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Business Plan for a Company Business Plan

… Business Plan

IDC Interiors aims to open a small business venture with the aim to attract clients as much as this venture can of both types of customers (residential or commercial) by offering unique, comprehensive, environment-friendly and comfortable, interior design services for them.

The aim will be to completely satisfy the target market which includes the residential and commercial residents in Auckland. IDC Interiors complement the interior design structures by not just providing a sense of aesthetic distribution of space but also offer services that will optimally use furniture, fabric, electrical and heating structures as well as accessories (Schultz et al., 2000).

IDC company will be the first company in Auckland which combine selling furniture and providing interior design services. The company will provides a…. [read more]

Fashion Business a Review Research Paper

… Fashion Business

a Review of Research Literature

There are a number of how-to articles available that give at least a basic overview of how to start a fashion design business. Amed (2007) highlights an interview with Marc Jacobs regarding what it takes to break into the fashion design business. Jacobs, of course, is a famous designer. He notes that the prospective fashion designer who has just graduated from fashion school should probably understand the realities of the fashion design business. Often, they will spend only 10% of their time designing, with the rest going towards things like accounting, managing production, dealing with suppliers and sending samples to magazines.

Jacobs also discusses the interpersonal skills that are needed to start a fashion business, including "tenacity, endurance…. [read more]

Fashion, Lifestyle, and Consumption and Their Influence on Identities Essay

… This is because they present the values of the traditional societies and have an inherent meaning of the society. Fashion designers often pick on these traditional values and dressing and put them into a piece of attire that creates the national identity.

Scholars have argued that the contribution of the different cultures of a country into the national identity created in fashion is important in the acceptance of the garments overall. By excluding other communities or groups, the fashion designer will be taking a position about the national identity that often negatively affects the acceptance. However, there is need to balance the societies, communities or groups because including too many will bring a conflict in the fashion attire. One solution to this is the African…. [read more]

Business Plan for Freelancer Website Business Plan

… Before starting up a freelancer website, the owners will have to conduct a full-fledged environmental scan of the freelance business industry in order to operate the website in an effective and profitable fashion (Allen, 2012). The major environmental forces that can affect the business operations and profitability of freelancer website include political and legal forces; economic forces; social and demographical forces; technological forces; and the most importantly, Globalization and international competition (Ilasco & Cho, 2010).

Political and Legal Infrastructure:

Being an international freelancing services provider, the freelancer website will have to adhere to the local and international laws and regulations that govern freelancing industry. For example, it will have to pay taxes on its sales, technical services, software acquisitions, etc. (Entrepreneur magazine, 2012). It will…. [read more]

Fashion / Ugo at the Age Term Paper

… Fashion / Ugo

At the age of thirteen, celebrity stylist Ugo Mozie already had unique ideas for putting the fun in fashion. He took unlikely pairings, such as his sister's latex tights and a button-down shirt, and added his own twist, drawing on influences from such far-flung locales as London, Africa, and Los Angeles. As a high school sophomore in 2009, he and his best friend set the garment industry abuzz by debuting their collection during New York's Fashion Week. Ugo had a short stint as a model but following an internship in the marketing department at Capitol Records, Ugo knew that the business side of fashion, and a career as a stylist, were his future.

The fashion part of the stylist's job is easy,…. [read more]

Fashion Management Programs in London Essay

… Graduate Diploma Fashion Management in London.

Why did you choose this program? What will be the benefits?

While I have a solid grounding in design and management from my studies at Parsons and my experience in several international businesses, I am seeking an opportunity to deepen my understanding of fashion management. A number of attributes of the Graduate Diploma Fashion Management program are unique and address the critical components I need to further my understanding of and connections with the fashion industry: practical and project-based interdisciplinary coursework, a network of university partners from the UK fashion and merchandising industry, and international underpinnings. The London College of Fashion has a peerless reputation for staying well ahead of the curve -- indeed, LCF is known globally as…. [read more]

Business Management-5. Performance Review Session Case Study

… However, disagreements can always be 'bracketed' in the report and highlighted rather than presented in a confusing fashion. For example, the consensus report might read: "some members believed you had difficulty compromising with your team members; however, others noted that when prompted you did not offer your own suggestions when you disagreed with them about how to move forward. Try to work on being more specific in your suggestions and being more respectful of other's feelings." This criticism gives the reader specific information about what to work on and to understand what he needs to change regarding working well as part of a team as well as working independently.

Q1b. The most effective approach to providing feedback is through a personalized interview process rather than…. [read more]

Fashion and Appearance Central to the Construction Essay


The objective of this work is to answer the question of how is fashion and appearance central to the construction of social identities and to present a discussion that includes reference to specific examples.

The literature examined in this study clearly indicates that fashion and appearance are central to the construction of social identities. For example, the work of Christopher Breward (1999) entitled; "The Hidden Consumer: Masculinities, Fashion and City Life in 1860-1914" states that the study of "...masculinities, fashion and urban culture is rarely addressed in the same work since the dominant wisdom has long held that consumption was a feminine enterprise and that pre-War British and American men were reluctant consumers…. [read more]

History of Fashion Film Review

… Even the unmarried women of the film are shown constantly trying on clothes and trying to make themselves beautiful, even though they have no work and no husband bankrolling their efforts. The most intelligent and level-headed of the three women, Schatze, (played by Lauren Bacall) is still obsessed with marriage. Her character is photographed in slightly less revealing clothes than her blonde co-stars but she is still often dressed in garish, artificial clothing with tight waistlines and extreme high heels that appear very uncomfortable to wear every day.

The presentation of Marilyn Monroe in the film perhaps most starkly illustrates the idea that female intelligence must be concealed for a woman to 'snag' a man. When the three women are presented, Monroe's character of Paula…. [read more]

Business Ethical Practice Essay

… Business

Ethical practice in business

Ethical practice in business is a contentious issue. There are many who argue that businesses can operate in a purely self-interested, Machiavellian fashion without incurring any deleterious consequences. Certainly, there are businesses that operate in an ignoble manner without any punishment. However, examples such as the Bernie Madoff and Enron scandals exemplify how businesses who act in their own self-interests and ignore virtuous ethics will generally suffer negative consequences. To this end, successful businesses typically act in an altruistic spirit. Such corporate altruism is referred to as corporate social responsibility, and in order to become successful, businesses must deploy corporate social responsibility practices.

There are many manifestations of corporate social responsibility, all of which refer to the ways in which…. [read more]

Business: Internet's Increasing Impact Dissertation

… Business Scenario

[Type the document title]

The internet has impacted nearly every form of daily life. This includes everything from the way that people interact with each other socially (through social networking), to how they purchase various goods and services. As a result, a shift has occurred in the way that consumers are utilizing this new technology to perform a variety of tasks. Evidence of this shift can be seen, by looking no further than the increasing number of wireless devices that are being used by consumers on a regular basis. In a recent study conducted by Pew Research, they found that nearly 59% of all U.S. adults were accessing the internet through either: wifi connections or some type of mobile device (such as smart…. [read more]

Concise Analysis of Day Care Education Centre Business Plan Business Plan

… Most of the large facilities remain out of reach for many low- to middle-income households due to high prices. RCC will address this problem by providing services at a price 10% lower than the prevailing prices. Nonetheless, this does not necessarily mean lower quality of service. With properly trained personnel, RCC will offer customer-centric services geared towards enhancing children's social and cognitive abilities. This will be crucial for creating a base of loyal customers, who will in turn be helpful in sharing their child care experiences with their friends, relatives, and acquaintances.

Targeting children aged 18 months through 5 years, the facility will operate from 6.00 am to 8.00 am, Monday to Friday. This will add to the facility's competitive advantage as most facilities in…. [read more]

Leader Business Leadership: A Literature Term Paper

… London provides a good discussion on how to inculcate a managerial mindset. He presents the different personality traits needed to be a good business leader, and equally importantly, those characteristics that one would like to eliminate in potential managers. A mentor is a role model. And a good role model will teach his pupils how to build character and self-reliance. It is extremely important that the manger in training not lose confidence when she is left on her own. She must not view the world as coming apart, must not imagine herself incapable of making decisions without the guiding hand of her mentor. The mentor must act as a kind of coach, first teaching by example and then watching from the sidelines, and providing the…. [read more]

Lys Fashion Business Plan Daylys Business Plan

… To record a net profit of $50,000 in the first year, and $100,000 in the second year.

Break-even Analysis

The break-even analysis is based on the average costs/prices. With fixed costs of $5,800, $47 average sales, and $23 average variable costs, our company we require sales of $11,700 per month to break even. (See Table 2 ).

Table 2: Break-even Analysis

Break-even Monthly Units

Break-even Monthly Revenue



Average Revenue Per-Unit


Average Variable Cost Per-Unit


Monthly Fixed Cost (Estimated)


Pro Forma Profit and Loss

The company will record a net profit of $49,234 in year one, $75,637 in year two, $110,612 in year three, $186,060 in year four, and $272,165 in year five.

Pro Forma Cash Flow

Pro-Forma Cash Flow

Year…. [read more]

Swarovski and Luxury Fashion Experiential Literature Review

… Swarovski has extended a cordial relationship with its customers over time. When it adopted experiential marketing, it showed its commitment to its customers since it appeared to be willing to go an extra mile and give its customer a chance to experience Swarovski lifestyle. This is the reason why every showroom of Swarovski, its own website and presence on social media shows that Swarovski is a brand which should be the first choice of crystal lovers. Through a luminous experience offered by it, it has managed to attract a mass of customers globally. It appears that Swarovski knows that attracting customers is easy but it's difficult to retain them. It appears to exploit the emotional attachment of its customers to its fullest. It has not…. [read more]

Fashion Business: Steps to Success Many People Research Paper

… Fashion Business: Steps to Success

Many people have dreamed of starting their own successful fashion line, but only a handful have actually achieved that dream. Fashion may be "fun" as Elaine Stone says, but the "fame" and "fortune" parts are much harder to come by. This is because fashion is an extremely competitive industry. It is also a very close-knit industry (no pun intended), making it hard to "nearly-impossible" for outsiders to break into the circle. Those who succeed in the world of fashion are those who understand that it is a business, not just a creative outlet. Just like any other product development strategy, designing and distributing a fashion line requires a step-by-step process. According to Elaine Stone, there are six stages to developing…. [read more]

Fashion Knockoffs Term Paper

… Business

Fashion Knockoffs: Perils and Prevention in a Global Industry

What's in a name? Quite a lot, if it is the name of an author, artist, musician, or inventor. A wide range of artistic creations and commercial products sell much better if they are produced by talented and recognized individuals. Creative minds spend weeks, months, even years, coming up with the ideas and designs for everything from books and movies, to songs, posters, automobiles, and iPods. Often a great deal of money is required to develop these concepts and market them. The originators of these ideas enjoy the exclusive rights to these items, and their genius is protected by a host of copyrights, patents, and trademarks. In the realm of fashion, consumers spend billions each…. [read more]

Fashion and Identity Fashion, Culture, and Personal Essay

… Fashion and Identity

Fashion, Culture, and Personal Identity

Culture is a complex phenomenon. Any gathering of human beings develops its own culture given enough time; this can be observed on both macro and micro levels. In the study of history and art, scholars speak of Roman culture or Western culture as a way of referring to the broad and generalized values -- both moralistic and aesthetic -- that typify a given society in a certain period of history. On a smaller level, different localities have their own cultures that can be markedly different reflections of the dominant super-culture present in society at large -- the cultures of both San Diego, California and Bangor, Maine will in some ways reflect the larger United States and Western…. [read more]

Proposal for Physical Expansion of a US Company in a Foreign Market Term Paper

… ¶ … Business

International Market Expansion Proposal

Vision Statement

Modest Middles has thrived to make breastfeeding more fashionable and enjoyable for moms through our innovative and creative nursing shirts. Now that the Western United States market has so readily accepted our product, it is time to focus on expansion into the international market where we can bring our product and the beauty of breastfeeding to the world.

Company Summary

Modest Middles began as an Arizona-based company and has grown drastically over the past five years. The owner, Amy Maschue, founded the business on the principle of making a nursing product that is both fashionable and modest for moms who breastfeed. Currently the Arizona-based company has spread throughout the Western United States. The current American business…. [read more]

Strategic Business Plan Business Plan

… Inglot Cosmetics plans in the next five years to have broadened its product offerings with male cosmetics, perfumes, and white cosmetics. These are products currently being offered by its competitors, but they offer a great opportunity for growth. The cosmetic industry changes very fast, and a product does not remain fashionable for long, this puts more emphasis on innovation. Developing a new factory in South America will allow the company to meet its Brazil potential without disrupting supply for other markets. The major competitors have huge financial backings, which make it easy for them to expand and enter various markets. This might be a slight problem because they do not have the innovation currently being employed by Inglot.


The five-year goals for the company…. [read more]

Adidas Business Plan Business Plan

… The project team has been developed, and each activity is established. The schedule, duration, and budget of each activity are established.

Work Breakdown Structure

Market study -- 2 weeks

Project team creation -- 1 week

Project team discussions -- 1 week

Production capacity, raw materials necessary -- 3 days

Financial analysis -- 5 days

Production process -- 3 weeks

Marketing strategy development -- 2 weeks

Website development -- 1 week

Product launch -- 2 days


Roles, Expectations, Authority

In this case, the highest authority belongs to the Marketing Managers. The Marketing Managers initiates the project, explains its necessity, and established the marketing strategy. The other department managers have the role of supervising the project in order to follow the established budget and schedule.

Project…. [read more]

Business Failures Reasons Research Paper

… Planning for the increased competition in the form of a national chain is never an easy proposition for a small business owner. National chains operate on a much different margin in the way of pricing and purchasing and few small local businesses have the resources to withstand such an invasion. If Charlie had been better capitalized or been able to obtain a small business loan to provide him with cash flow for the time necessary to withstand the initial popularity of the national chain he might have gained back the customers he lost but Charlie did not have that luxury.

In the end the community lost a good business and community asset. A business that began with such promise and offered the community an alternative…. [read more]

Business Plan for Slow Wing Aircraft Research Proposal

… Business Plan for Slow Wing Aircraft

This business plan provides an environmental assessment of Brazil, and identifies major logistics and supply chain management issues associated with setting up a wholly owned subsidiary in Brazil. Recommendations concerning the best city to establish a manufacturing and supply chain operation to meet the long-term goals of the company are provided, as well as a high level logistics and supply chain management plan to support the location of Belo Horizonte recommended herein. Belo Horizonte is situated near several port cities including Santos and Tubarao (see map of Brazil at Appendix B) and is currently headquarters for aircraft manufacturer Aero Bravo, among others.

Today, Brazil is the fourth largest aircraft producer in the world (Fisher, 2002) and its economy is…. [read more]

Business Plan Outline: (for a Make Believe Business Plan

… Business Plan Outline: (For a make believe product I evented called, VIVID)

The Company is into manufacturing and marketing of the wonder cream VIVID which has proven abilities to iron out facial wrinkles caused due to aging. The cream contains the active ingredient Retinol which is richly textured and quickly absorbed. This useful night cream works all the while a person is asleep so that while he/she gets up, he/she will feel firmer having a smoother healthier looking skin. Instead of just exfoliating the surface layer of the skin, VIVID's anti-wrinkle treatment releases pure and active Vitamin A below the surface of the skin, thereby reducing the signs of aging. Due to this, skin renews itself and the fine lines and wrinkles are noticeably reduced.…. [read more]

Business School Admission Appeal Term Paper

… Business School Admissions -- Appeal would like the business school to be aware of several compelling factors regarding my candidacy for the school that were not present in my original application and several factors regarding my personal history that were not, I believe, adequately emphasized in my initial appeal to be admitted to the business school.

I believe that as a candidate for the business school, I have a tremendous amount of intercultural and ethical knowledge to bring to any prospective business class I may become a part of during the rest of my time as a student. As a girl, I saw my father unjustly stand accused of corrupt business practices. Through his example and my own observations, I learned a great deal about…. [read more]

International Management When Businesses Go Term Paper

… After establishing its presence in these cities of the country, Fast Communications can expand its operations to other cities and towns in order to grow on a continuous basis.

4. Technological Forces:

Fast Communications operates in the telecommunication industry. Therefore, it not only has to make huge investments on Research and Development in its own country, but also has to keep itself abreast of the changes in the technological environment in the entire world. While penetrating in the Australian market, Fast Communications will first have to analyze the competitive environment in the country, i.e. The strategies and actions of the local firms in Australia. In order to keep itself on the competitive edge, Fast Communications will have to provide products and services that are advanced,…. [read more]

Complexities of Doing Business Term Paper

… Enumerate and briefly explain the research question(s) to be answered and identify the policy, practice, or theory issues to be addressed. List specifically the major research questions, and any sub-questions under each major question.

c. Describe the frame of reference & identify the theoretica1/conceptual (or other) frame of reference, which is the context of the study. Summarize the elements of the rationale for the study and its design briefly here.

d. Provide a brief overview of your date sources and data analysis plans (research design), including procedures for collecting, organizing, and analyzing the data. Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria- list specific eligibility requirements for subjects, including those criteria which would exclude otherwise acceptable subjects.

e. State your expected results - provide a brief summary of what…. [read more]

Optimal Business Forms for Taxation Purposes Research Paper

… ¶ … optimal business forms for taxation purposes in recent years has compelled many businesses to form limited liability companies (LLCs) or S Corporations. Both of these alternatives provide some measures of preferential treatment depending on the unique circumstances of the entities involved, but LLCs in particular have emerged as the alternative of choice for many companies of all sizes and types. The growing popularity of the LLC to the exclusion of the S Corporation is due in large part to the additional flexibility it affords its members in their governance structures and level of participation in the operation of their business, the avoidance of double taxation and the built-in tax and restrictions on the types of owners and class of stock associated with S…. [read more]

Business Evaluation This Review Essay

… Consequently, the Hong Kong Government has launched a Competition Law to ban and prevent anti-competitive behaviour in several industries and also to sustain a level playing niche. Due to the competition law, Businesses can remain competitive fairly and create their companies in Hong Kong. Brand-new entrants find it very easy to participate in competitiveness simply because rivalry has been legalized within Hong Kong.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing mix includes 4Ps and they include Product, Price, Place as well as Promotion. In this section we have a look at, the pricing elements since this will direct the online marketing strategy for this product.

A lot of companies can replace Triangle Solutions for example H&M, GAP, Bossini as well as Giordano. Triangle Solutions has been not the only…. [read more]

Organization Behavior ASDA Stores Business Essay

… It has to formulate policies and long-term strategies by keeping in view the political, governmental, and legal forces so as to avoid unwanted legal constraints in the future (Frederic, Agnes, & John 2011). Similarly, it has to offer products and design marketing strategies according to the social and demographical factors of its target markets. The competitive pressures also require ASDA Stores to focus on technological aspect of its business operations. In a nutshell, each and every environmental factor has a direct or indirect impact on the company's business and operations (Ellwood 2002).

RESOURCE Management

ASDA Stores is the second largest retailer and the subsidiary of world's No.1 retail giant, Wal-Mart. It depicts a strong brand image and financial strength of ASDA Stores in the country…. [read more]

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