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Farewell to Arms Ernest Hemingway Term Paper

… Because the story is told in first person, the reader is never privy to what Catherine thinks or feels. This retains a high degree of authenticity, for Hemingway himself had trouble with many of his own romantic liaisons during the war. Meyers notes, thtat Catherine is based on a real life love of Hemingway's during the war, Agnes. In Farewell to Arms, "the submissive Catherine becomes the hero's mistress and is 'punished' by death in childbirth," (41). Hemingway did not understand Agnes's betrayal, and so he created a character who he also does not understand. Hemingway shows the reader he does not understand Catherine by speaking in first person and preventing her from having a "voice" of her own. The reader only knows what is…. [read more]

War Society Modern World Essay

… This trend has erased physical boundaries and people from all parts of the world contribute to the growth and development of a company. For globalization to continue, it needs a stable and peaceful environment and this is what world leaders today are trying to achieve. Technology and its resultant lifestyle is providing a comfortable life for most people around the world and nobody wants to rock the boat by introducing a war. The existing war in Afghanistan is expected to wind down soon and there is no immediate threat of another war breaking out in any part of the world. All these advantages of technology has brought about a change in the mindset of people and the countries' leaders and has resulted in a more…. [read more]

War of the Roses Essay

… d.). Of King Henry VII's and Elizabeth of York's children, Henry VIII, would succeed King Henry VII and be succeeded by Queen Elizabeth I (Wheeler, 2013).

Paradoxically, the conflict between the House of York and the House of Lancaster resulted in neither family staking a sole claim on the English throne and not only ended the Plantagenet dynasty, but also allowed the Tudors to establish themselves on the throne. Although the Tudor dynasty only lasted three generations -- King Henry VII, King Henry VIII, and Queen Mary I and Queen Elizabeth I -- the historical impact they had on England forever changed England in terms of politics, art, and culture. Recently, there has been renewed interest in the Plantagenet dynasty as King Richard III's remains…. [read more]

War Without Victory Nominally Research Paper

… The goal of the war was not the destruction of Iraq, but simply getting Iraq out of Kuwait. However, President Bush was determined to have a quick and decisive victory in the area, not the drawn-out fighting that had plagued the United States in both Korea and Vietnam (PBS, 2010). This desire for a clear-cut victory may have resulted in him allowing Hussein to remain in power, which only delayed further problems for the United States in the region.


There are some arguments that the Persian Gulf War was not a political failure. For example, many people suggest that deterrence was ineffective completely in preventing the Persian Gulf War. However, that view takes a limited approach to deterrence. Deterrence does not only apply to…. [read more]

War and Society Research Paper

… As such, war would not be an effective policy tool due to globalization and the rippiling effect it would have the entire world economy. Events, due primarily to globalization, do not occur in isolation anymore. As such war should not be treated as a simple dipute, but rather a global problem.

Is major power war likely to disappear from history?

The future is uncertain. It is difficult to say, with any clarity if a major power will disappear. Anyone who claims to know this aspect with certainty is, quite frankly, delusional. In the past decade the world has encountered many unexpected events, which were as difficult to predict as they were to manage. A war in Syria, a war in Egypt, a tsunami in Japan,…. [read more]

War on Drugs Moral and Economic Arguments Essay

… War on Drugs

Moral and Economic Arguments on Both Sides of the War on Drugs

Today's Americans are obsessed with war. War with Iraq, war in Afghanistan, and war among the nations of Asia and the Middle East are all common topics on the lips of Americans discussing politics. Still, many forget that one old war is still raging, a war that has been overshadowed by the Vietnam war, the Cold War, the Korean War, and three Wars in the Middle East. Although occasionally a conflict of arms, this war has primarily been fought with law enforcement and incarceration, with politics and civil rights law, in town halls and among the D.C. lobbyists. This war is the War on Drugs. Founded in 1971 by President…. [read more]

War on Terror -- Noam Chomsky Essay

… War on Terror -- Noam Chomsky

War on Terror?

The flagrant use of the term "War on Terror" started after the September 11, 2001 attacks. These terrible events claimed thousands of American lives, disrupted their existence and even altered their sense of security. Measures were done to address these catastrophes, however, it changed the people's routines like, to name a few, they now underwent security checks in going inside establishments, they are reminded and warned in public locations about their vigilance and they became witnesses to a stricter immigration policy. These elicited cooperation from them as it gave them reassurance and promoted their feelings of safety. However, they also became supportive to a "war on terror" that is supposedly taking place.

On the other hand,…. [read more]

War on Terror and Human Essay

… Among the techniques that were spelled out in the memo were, in hindsight, clearly indications of human rights violations. For example, one memo outlined approved tactics to use against suspected terrorists: "walling… a facial hold, a facial slap, cramped confinement… and the waterboard" (MacAskill, p. 1).

The waterboarding form of torture was described in detail in one of Bush's memos: "the individual is bound securely to an inclined bench, which is approximately four feet by seven feet. The individual's feet are generally elevated. A cloth is placed over the forehead and eyes. Water is then applied to the cloth in a controlled manner… produces the perception of 'suffocation and incipient panic'…" (MacAskill, p. 2).

As for Yoo, he believed that "…the candid approach would be…. [read more]

War of the Worlds by HG Research Paper

… War of the Worlds by H.G.

Wells' "The War of the Worlds" is certainly a thought-provoking novel that addresses a series of divisive topics concerning society and the degree to which people believe they understand the concept of power. The writer provides readers with an account involving an unnamed narrator who generally feels confident concerning the power of humanity and of the British Empire in particular. While Wells has the ability to look at things from a more general point-of-view, the protagonist seems to be obsessed with introducing his own point-of-view concerning things that happened as Martians attacked Earth.

In order to gain a better understanding of the narrator's perspective concerning what happens in the novel, one must first understand why Wells chose this individual…. [read more]

War on Drugs for Roughly a Century Research Paper

… War on Drugs

For roughly a century, the United States government has been using their resources to police the substances known as drugs. In the last few decades the regulation of certain substances has resulted in an all-out "war" on drugs. Today in the United States, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 55% of federal prisoners and 21% of state-level prisoners are incarcerated on the basis of drug-related offenses which represents an incarcerated population greater than the population of Wyoming; the federal government is spending over twenty-two billion dollars alone on a so-called war that 76% of the population view as a failure (Head). The "war" has been so unpopular that President Obama stopped referring to the criminalization of people for drug charges as…. [read more]

War on Terror Essay

… Thus, even thought their stated enemy is the state, they attack innocent civilians. The mentality is that fear will motivate an extreme militaristic response, which can then be used as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

With regards to drug cartels, they are also trans-national, trans-governmental groups. Fueled by a thriving black market economy, drug cartels can only be squelched by legalizing the production of recreational drugs and regulating their trade worldwide. Until then, drug cartels will continue to make local and state governments more corrupt, crippling local economies and preventing long-term growth in their respective regions. Thus, the future of the War on Terror involves a careful look at what has worked in the past, and what has failed. Clearly, the War on Terror must take into…. [read more]

War of 1812 Causes Essay

… S. had against Britain though.

The United States had no problem finding volunteers to people its ships, but the British had a system of impressment because they could not find enough people to serve in their vast navy. Because of this, when English ships stopped a U.S. merchant ship in the open sea, they would impress all of the sailors who were of English ancestry. This was a considerable problem for the merchantmen because it left them with a crew that was often too small to pilot the ship back to a U.S. port. This practice began happening around 1803 when England's war with Napoleonic France was at its height (Hickman). The basic issue was that England did not view the U.S. As a threat,…. [read more]

War and Death Research Paper

… War and Death

When considering the causes and outcomes of war, oftentimes it can be helpful to compare and contrast seemingly disparate cases, because this comparison can often reveal underlying processes, strategies, and assumptions that would have remained hidden otherwise. This is why, for example, one may consider the United States' more recent occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan alongside its actions in the Korean War; though these cases are separated by a substantial expanse of time, examining the causes behind these conflicts as well as the effects reveals that the conception of warfare as a means of statecraft has not changed substantially in the intervening time. This leads one inevitably to reconsider the state of South and North Korea's relationship today, because these two actors…. [read more]

War the Experience Thesis

… My cousin, who was posted in both Iraq and Afghanistan can attest to these horrors. The quotation given by Homer of "Must you carry the bloody horror of combat in your heart forever?" is completely true for this war. Having seen the family member's actions, and comparing them to his previous self, one can observe the change. Both in the Hurt Locker and in the other sources mentioned here, the answer to this question, time and again, is yes. Yes, the bloody horror of combat will be carried forever because it is such an anti-human, illogical thing. Cruelty is not the strong suit of a man with a family, a man who must return to a child of innocence. Thus, this man become ever-marred by…. [read more]

War Why a Military Presence in Afghanistan Essay

… War

Why a military presence in Afghanistan will fuel conflict and turmoil within the country

Why the people of Afghanistan will be better served with a military presence within the country

Concluding Remarks

The war in Afghanistan has been a contentious issue for both developed nations and those around the world. The middle east, and in particular, Afghanistan, has had a profound impact on global prosperity and the resultant quality of life for all stakeholders involved. As such, this conflict has major implications for developed countries. Currently many individuals within Europe and American want their respective troops out of Afghanistan. A survey of over 1000 individuals showed that nearly 68% thought that troops should be removed from the territory (BBC news, 2008). I believe these…. [read more]

War in Iraq: An Application Term Paper

… In Coser's view, whether or not conflict is a good thing is dependent upon which parties are in conflict and the reasons behind it. The motivations behind conflict are as important as the conflict itself, if not more important (Conflict, 2003).

This is applied to the war in Iraq by looking at the motivations behind Saddam Hussein's regime in comparison to the motivations behind what the Iraqi people do. Unfortunately for the people of Iraq, it appears that Hussein's motives are not good ones. He is not looking for a form of conflict that can cause the society to change and grow into something better. Rather, he is looking for the kind of conflict that only comes from one person telling a country what it…. [read more]

People Management Essay

… The firms weaknesses has been witnessed in areas such as it's over reliance on the UK market even though the international market is expected to immensely contribute to the firms overall profits in the coming years. While this has been noted as a temporary weakness in the short-term, any slight change in the supermarket industry such as acquisition of Safeway by the Morrison group could eventually alter the equilibrium of UK supermarket power and impinge on the shares. It has also been noted that due to huge capital expenditure on investments in space and acquisition of other stores, the business has little cash to finance other operations.

Opportunities have been noted in the sale of non-food items which gives the firm 23% of its total…. [read more]

Farewell to Manzanar Japanese American Family During World War II Book Report

… Farewell to Manzanar (Japanese-American family during World War II)

Critical review:

Wakatsuki-Houston, Jeanne. Farewell to Manzanar: A true story of Japanese-American

experience during and after the World War II internment. Bantam, 1983

Shikata ga nai: It cannot be helped; it must be done (Wakatsuki-Houston 16). Such was the lament of many Japanese-Americans who were interned in detainment camps during World War II. But behind this seemingly passive, accepting Japanese phrase, which seems to confirm American stereotypes of Japanese acquiesce, the reality of the detainees' emotional resistance to their victimization was far more complex and varied, as chronicled in Jeanne Wakatsuki-Houston's 1983 book Farewell to Manzanar: A true story of Japanese-American experience during and after the World War II internment. While the Japanese interns were forced…. [read more]

War on Drugs Term Paper

… Hence, it was here that many researchers studied the link between terrorism and drugs management not only within the Columbian and Latin American region but also in the United States (The Economist, 2001).

According to study conducted by Falcoff in 2000, in 1998 the Columbian government had huge profit margins from drug trafficking with figures reaching up to U.S.$236 million resulting from kidnapping, U.S.$311 million resulting from extortion and nearly U.S.$551 million resulting from drug links (Falcoff, 2000). The FARC organization alone earned huge percentages that year: 6% resulting from cattle rustling, % resulting from kidnapping, 36% resulting from extortion and 48% resulting from drug sources (Suarez, 2000). This percentage breakdown shows why more and more people are easily recruited by the drug agencies; they…. [read more]

Discourse and Society of War Between West and East Essay

… War: Asian and Western Concepts

There is a great deal of sapience in comparing Western and Asian formations of war (prior to Westernization) after 1815, since this was the time frame in which imperialism was at its height and Asian forces were able to test their methodologies against those of the West. However, a prolonged examination of history reveals that for the most part, Asian forces were not nearly as sophisticated as those of their Western counterparts, which resulted in their ensuing colonization, deprivation of their natural resources at the hands of British and other European powers, and their ultimate adoption of Westernized methods of combat. Still, there are some similarities between these two concepts of war. Well before the 19th century, it was Asians…. [read more]

World War II Life on the Home Front Term Paper

… World War II -- Life on the Homefront

As World War II was beginning to emerge, the world was being reshaped. The war began in 1939 and ended in 1945 with more than fifty countries at war (PBS). All of these countries experienced a different outcome during and before the war. Life was especially life-changing in the United States and in Great Britain. With the home front being a different encounter for each respective country, the events witnessed and experienced would shape not only the lives of the people directly involved, but the future of each country was molded once again.

The United States tried as much as it could to stay out of the war. However, on December 7, 1941, all of that changed.…. [read more]

War and Propaganda Term Paper

… War and Propaganda

Propaganda is hearsay, word of mouth or information that is most of the time shaded in the color of deception to gain certain ends that serve the interests of agency propagating it. Thus propaganda is basically a systematic effort to persuade and convince, and normally carried out by projecting the strong points of one party while completely downplaying the efforts or qualities of rival side. Fundamentally it's a campaign to reach out to masses by means print, electronic and all other means of communication. Given the scale and magnitude of this exercise it is ostensibly understandable that the governments are the key players of it. It acquires special significance at the time of war and is important in two dimensions, the first…. [read more]

War in Afghanistan Essay

… This means that much of the economic security that the Afghan people enjoyed was brought about by the production of drugs that are illegal in most countries and very harmful. One key goal to ensuring the viability of the state is to ensure that Afghanistan has other economic opportunities.

Rapid economic expansion has been achieved in recent years by the Chinese who accomplished it using a three tiered system (Thomas). Government run businesses that were slowly taken over by Chinese investors was the first thrust of the plan that allowed the economic system to have a stable base of companies that were already established and, to some degree, thriving. The Chinese then turned to both direct foreign investment and other means of obtaining capital through…. [read more]

War on Terror Essay

… With Saddam Hussein no longer in power, terrorist organizations have one less eager financier waiting with bated breath for the next opportunity to stick it to America. While Hussein is not directly connected to the 9/11 attacks on America, he has all the qualities and characteristics of a tyrant (genocide on the Kurds, invaded a sovereign nation, actively sought WMDs). Additionally, since we've occupied both Iraq and Afghanistan we've kept the war on their soil, not ours.

CONCLUSION: For some people the notion of anticipatory self-defense is a hard pill to swallow. For instance, some people debate the use of occupational forces in Iraq due to the tenuous argument that was pitched prior to the invasion, i.e. weapons of mass destruction. This is a contentious…. [read more]

War Versus Pollution Research Proposal

… ¶ … War on Pollution of the Environment


War with all that is entailed in such conflicts has a powerful environmental impact due to the pollution generated during war. These impacts include environmental pollution on land, in the sea, and in the air. The objective of this work is to examine the impact that war has on pollution of the environment.


It is reported in a Greenpeace Briefing of February 2003 that the impacts to the environment of the Gulf War "were tremendous." During that Gulf War there were a reported six to eight million barrels of oil "deliberately poured into the Persian Gulf, causing the world's largest oil spill." (Greenpeace, 2003) More than 600 Kuwait oil wells…. [read more]

Germans, Post World War Essay

… This is largely due to the fact that they managed to overcome suffering associated with these respective events and simply came to consider that traumas are nothing else but old wounds. "Mostly, however, the stories have grown over the open wound like a second skin." (Schwab)

Strictness as 'the key to success'

Severity has always been perceived as a key element that can improve a person's life. Many have focused on being strict in hope that this is going to reflect positively on their development and on their likeliness to achieve their objectives. Haneke's film relates to this idea and builds on it in order to emphasize the destructive effects that being strict can have on an individual and on a community as a whole.…. [read more]

Nature of War Is Noted Essay

… On the other hand the army or military forces are termed as non-rational forces, this means that they are associated with forces that are not human thought or intention, but chance and probability. The mandate of the army is to deal with the chances and probabilities under the guidance of the commander. The occurrence of wars does not however balance on these non-rational factors, they are in place as a result of the war that has occurred or is to occur, people balance the probability. Since chance and probability (army) are termed as irrational factors, then people are important when it comes to break out of war hence people are termed as being the most important in the trinity.

The non-rational factors (military forces) as…. [read more]

People and Styles of Dress Term Paper

… For example, many people believe that the business suit functions as a magic amulet that protects them during the rite of passage to a new role as an executive (Solomon Pp). In fact dressing for success "spawned an entire industry devoted to providing the workforce with appropriate sartorial symbols and a heightened awareness of the power of clothing to influence outcomes in all types of settings" (Solomon Pp). Solomon points out that while "fashion has always meant personal expression, esthetics and, above all, constant change, the new emphasis upon strategic business clothing emphasizes conformity, rigidity and continuity" (Solomon Pp).

However, regardless of the research, many major American corporations are instituting dress-down policies (Henricks Pp). Even in Japan, one of the most conservative business climates on…. [read more]

War in Afghanistan Research Paper

… War in Afghanistan is visibly approaching its end in 2014 as the U.S. has committed to withdraw majority of combat troops in the year 2014. Since it is an electioneering pledge made by President Obama, it is likely that the U.S. will not let any worsening of the Afghan security situation to hinder his withdrawal plan from Afghanistan. The theoretical perspective of the Afghan war, however, points to a somewhat disturbing situation in the future. Use of Ad-hoc terrorist theory, war of the flea theory, and fourth generation warfare theory by the Taliban fighters in confluence with Al-Qaeda indicate that Taliban will find it highly difficult to come in peaceful terms with historically anti-Taliban warring groups. Thus, superiority in terms of war skills of Taliban…. [read more]

Ordinary Men by Christopher Browning Research Proposal

… Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution, Christopher R. Browning relates the horrors and atrocities concerning Adolph Hitler's "Final Solution," being the extermination of the Jewish people from all of Europe through the use of torture, intimidation, imprisonment in concentration camps and outright cold-blooded murder. Some estimates as to the number of Jews exterminated in Europe via Hitler's Third Reich are as high as seven million, with many of these murdered in the death camps by firing squad, gassing and incineration. Thus, Browning's message in this book is to convey to the reader the true horrors of the "Final Solution" in an attempt to force the reader to never forget the past. If this book contains any type of bias, it would…. [read more]

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