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Fear of the Return of Totalitarian Architecture Due to Technological Advancements Research Paper

… Actually, his footnotes to this statement show the goal of the attack: both Ruskin's Stones of Venice and Geoffrey Scott's The Architecture of Humanism are against this Wittkower's paradigm because it supports a totalitarian regime and the building of architecture structure that ushers in the totalitarianism type of buildings. Specifically, Wittkower has a problem with anyone that shares the following ideology: a hedonist explanation of architecture that privileges the sensuous aesthetic response by the viewer and projects it back upon the architect's purpose."[footnoteRef:6] [6: -- . "The Alphabet and the Algorithm." Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. The MIT Press, 7 May 1995.]

Wittkower actually thought that these architecture building brought in some kind of religious theme.

Beyond this close-fitting relationship among art and science, perhaps…. [read more]

Blade Runner: A Marriage Essay

… Because replicants were not human, albeit they were perfect human substitutes, it was considered acceptable in this society to enslave them because it was believed that replicants were not capable of feeling emotions.

This segregation between man and machine ultimately leads to a schism within society with the conflict subsequently leading to rebellion. One of the main reasons that the replicants rebel against humans is because they have been oppressed; not only are they slaves, but they are also not allowed to cohabitate with humans on Earth with their mere presence on the planet being considered illegal. However, had the replicants not rebelled, there would have been no need to organize blade runner units to quell the rebellion. Oddly enough, the line between man and…. [read more]

Compare and Contrast the End of the Roman Empire to Today Term Paper

… ¶ … Roman empire to today

The issue of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire is a source of fascination for both the broad public and the scholarly world. From a European perspective, the fall of the Empire can be regarded as the end of the Classical world as it brought about a decline in literacy, urbanism, and generally all the indicators of civilization. Roman civilization is seen as the golden age of art, literature and law, a period of flourishing culture and development. In fact, both European and non-European societies have adopted Roman architectural, sculptural and legal traditions. The founding fathers hoped that America would revive the virtues of ancient Rome, and would reinvent the Roman Empire under a new formula whose…. [read more]

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