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Fathers Should Get More Paternity Leave From Work Research Paper

… Fathers Should Get More Paternity Leave From Work:

The issue of paternity leave has become of one of the major topics that have generated huge debates and arguments in the recent past. After recognizing the significant role fathers play in the upbringing of their children, especially newborns, many firms are catching on to paternity leave. Actually, according to a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management, 15% of American companies provide some paid leave for new fathers (Weber par, 1). Furthermore, only 13% of employers provide paid paternity leave to new fathers based on reports by Center for Work and Family at Boston College. While this represents some significant progress regarding the issue, men are still reluctant on taking time off due to various…. [read more]

Should Men Take Paternity Leave? Essay

… References:

Cohn, J. (2014, July 14). Leave No Parent Behind. New Republic, 245(12), 7-9.

The article shows how the existing stingy family-leave policies may be shirking the economy. The author demonstrates how the transformation of these policies and inclusion of paternity leave enhances productivity.

Delingpole, J. (2009, September 16). Paternity Leave? It's Not Natural. The Telegraph.

Retrieved July 24, 2014, from

The text highlights how giving more paternity leave to new fathers will end in tears. The author also discusses why men opt to see the job done by the recognized expert of the field i.e. The mother.

Hall, J. (2013, June 14). Why Men Don't Take Paternity Leave. Forbes. Retrieved July 23, 2014,


The author shows recent statistics on why men…. [read more]

Harmonizing Personal and Professional Balance Term Paper

… Also the employers at the same time have recognized that given the current state of the labor market, with high unemployment, few shortages of labor and emergence of trade unions, they have to be strong and solid to handle the pressures to achieve a more flexible workforce.

The 1980s and 1990s exposed many employers to an increase in 'market pressure'. The employers during this period faced competition because of the increase in privatization, concentration and globalization. The customers now began to exercise choice more aggressively. Shareholders became increasingly impatient for their quick and profitable return on their investments. Now the focus of the organizations shifted towards ensuring the flexible delivery of goods and services onto the shoulders of their workforce.

The question was what kind…. [read more]

Exile II Passing Term Paper

… Bliss Broyard's One Drop

Many people today try to deny that race has continues to play an important and central role in American society. They like to suggest that Americans have moved beyond race, and that it is important only because of the physical differences it dictates. Even those who recognize that race continues to play a dramatic role in the political and social landscapes of this country, like to pretend that some groups have moved beyond racial issues. These groups generally include those that are considered "intellectuals," as if academic pursuits place one beyond the taint of racism and prejudice, as if the basic human drive towards stereotype can be entirely eliminated by education. However, most people know this to be false; America continues…. [read more]

Sociology and Feminist Theories Term Paper

… Of particular interest to the casual observer are the differences in relational dynamics and social interaction and perception between African-Americans and white Americans. African-American societies are by far one of the most dominant societies in the U.S., and have also been subject to different stereotypes and stigmas that have been existing for many years.

In fact, racial and gender differences are the most common forms of stratification that society tends to look in an individual. In the case of the American experience, African-American males are perceived differently by society as compared to white American males and females, as well as African-American females. In Myra and David Sadker's article entitled, "The Miseducation of Boys: Changing the Script," the authors discuss the significance of race and gender…. [read more]

When Work Is Home and Home Is Work by Arlie Hochschild Research Paper

… ¶ … Home and Home is Work

The author describes the "Spotted Deer Childcare Center" (where parent drop off their children for day care) as part of his introduction to a book about the difficulties families have balancing work and home. The author conducts myriad interviews at Amerco.

The research continues: Hochschild studies Amerco's strategies used in order to be both a global contender and to developing a "strong company culture" (17). The many "values" Amerco expects and the surveys workers to fill out make Amerco a "moral world" (21).

Amerco's "family-flexible" policies were not always used and workers with children put in more hours than needed because they can't afford to pass up the earnings. Also middle managers may not always be willing to…. [read more]

Film Comparison Almodovar's Prisons Essay

… While Manuela is hesitant to take care of Rosa, her attitude changes and the transformation is seen as she works to take care of Rosa through her pregnancy and by helping to take care of Rosa's son when he is born. After the birth of Rosa's son, also named Esteban, Manuela moves in with Rosa's parents. Because of the family's skewed perception of Lola -- whom they blame for Rosa's death because Lola infected Rosa with AIDS -- Manuela does not feel that she is free to raise the baby Esteban the way that he should be raised. Rosa's mother constantly insinuates that she fears that she will be infected by AIDS through the baby as both his mother and father had been infected by…. [read more]

Aging and Social Isolation Term Paper

… Gerontology

Aging and Social Isolation

This article relates to gerontology because it discusses two studies of aging men (58 black men aged 65 to 96), and discusses whether they are isolated from their family or not. It relates to aging because it involves studying the aged and how family structure changes as people age. This study involves statistics, gerontology, and sociology, and used demographics as the basis for the questions and results of the study. The article is from a respected journal on aging, and so, the credibility of the article is not in question. This study indicates that family relationships are an important issue as a person ages, and that most black men enjoy close familial relationships. Thus, this is not only an aging…. [read more]

Power Play for Howard Case Study

… Power Play For Howard

When Juwan Howard entered into free agency, he had the opportunity to not only sign the most lucrative contract in the history of basketball, but he also had the opportunity to dictate the course of his career. He had played his first few years for the Washington Bullets (Wizards) but was also being pursued by other clubs, most notably the Miami Heat. For Howard, a number of different factors entered into the decision. Primary among them was the cost-benefit analysis, combined with the risk that he faced during the course of the negotiations and legal battles.

Initially, Howard faced significant opportunity cost both in terms of money and in terms of career success. The NBA operates with a salary cap, which…. [read more]

Child Support System Essay

… Child Support Laws:

History of Child Support Laws:

The financial assistance paid by a non-custodial parent to a custodial parent for a child's care and welfare as ordered by the court is known as child support. States have programs which help families pay, process and collect payments. These programs are in accordance with the States laws. Over the years child support laws have developed tremendously. Divorce and marital breakdown laws in early nineteenth century didn't provide for support action. America, therefore inherited many English laws that provided the father with only a non-enforceable moral duty to support his children. Third parties were forbidden from recovering the cost of support unless through a pre-authorized contract with the child's father. This meant that there was limited recovery…. [read more]

Need of Workplace Diversity Equal Opportunity Work Life Balance in Sustainability Article

… Workplace Diversity


Diversity usually conjures up the image of a place where not everyone is alike. This could mean males and females as well as people from different nationalities. However, there are so many different dynamics that go into what makes a situation diverse. Workplace diversity is an important issue and is necessary in order for businesses to be sustainable. Employees need to know that they are valued and that their employers are flexible. They also need to know that whatever their circumstances, they will have a fair and equal opportunity in the workplace the same as the next person. Because of this, employers must be focused on not only the bottom line, but they must invest in the employees and let them know…. [read more]

Roman Civil Law Term Paper

… Roman Law

The Praetor is commonly described as the gatekeeper of common sense in the Roman legal system. Discuss. Was he effectively a legislator?

The position of praetor was developed to create a new, more flexible system of law that could be more responsive to the needs of a dynamic and increasingly complex Roman society. The praetor was a magistrate of the people and was technically not a legislator. He could not create legal precedents that other praetors must follow when he issued his edicts. However, unlike the actions of a judge in America, whose edicts must conform to the laws passed by the congress, the results of the praetor's rulings were both legally protected and could provide a guide for interpreting existing and future…. [read more]

Japanese Women Gender Inequality Term Paper

… Consider, for example, the explanation of the change in perceived value women feel in traditional roles in Kazuko Tanaka's work "Changing marriage and family structure: Women's perspective:"

The family is strongly influenced by the ongoing transformation of the socio- economic context. Expanded work opportunities have provided the means for women to support themselves, and they have come to enjoy a greater range of marriage choices. Although their desire for marriage is strong, the absolute importance of becoming a wife and mother has largely diminished. Women now have alternative means to obtain social recognition outside of marriage. It is important to understand the delay of marriage in terms of these changing social and economic circumstances (Tanaka).

In this reality, it is extremely important for both Japanese…. [read more]

Caring Federal Leaders Term Paper

… ¶ … close scrutiny of books; journal articles, and materials from internet sources on caring leadership, employee bereavement, and connections(s) between them, in six (6) key areas. These were: (1) bereavement and funeral policies and procedures that currently exist, for United States military personnel and their families (but not for personnel and/or families of other branches of U.S. government); (2) the history of military funeral honors practices, policies, and procedures (3) relationships between caring leadership and attitudes, practices, and policies concerning empathy and support for employees in general, and employee bereavement in particular; (4) caring leadership as demonstrated by managerial support of, and help for grieving employees; (5) workplace attitudes and best practices having to do with support for and management of bereaved employees; and…. [read more]

Sociology History of Business Science Research Proposal

… Delimitations

Today, modern business systems help an increasingly globalized world function in seamless ways. In fact, English is rapidly becoming the lingua franca of the business world and transnational borders and cross-cultural factors no longer operate as major barriers to commerce. Further, a wide range of financial instruments exist such as letters of credit and bills of lading whose purpose and operation are readily understood by businesspeople from New York to New Delhi. Business correspondence too has a fairly standardized format that businesspeople all over the world both use and understand and all of these features have helped create a modern business system that is both efficient and effective in achieving the movement of goods and services around the world. All of these business systems,…. [read more]

David Hume's Treatise Term Paper

… Hume -- Morals


In today's world, the purveyors of what is right and wrong often bandy about the words Morals and Morality. The issues of morality are brought up when modern life as we see it progressing becomes untenable for those of an earlier generation, who are uncomfortable with how this progress manifests itself. To take one contemporary example, when motion pictures first came about in the late nineteenth century, participating in the movie making process was considered anathema. Not only would respectable women not want to participate, even prostitutes thought it beneath their sense of morality to act, so much so that men had to portray the roles of women. If one fast-forwards to the present times, it's not difficult to see that…. [read more]

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