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Fashion the Misappropriation of Native Research Paper

… It is highly likely that what the Navajo are doing will be the wave of the future. Native American imagery is often highly aesthetic, so much so that Vogue and other haute couture magazines are catching onto the trend and marketing Native-inspired wear. If more and more Native companies can emerge onto the high fashion catwalks, then the scales would be more in balance. As of now, Vogue and other magazines depict models "wearing Native-inspired fashions and including no Native American designers, photographers or other consultants in the process," (Nittle).

One Austin, Texas manufacturer and retailer forged a close tie with the Navajo nation because he wanted to use the tribal name. Fermin Navar and his business partner Phil Brader "signed a 75-year licensing agreement…. [read more]

Economic Impact of Online Identity Theft on Consumers Thesis

… Economic Impact of Online Identity Theft

In evaluating the research necessary for the paper on Identity theft and its economic impact, it was important to understand the necessary elements that compromise such a project. These components were an evaluation of the term and types of identity theft and how it has changed over time, the current state of Identity Theft in the computer age and the possible legislative and judicial remedies and safeguards in place. There fore the literature would need to be in these three areas of definition and history; current trends and cause; and governmental response. This review will present a thematic description of these three components through the literature used in this research.

One of the initial references in this type of…. [read more]

Military Strategy Thesis

… Australia's Domestic and Foreign Policy Approach to Confronting Terrorism
Terrorism has emerged as one of the most pressing concerns in foreign
policy and international relations. With the inception of guerilla strike
tactics, multicellular militia organizations and rising tension between the
developing and the developed sphere over the course of the second half of
the 20th century, terrorism has become a method of choice for political
orientation by armed groups airing grievances over territory and
governmental determination. As a result, nations of the developed and
developing spheres alike have had to coordinate efforts to find ways to
respond to an enemy which is difficult to pin down and a nature of warfare
that is unfamiliar to traditional military stratagem.
Therefore, devising foreign policy approaches and national…. [read more]

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