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Western Religion in His Book Term Paper

… Education is to be had on penalty of Sin.

The author Neusner avers that there are several forms of Judaism -- each presenting a different viewpoint based on culture and philosophy. Rabbinic and Talmudic Judaism are two of the main. (pp. 41-49) Contemporarily, secularism has taken root under the strength of Western culture. Incidentally the Torah has also undergone severe changes. The Torah was destroyed after first Temple's destruction. When the Jews were restored to Israel, the Torah was revived and was made available to everybody. It included the Tannakh (The Hebrew Bible) (p. 45), which contained the Pentateuch, Books of the Biblical Patriarchs and smaller books. During the age of cogency, the notion of the dual (written and oral) Torah arose (p. 71). This…. [read more]

Social Class and Health Research Paper

… When unmarried, she was subjected to her father or brother. If married, she was subject to her husband. Her daily activities were also determined by her social class or status. She supported and supervised the activities and needs of the household. She led a comfortable life (Maier).

A noble lady lived a similarly privileged and comfortable life. Her day began at dawn when she said prayers and heard Mass (Maier, 2011). Her daily activities depended on the preferences of her husband. When he was away, she supervised the expenses of the manor and the estates and the collection of rents. She also handled the operations of the farms and the settling of disputes. Her leisure included embroidery, dance and conversations about games, marriage, poetry and…. [read more]

Social Criticism of Luce's De Bohemia of Valle Incln Essay

… Social Criticism of "Luces de Bohemia" or "Bohemian Lights" by Ramon Maria del Valle-Inclan

A number of influential Spanish playwrights were active during the early part of the 20th century, including Ramon Maria del Valle-Inclan who invented a new dramatic device that he termed "esperpento" in his play, "Luces de Bohemia" or "Bohemian Lights." Originally published in 1920, this play about the people of the City of Madrid was not actually produced until 1963, but Valle-Inclan's other major contributions to dramatic literature include Divinas palabras and the three Comedias barbaras, but most authorities agree that "Luces de Bohemia" is Valle-Inclan's masterpiece. To gain some fresh insights into the delayed production of this play and the social criticism that it generated at the time as well…. [read more]

Social Media's Massive Influence Essay

… Everyone should understand that what they watch on TV or in the films are there to help them alter their mindsets regarding given viewpoints or opinions. This is a matter of social control since the society in the contemporary era has most of its affairs implicated upon by the media. In the current epoch of globalization, everyone must be conscious of the diverse features that apply in the production of TV programs and films and their connotation on the diverse ethnicities and divisions of the society. The media civilization of current times incline to promote numerous entrepreneurial principles, by damaging the marginal interests, and depicts a profound effort that exists among diverse races, social classes, sex, and societal groups. People should appreciate and understand the…. [read more]

Western Sahara Mission Statement Essay

… Western Sahara

Mission Statement- To provide effective and efficient humanities aid to the refugees and others effected by the conflict within Northern Africa. By doing so surrounding nations hope to relieve undue hardship and complications forced upon the people of North Africa. The aid is designed to help relieve drought and unemployment that has crippled the regions of Morocco, Algeria, and Western Sahara. In addition, we aim to strength the overall quality of life for these individuals as by helping relieve the stronghold of an oppressive military regime. The people of Northern Africa, Algeria, Morocco, Refugees are of particular concern as their plight has been exacerbated by the conflict of northern Africa. As such, the principle aim of this program is to provide humanitarian aid…. [read more]

Social Problem Drug Abuse Research Paper

… Social Problem - Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse refers to excessive use of drugs with an intention of altering one's mood, emotion or state of consciousness. Buddy T. (2011) further indicates that drug abuse is "the use of illicit drugs or the abuse of prescription or over-the-counter drugs for purposes other than those for which they are indicated or in a manner or in quantities other than directed."

The menace of drug abuse otherwise referred to as substance abuse has been a threat to the societal mesh and has been attributed largely to the products of the civilization and the effects of globalization. There are particular aspects in the civilized and globalised society that encourage the wider abuse of drugs as follows (Medline Plus,…. [read more]

Social Media and Barthes Cultural Essay

… More important, though, are the signified meanings associated with the word "friend," both in and outside the social media sphere. Outside social media, a friend is one with whom one has a personal relationship, with whom one shares confidences due to established trust. Within social media, this is not the case. One can be "Facebook friends" with individuals one has never met. At the same time one can share deeply personal confidences with Twitter friends one has no personal trust with, due to the anonymity of the internet (Kujath 2011). Thus, "friend" takes on a completely different set of signified interpretations. A friend becomes both someone one has no relationship with, but has listed on one's friend's list, as well as someone one can speak…. [read more]

Social Media Marketing Research Paper

… The point is that companies like gun makers and energy drink others, among many others, need to make sure that they stay within the law at all times and sometimes ethics alone is a reason not to do something even if it is not technically illegal (Streitfeld, 2014).

There are some other general tactics and facts that advertisers should latch onto. As touched upon before, getting too pushy can turn off some customers but subtlety can be an art form. Just a mere "presence" in the social media sphere can yield very strong results. Getting too aggressive with some customers is not normally necessary as customers will gravitate online to what they are interested in…they just have to see it (Naylor, Lamberton & West, 2012).…. [read more]

Social Psychology Differ When Applied Term Paper

… For example in the Japanese culture the employees tend to identify themselves by the companies that they belong to rather than their own individual identities (Nakane, 1970)such as, if they meet someone instead of introducing themselves by talking about their position at the firm they will say that 'they belong to ABC firm' etc. In Japanese culture more importance is given to the group identification rather than the personal attributes. However, if we talk about the behaviour of the American employees in a cultural context, for the Americans group identification is secondary while individual or personal identification is of primary importance (Johnson, 1985; Nakane, 1970)

It has been noticed that in the Japanese culture the loyalty to the company or firms that the employees work…. [read more]

Privacy Issues Raised by Social Networking Essay

… Social Networking Privacy

Online privacy has been a prominent topic around the modern world since the Internet came to prominence. However, with the advent of social sites and networks like Facebook, Twitter and the like, the amount of horror stories, privacy violations and very misadvised user behavior has skyrocketed exponentially. People that have been victimized, either by bad security policies or by users' own silly or stupid behavior, range from average everyday people to prominent national figures such as executives and politicians. The companies behind social networks do have a duty to close and prevent security holes and lapses but users need to arm themselves as well. The internet is a vast echo chamber that spans the entire world. Once certain things are done or…. [read more]

Social Work Intentions Essay

… The scope of social welfare expanded beyond financial relief to the poor to include housing, rural problems, recreation and cultural activities, child welfare programs, and diverse forms of social insurance to Americans of all classes.

In the decade after World War II considerable efforts were made to enhance the field's professional status. The formation of CSWE in 1952, the establishment of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) in 1953 and the establishment of the National Association of Social Workers in 1955 further strengthened the profession. The primary beneficiaries of social policy changes between 1940 and 1960, however, were middle- income, white workers and, by the early 1960s, the United States lagged considerably behind other Western industrialized nations in the degree of social provision.…. [read more]

Feast of Trimalchio Western Civilization Trimalchio's Social Term Paper

… Feast of Trimalchio

Western Civilization

Trimalchio's social status was that of great wealth and power. The extent of his wealth was obvious by the lavish myriad of what had to have been delicacies of the time, as well as the way in which the food was prepared and served. For example, the readings mention "dormice seasoned with honey and poppy-seed. There were sausages, too, smoking hot on a silver grill, and underneath (to imitate coals) Syrian plums and pomegranate seeds..." Other examples stated, "hors d'oeuvres stood a little ass of Corinthian bronze with a packsaddle holding olives, white on one side, black on the other..." The wine they drank was not just wine - but "honeyed wine." An indication of the extra niceties and pleasures…. [read more]

Western Civilization Rome and Italy Term Paper

… Western Civilization

Rome and Italy

The early city of Rome was small but its growing population required more land in order to meet the expansion of its people. This fueled a drive for the acquisition of new territory. The overtaking of Italy was however, not immediate.

The reason why Rome was so successful compared to others such as the Etruscans was due to them using a combination of brains and brawn. The Etruscans and others lacked the social grace that the Romans incorporated into their lifestyle. The Etruscan cities were independent states that shared a language and a religion but never formed a political unit. The Roman government was much more politically stable (Radice, 1982). They used reason and often made compromises to settle conflict…. [read more]

Social Effects Did the Early Arab Conquests Essay

… ¶ … social effects did the Early Arab Conquests towards Byzantine (632-750) has on Byzantine and Arab society?

Civilization is a process that takes time to reach the point of becoming a norm in the recipient society. From the inception and establishment of the world, it is clear there are several changes that took place. These changes resulted in the creation of the vast continuum of culture and beliefs evident in the society. The propagation of these changes comes in diverse forms, some of which are peaceful whereas others take a struggle to take root. In the ancient worlds, most of the civilizations happened by means of invasions and bloody struggles. As a result, these interactions, took a long period to adopt, and effect to…. [read more]

Western Culture Research Proposal

… Western Culture

The western civilisation has had a great influence upon the entire world through the course of development that its values had throughout the centuries. It could be stated that the western typology of thinking was shaped by philosophical thinking such as classicism, rationalism, humanism and secularism. The values incorporated by these cultural paradigms are reflected in the works of the artists such as Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat.

What classicism, rationalism, humanism and secularism have in common is the central position of reason. The main belief of the humanists is in the power of the individual to shape and control his environment and his own self. The course of things is dictated by man who is endowed with reason and…. [read more]

Social Systems (Egypt, Aksum Essay

… Clearly Aksum differs from Egypt because leaders were not gods and Egyptians were not known to have converted to Christianity as the Aksum society did.

The Inland Niger Delta

An anthropology paper from Rice University explains that permanent settlement in the upper Niger Delta was impossible before the 3rd century BC because annual floodwaters made it impossible (McIntosh, et al., 2009). After 1000 B.C.E. herders and farmers raised rice, millet, and sorghum; trade must have been a major factor in helping the economy in Jenne-jeno as artisans were working with iron in 450 C.E., and there was no iron ore in the inland Niger Delta (McIntosh, p. 2). Unlike the writings left by early Egyptians and Aksum peoples, much of what archeologists know about the…. [read more]

Social Work Theory: Australia Term Paper

… According to Seno A. Cornely and Denise D. Bruno (1997), it is noteworthy to emphasize the general trend toward autonomy from the mainstream influence, the need to produce indigenous teaching materials, the urgency of editing social workers' researches and studies, and the political commitment to the working class taking place in the world today.


Professional social workers are dedicated to the service for the welfare and self-fulfillment of all human beings. They are also required to be committed to the development and disciplined use of scientific knowledge regarding human and societal behavior; to the development of resources to meet individual, group, national and international needs and aspirations; and to the achievement of social justice (International Federation of Social Workers 1976). The successful application of…. [read more]

Relationships Between SMES Management in the GCC and Social Media Research Paper


Social Media Reforms the SMEs Management in the GCC

Growing consensus among academic and business communities reveals that forming, managing and nurturing social media are very critical to the success of SMEs (small medium enterprises) (Ngugi et al., 2010; Jones and Holt, 2008). Social media is a technology system used to connect, collaborate and create business and personal profiles. In a business community, social media assist SMEs to share opinions, information, and activities. Using this strategy, businesses are able to expose their business activities to consumers thereby gaining market advantages. (Peltier, & Naidu, 2012). In other word, social media represents the interactive method that formal organizations employ to get in contact and collaborate with distributors, consumers,…. [read more]

Social Cultural Effects Money Essay

… Such a policy even extends to other pertinent cultural facets, such as religion. Christmas is one of the most lucrative holidays in the world, which happens to nicely coincide with the end of the fourth quarter and a great time for many industries to make up for all the money they were supposed to be making all year long. In this respect, the culture of spending money is quite different than that associated with the Tiv, who also readily exchange gifts -- although not for the purpose of raising money. The subsequent quotation, in which the author deconstructs the etymology of the term for gift in this culture, confirms this fact. "these "gift" words implies a relationship between the two parties concerned which is of…. [read more]

Social Accounting Socio-Economic Essay

… 1995a: 62-3, Monbiot 2001). Business increasingly has seen social accounting as a public relations opportunity in an age where increased emphasis has been placed on business image. As global communication in cyberspace has taken off, social accountings have manifested increasingly on the World Wide Web. From the 1980s onwards, business has reflected the increasing concerns about the ecological environment in their social accounting, displacing other social accounting concerns to some extent (Owen et al. 2005, Gray 1999:9). If environmental accountings have in some cases intermeshed with wider social concerns - a tendency that is marked in some forms of sustainability reporting (Elkington 1998) - such social accounting in practice has continued to be disappointing. Environmental and sustainability accountings may have become increasingly evident in practice…. [read more]

Social Change in the United States Term Paper

… Social Change in the United States

The emerging social and cultural changes taking place in societies around the globe - due to the spectre of dramatic global climate change and what that will present in the way of challenges - are, in many instances, being planned. The quality of the planning, whether adequate or not at this point is of great interest to citizens, communities, political leaders in states and in national government. That is simply because the social changes that are already happening and will occur will have a dramatic effect on future generations. And while many social changes in the past have occurred in reaction to events, the social changes that will result from climate change should be proactively planned. Meanwhile, there are…. [read more]

Social Workers in the U Essay

… ¶ … social workers in the U.S. have any obligation to international social work? Why?

While the word "obligation" might seem a bit strong regarding the social worker in the United States and his or her responsibility towards others on the planet, philosophically the answer is yes, social workers are accountable to other peoples, no matter their location. The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) asserts that the "…struggle for human rights remains a vital priority for the social work profession in the 21st Century" -- and moreover, the NASW urges social worker organizations to "develop and maintain collaborative relationships with international development agencies ( Indeed the NASW asks members to help raise funds for special projects developed by Social Workers Across Nations (SWAN). The…. [read more]

Social Work Beyond U.S. Borders? Article Review

… He also points out that she was on her way to a convent: this is probably an indication of his ancestor's noble roots.

The context is one of slavery and oppression as well as the injustice of one nation unjustly dominating another by arbitrarily picking up innocent individuals and selling them into slavery. The context here is one of rage and protest

Power refers to the unequal balance of one country -- the British that were strong and dominant at this particular historical epoch -- taking advantage of another nation, and individuals that were vulnerable and weaker than they. The British swooped down on susceptible individuals and captured them selling them as slaves, persecuting them, and giving them little in return. This was a gross…. [read more]

Social Evolution to Rapid Revolutionary Essay

… Russian analysts note that many of the objections that have been raised, regarding Russia's actions, fail to take into consideration the many cultural differences between the U.S. And its former chief adversary. It is essential to look upon the world foreign policy situation with Russian eyes, a Russia that feels threatened by its perceived loss of political capital in the international sphere. "The real reason that Russia is resisting strong international action against the Assad regime is that it fears the spread of Islamic radicalism and the erosion of its superpower status in a world where Western nations are increasingly undertaking unilateral military interventions" notes analyst Ruslan Pukhov, director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, in a recent editorial to the New…. [read more]

Civilization Liberalism Term Paper

… The liberal idealism was rather naive if we are to look at what happened from the nineteenth century until now, just like Perry Rogers' book, "Aspects of western civilization" demonstrates it. The two volumes of his book present the evolution of mankind from numerous perspectives including the historic one, the social one, the cultural one and even the moral one. His is a speech which connects ethics with politics, religion, economy and science, aiming to explain, just as Zweig did, what happened and why it did not happen otherwise.

The main theme of the volumes is absolutism, just like the titles suggest it. Apparently, absolutism is a constant for both the old and the new world, despite the fact that so many things changed. Just…. [read more]

Western Civilization Monotheism and Polytheism Thesis

… Western Civilization

Monotheism And Polytheism

According to Rita Nosotro, monotheism is the belief in a single, all-powerful god and is derived from the Greek words theos (god) and monos (one). One of the main characteristics of monotheism is that practitioners "believe that God created all reality and is totally self-sufficient" while denying the existence of all other gods. In western culture, there are three main religious systems which practice monotheism, being Christianity, Islam and Judaism. All other religious denominations in western culture sprang from these three religious systems and are still practiced today by billions of people worldwide. In contrast to monotheism, polytheism "is the belief in many gods and goddesses," such as found in the ancient civilizations of Greece, Rome, Egypt and Mesopotamia or…. [read more]

Western Civilization Mesopotamian Religion Term Paper

… Western Civilization

Mesopotamian religion is the first to be recorded. Because they had very little knowledge on the universe, Mesopotamians believed that they were surrounded by water, and that the world was born out of that immense body of water. Also, their religious faith was polytheistic, and they sought to explain everything around them by interpreting what they believed to be messages from the gods. Unlike Mesopotamian faith, Judaism is a monotheistic religion, and has no principles of faith that are recognized by all Jews. Also, it has no central religious authority and is considered to be centered on the individual to a larger extent than the other formal religions. However, central authority resides in the sacred writings and traditions that are still closely respected…. [read more]

Civilizations Term Paper

… The political and military dominance that Roman Empire achieved over conquered states was dependent on the geographical advantages it had in attacking other states while defending itself through improvisation in natural barriers. The Roman Empire was established on the foundations laid by Greeks and thus it was Greek use of symbols and things that influenced the Roman more than any other factor. Vast expansion of the Empire was due to the diverse geographical location but this also caused the fall of empire as the geographical stretch spread too far (Adams et al. 2012, 5-50).

3. What was the function of religion in these ancient civilizations? How did it help to shape them, or how was it shaped by them? Compare and contrast the religions of…. [read more]

Social Justice Western Perspectives Term Paper

… Social Justice: Western Perspectives

Recent developments in international relations have determined a new dimension of the definition of social justice. Nowadays there is a tendency to consider social justice from a universal point-of-view but taking into account the western perceptions on justice and the society. This is largely due to the fact that the West appears to have the full control of the international arena and at the same time to be able to export the norms and values which are determinant for their own societies. Even so, the cultural specificities cannot always be ignored and in many cases this can lead up to cultural clashes.

Samuel Huntington pointed out in one of his most famous theories the danger of a clash of civilizations (1996).…. [read more]

Western Civilization the World Term Paper

… They were, of course, still thinking that by crossing the Atlantic they would reach Asia, oblivious of the fact that between Europe and Asia there was this huge piece of a whole continent. Columbus had reached before. Vespucci was the first one to realize the mistake and call the territories he had reached a New World. His name gave the name to this New World and regardless of the detractors or supporters of his merits in this huge discovery, he will forever remain known as the man who gave the name to the new continent called America in spite of the fact that the first who actually thought and proved that the earth was round was Christopher Columbus.

As previously said, there were hundreds and…. [read more]

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