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Fast Food Industry Essay

… Today, it would be fair to say that corporations like McDonalds' have significant influence over the nation's food supply in their push for standardized products.

Ethical Implications

The issue of fast food chains benefiting in terms of profits at the expense of the health of the general public has become a hot issue of discussion. Indeed, many do not consider it ethical at all for fast food firms to make profits while knowing too well of the adverse health effects their products have on consumers. In my opinion, the issue of ethics comes in largely in regard to the means players in the fast food industry adopt to drive up sales. For instance, in their quest for higher margins, some fast food companies opt to…. [read more]

Food Inc. Film Film Review

… Food Inc.

Film Inc. is a documentary that covers the subject of the food industry, specifically in the United States. It works through a series of vignettes that study the issue from a number of different perspectives, each woven together by three common themes. These three themes are

the forces that lead to the mass production of food

the toll of current food production methods of humans and animals

the rights of consumers to what is in their food

With respect to the first theme there are a number of forces at work that have led to the mass production of food. In part, farming has simply become a job few want to do, and urban flight forces the agriculture industry to concentrate. There are…. [read more]

Food Journal Essay

… The food journal is a good way to learn a bit about my culture and habits. When I look at the journal I find things out about my own habits. The journal shows clearly that food is not just food, it is a social tool. This is probably one of the reasons I hated Paris so much my first year there, because even when Parisians eat good food, it does not have the same cultural connotation. Combine this with the way that certain foods can be powerful symbols -- even when intellectually we know they should not be -- and it is not hard to see how interesting the social element of food and how food defines culture can be.


Douglas, M. (1972). Deciphering…. [read more]

Fast Food Nation: Beefing Up the World Thesis

… Fast Food Nation: Beefing Up the World

In Michael Schlosser's book Fast Food Nation he quite candidly points out that "obesity is now second only to smoking as a cause of mortality in the United States" (241). The remainder of the first part of this chapter does not get much more positive than this initial overview, offering various different explanations as to how fast food chains have changed eating habits and contributed to this phenomenon. Although it does not form one of the central themes of the book as such, it is nevertheless an important argument which is made by Schlosser within these few pages. This essay will examine other evidence which has since been published in relation to this topic, in an attempt to…. [read more]

Fast Food: Placing the Blame Essay

… Filling fast food costs more than less filling fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. "Lower-income neighborhoods also tend to have a higher proportion of fast-food restaurants" and higher obesity rates (Why are U.S. kids obese? Just look around them, 2007, Impact Lab).

Fast food purveyors also prey upon children with attractive product tie-ins, toys that come with kid's meals, and in-store playgrounds. Because children are often incapable of distinguishing between advertising and entertainment programming, they are particularly desirable targets. They are also often relentless in how they 'nag' parents to get them to buy them what they desire. Targeting kids also 'hooks' kids on fast food while they are young and the determination to create a customer for life on the part of marketers continues…. [read more]

Fast Food Channels Term Paper

… Fast Food Channels

The foundations of fast food marketing is in a sense the poster child for mass marketing in the United States. Fast food and franchising chains are in fact one of the clearest and most linear examples of mass marketing in the world, expanding rapidly as fads and needs of the population change. For this reason there has been a historical sense in the industry of solid ground, in marketing, as long as the industry is timely in its market response to fad and change. Some fast food companies have been more or less effective at this goal, and usually exponential expansion and profit growth demonstrate this strength. ("Health Claims Are Junk," 24) Changes in the current market, such as the current popularity…. [read more]

Food Increasingly Popular a Leisure Essay

… She provided significant advices related to how individuals would experience better results from their eating experience if they were to cultivate the food they ate themselves (Adema).

The Food Network is an icon when discussing the issue of television chefs who gained international recognition. More recent food-related television programs are directed at specific audiences and provide viewers with a realistic account of a cooking experience. These people influence audiences in changing their perspective concerning food, considering that they bring charisma into the affair (Adema).

Modern-day consumers are especially educated when concerning food and there is most probably no one who is unaware of the disastrous effects that unhealthy food can have. Young individuals are usually the most vulnerable to outside influences and the mass-media is…. [read more]

Food Beverage Service Working Essay

… We talk about what we did yesterday that was great and what we can improve today" says Danny Meyer, bestowing a valuable lesson for all managers (Meyer 2006)

Impact on the kitchen operations

Managers must not take sides in 'front of house' versus 'back of house' disputes. Efforts must be made to show both that we are 'all in this together.' Standard operating procedures should not favor one aspect of customer operations over another.

Menu types, service styles & food and wine matching

Customers who are serious about fine dining have shown new interest in tasting menus. However, this may prove difficult for customers with special dietary needs. Offering alternative menus for vegetarian, gluten-free, and other consumers may not always be feasible, but when provided…. [read more]

Food Security Research Paper

… Food Security

Over the last several years, the issue of food security has been increasingly brought to the forefront. Part of the reason for this, is because there has been major declines in fish production. To balance out this shortfall, farmers have been increasing their crop yields to ensure that major population centers have more than enough supplies. However, despite this upsurge, the underlying demand is continuing to rise exponentially. This is putting pressure on food supplies in some of the fastest growing regions of the world. For Asian countries, this is challenging as they have to balance out population growth. While at the same time, it is ensuring that there are enough resources to prevent any kind of shortages. To fully understand how this…. [read more]

Food Choices in Australia Today Essay

… According to Lyons, "Healthy food, including natural, fresh and minimally processed food, is believed to be a necessary basis for a 'proper' family meal" (2006, p. 156). In addition, Lyons (2006) found that many Australian consumers living in small regional communities lack access to organically produced foods, thereby restricting their choices. In sum, Lyons determined that for Australian consumers, "Food choices therefore often reflect a compromise between values and practical constraints" (p. 157). In addition, organic foods frequently cost more than their conventionally produced counterparts, meaning that even when organic foods are available, some Australian families may be unable to afford them (Lyons, 2006).

Indeed, the confluence of the three factors, food availability, individual preferences for flavor and taste and, increasingly, the environmentally responsible manner…. [read more]

Internalization of Fast Food Business Essay

… S. is busy and fast, due to which the home made prepared foods are not a common practice. This is one of the reasons that fast food industry within the country is so popular and widespread, where all the generations (regardless of their age) are inclined toward foods that are easily and quickly prepared. The fast food industry within the region of the United States is convenient that easily and quickly entertains the fast pace lifestyles of the American population (Schlosser, 2012).

Due to the increasing issue of obesity within the nation, people are shifting towards more healthy options, which have raised the need for more vegetarian food items. This evidently denotes that the population is giving more competition to the fast food industry (Schlosser,…. [read more]

Fast Food Business Advisory Essay

… 134). This can be done in many ways (detail in which shall be explained in the next section of marketing mix) such as distributing flyers, printing adverts in the newspapers or elsewhere such as billboards. "The owner can have promotional events as well." (Gransey, 1999, p. 187).

Let's have a look at how to start the business of fast food in the city of Wolverhampton, it is a city located in the West Midlands region in the U.K, its population is over two hundred thousand. The city hosts many different fast food places such as KFC, Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut, Chicken Cottage, Subway and other well-known names in the business. Almost all of these fast food places are located close to each other in the…. [read more]

Fast Food Advertising Research Paper

… "It's time America stops calling a burger and fries dinner." (,1).

KFC has grown to be the most sought-after chicken globally ever since Colonel Sanders mastered his Original Recipe Chicken®, cooked with 11 secret herbs and spices almost fifty years ago. "We use real chicken, hand-breaded fresh from scratch in our restaurants every day, and slow cooked to tender, juicy perfection," adds Bachelder. (,1).KFC has suffered from false adverse publicity in relation to the chicken they use. There was an urban myth circulating that KFC had created a more productive and faster system of populating their chicken farms. The process involved scientifically designing its chickens to be born minus heads so that the bodies could be attached directly to machines for automated feeding in the…. [read more]

Fast Food Essay

… Fast food are heavy in trans fats which is a specific kind of fat which is harder for the body to digest, meaning they stay in the body for a longer period of time, making the body larger and heavier.

There are other serious health risks besides obesity which have been linked to overeating of fast food but becoming obese through fast food can make your body even more ill, although they are linked to obesity too. One of the scariest parts of eating fast food is the fact that it can seriously decrease your life expectancy, sometimes taking decades off of your life (Vigilante). The reasons for this have to do with the diseases which you are more likely to get if you are…. [read more]

Fast Food Nation Research Proposal

… Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All American Meal: Changing the Land, Workforce, And Above All Culture

According to Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All American Meal, the fast food industry has completely and irrevocably changed the American landscape, workforce, and culture. Many of the aspects of fast food culture Schlosser demonizes are also applicable to other forms of American capitalism -- for example, Wal-Mart also makes use of poorly paid workers who receive few benefits, and are used as disposable commodities, rather than participants in a company who can look forward to being promoted and share in its profits. The overconsumption of meat and high-fructose corn syrup is endemic to American processed food, as well as fast…. [read more]

Fast Food Term Paper


In his famous book Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser, directed the attention of American public to the ill effects of consuming fast food. The author explained that fast food is not only resulting in alarming rise in rate of obesity in the country, it is also causing serious social ill effects which are putting the entire nation in danger. Fast food refers to meals, which are quickly prepared, and quickly consumed however 'quick' is not always better. In fact quick may actually never be good. The nutritional value of fast food is a highly contentious issue. In families where both parents work, it is not easy to prepare meals at home and thus the entire family would opt for…. [read more]

Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser Essay

… Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser is a muckraking expose of the fast food industry in America. The first American purveyors of fast food like Ray Kroc may have been innovators, but McDonald's and other major fast food companies are now representatives of a powerful, corporate establishment. Fast food was designed to be eaten quickly, in a car, and cheaply. The cheapness of fast food comes at a high price. Schlosser wrote his book to raise awareness about the reality behind the All-American meal. Despite the fact that so many people eat fast food, "they rarely consider where this food came from, how it was made, what it is doing to the community around them" (Schlosser 10). Fast food is often used to represent the…. [read more]

Fast Food Nation -- Chapter Term Paper

… One can't imagine the French or Italians caring more about the packaging of their food than the taste, because these countries have long-standing food cultures. It is the consistency and order that Americans craved, and it became a part of the food culture in the absence of any other existing tradition. Kroc, Schlosser writes, used to say he was really more in show business than the restaurant business, a statement that is a reflection of how Americans think about food.

In the section devoted to the ways in which McDonald's caters to kids, Schlosser points out that a quarter of a century ago, not many American companies catered to kids -- McDonald's and Disney were innovators in this area. Kroc knew that attracting the kids…. [read more]

Fast Food Essay

… Fast Food

As a kid my mother was very health conscious. We were not allowed to eat chips, sugary cereals or soda with sugar. To go to McDonald's was a huge deal in my family and it was something that happened very rarely, but when it did happen, it was a completely different experience from how things are today in the fast food world. For example, as a kid I remember the proportions being much smaller. I remember a regular hamburger and fries were what is now the size of a kid's meal -- perhaps smaller. It was enough food to fill you up and not wreak havoc on one's waistline. When my parents divorced my dad pretty much became a bachelor again with full…. [read more]

Food, Inc. The Industrialization Research Paper

… The woman who lost her two-year-old son to E.coli states that even after all this time the government has not done anything to prevent such a thing from occurring to anyone ever again. To further stress the shocking statistics, the documentary shows that in 1972, the FDA "conducted approximately 50,000 food safety inspections." In 2006, according to the film, the FDA conducted 9,164. [10: Food, Inc. Dir. Robert Kenner. Perf. Michael Pollan and Eric Schlosser. Magnolia Pictures, 2008. DVD. ]

E coli, also known as "Escherichia coli" is a kind of bacteria. According to the CDC,

"although most strains of E. coli are harmless, others can make you sick. Some kinds of E. coli can cause diarrhea, while others cause urinary tract infections, respiratory illness…. [read more]

Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser Thesis

… Fast Food Nation

The Assessment and Analysis of an Image and Passage from Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation

At first glance it appears to be an almost normal scene. A family is seated together, Dad to one side, Mom on the other, with a toddler in her footie pajamas between them. But the actual content and even the presentation of this photo immediately preceding Chapter Eight in Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation reveal much more difficult and pressing truths. First, it must be noted that the family in the picture is Hispanic. Then, one might take notice of the fact that the man is carefully holding his left hand as high above his heart as he can, and is squeezing onf the fingers on that…. [read more]

About Food, Inc. Documentary Film Film Review

… ¶ … Food, Inc.

As its title suggests, the film Food, Inc. is an expose of American, commercialized agriculture. Instead of a family farm producing and raising meat, milk, vegetables, and grains, our food system is based on mass production. Food is no longer simply 'food' but rather is a part of a massive industrialized system of corporate control embodied in the personas of Monsanto, Smithfield, Perdue, Tyson, and McDonald's. No aspect of the food system is free of such controls. The film is thus very much informed by the work of cultural critics such as Michael Pollan, author of the Omnivore's Dilemma and Erich Schlosser, author of Fast Food nation, both of whom make appearances in the film.

What is particularly surprising about the…. [read more]

Food Inc Essay

… These days the food we eat is coming from massive assembly lines where the workers and the animals are being ill-treated, and the food has turned out to be more hazardous in ways that are intentionally concealed from us. This really is not just regarding the foods that we are eating. It is also regarding what we are permitted to say. What we're permitted to actually understand."

Schlosser additionally makes the point that despite the fact in the 1970s the top five beef packers have control some 25% of the market, nowadays they hold a pretty good influence over more than 90%. He also makes mention to the idea that the manufacture of chickens has started to change melodramatically: "Birds are now really raised and…. [read more]

Food Inc. Food Essay

… 217).

I find it interesting how we can see a correlation between the increasing rates of obesity and the higher intake of sweetened beverages, but the leaders of beverage companies keep insisting that there is no connection between consumption of sweetened beverages and obesity.

3. "If you need some inspiration to get you excited about how you're going to make a real and lasting difference, start by curling up with a good read" (p. 225).

I really like this quotation. It reminds me that having a good reading can help us in so many ways. It truly can be inspirational to read something good.

4. "Twenty years ago, boys consumed twice as much milk as soft drinks, and girls consumed fifty percent more milk than…. [read more]

Food Company Analysis Case Case Study

… Another vital and similar recommendation proposed for the company is, training the team members the basic skills of life, where they should always listen to the customer and how to empathize with the customer since the team members are responsible for the happiness of the customers.

Designing the restaurant should have two food production lines where individual brand has its own, each brand cooked its own food in many ways. Hence, designing the kitchen should be efficient and should of the best quality. The profits made in the company should be distributed to the team member in order to motivate them to offer customer services more satisfactory. The company should be more dividends to the investors, invested in the assets, initiate the program of stock…. [read more]

Food Intake Analysis Food Inake Essay

… If I eat less fiber, then various types of digestive issues may occur. With certainty, too much of any macronutrient that is consumed more than what the body needs will either impair bodily functions or be deposited under our skin in the from of subcutaneous fat. Insomuch, the key is to find a balance of macronutrients.

Fiber Intake Ranges

Unfortunately, my fiber intake does not come close to the 25g that are required. Based on food intake, I consumed 8g, 14g, and 11g respectively. On my best day, I only achieved 56% of the recommended dietary intake. On the day that I had a sub-sandwich with vegetables, my fiber intake was high. Similarly, on the day that I had a baked sweet potato, fiber count…. [read more]

Food Essay

… Whereas many American customers find the service too slow and want to complain, other people understand that part of the Ethiopian culture is to be relaxed and at ease. This corresponds to the method of eating Ethiopian food, which is with the hands and done slowly. American food is sometimes eaten fast, in the car or at the desk.

One of my classmates wrote about an experience at a Japanese izikaya in Toronto. This restaurant might be one I am familiar with, which is called Guu. This restaurant also has the servers enthusiastic and shouting "hello!" And "goodbye!" To all the customers. Japanese culture is engaging, and the restaurants are busy and lively like this one. Therefore the ambiance of this restaurant reflects the culture.…. [read more]

Food and Eating Behaviors Term Paper

… Food & Eating Behavior

Every country on planet earth has its unique culture and traditions. The people living in these countries have different lifestyles and so their food and eating behavior differs and sets it apart from others. Some countries have become popular because of their food and eating traditions like India, Italy, Thailand or even Turkey.


Located on the Eastern end of the Mediterranean, Turkey is the country which is considered a place where East & West meet. Even though the country is predominantly inhabited by Muslims the traditions and culture is secular yet a taste of tradition is there.

Ottoman rule has had a great influence on many traditions of the country and that includes food also. It is with the help…. [read more]

Food Sustainability Research Proposal

… The way foods are packaged being sustainable cannot fix other problems if the way the food is processed is unsustainable. It is important for the food system to become fully sustainable for maximum benefits to the health and environment.

The cost of going sustainable may be expensive, but with the rising costs of other areas, such as obesity issues in health care or higher utility costs because of climate change, are we not paying the same price, or more? The purpose of this study is to prove that the costs of sustainability in the way foods are processed, produced, and packaged would still be cheaper in the long-term. While the costs of productivity may increase in the food supply, the costs of other areas, such…. [read more]

Food History of Central American Term Paper

… They are native to the area and add heat and interest to just about any dish. Food historian Tannahill writes of chilis, " "Some are dried to make chilli (sic) powder or the more refined cayenne paper (sic), some pickled in vinegar for Tabasco sauce, and others can be used in sauces and chutneys, or as direct flavourings in meat dishes" (Tannahill 207). These hot peppers are not the only peppers native to the area, the larger sweet (or "bell") peppers are also grown and used quite a lot in Central American cooking. Tannahill also notes there are at least ninety-two types of chilis used in Mexico today, and that several different types, both ground and fresh, may be used in the same dishes (Tannahill…. [read more]

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