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Fashion and Appearance Central to the Construction Essay


The objective of this work is to answer the question of how is fashion and appearance central to the construction of social identities and to present a discussion that includes reference to specific examples.

The literature examined in this study clearly indicates that fashion and appearance are central to the construction of social identities. For example, the work of Christopher Breward (1999) entitled; "The Hidden Consumer: Masculinities, Fashion and City Life in 1860-1914" states that the study of "...masculinities, fashion and urban culture is rarely addressed in the same work since the dominant wisdom has long held that consumption was a feminine enterprise and that pre-War British and American men were reluctant consumers…. [read more]

Fashion and Identity Fashion, Culture, and Personal Essay

… Fashion and Identity

Fashion, Culture, and Personal Identity

Culture is a complex phenomenon. Any gathering of human beings develops its own culture given enough time; this can be observed on both macro and micro levels. In the study of history and art, scholars speak of Roman culture or Western culture as a way of referring to the broad and generalized values -- both moralistic and aesthetic -- that typify a given society in a certain period of history. On a smaller level, different localities have their own cultures that can be markedly different reflections of the dominant super-culture present in society at large -- the cultures of both San Diego, California and Bangor, Maine will in some ways reflect the larger United States and Western…. [read more]

Fashion, Appearance, and Social Identities "Tyranny Essay

… Fashion, Appearance, And Social Identities

"Tyranny of the Ideal Image of Beauty":

How Are Fashion and Appearance Central to the Construction of Social Identities

Most western societies today are highly commercialized and capitalist where not only traditional commercial products are for sale, but also appearances, looks, fashion, and images. These nonmaterial products are sold to consumers through various means. Mass media is central as an avenue for advertising these products. What is especially important about these new products is that they help shape social identities. Consumers of these products imitate the media images and the constructions of identity. The society's norms, values, and understandings of themselves and others around them are significantly influenced by these nonmaterial products and the way they are advertised. This paper…. [read more]

Fashion Designers in Turkey Thesis

… Fashion Designers in Turkey

Emerging Fashion Designers in Turkey

Fashion is a good indicator of the social and political trends characterizing society at a given point in time. It is safe to say that fashion represents a very powerful means of communication. Just as it can be influenced by people, it is in the same manner that it can influence them. Taking a good look at the contemporary Western fashion scene it is interesting to notice that numerous designers, which mark it, come from countries such as Turkey. Among them we can mention names such as Hussein Chalayan, Dice Kayek, Atil Kutoglu, Dilek Hanif and Cengiz Abazoglu.

Fashion is an extremely powerful tool. It influences the masses at an international level. Successful trends get adopted…. [read more]

Consider How National Identity and Culture Is Constructed Through Fashion in China and Japan Term Paper

… ¶ … national identity and culture is constructed through fashion in China and Japan

Fashion and Cultural Identity on China and Japan

Fashion, as it relates to culture, has initiated a relatively new and complex area of research into society and societal history. The concept of fashion has come to mean more than merely the history of dress and style for its own sake. Consequently, the study of fashion has developed into a multidisciplinary field that includes cultural, historical and sociological analyses of the role of fashion in societies.

The emerging field of fashion studies, sometimes known as the "new" fashion history, differs significantly from traditional dress history, which tended to focus on the stylistic analysis of elite fashions. By contrast, contemporary fashion studies asks…. [read more]

History of Construction Technology of 12 Periods in Western Civilization Essay

… History Of Construction Technology of 12 Periods in Western Civilization

What makes humans different from other animals can be attributed to many things, but it usually begins with our conscious choice to explore the world and separate ourselves from nature through some mastery of it. With the advent of agriculture, humans were now congregating in population centers and living for both themselves and their gods. Religion has always taken a guiding hand through history and is intimately connected to the history of construction itself.

What pushes man to go beyond himself and create structures of immense stature and/or beauty? Only Gods can do that and have done that as evidenced in the still standing great pyramid of Giza and the Parthenon in Athens. Building these…. [read more]

Price Beauty? Term Paper

… These ideas provide an excellent overview of that Age's understanding of the subject. In the second edition of his Enquiry (1759),

Burke addressed the idea of Beauty, by which he meant "that quality or those qualities in bodies by which they cause love, or some passion similar to it." Burke's goal of identifying the physiological relationship between external objects and their emotional apprehension is most apparent in Part Four [of the Enquiry], where he hoped to "discover what affections of the mind produce certain emotions of the body; and what distinct feelings and qualities of body shall produce certain determinate passions in the mind."

Physical beauty, therefore, was seen as inspiring an emotional response; specifically a feeling of love and affection on the part of…. [read more]

History of Construction Technology Literature Review

… History Of Construction Technology

Time Periods

Tools, materials, innovations

Add (April notes) two subheadings: Construction Techniques and Construction Machines under each one.




Ancient Egyptian


Ancient Greek

Idea of "Simple Machine"




Roman Empire

Works of Vitruvius

Roman Crane


Byzantine Empire

Master builders of Byzatine

Islamic Golden Age


See YC's notes on Crusader Castles -- looks like mostly books

Romanesque (1000-1200)

a. See YC's links

9. Gothic (1200-1400)

a. See YC's links on Gothic architecture

10. Renaissance Period (1400-1600)

11. Baroque Period (1600-1750)

12. Industrial Revolution (1750-1900)

1. Construction Technology of Mesopotamia

1.1. Construction Techniques

The Mesopotamian civilization dates back to c.6000 BC. As one of the first Bronze Age cultures, this civilization was also the…. [read more]

Intergenerational Relationships in Identity Construction Every Night Thesis

… ¶ … Intergenerational Relationships in Identity Construction

Every night, I have the same nightmare.

I search through a crowd of people on an endless expanse of green lawn, pushing past bow-tied waiters in white uniforms who carry trays piled high with biscuits, sandwiches, and tea. [….] Beyond the garden, there is a pavilion trimmed in teak, furnished with cane-backed chairs where the pale, white ghosts of British officers and their wives, the founders of this place, whose names are still etched on the plaques at the front entrance, congregate to laugh at the antics of the natives, swirling their gin and scotch, clinking their glasses. [….] I am distracted by voices behind me, calling my name. [….] These are the all familiar characters from stories…. [read more]

Master Format Essay

… 'Detail' plans are likewise required to highlight the building plans for smaller items (such as how the shower might be put together). Finally, sections and interior elevation blueprints will explain precisely how the overall structure is put together and harmonize existing elevation and foundation plans ("009 Techniques -- Blueprints," Carnation Construction, 2013).

Q3. How BIM or Revit can help

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a 'hot' new topic within the building industry that currently has many definitions, although nearly all agree upon its usefulness and the degree to which it has aided workers within the industry realize their visions. "Some say BIM is a type of software. Some say BIM is the 3D virtual model of buildings. Others say BIM is a process or BIM…. [read more]

New Reference Is Not Required. A Total Essay

… New reference is not required. A total of 15 references are needed

Baroque architecture from the late seventeenth century onwards was fully determined by the cultural interests of the Christian churchs, whether Catholic or Anglican. It was an expressive form designed to counteract the Reformation view of simplicity. As part of the counter-Reformation, the Baroque was reactionary and wished to reassert the dominance of the church through the display of florid, dynamic, and powerful forms that would move its audience to recognize ecclesiastical power. To this end, it invented a style based on curves and emotionality, eliminating a more linear and transcendent style common in Roman predecessors which was meant to replicate harmony and peace. The Baroque wanted noise and dynamism.

Out of this cultural…. [read more]

Cultural and Construction History of the Renaissance Essay

… Cultural and Construction History of the Renaissance (1450 to 1600)

Cultural Environment

The European Renaissance between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries began in Florence. It was not a sudden rebirth from the Dark Ages, but approximates more a refocusing outward politically and intellectually. Europe had become more than a series of small principalities vying for hegemony. There were larger cities, a more educated population, and a growing technology that allowed states to concentrate on growth and improvement. Italian cities were freed from feudalism, and were more mercantile and less hinged around a monarch (Skinner 69). On a cultural level, the Renaissance signalled a rebirth of learning and educational reform. People returned to classical works and revised their position on Christianity. There was a rise in…. [read more]

Grave Goods of the Avars in Medieval Carpathian Basin Research Paper

… " (Bardos, n.d., p. 2)

Excavations also located iron furnaces but state that 100% of the excavated graves in the Avar cemetery had been robbed but that what was left "shows a miraculous richness and variability." (Bardos, nd, p. 2) It is reported that the "constitution and quality of the find material designate a community of high social level. The finds mirror the material culture of Europe in the 7th century. The rich Byzantine ornaments, the folding iron stools of Italy, western type belt mounts, glass wares, bronze dish and bronze jug, pieces of costume from the land of the Merovings." (Bardos, nd, p.3)

V. Preparation of the Dead By Avars

The early parts of the cemetery are reported to contain German type objects including…. [read more]

Hall vs. Goffman ) Essay

… From Goffman's viewpoint blacks would not act in a certain manner dependent on their audience. For instance, performing for a white audience a black may act in a more subservient manner, even though the person did not view themselves as such, whereas with one's peers the same person might act in a more extroverted and assertive manner, again, even though one may or may not view these actions as being real. For Hall this would create a state of confusion such that a search for the real identity outside of performances would occur. Hall views the message (performance) as being effective in its ability to establish a meaningful dialogue with the audience and its ability to be decoded. The message is not produced simply to…. [read more]

Ho Women Are Portrayed in Late 19th Century Art Term Paper

… ¶ … Women are Portrayed in Late 19th Century Art

Throughout history, women have served as the subjects of compelling and poignant works of art, reflecting in large part how society viewed them and what roles they were expected to play. These gender differences were especially pronounced during the 19th century when women were women and men were men, and these differences can be readily discerned in the portraiture that emerged during this period. This paper provides an analysis of how women were portrayed in late 19th century art in general and in the paintings of women by John Singer Sargent and James Abbott McNeal Whistler in particular. An examination of how women are portrayed in paintings in general before the 19th century is provided,…. [read more]

Architecture Through the Ages Mesopotamia Literature Review

… The Erechtheum and the small temple of Athena on the Acropolis are Ionic however. The Ionic order became dominant in the Hellenistic period, since its more decorative style suited the aesthetic of the period better than the more restrained Doric. Records show that the evolution of the Ionic order was resisted by many Greek States, as they claimed it represented the dominance of Athens. Some of the best surviving Hellenistic buildings, such as the Library of Celsus, can be seen in Turkey at cities such as Ephesus and Pergamum. But in the greatest of Hellenistic cities, Alexandria in Egypt, almost nothing survives, so Greek art and architecture was at its apex during this time.

Roman Empire

The Roman Empire was a revolutionary period due to…. [read more]

Modernity the Discourse Research Proposal

… Modernity

The discourse of modernity is unfortunate in that it tends to entail a certain hostility to non-Western cultures. This type of discourse and its inherent hostility operates to exclude non-Western cultures from meaningful participation in the modern world. Simultaneously, it articulates a desire to indeed include them under the condition of "civilization." Modernity seeks to both whitewash and civilize non-Western cultures to resemble the West.

"Instrumental in the ideology of colonialism, this configuration continues to wield a powerful influence in contemporary theories of the Orient and of modernity. The assumption of modernity privileges Western cultural and moral dispositions, defining modernity in terms of Western cultures and historical experiences" (Mirsepassi, 9). The trope of modernity is concerned with the concept of the "West" as representative…. [read more]

World Poor Thesis

… ¶ … aloud or in writing, making the reflective report exercise a valuable addition to the learning process. This reflective report recounts the events that took place during the research process for the study, "Identifying Marketing Opportunities to Combat Global Poverty," including a recollection of individual experiences, the personal feeling and learning that were experienced, as well as the group dynamics and learning that were derived from the experience. A review of lessons learned that can be used in future projects is followed by a summary of the reflective report entries in the conclusion.

Recollection of Experiences

Perhaps the overriding perception that emerged during the earliest phases of the research process concerned the extent of the problem of global poverty and how it affected the…. [read more]

Arborite Term Paper

… 84 per square foot for the Canadian product and $1.21 to $1.05 per square foot for imported HPL from the U.S. The percentage of U.S. imports is also expected to rise and that of the Canadian product is expected to fall.

Manufacturing process and suppliers of HPL raw materials

The process to manufacture HPL involves the following eight stages:

Resin mixing: Resin is the bonding agent used to glue paper stock together and create the laminate composite product. Three basic chemicals were required to be mixed to obtain the desired resin. None of the HPL manufacturers were backward integrated and did not control the suppliers of the raw chemical material. The company manufacturing the HPL can either mix the resin or it can be obtained…. [read more]

Victor Horta and the Art Nouveau Movement Term Paper

… Victor Horta: Art Nouveau Movement

How Does Victor Horta's Work Reflect the Aesthetics of the Art Nouveau Movement and What Were Some of the Limitations of the Art Nouveau Movement?

The enduring popularity of some older architectural works makes them stand out from their less attractive contemporary counterparts, and the art nouveau-inspired works by Victor Horta stand out among these. Horta was the son of a Belgian shoemaker who went on to become the pioneer of the art nouveau movement in Europe during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and many of his buildings and the homes he designed remain influential today. In fact, Horta is even credited with introducing central heating into homes in Brussels. To determine where, when and why Horta pursued…. [read more]

Cantilever and Cable Stayed Bridges Essay

… ¶ … Cantilever Bridges

Page 4 Advantages of Cantilever Bridges

Page 5 Top 5 Longest Cantilever Bridges

Page 6 Cable Stayed Bridges

Page 8 Advantages of Cable Stayed Bridges

Page 8 Top 5 Longest Cable Stayed Bridges

Page 8 Comparison: Cable Stayed with Cantilever

Cantilever and Cable Stayed Bridges

There are major differences between a cantilever bridge and a cable stayed bridge, and there are specific and interesting engineering perspectives that create the preference for one style over another, depending on the water that requires a bridge to span over it and the land on either end of the bridge.

This paper provides numerous resources to compare and contrast both styles of bridges, and will describe the advantages and disadvantages of both bridge styles. First,…. [read more]

Architectural Principles of the Medieval Period Essay

… Architectural Principles of the Medieval Period

There is a very close connection that can be seen between the architectural efforts and achievements of medieval cultures and the cultural visions and experiences that these architectural constructions were intended to express. The astounding structures that were fashioned by medieval cultures also show evidence of certain architectural principles and techniques that were central to building and construction at that time. Architectural principles and design techniques have developed constantly as humankind has utilised the tools necessary to complete such construction projects.

The architectural principles found during this time show evidence of the connection between architecture and religious themes and principles that were dominate at the time. This time frames ranges from the Byzantine Empire to the Gothic Period. Each…. [read more]

Work of Peter Zumthor Term Paper

… Peter Zumthor: Therme Vals

One of the best examples of a relatively recent application of phenomenology in architecture is Peter Zumthor's Therme Vals in Vals, Switzerland. Examining how Zumthor transformed an aging spa resort into the unique structure that exists today helps one to better understand how theoretical ideas may intesect the practice and production of architecture. In particular, considering Therme Vals in the context of certain texts discussing architectual phenomenology by Christian Norberg-Schulz, Juhani Palasma, and Zumthor himself reveals the way in which Zumthor's particular design choices, from the locally-sourced materials to the intentional timelessness of the interior, exemplify the phenomenological ideals of simplicity, personality, and individual reflection. The building presents itself as a kind of suggestive, creative space, in which the formal details…. [read more]

Oscar Wilde, Rebellion of His Themes Thesis

… Oscar Wilde, Rebellion of His Themes and Morality in Comparison to the Society of the Time

The objective of this work is to discuss the central image of Oscar Wilde, both conformist and rebel and the extent to which his work contains an inherent contradiction, and specifically in his pointing out the folly of his contemporary society and his expression of values that were contrary to the social norm or that which was expected within society and simultaneously his work being published, performed and appreciated within that society. This work will discuss the central image of Wilde as a figure of contradiction and paradox.

Reality within the view of Wilde is one without a consistent value as he blurs his edges and hides behind a…. [read more]

Educational Leadership in Latino Students Term Paper

… Limitations

Barriers to this study include the willingness of people to participate in qualitative or quantitative research related to the importance of teacher expectation. Some teachers and educational facilities within the U.S. are likely to be reluctant to participate in the study as they are not willing to divulge extraneous information related to teaching practices. Undoubtedly a minority will be short of time. The study is also limited in scope to primarily schools within the LA county school district. It is possible that students in other regions may be affected in a slightly different manner.


Tracking - The practice of sorting students into different programs of study based on their perceived academic ability. Often used synonymously with 'ability grouping' or 'homogenous grouping' (Datnow, 1998)…. [read more]

Artist and Art Work Term Paper

… Frank Lloyd Wright, Robie House, And the Guggenheim

Frank Lloyd Wright was an architect of the modern era -- an architect who, not unlike Marcel Breuer, was as modern in his ideas as the age that saw him create his most acclaimed works of architecture. For Wright, "Love of an idea (was) love of God" (Secrest 4) -- a caption that covers his grave and covers neatly his life's philosophy and the ideal that shaped the formation of his work. Wright was a craftsman and an idealist and a modernist. He was the Kandinsky of architecture -- the zeitgeist of naturalism -- and in one regard he was the anti-brutalist architect of the 20th century. Yet, in another way, his architecture, despite its grand intentions,…. [read more]

Internet and Democracy Research Paper

… 15). All throughout the 20th Century, there was a pervasive sense that society was controlled by managers, experts and technicians over whom the individual had no control, and the new technology has made these elites seem even more distant and omnipotent. Even among many computer professionals, there has been a growing fear of the potential for using the new technologies for repression and control, and indeed this happens every day in countries like Iran and China (Agre 1997, p. 10).

Repressive Regimes and Facebook Revolutions

News spreads more rapidly than ever before via cable, satellite and Internet, and anyone with a cell phone could become an instant amateur journalist. Even highly repressive societies like China, Iran and Egypt could not completely control this new medium,…. [read more]

Sex and Gender Research Paper

… ¶ … Down There

When most of us think about differences between men and women (or boys and girls) we tend to think first about the biology involved. The physical shape of our bodies -- genitalia mostly, but also the relative breadth of hips and shoulders, the presence or absence of a uterus and the potential to sustain a pregnancy -- helps us sort humans into male and female. Simple as pie. Which is good -- because sorting people by sex is something that is very important to most people. Watch nearly anybody go up to someone holding an infant and the first thing that she or he will ask the parent if the child is a girl or a boy. But why should it…. [read more]

Psychological Theories as Applied to Gerontology Research Paper

… Marketing Mix

Gerontology and psychology: Approaches to mitigating the negative aspects of aging

Youth is a temporary state: most human beings will eventually become old. Yet psychology has traditionally devoted relatively little analysis to the inevitable challenges of aging, and instead chosen to focus on childhood and adolescent development. This has changed in recent years, given the widespread aging of the worldwide population. "The number of Americans age 65 and older is projected to comprise about 20% of the nation's population by the year 2030. With a growing elderly population, greater attention has been devoted to the lives of seniors and toward ensuring the physical and mental health of individuals as they move toward later life" (Facts sheet on aging, 2001, AABT, p.1). Cognitive behavioral…. [read more]

Military Strategy Thesis

… Australia's Domestic and Foreign Policy Approach to Confronting Terrorism
Terrorism has emerged as one of the most pressing concerns in foreign
policy and international relations. With the inception of guerilla strike
tactics, multicellular militia organizations and rising tension between the
developing and the developed sphere over the course of the second half of
the 20th century, terrorism has become a method of choice for political
orientation by armed groups airing grievances over territory and
governmental determination. As a result, nations of the developed and
developing spheres alike have had to coordinate efforts to find ways to
respond to an enemy which is difficult to pin down and a nature of warfare
that is unfamiliar to traditional military stratagem.
Therefore, devising foreign policy approaches and national…. [read more]

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