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Feminism in Politics Term Paper

… Feminism in Politics

Without a doubt, one of most influential and complex political issues of the last several decades is that of the feminist movement, or more precisely, the effect that feminism has had on various areas of politics and political science. In an effort to fully comprehend the various facets of this relationship, this paper will focus on two primary areas: the major feminist critiques of mainstream political science, and the contributions feminism has made to the study of political participation. Upon conclusion of this paper, the reader will have gained a greater understanding and appreciation of the sphere of influence of feminism itself.

Feminist Critiques of Mainstream Political Science

Feminism, by its very nature, takes on political nuances; much like racial minority groups…. [read more]

Has Feminism Enhanced or Destroyed Marriage and Family? Thesis

… Feminism Has Not Destroyed Marriage

Notwithstanding viewpoints to the contrary, the feminist movement (past and present) has not ruined the institution of marriage in America. Indeed, some feminists have challenged marriage as a valid tradition, and those challenges should be viewed as healthy to the ongoing dialogue. This paper delves into that topic and presents a variety of scholarly narratives in order to provide perspective and clarity.

Tocqueville / Lockean Views on the Liberation of Women

Looking into the Lockean view of women, the initial question arises, are the basic foundations of liberalism "fundamentally flawed" (Wolfson, 1996, p. 203) due to the fact that the Lockean social contract fails to include women? According to Jean Bethke Elshtain, John Locke's liberalism is "parasitic upon surviving patriarchal…. [read more]

Feminism During the Progress Term Paper

… More choice is involved with issues such as breastfeeding and clothing. According to the feminist ideal, women should be allowed a choice in terms of issues such as breastfeeding. Modern technology and development have made such choices possible - formula milk can for example be bought in stores to either supplement or replace breastfeeding. Thus, while breastfeeding is not anti-feminist in itself, the woman should be aware that choices are available, and that she can make those choices without guilt or shame.

The same is true of women's clothing. Wearing a bra on a regular basis is no longer a sign of male oppression. This is again an issue of choice. If a woman chooses to wear a bra for the sake of convenience or…. [read more]

Feminism How Sports Reproduce Research Paper

… For instance, it is easy to realize that all sexual orientations can engage in one sporting event like playing rugby, soccer, and/or football (Brace-Govan, 2010).

Racial norms

Sporting activities have emerged and cut on racial lines. The world soccer slogan is directed at eradicating cases of racial differences and negative perceptions that have been generated because of such differences. For instance, sporting activities have changed the phase of the world in regards to seeing different races in the world. The world soccer has staged enough fights in trying to eradicate cases of racism in sport. For instance, the UEFA champion's league is one of the global soccer events that try to kick racism out of soccer in the world. The notion behind the slogan used…. [read more]

Morality, Justice, Feminism Term Paper

… That males have claimed dominion over the Earth (without also claiming the need to be shepherds or, in the archaic usage, husbands) has caused females to become 'other' (Brown 1999 163-169). Feminism claims that, among western cultures, it is "white, middleclass, heterosexual, and male against which all things are measured (Tan)" (Brown 1999 163-169). Employing a single measure is the opposite of liberating; it is stultifying. Very few other things on earth are so 'measured.' Lions are not 'better' than tigers; there is no yardstick for such a measurement. Nor do they have morality. Justice they very likely do have, because justice -- each getting what it deserves intrinsically -- is inherent n nature.

Brown was researching, specifically, prostitution, but he discovered a number of…. [read more]

Feminism Arising Out Term Paper

… As a result, women of color have become increasingly included in the public discourse and have risen to positions of political power. Moreover, the feminist support of civil rights affected men of color as well as women, and an increasing acceptance of diversity within the society cannot but affect the lives of all women of whatever race. Therefore, even though many people of color still live in poverty and discrimination is still a problem, the Second Wave of Feminism has made great strides in achieving overall racial equity, and has at least promoted a more equitable public discourse regarding race.

Homosexual rights were also kin to the Second Wave of Feminism. Lesbian feminism promoted the voices of lesbians and helped achieve awareness and tolerance of…. [read more]

House of Bondage: The Transformation Book Review

… Basically, in giving a final examination it can be concluded that both authors of each of the books can be right, as the field of southern history challenges a single clarification. It is interesting to note that throughout the various plantation families that were all over the southern scenery, it is more than likely that the Civil War, without a doubt, were really responsible for connecting women that had slaves as Faust opposes, but that numerous women had already exercised their authority and power long previous to the Battle of Sumter, as Glymph preserves.

In preserving with an examination of gender, Glymph resumes in underwriting to the history on southern women that were white all through the nineteenth-century by presenting adequate verification of their power,…. [read more]

In What Ways Do Queer Theory and Lesbian Feminism Differ in Their Understanding of Lesbianism Essay

… ¶ … Queer Theory and Lesbian Feminism

In what ways do queer theory and lesbian feminism differ, in their understanding of lesbianism?

Over the past decade, there have been hot debates on the issue of lesbianism. These debates have not only been in the level of acceptance of the behavior but also on the legality. The lesbian-feminist theory has played a huge role in the academic field as concerns studies of women and it is only recently that it has gained a degree of crucial autonomy. This has been attributed to the need of some of the lesbian theorists to define their projects over and against those of both the feminist and the queer theory. The queer theory and lesbian-feminism theory attempt to explore the…. [read more]

Cyber Feminism, Gender and Technology Research Paper

… From their perspective, technology such as the internet can be used as a medium to promote feminist philosophy and principles in order to liberate women from subjugation they experience at the hands of males. Sadie Plant wrote Zeroes+Ones in the year 1997 and asserted that cyberfeminism is a philosophy used to describe the seditious bond between females and technology[footnoteRef:18]. Furthermore she asserts that women have always been kept in shadows in the male dominated culture and society and "have been the ones who did the groundbreaking work: from the very first computer program to the latest incarnation of virtual reality"[footnoteRef:19]. Furthermore, Plant concentrates on translating computer codes and asserts that one represents male dominance and authority and zero represents the subjugation of females. Furthermore, she…. [read more]

Post-Feminist Society Contemporary Feminist Advocacy Essay

… Indeed, a 20-year-old college student interviewed by USA Today stated that it is "unattractive" for a woman to talk about feminism and will earn her a reputation of being "pushy, problematic or troublesome" (Goudreau, 2011).

The one thing that has not changed in the intervening years since the political became personal is that some women participate in organizations, while others focus on having conversations and not talking points. A substantial amount of the activism of young feminists occurs online. That said, formal organizations for younger feminists are cropping up. The Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF) and the Feminist Majority Foundation Alliance (FMFA) utilize a university campus venue to inform young feminists about women's rights issues. The focus of FMF is very much grassroots, but the group…. [read more]

Ethical Issues That May Arise Essay

… But while the social worker must be cognizant of these factors, culture cannot be used as an 'excuse' for abuse.

Language barriers may often present problems for women who are abused, as they may feel particularly vulnerable, and worry that if they come forward they will not have any economic opportunities, if they separate from their male partner. The most extreme example of this is women who are in enslaved relationships to a male. For example, it is estimated that 28% of trafficked women saw a health care professional while they were still in captivity. Despite being in contact with a person who could potentially come to their aid, women were afraid to come forward. Also, women may have difficulty communicating their distress in explicit…. [read more]

Foreign Immigrant Groups California Share Essay

… a.: Univ. Of Chicago

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Bui, Hoan N. In the Adopted Land: Abused Immigrant Women and…. [read more]

Feminism as Framed by the World Essay

… ¶ … Cheese with that Whine?

Nowadays, it is commonly perceived that young women may find themselves disembodied from a society in which gender roles, no longer fixed, are in flux. As the traditional social class structures wanes, losing their hold in the second- or late-modernity context, individuals are urged ever more to create their own social structures. However, at the same time, society is full of 'should' and 'ought' statements, which directly contradict the idea of 'create your own'. Individuals need to develop internal self-monitoring systems to replace dependence on structured pathways and set ways. Individuals now are encouraged to choose the type of life they wish to lead. Girls (and boys) are encouraged to have a plan for their lives. Ideally, individuals will…. [read more]

Arise Gang Prevention Program Thesis

… ¶ … Gang Prevention Program

"Gangs contain bright boys who do well, bright boys who do less well, and dull boys who pass, dull boys who fail, and illiterates"

(Garabedian & . Gibbons, 2005, p. 26).

In regard to gangs, one never knows what may happen. In the article, "Gang grief: violence wounds teens and communities," Melissa Klein (2009) reports that Chantelle S., a 15-year-old from New York City relates that at times, students become fearful of what may happen when fights break out between rival groups in her high school. These fight lead to lockdowns with increased security in the school. Chantelle said: "It's kind of scary because you never know what can happen" (Chantelle, as cited in Klein, ¶ 1). During this paper,…. [read more]

Respect to Any One Approach to IR Essay

… ¶ … respect to any ONE approach to IR you choose, explain how theoretical debates within a particular theory help us to define more precisely how best to use IR theory in practice.

International relations -- Feminist theory

Globalization, market liberalization and the technological revolution have all contributed significantly to the advancement of the societies across the world. People now use the most developed appliances and technologies; they are interconnected and highly informed.

Within the business community, they are cherished as valuable organizational assets; they are presented with opportunities for career development and they are motivated and rewarded. As customers, people are presented with a wide selection of products and services from which to choose those that best respond to their needs and demands. Additionally,…. [read more]

Vindication of the Rights of Woman Mary Research Proposal

… ¶ … Vindication of the Rights of Woman

Mary Wollstonecraft's book a Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1792) was written as a response to the proposed state-supported system of public education that would only educate girls to be housewives, a proposal made by Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord, the French minister of education after the French revolution (Mellor 367). The passion with which Wollstonecraft wrote a Vindication of the Rights of Woman was derived from her personal experience of inequality as a young woman in a patriarchal society and also by the injustice she experienced in her own family growing up, an injustice experienced primarily because of her gender given that she was raised in a home where her older brother, Ned (who by law…. [read more]

Phenomenological Sociology Term Paper

… ¶ … sociology [...] specific readings and their concepts, linkages, and a summary of the text. Phenomenological sociology literally looks at how we are in the world - how we interact with the world and how we view it. The study also expects students to question their views and ideas, "suspend" their preconceived notions, and look at the world from a fresh point-of-view, like that of a child or a newcomer to that particular society.

A summary of the section on "Feminist Theory" by the textbook author and the writings by Dorothy Smith follows. Because phenomenological sociology questions established patterns and behaviors, it is a natural study for oppressed groups, such as women, and Smith delves into this in her discussion of "Feminist Theory." The…. [read more]

Women in Television Essay

… Otherwise, the audience would not be interested and the show would fail.

Look at "Hot in Cleveland," which completely revolves around women spurned by men and seeking new ones. The show's supposedly wittiest lines are about men. The women's other topics of their skin, weight and clothing are just as meaningless. Mary Rogers moved away to get away from becoming June Cleaver. These women have moved nearly across the U.S. To seek men and become June Cleavers. How far have women come in 40 years since "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"?

Works Cited

Bodroghkozy, Aniko. "Where have you gone, Mary Richards? Feminism's rise and fall in primetime television." Iris: A Journal About Women 12.28 (2004). 5 November 2010

Bordo, Susan. The Male Body. A…. [read more]

Feminist Interpretation of Aristotle Term Paper

… Feminist Interpretation of Aristotle

Aristotle and Women's Position in the World

In "The Virtue of Care: Aristotelian Ethics and Contemporary Ethics of Care," Ruth Groenhout states "hierarchies should be evaluated on their own merits." This interpretation of Aristotelian hierarchy stands in stark contrast to a literal interpretation of Aristotle's view of the man/wife dichotomy where there is no evaluation, the woman is mostly subservient to her husband. Instead, Groenhout claims, when people are denied a place in a hierarchy because of their gender, or race, it is not Aristotle's hierarchy that is objectionable, it is the criteria which gives the positions to certain individuals (Freeland p. 177). Therefore it can be surmised that while Aristotelian ethics exist, they can, indeed, also be valued; it is…. [read more]

Australian Legal System Essay

… Australian Legal System

Migrant women constitute a growing proportion of the childbearing population in many high-income countries (McLachlan and Waldenstrom, 2005). Migrant women are often classified as unskilled, and they constitute the largest and most vulnerable category among migrants (Piper, 2004). Women who do not belong to the dominant culture, or who are different because of their race, sexual orientation or disability, continue to confront marginalization in the policymaking process and require different strategies to integrate their agendas into the public policy process (Rankin and Vickers, 2001).

During 1989-1990, women made up just over 40% of those classified as principal applicants for settlement in Australia. The eligibility of these people to immigrate was looked at, and if successful, other members of their immediate family were…. [read more]

Social Order and Inequalities Essay

… Expression of masculinity has been linked to ideas regarding work and citizenship. Some of the patriarchal states have been involved in scaling and clawing back their social policies relative to the women's disadvantage. Therefore women remain to face resistance into meaningful positions of power within administrations, institutions, as well as in the political system and communities.

Social class between ethnic groups in a society has brought racial inequality. It comes in different ways such as because of the individual's place of origin or culture, skin color and other physical characteristics. Unequal opportunities and treatment between racial formations tend to be the reasons why some ethnic groups feel that they are superior to the rest of the people. Since Jane is from lower social class she…. [read more]

Gender as Prison at First Term Paper

… While certainly there are many people who believe that right-wing Christians have far more power in American government (and society as a whole) than is healthy or appropriate in a secular democracy, the United States remains distant and distinct in important ways from Gilead. However, Afghanistan under the rule of the Taliban was startlingly similar to the world in the novel. The Taliban created a world that was precisely like that of Gilead in which the civil rights of all people were compromised, but the civil rights of women were obliterated.

The parallels between Afghani women lives when the Taliban ruled their nation and the lives of different groups of women in The Handmaid's Tale are eerily abundant: Like Afghani women forced by law and…. [read more]

Naomi Wolf the Beauty Myth Term Paper

… ¶ … Beauty Myth

Naomi Wolf's the Beauty Myth

Language is one of the most fundamental components of human communication, encompassing everything from the banal to the philosophical. Used effectively, language has the power to argue theories and manipulate opinion. This essay will discuss how Naomi Wolf successfully uses emotive language in her book The Beauty Myth to communicate her concept of modern feminism and the place of women in society. Wolf illustrates her theories through the use of several distinct styles of emotive writing, which, for the purposes of this essay, shall be classified as dream language, inflammatory language, victim language and the language of female consciousness.

In The Beauty Myth, Wolf makes repeated reference to the fictionalised ideal of the modern woman. Through…. [read more]

Gaze Seeing Essay

… Both are posited on nature (or on anatomy in Freud's famous phrase). (p. 22)

This is a set of assumptions that most of us do not accept, that women define themselves as wounded and as men manques. Indeed, an argument has been put forth by a number of feminist scholars that it is men who see themselves and their sexual potential as lacking, since it is within the body of women that new life is nurtured and brought forth.

Horney (1967) has termed this latter dynamic "womb envy" as a way of placing her concept within a model of human sexuality that is analogous with Freud's psychosexual model. While Horney's model has its own limitations, it embraces more cultural and social dynamics than does Mulvey's.…. [read more]

Character "Little Miss Sunshine" Case Case Study

… Secondly, Richard and Sheryl, Olive's parents are going through some major issues as Richard's plan of selling his theory is failing badly as a result of which he is going bankrupt. Due to Richard's childish and stubborn behavior, Sheryl decides that she can't live with Richard anymore and she wants a divorce. However, both of them decide to deal with this problem later once Olive is done with her Little Miss Sunshine Beauty pageant.

Thirdly, Edwin, Olive's Grandfather passes away because of an overdose of heroin. The whole family goes into a state of shock as they all love Edwin very much. However, the family decides to deal with this death in a very bold way as they all understand that "taking Olive to the…. [read more]

Ecofeminism: Attracting the World's Attention Claims Thesis

… Ecofeminism: Attracting the World's Attention

Claims by feminists of a verifiable linkage between the patriarchal plowing of Planet Earth's ecosystems asunder and those same males' history of trampling on women's needs and rights have a prominent position in feminist literature. The goal of many female leaders, scholars and activists is to bring the ecofeminist argument to the forefront of scholarship and politics. Through the process of illuminating the press and public, the ecofeminist movement certainly hopes to benefit in numerous ways. One way in which ecofeminists hope to gain traction and credibility is by presenting factual, verifiable data illustrative of the main ecofeminist contentions. This paper presents scholarship based on research -- and empirical studies -- in the ecofeminist genre.

However, ecofeminist assertions vis-a-vis the…. [read more]

Utopias Explored: The Time Machine Essay

… Deckard travels to Seattle to interview Rachel, who eventually fails his test. This is explained to Deckard as Rachel lacks normal empathy because of being raised in space. Later, Deckard verifies that Rachel is indeed an android -- a Nexus Six, or top of the line model. This, and his own feelings of self-doubt about the humanity of "retiring" another being, cause him to philosophize about the morality of his era. Interwoven with Deckard's doubt is the store of J.R. Isidore, a genetically -- damaged individual who lives alone. Pris, an idential twin to Rachel, moves into the building and J.R. befriends her. Pris and her friends attempt to use J.R. To trap Deckard, but Deckard asks Rachel for help and confesses that he is…. [read more]

Management Data Collection Essay

… These would guide my approach and the types of questions I asked. However, given the need for sensitivity, I would have to be hyper-aware of the women's mental states so I could alter the pattern of my questioning if required and end the interview if the strain on the women became too much. The women should be aware of the fact that they were in control of the interview and had the ability to end it if they felt overcome with emotions.

I would also be conducting interviews with persons who were experts in the emotional fallout which can occur as a result of human trafficking or who were political experts on the subjects such as academics. Video-taping these interviews would not be as necessary…. [read more]

Woman Philosophy Term Paper

… Women's Philosophy

The issue of gender and sexism received a boost during the early years of the 20th century, when women began to claim their right to vote. Over the centuries, the fight has evolved into various manifestations, including women's battle for equal work and pay, the same civil rights as men, and simply the right to develop themselves as fully as men are allowed to do. Although the battle against sexism continues to this day, it would be foolish not to recognize the many advances that women have made in their battle for social and professional equality. Indeed, today it is no longer unusual to see women in professions like the law and medicine, or o see them in leadership and entrepreneurial positions. Although…. [read more]

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