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Fashion and Identity Essay

… For example, women who dress in the style of Audrey Hepburn (circa Breakfast at Tiffany's) are not just communicating their love of little black dresses, but are also expressing an even deeper desire to have a "fly by night" lifestyle of the socialite Holly Golightly in the most carefree and irreverent manner.

As this paper has demonstrated, clothes and fashion don't just allow one a certain level of social distinction with which to connect their identity, they are also used as a means of asserting one's inclusion or popularity within a given social group. "To follow a fashion is to imitate the norm so that outsiders (such as those wearing sundresses) feel uncomfortable while the outsiders enjoy the feeling of inclusion" (Dant, 1999: 87). Thus,…. [read more]

Fashion When a Woman Walks Research Paper

… Fashion is a factor in social and collective identity; including identities related to socio-economic class, ethnic/racial group, and gender/sex inequality. Moreover, clothing clearly delineates one's professional status or locus of professional activity, level of education and acquisition of certain types of knowledge, and participation in the sciences (Lamont and Molnar, 2002). Fashion is an outward sign of the formation of "communities, national identities, and spatial boundaries," (Lamont and Molnar, 2002, p.167). The relationship between clothing and identity (whether personal or collective) is a two way street. In other words, the way a person dresses enables the individual to express personal preferences and lifestyle choices as well as announce membership in a specific cultural group. At the same time, the group to which a person belongs…. [read more]

Consider How National Identity and Culture Is Constructed Through Fashion in China and Japan Term Paper

… ¶ … national identity and culture is constructed through fashion in China and Japan

Fashion and Cultural Identity on China and Japan

Fashion, as it relates to culture, has initiated a relatively new and complex area of research into society and societal history. The concept of fashion has come to mean more than merely the history of dress and style for its own sake. Consequently, the study of fashion has developed into a multidisciplinary field that includes cultural, historical and sociological analyses of the role of fashion in societies.

The emerging field of fashion studies, sometimes known as the "new" fashion history, differs significantly from traditional dress history, which tended to focus on the stylistic analysis of elite fashions. By contrast, contemporary fashion studies asks…. [read more]

Fashion and Identity Fashion, Culture, and Personal Essay

… Fashion and Identity

Fashion, Culture, and Personal Identity

Culture is a complex phenomenon. Any gathering of human beings develops its own culture given enough time; this can be observed on both macro and micro levels. In the study of history and art, scholars speak of Roman culture or Western culture as a way of referring to the broad and generalized values -- both moralistic and aesthetic -- that typify a given society in a certain period of history. On a smaller level, different localities have their own cultures that can be markedly different reflections of the dominant super-culture present in society at large -- the cultures of both San Diego, California and Bangor, Maine will in some ways reflect the larger United States and Western…. [read more]

Art Fashion Essay

… These artists had talent and with use of originality they both introduced new trends. The last collection by McQueen was so close to death and portrayed his obsession with afterlife. He mainly made use of red, gold and silver colors with detailed embroidery and people were amazed to see his last 16 pieces. He will always be remembered for his uniqueness and individuality.

Both Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan were keen on employing new and innovative ideas in their designing and presentation and these two factors turned out to be important for their success. Additionally, both artists were able to implement and conduct narrative, powerful and memorable catwalk shows which were most often presented as art performances. These two renowned artists managed to earn constant…. [read more]

Fashion Industry Essay

… Fashion Industry

The so-called "Grandfather paradox" refers to a situation in which a person could turn back in time and perform the murder of his or her grandfather because he or she hates him. It is known that grandfather's death occurred in the year of 1957 from natural causes. The time travelling machine though takes the grandson to 1921.The question which arises regards the very possibility for such a crime to take place. The matter has been formulated by a division in two possible arguments.

According to the first argument the grandson has what it takes and if he has what it takes he can kill the grandfather. The conclusion is that he can kill the grandfather. According to the second argument, he did not…. [read more]

Personal Development Plan Cultural Differences Essay

… Experiencing the availability or non-availability or the difference in usage and application in different culture and societies really makes one realize the importance that one should attach to such elements (Murphy, Benckendorff & Moscardo, 2007). It also helps one realize the situation of the home country with respect to the countries or regions being travelled. The "cultural shock" that people often talk about when one travels to an alien society can sometimes however be enlightening in aspects that can be related to the attitudes of people, quality and nature of food and food habits, the cultural behavior, differences in fashion and much more. Many say that this also helps people to realize the value of the things they possess as well create a craving for…. [read more]

Culture and Identity the Combined Structure Article

… ¶ … Culture and Identity


The combined structure of individual identity is a paramount or superior-ranking framework revolving around Erikson's paradigm of identity development and ambiguity as well as Marcia's (1966) identity status paradigm and the identity capital model (Cote, 1996). Particularly the concept of individual identity relates to possessing an established idea of self, which is inherently steady and sound (Erikson), which is premised on insightful commitments (Marcia) and which backs and fosters autonomous adult performance and incorporation into a certain adult society (Cote) (Schwartz, 2007a).

Thus, the individual identity structure is a higher ranking, multifaceted framework that contains components from Erikson's model, identity position and capital and formulates a model that adds more value altogether than the value taken from each of…. [read more]

Identity Themes in Praisesong Research Paper

… In this regard, Rhine reports that, "Yukio Mishima's Confessions of a Mask not only catapulted him into prominence as one of the top writers of postwar Japan when it was published in 1949, but also remains one of the most popular and most often taught and discussed of his novels today, more than twenty-five years after his spectacular death by ritual suicide in 1970" (222). This same search for true identity can be discerned in Shuttle Island wherein Leonardo DiCaprio discovers his true identity after a challenging and struggle-filled search involving a checkered past (Clarke 203). This self-discovery can also be discerned in Confessions of a Mask wherein Mishima suggests that process involved in developing and sustaining an alternative identity is difficult but it can…. [read more]

Fashion Color Contact Lens Research Paper

… Fashion-Color Contact Lens

Beauty for sale

Globalization has made it possible for a multitude of cultures to interact and influence each-other, with the Western World having an increasing influence on the Eastern community and vice-versa. Asians have gradually come to be more and more appreciative in regard to Western culture, reaching a phase where they go through great efforts to amplify their physical beauty by adopting occidental looks. As a result of the fact that their dark facial features did not assist them in being properly recognized for their potential by society as a whole, numerous Asian individuals have changed their appearance by using color contact lenses and skin whiteners.

The fact that Hollywood apparently had nothing against portraying actors that had Caucasian as well…. [read more]

Identity Development During Adolescence Thesis

… Identity Development in Adolescence

Adolescence is the period in the human life growth process when we experience more physical and psychological changes than any other period in the life cycle. Some experts hold that adolescent psychological development of identity in a complex western society is a vastly differently, intricate, and almost fragile process (Moshman, David, 1999, p. 6). It is a self-constructed identity that is formed around the social norms of the society like morality and rationality (Moshaman, p. 6), but it is also logical to infer that an adolescent's self-constructed identity is influenced by elements of that complex society that are unique to the individual's own environment and atmosphere of social interaction in the family, school, church, and in his or her social relationships…. [read more]

Personal Philosophy of Nursing Research Proposal

… Personal Philosophy of Nursing

Philosophy of Nursing

The Responsiveness Theory of Nursing: Thoughts of a dialysis nurse

Providing effective nursing is not like following a rulebook or a recipe, although certain standard procedures and practices must be observed. Instead, a nurse must be continually responding to changes in the patient's immediate state of wellness, changes in the environment, and also to long-standing changes regarding how health and nursing is defined in the context of the patient and the nursing profession. Just as the patient responds to and changes with shifts in the environment and his or her internal state of health, the nurse must respond to and use his or her observations to define the belief structures that will underline a specific patient's treatment, and…. [read more]

Personal Self-Concept: I Think Essay

… Each of these five different levels constitute proficiency and skill not only in practical labor, but also in other components -- such as skilled communication and mentoring -- that are integral to the field of nursing. The novice nurse, for instance, tends to see the patient as an object made up of discrete pieces of information / data and specific tasks that she, the nurse, has to master. The expert nurse, however, on the top of the rung, can move beyond that approaching her task in a more automatic fashion and seeing the patient as an individual who is worthy of and requires her full respect. At the same time, the expert nurse can effortlessly and diligently move through her tasks without being caught up…. [read more]

Personal Statement in Communication Studies Term Paper

… Personal Statement

Describe the communication theories, philosophies, and research areas you find compelling. What is it about these ideas that you find most interesting?

Imagine this scenario: a competent, intelligent and forcefully speaking woman stands in the hallway, engaged in a professional debate with a male colleague. This woman has learned, through the process of her undergraduate education and from various assertiveness training courses, how to comport herself in an articulate fashion, using direct statements of address, and never apologizing for her expressed opinions. She speaks, she hopes, not like a man but to a man in a way that he will take her opinions seriously. She hopes she still retains her identity as a woman without compromising her professional ethics. Yet she is filled…. [read more]

Swarovski and Luxury Fashion Experiential Literature Review

… Swarovski has extended a cordial relationship with its customers over time. When it adopted experiential marketing, it showed its commitment to its customers since it appeared to be willing to go an extra mile and give its customer a chance to experience Swarovski lifestyle. This is the reason why every showroom of Swarovski, its own website and presence on social media shows that Swarovski is a brand which should be the first choice of crystal lovers. Through a luminous experience offered by it, it has managed to attract a mass of customers globally. It appears that Swarovski knows that attracting customers is easy but it's difficult to retain them. It appears to exploit the emotional attachment of its customers to its fullest. It has not…. [read more]

Effects of Luxury Fashion From Swarovski Toward Social Identity Literature Review

… ¶ … luxury fashion of Swarovski toward social identity.

The review of the literatures presents "the effects of luxury fashion from Swarovski toward social identity." The paper reviews the literatures to provide greater understanding of the "experiential marketing for fashion jewellery, emotional brand attachment and brand personality and social media and cultural influences." The literatures identify that Swarovski is facing competition within the global market environment due to the influx of cheap fashion jewelry product from China . Thus, the company needs to design effective marketing promotion to differentiate its product as well as enhancing competitive market advantage.

Swarovski Overview

Swarovski is a global company that specializes in designing fashion jewelry and the company uses the supreme mastery to design and produce fashion products such…. [read more]

Intergenerational Relationships in Identity Construction Every Night Thesis

… ¶ … Intergenerational Relationships in Identity Construction

Every night, I have the same nightmare.

I search through a crowd of people on an endless expanse of green lawn, pushing past bow-tied waiters in white uniforms who carry trays piled high with biscuits, sandwiches, and tea. [….] Beyond the garden, there is a pavilion trimmed in teak, furnished with cane-backed chairs where the pale, white ghosts of British officers and their wives, the founders of this place, whose names are still etched on the plaques at the front entrance, congregate to laugh at the antics of the natives, swirling their gin and scotch, clinking their glasses. [….] I am distracted by voices behind me, calling my name. [….] These are the all familiar characters from stories…. [read more]

Human Resources Managing Organisational Culture Dissertation

… d).

Understanding of organisational culture and cultural types also helps the understanding of why managerial reforms may impact differently within and between organisations. An organisation with a predominantly internal process culture, for example, may be more resistant to reforms aimed at promoting innovation. It is expected that staff in high uncertainty avoidance cultures to be more concerned with rule-following and more reluctant to risk changing jobs - both factors of some importance for those reformers who want to deregulate bureaucracies and encourage more rapid job change in the public service'. Businesses in both the private and public sectors have come to understand that organisational change frequently requires changing the organisation's culture and learning (O'Donnell & Boyle, 2008).

Whatever the purpose and performance results of culture…. [read more]

Fashion Cultural Studies Term Paper

… Cultural Studies

Introduction metro-sexual can be defined, as a man who is narcissistic in nature, loves his urban lifestyle and a straight man in touch with his feminine side. A British journalist named Mark Simpson devised this word. It can be said that any urban male of any sexual orientation who spends a lot of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle is known as a metrosexual. There are a large number of celebrities out there who are famous metrosexual icons such as David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Robbie Williams, P Diddy and George Clooney.

Metrosexual metrosexual male is known as a straight male who is in touch with his feminine side and can color coordinate, exfoliate and is manscaped well. Another description can be…. [read more]

Culture Admission Essay

… There are few Asians at the school I currently attend, and I have experienced discriminatory bullying because of it. Bullies at school would sometimes steal my lunch and shout "Yeah! Chinese food!" I also have been labeled by some of my peers as a "fake" Chinese because I do not know martial arts and am unable to physically protect myself from bullying. Based on these types of experiences, it may be suggested that globalization results in a cultural one-way street -- in the Western world especially there is an expectation of Americanized ideals being the norm with little awareness of the diverse values and traditions of other cultures.

International travel is one of the most effective ways of broadening one's conception of culture and gaining…. [read more]

Gangs as Culture and Subculture Essay

… If we do not know much about them, how can we effectively combat their dangerous activities? Esbensen et al. explicate as to why the lack of knowledge about gangs can be dangerous or detrimental:

For example, research on the extent and nature of the gang problem faces three possible outcomes: (1) accurately stating the gang problem with the best definition for the research question, (2) underestimating it with a far too narrow definition, or (3) overestimating it if the definition is too broad, capturing individuals, groups, and behavior that are of little interest to the intended audience. (Esbensen et al., 2001,-Page 106)

Defining and agreeing upon what a gang is central to intervention efficacy with the support of public policy.

When dealing with gangs, a…. [read more]

Enlightenment on American Culture and Political Life Essay

… ¶ … Enlightenment on American Culture and Political Life

The impact that the Enlightenment had on American culture is significant. In fact the American society that "evolved and is dominant today -- including the democratic ideals, capitalism and the scientific method -- all "derive from the Enlightenment ideals formulated in England" (Jandt, 2007, p. 184). The emphasis that Americans have on individual liberties and the dominant language in America and the structure of law were the result of the Enlightenment, Jandt explained (184). The author asserts that values related to democracy -- including separation of powers (executive, legislative and judicial) -- derived from the French philosopher Montesquieu, prominent in the French Enlightenment.

Professor Robert Morse Crunden -- with the University of Texas -- explained that…. [read more]

Working in United Arab Emirates Business Culture Research Paper

Likewise, locals in the UAE will be mindful of not committing the following faux-pas’s as well, as Soriano (2014) shows, when engaging in a business meeting or regular business practice:

· Never criticizing one of the powerful families of any of the seven emirates in the UAE;

· Never scheduling a business meeting or appointment during Ramadan, as this is an especially holy period for Muslims;

· Never demonstrating an attitude or air of disrespect towards the religious practices of others, but especially towards Islam, as this is the dominant religion of the state; to disrespect a religious practice of another, no matter what it is, however, is viewed as very offensive in the UAE, where everyone is expected to…. [read more]

Personal Identity Essay

… However, I love to cook and I love food. I am naturally skinny and the fact that I am thin is not something I am trying to work on because I want to be a model. I like to look nice, but I am not obsessed with my personal appearance.

The most important things in my life are my family and my friends. People cannot see my moral values looking at me from the outside. They also do not know the difficult transition I experienced when I came here at the age of 15 and was forced to transition into a new culture. The past 7 years have been a struggle but I have learned a great deal about my personal inner strength and my…. [read more]

Globalization and Its Effect on Identity in Africa Term Paper

… ¶ … globalization and how it impacts identity in Africa. The writer looks at group as well as individual identify issues as they relate to the globalization process.


Globalization is a worldwide blending of cultures and other elements that create society. As the world continues to globalization barriers come down and the subsequent examination of need results. In many areas of the world the globalization process produces fair trade discussions, technological advances and other things that create a more modern society, however for some of the underdeveloped nations it means much more simple desires. Identities are developed by personal beliefs, outside environment and the world as…. [read more]

Construct Identity in Words? Gricean Term Paper

… Demonstrative of nearly everything a potential partner might be looking for we can presume the individual is not living in a cave somewhere isolated from all potential life partners, yet why is she single? "GEORGEOUS & EXOTIC BLONDE 23YO, 5'10 slim & athletic. Love traveling, Sports, Fashion, Museums & Being Treated like Princess ISO a successful gdlkg charming man." Excluding the museums, and describing herself as a princess she would seem to be the perfect woman for nearly all red blooded American men, yet she is single. The reader might wonder just what is wrong with her or they buy into the prettiest girls never get asked out theory, because most guys think they probably get asked out all the time and maybe by better…. [read more]

Gender and Identity Term Paper

… Postmodernist theory suggests that socialized roles are not static, nor are they transmitted faithfully to individuals, but rather the individual interacts dynamically with the role. "Children [have] agency in learning gender. They are not passively 'socialized into a sex role... they do this actively, and on their own terms..." (Connell 2002, 15) Gender becomes not a role, but a "project" -- something which is willingly undertaken and engaged. Essentially, postmodernists suggest that gender does not create identity, but rather that identity creates individual gender.

Major Theory Critiques

If one could require a single litmus test of all sociological or psychological theories, it would be that they ought not fly in the face of actual experience and basic common sense. As sound as a theory may…. [read more]

Hall vs. Goffman ) Essay

… From Goffman's viewpoint blacks would not act in a certain manner dependent on their audience. For instance, performing for a white audience a black may act in a more subservient manner, even though the person did not view themselves as such, whereas with one's peers the same person might act in a more extroverted and assertive manner, again, even though one may or may not view these actions as being real. For Hall this would create a state of confusion such that a search for the real identity outside of performances would occur. Hall views the message (performance) as being effective in its ability to establish a meaningful dialogue with the audience and its ability to be decoded. The message is not produced simply to…. [read more]

African-American Culture Essay

… African-American Culture & My Family Background

How do you define your culture?

I am part of the African-American culture, which is not a culture that can be defined universally because there are many subcultures within the African-American ethnicity. There are many socioeconomic divisions within the African-American culture but basically my parents are black, I was born in Landstuhl, Germany and I was raised in Chicago Illinois and in Hampton Virginia. Both my parents were in the Air Force, which is why I was born in Germany. My great grandmother on my mother's side is Cherokee and my great grandmother on my father's side is German. So I have a little Native American blood in me, and a little German blood as well as African-American blood.…. [read more]

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