revolutionary new democratic republic include not only the early…. [read more]

James 2: 8-11 Essay

… The Hebrew term for this word is ashem (BibleHub). However, the meaning that best applies to the direction of the words in this passage is to have committed some sort of wrong -- a transgression against the Ten Commandments. There are several different definitions to which the ancient etymology of the term breaking refers to. One is to splinter or sunder something, much like breaking a vase. Another is to make something injured so that it is no longer able to be put to use. Breaking can also refer to an argument and a literal or figurative separation between people. However, based on the meanings of the other words in this passage, breaking best refers to as a variation from law and a rupturing from…. [read more]

Aestheticism Artistic Appreciation and Taste in James Spoils of Poynton Term Paper

… James Spoils

People, Things, and Ethics: Perspectives on Collection and Control in Henry James' the Spoils of Poynton

Though not long in words or plot complexity, Henry James' novel the Spoils of Poynton addresses far-reaching and intricately interwoven issues of perception and the human drive to manipulate. The relationship between ethics and aesthetics becomes so pronounced and yet so muddied -- the line between these two vast bodies of human thought blurring all but entirely at times -- that something as straightforward if inexplicable as artistic appreciation and matters of taste becomes as fraught as any life-and-death problem. Mrs. Gereth, her son Owen, his fiancee and eventual wife Mona Brigstock, and the fetching yet distant Fleda Vetch are the primary figures of the novel's drama,…. [read more]

James Baldwin Wrote Freedom, Justice Essay

… Justice also means free of discrimination, which is impossible because people are always going to have judgments of other people, whether it's race, gender, or religion. Also, what's equal and fair in someone's eyes can be different from mine. I arrived at the definition by having parents and teachers tell me if I didn't do something, I would be punished. For example, if I didn't do my homework, my teachers would tell my parents or get a zero for the day. However, to me, that was not fair because sometimes it wasn't intentional so why should I be punished for something that I did not purposely mean to do; there was no ill intent, just forgetfulness.

Democracy, to me, is aligned with the Webster definition…. [read more]

Wrongful Conviction of James Henry Essay

… The officials played significant part in keeping Henry James' hope alive having worked tirelessly for his release since 2005. His 30-year quandary and suffering at the state prison was no easy affair despite appearing to be full of life upon release. He narrated to the curious and inquisitive journalists about his ordeal at the prison for a crime he did not commit (Fisher 2011).

The incarceration must have subjected him to physical and mental torture having spent almost half of his entire life away from family, friends, relative, and acquaintances. Life was clearly tough in prison as there were no good meals, proper sanitation, and general hygiene of inmates. Henry James must have seen one of the worst pages of his life after having braved…. [read more]

Disagreement James Speth Matt Ridley Essay

… The fact that Ridley does not appear to be especially interested in the environment is owed to him looking at matters from a more general perspective. By taking on this approach he wants to enable his readers to comprehend that there are a series of topics that they need to address when considering an improved future.

Ridley actually manages to present capitalism in a good light by demonstrating that the contemporary society developed a system where people help each-other have access to things that they are interested in. Although Ridley refers to a series of concept in his attempt to prove that capitalism has brought positive change, this does not mean that he ignores the idea of environmentalism. By providing individuals around the world with…. [read more]

Scriptures of James and Hosea Essay

… In James, this fact is implied by the choice of diction. The term 'law' is one which is applicable to many people of various differences. Laws do not exist for single people, they are used to govern groups. The corporate level of application is found in these particular verses in Hosea in the reference to the nation of Israel. As such, the reader can understand that the call to obedience does not just apply to individuals, but to the nation with which God formally (through his commandments) established his covenant. Again, this fact provides a tangible example of the theme found in James.

The areas of application related to these scriptures include those of doctrine and of worship and devotion. The maintaining of the law…. [read more]

James and the Giant Peach Research Proposal

… James and the Giant Peach: James as Seen Through the Eyes of the Book And the Film

James and the Giant Peach is a famous, classic children's story by Roald Dahl that has been transformed into an animated film of the same name. Both book and film tell the story of a young orphaned boy named James. His parents have been killed in a freak accident. James lives with two horrible aunts, named Striker and Sponge, and dreams of moving to New York City someday. The boy's dreams come true when he meets a mysterious man whose magic swells a peach in the aunt's yard to giant proportions. The peach and various insects who assume life-size proportions accompany James as the peach escapes the confines…. [read more]

James Madison at His Inaugural, Washington Irving Term Paper

… James Madison

At his inaugural, Washington Irving described the 4th President of the United States, James Madison, as "but a withered little apple-John, however, this small, wizened man was known as the Father of the Constitution, and was a staunch advocate for separation of state and church (James).

Born in 1751 in Port Conway, Virginia, Madison graduated in 1771 from College of New Jersey, now Princeton University. As a student of history, government, and law, he participated in the framing of the Virginia Constitution in 1776 and as a member of the Virginia Assembly (James). Madison served in the Continental Congress and participated in frequent debates at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia (James). Together with Alexander Hamilton and John Jay, Madison made a major contribution…. [read more]

James Carroll an American Requiem Term Paper

… Carroll's schism with his father was later to be paralleled in a schism he experienced with the Catholic Church itself. Unlike the pacifism reflected in the life of Jesus, modern Catholic leaders like Cardinal Spellman validated America's military involvement in Vietnam. Carroll's vision of Catholicism told his conscience that this kind of militarism was a betrayal of Jesus' religious ideals and the historical Church's true ideals. Yet these ideals caused him to enter into political and familial conflict -- and caused him inner turmoil as well. How could James honor his mother and father when his mother was a personal friend of Cardinal Spellman, even though she was somewhat sympathetic to her younger son's views? Carroll's own father was not just theologically disappointed in his…. [read more]

James Joyce -- "A Mother Research Paper

… And not only did Mrs. Kearney give time and skill to the presentation, she invested money in the program. She shopped at expensive stores to buy materials for Kathleen's dress and she bought "twelve two-shilling tickets for the Saturday evening performance to friends, who, like Emmet's rebels, could not be relied upon to appear otherwise," Martin Kearney explains. So there is literary linkage here because the two women (one fictional, one historical) were both committed to "risky" patriotic campaigns, Martin Kearney points out on page 2.

It could be said that Martin Kearney's proposed linkage between the historical Devlin and Joyce's fictional woman is something of a stretch, though no one at this point could prove otherwise unless some manuscripts show up that Joyce had…. [read more]

James Fenimore Cooper Essay

… James Fenimore Cooper

The Last of the Mohicans

James Fenimore Cooper's novel the Last of the Mohicans is certainly one of the most renowned writings relating to North American historic fiction literature in the eighteenth century. The book depicts events having happened during the Seven Years War, at the time when the French and the English fought for territory on the American continent. While the historical happenings are a source of plot and characters for the book, Fenimore involves some of his own characters and events in the novel. History is responsible for creating a place, a time, and individuals that give shape to Fenimore's imagination.

The author has chosen an intense episode happening during the French-English war, having lasted from 1754 and until 1763.…. [read more]

James Madison and the Separation of Church and State Research Proposal

… James Madison: Separation of Church and State

The Constitution of the United States attributes its existence to the efforts of many thinkers over many years. In its current form, the Constitution is hailed as the most important document of democracy and liberty in the history of the country. While many contributed to the Constitution, authors such as Alan Brinkley (2009:167) views James Madison as one of the most creative and most important. Madison strove to recognize the importance of public input in government, and a concomitant recognition of the fundamental rights of citizens in this regard. As such, Madison's ideas stand at the basis of the spirit of the Constitution: not only freedom of speech and living, but also freedom of thought and belief. One…. [read more]

James Fenimore Cooper the Life and Times Term Paper

… James Fenimore Cooper

The Life and Times of James Fenimore Cooper

Sometimes people find their niche in life because they know what they want to do from an early age and pursue educational and vocational opportunities that will help them achieve it. Others, though, seem to stumble onto success and this appears to be the case with James Fenimore Cooper who became a writer either out of necessity or by accident, depending on which account one believes, but the fact remains this author continues to delight modern readers with his vivid accounts of life in the early American frontier. To determine how Cooper achieved this lofty achievement, this paper provides a brief biography of the author, a review of some of his major works, and…. [read more]

James Joyce's Ulysses Term Paper

… James Joyce's Ulysses -- Leopold Bloom, the modern Odysseus

Of what did the duumvirate deliberate during their itinerary?

Music, literature, Ireland, Dublin, Paris, friendship, woman, prostitution, diet, the influence of gaslight or the light of arc and glow-lamps on the growth of adjoining paraheliotropic trees, exposed corporation emergency dustbuckets, the Roman catholic church, ecclesiastical celibacy, the Irish nation, jesuit education, careers, the study of medicine, the past day, the male-cent influence of the presabbath, Stephen's collapse."

James Joyce, "Section 17 -- Ithaca" from Ulysses

This early passage is from James Joyce's epic modernist classic Ulysses. It is from the chapter of the novel entitled "Ithaca." The passage depicts the conversation of two of the novel's main protagonists, that of Stephen Dedalus and Leopold Bloom, not…. [read more]

James Joyce Dubliners Term Paper

… James Joyce's Dubliners

Dubliners by James Joyce believe that in composing my chapter of moral history in exactly the way I have composed it I have taken the first step towards the spiritual liberation of my country."

James A. Joyce, May 1906 (Barger, 1999)

The Dubliners by James Joyce is a body of work that was mightily influenced by the social and moral problems in Dublin around the time the short stories were published in 1914. Certainly it is widely known in the scholarly and literary community that Joyce wrote about Dublin's many dark sides by using his characters and settings to put Dublin on display for all the world to see. Those Dublin problems and issues were many and had at their roots political…. [read more]

James Joyce's the Dead Term Paper

… Some critics see different readings possible for the story, depending on whether the reader approaches "The Dead" as the lat story in The Dubliners or as standing on its own. Florence Walzl is one who says that seeing the story as a conclusion means viewing Gabriel's epiphany as "a recognition that he is a dead member of a dead society" (Walzl 424). If the story is read on its own, though, Walzl says "the effect is different: the story seems one of spiritual development and the final vision a redemption" (Walzl 424). In both cases, the final epiphany is directly related to the sudden revelation that comes to Gabriel in terms of his relationship with his wife.

Shelley Anspaugh considers the interactions between Gabriel and…. [read more]

James Joyce Ulysses: Chapter 5 Analysis Essay

… James Joyce ULYSSES, Chapter Five Analysis

Analysis of the mythical motifs in "The Lotus Eaters," Episode 5 of James Joyce's Ulysses

The incident involving the lotus-eaters in Homer's Odyssey is often cited as an example of Odysseus' moral superiority, in regards to other mortals. Homer tells the story of how Odysseus' men, while desperately trying to sail home to Ithaca, accidently wander into the kingdom of a race of individuals whose lives are solely devoted to pleasures. Eating the lotus, a kind of drug, has made the inhabitants lose their initiative and drive to succeed. Odysseus has to force the members of his own crew who eat the lotus back onto the ship, otherwise they will forget their desire to go home and stay indefinitely.…. [read more]

James Madison Term Paper

… James Madison, known historically s the "Father of the Constitution," was an adamant supporter of its contents and ratification because of his understanding and fear that under any other system, the union would not be able to thrive or survive.

After the Revolutionary War ended, Madison was elected as a state legislator in his home state, Virginia. Originally a staunch supporter of the Articles of Confederation, while in the state house he became alarmed at the "fragility of the Articles." (Wikipedia). This fear lead him to draft the Virginia Plan for consideration at the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

Madison's system, which essentially was adopted as the national government system under the Constitution, was motivated by a desire to create unity between the States but also…. [read more]

James Joyce's the Dead Term Paper

… The painful truth for Gabriel seems forever bound to snow and death. Through these images and the vivid language Joyce employs, we can almost feel Gabriel's sense of isolation. Gabriel's soul "swooned slowly as he heard the snow falling faintly through the universe and faintly falling, like the descent of their last end, upon all the living and the dead" (739-80). He realizes that his marriage has been a paralysis of sorts. By focusing on his own pleasures, he missed the opportunity to share with Gretta the type of self-sacrificing love she wept over just moments earlier.

Joyce's last words in this story ring ominous and illustrate the depth of Gabriel's transformation.

In conclusion, James Joyce explores issues of entrapment by focusing on the journey…. [read more]

James Baldwin's Sonny's Blues Moments Term Paper

… " For this reason, the narrator cannot understand Sonny and his seemingly careless attitude.

In addition, Sonny is driven by a passion to which his brother cannot relate. Sonny displays his passion when he tells his brother that there are many ways to keep from "drowning" in suffering. He says:

"It's terrible sometimes, inside . . . that's what's the trouble. You walk these streets, black and funky and cold, and there's really not a living ass to talk to, and there's nothing shaking, and there's no way of getting it out -- that storm inside. You can't talk it and you can't make love with it, and when you finally try to get with it and play it, you realize nobody's listening. So you've…. [read more]

James Joyce's Ulysses: Chapter Term Paper

… During the chapter, it also becomes clear that Stephen is finding less and less satisfaction in living with Mulligan. At one point he tells Mulligan he will leave the tower if Haines does not leave. Mulligan replies by telling Stephen to scutter, saying it an offhand way as if it makes no difference to him what Stephen does. This shows a lack of real regard for Stephen. Stephen stating that he will leave can be considered, not as a real threat, but as a way for him to test Mulligan. In Mulligan's reply, Stephen sees that Mulligan does not care for him at all. At the end of the chapter, Stephen then decides that he cannot go back to the tower. This decision represents the…. [read more]

James Joyce's "Araby Essay

… ¶ … James Joyce's "Araby,"

There is a definite sadness that rings throughout the vast majority of the passages in James Joyce's Araby, which details the romantic feelings of the narrator for the feelings of the sister of one of his friends. The futility of life of the narrator, of his family, his friends, their acquaintances -- even that of the desired girl -- is distinctly palpable and hints at an undesirable existence of days to come. The narrator places all of his aspirations and passion for life in the hopes of this young woman as a means of escaping this banality, even if any relationship with her exists only in his mind. Yet the author consistently informs the reader, in ways overt and subtle,…. [read more]

Last of the Mohicians James Book Review

… The film was originally entitled The Clansman, was incredibly popular, and broke a number of box office records. However, it caused a great deal of controversy in its depiction of African-Americans, the institution of slavery, the Ku Klux Klan, and race relations during the Civil War and Reconstruction. Griffith was not operating out of a vaccuum, however, the movie used a 1905 novel by Thomas Dixon as source material. In both the novel and the movie, slavery is depicted as kindly and benign, and the lack of State's rights and the ability to mange their own economic system nothing more than a plot by northern Republicans to control the nation. In fact, the Klan is shown to be heroic, trying in vain to restore the…. [read more]

James Kincaid, Peter Pan Essay

… This marks a shift from the pattern that Kincaid notes in "Home Alone," where the wolf marks an uneasy stand-in for the audience. The problem with the Grimms' wolf is that he manages to be an uneasy stand-in for pretty much everyone else except the audience. It is worth comparing the wolf to the similar villain in "Hansel and Gretel" -- similar because she is motivated by an appetite for food (rather than for money, as in "Home Alone," or sexual gratification, as in the Gothic depiction of the child molester). The difference is partially elided, though, as the witch's cannibal appetites are explained narratively as a reversion to a feral or wolf-like state:

The old woman, however, nodded her head, and said: 'Oh, you…. [read more]

James Ferguson Term Paper

… James Ferguson

It seems as if the key word in the business world today is 'globalization', with worldwide business ventures, partnerships and conglomerations being formed on a daily basis. As these events take place, the business industry, as well as the public, is able to discern a wider disparity between the haves and the have nots. This disparity is noticeable on the local community level, as well as nationally, and can be especially noticed on the international scale, with entire countries succumbing to a 'developmental' mindset. Such a way of thinking can lead some countries to a financial position that, instead of being 'developed', can mean huge amounts of debt and an infrastructure that can often be likened to a deck of cards.

Some examples…. [read more]

James Joyce's Short Story "The Dead" Simultaneously Reaction Paper

… James Joyce's short story "The Dead" simultaneously idealizes and deflates romantic ideals. On one hand, Gretta's description of Michael Furey, and how he died for her love, is shocking and heartbreaking. Gretta has clearly been keeping this memory alive within her heart for many years, and has been unable to share it with anyone. Unlike the 'Furey' of Michael's passion, her marriage with Gabriel is staid and uneventful. Although Gabriel does appreciate his wife, as much as he is capable of doing in his emotionally stunted way, the vividness of her memory seems to indicate that she knows she lost something vital and important, when she lost Michael. Gretta's presence in the story embodies the importance of passion in human existence and the sad possibility…. [read more]

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