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FHA's Default Insurance Program Had Still Has Strategically Provides for or Creates Public Value Case Study


This work in writing has as its objective the investigation of whether the Federal Housing Administration's Default Insurance Program (DIP) effective meets the stated purpose of creating public value by encouraging financial institutions to increase lending for mortgages to provide affordable home ownership to those families unable to quality under standard industry criteria.

Theoretical Framework

The theoretical framework for this research is the concept that government security to mortgage lenders creates a situation in which financial institutions are more willing to lend money to low-income homebuyers. In turn, when financial institutions have a greater incentive to lend money to homebuyers who otherwise would not qualify for a mortgage, public value is…. [read more]

Hurricane Sandy Communication by FHA Natural Disasters Professional Writing

… Hurricane Sandy Communication by FHA

Natural disasters are no strange phenomenon to the United States, and especially to the coastal areas. Indeed, hurricanes and earthquakes are a frequent phenomenon, with some occurring as often as once per year. Disaster aid organizations in conjunction with the government and housing agencies are therefore an important component of the life and sustenance Americans enjoy today. Sometimes, however, even these entities are baffled by the sheer scale of destruction caused by disasters that are unexpectedly severe. This was the case with Hurricane Sandy. Although warnings helped the majority of citizens retain their lives, Sandy wreaked complete destruction on uncountable homes, leaving many homeless, without electricity, and without running water. In addition, many were in confusion regarding the relocation, rebuilding,…. [read more]

HUD Is a Public Program Research Paper

… As an organization, HUD uses group thinking in order to be effective management for people that need help with public housing assistance. In group decision making, group thinking is a part of the decision making process for HUD to manage public housing. Group thinking calls for the tendency of group members to conform to the consensus viewpoint in group decision making. For example, instead of one person making the decision, it would benefit the group if everybody in the group would express their ideas until they come up with one idea together. Group thinking requires conformity so that it focus on the interpersonal transaction between group members. Leaders of the group are seen as part of the group decision making process by having a quality…. [read more]

Delivering Customer Value Term Paper

… Customer Value

Countrywide: Delivering Customer Value

Early in a company's evolution much should be decided as a foundation for doing business. The nature of the company's business practices and product it represents defines the company's core values and basic spirit. It is important to establish this basis early on in order to build and nourish the business in a successful direction. Only then can a company enter into the market place with any real hope of remaining competitive. The beginnings of a corporation like Countrywide Financial Corporation better known as Countrywide Home Loans, early on were based on simple values and goals. What later would become corporate culture, defined the nature of doing business the Countrywide way. Effectively, it is the product of the home…. [read more]

Strategic Communication Leading Through Strategic Communication: Hurricane A-Level Coursework

… Strategic Communication

Leading Through Strategic Communication: Hurricane Sandy Superstorm Guidance and Assistance for FHA Insured Recipients

In Class Goal Setting

The goal of the program is to ensure strategic communication to inform FHA insured recipients of assistance they are eligible for following Hurricane Sandy.

Audience Goal Behavior/Action

Emergency/Government Agencies Service Provision Strategic communication to public

FHA Homeowners and Renters Receipt of Service Receipt of viable information on receiving services and aid

These actions are feasible for each agency listed. The barriers to action for each agency are reaching the appropriate people with the appropriate communication and information.

Description of Audience

Government Agency

If this agency provides optimum communication rather than inferior communication then our agency will be able to effectively provide services to those impacted…. [read more]

Nutrition and Weight Status Obesity Term Paper

… Mortality Diabetes Program

Though the number of people with diabetes is rising to epidemic proportions across the nation. It is interesting to note that there is little evidence that the elderly women in Maryland are faced with similar mortality rates to any other group. In fact the number of serious complications reported lack sufficient evidence that this age group has the same rate as other populations. A program to investigate the actual population of elderly women in Maryland with diabetes is being designed to determine the actual data on mortality and the number of older adults that face complications due to illness. This research study, (Health Program Study of Elderly Women with Diabetes), is being developed using data from medical records that indicate serious illnesses…. [read more]

Hardship Letter Research Proposal

… ¶ … Mortgage Company Address

Your Account Number

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing to you seeking a home loan modification on my current mortgage. There are several cumulative circumstances that have created a financial disaster that will ultimately result in foreclosure on my home without your assistance.

Due to the decline in the local real estate market in this depressed economy, my house is now valued significantly less than what I currently owe on the mortgage. My mortgage balance is $331,000 and my home is currently worth only $146,000, which is only 44% of the loan balance. I can only hope my home will regain its lost value in the future, but selling my home for its current value would not be a…. [read more]

Residential Property Financing Thesis

… Residential Property Financing Programs: Characteristics in a Bust Market
The American economy is in a clear-cut state of recession. With job
creation on the downslide, the dollar in a value spiral and commodity costs
levying the already imposing specter of inflation on the American people.
In the midst of these conditions, a litany of irresponsible credit and loan
policies has produced a housing market bust. Though slowing economic
indicators have persisted since 2000, consumer confidence and credit
purchasing had sustained the economy for several of these years. This was
the case against the better judgment of sound economic stewardship, as
today countless homeowners are unable to keep up on mortgage payments.
Massive foreclosures have ensued, with houses entering the market at a pace
far greater…. [read more]

Jews Became White the Nordic Research Paper

… Sacks states that there were also other means of excluding blacks from their earned benefits. The armed forces did provide those classified as "Euromale" the opportunity to attend university and receive job training in various sectors. This facilitated the trend toward upward social mobility among many "Euromales."

The FHA and VA mortgages were also critical to enabling Jewish upward social mobility and stymieing black upward social mobility. Housing laws used to restrict the sale of properties to both blacks and Jews. After the war, the FHA allowed Jews to buy suburban homes. Thus began the massive migration of Jews and other Euromales to the suburbs: the "white flight" had begun. Blacks were left behind in the dregs of city centers, which were being bulldozed in…. [read more]

US Service Capabilities Assessment

… Humanitarian Assistance

In Joint Publication 3-29, the Joint Chiefs of Staff lays out the doctrine for U.S. military support of foreign humanitarian assistance (FHA) missions short of war. These capabilities will be deployed in smaller scale contingency (SSC)/MOOTW scenarios, but less than theater of war (MTW) scenarios. In chapter II, organization and interagency cooperation and DOD involvement. This chapter lays out the C2 for the mission ("Joint publication 3-29," 2001, II-1).

One might want to review the 1962 Operation IDA launched in the wake of a series of earthquakes struck northwestern in Iran. This is strikingly similar to our Vignette scenario in the course. The JCS directed United States Army, Europe, to send aid to the victims. Elements of the 8th Evacuation Hospital deployed from…. [read more]

Buy American Requirement Essay

… Generally, there are three exemptions: (i) Non-availability, (ii) unreasonable cost, and (iii) public interest. The first exemption applies when the United States is not able to produce sufficient and reasonable quantities and satisfactory qualities of steel, iron, or the related manufactured goods. Second, the unreasonable cost exemption becomes applicable when the entire or total inclusion of steel, iron, or related manufactured goods produced within the U.S. are likely to increase the overall project cost by over 25%. Third, the exemption of public interest specifies that the application of the Buy American requirements or provisions is consistent with the interest of the public. Furthermore, the provisions by the Buy American must be pertinent in a way that is consistent with the United States commitments under the…. [read more]

Ba Honors Accounting Term Paper

… ¶ … Value Model

With many economies worldwide in a financial tailspin this paper will seek to determine whether the fair value model or the cost model is more efficient especially in regards to the valuation of real estate assets in Hong Kong. The paper will specifically seek to determine whether the fair value model is a good representation of the true value of investments so that investors can make decisions that are both timely and effective in their nature. Comparing the fair value model to the cost model should provide for a clear picture since both models are used extensively in the Hong Kong market and there is a very distinct difference between the two models. The paper is especially concerned about the reliability…. [read more]

Low Income Home Loans Term Paper

… A combination of factors can affect whether a borrower qualifies for a loan, and if so, at what interest rate. Many of these factors are class related.

While lenders should consider a borrower's income and assets, an overemphasis on these factors may discriminate against low-income and minority borrowers (Kim, 2002). A low-income person under existing measures of creditworthiness is labeled a poor credit risk may, under different and less restrictive standards, prove to be a worthy borrower. Developing new measures of creditworthiness can correct lenders' perspectives on some low-income borrowers and open up access to credit for those worthy borrowers now being turned down for loans.

One undermined measure, for example, is rental history (Kim, 2002). Credit bureaus do not keep track of whether tenants…. [read more]

Mortgage Fraud if a Rash Term Paper

… " To this phenomenal burden was added the additional costs of suburban ownership such as the necessity of owning a car for transportation to remote work locations, and the upkeep of suburban lifestyles. Within only a few decades, foreclosures began again, and the younger generation watched their parents dreams seem increasingly removed. Financing changed once again, as Fannie Mae began offering more flexible options such as adjustable-rate mortgages and the resurrection of the balloon payment. Meanwhile, the weight of mortgages served to settle the older generation into political and economic stagnation, something that many youth in the 1960s and 1970s protested against as a hidden cost of suburbia.

So one may be able to see a certain degree to which mortgages are inherently exploitative. A…. [read more]

Affordable Housing and the Use of Exclusionary and Inclusionary Zoning Term Paper


In the past few decades, the lack of affordable housing in the United States has emerged as a crisis effecting low-income residents, government agencies and municipalities, and real estate developers alike. The lack of available affordable housing has increased in the past few years, as a result of zoning ordinances and governmental zoning powers that are supported and upheld by the courts. While there are no immediate solutions to this problem, a number of legal scholars have examined the relevant cases and have written extensively on the subject. Affordable housing is defined in the legal context as housing for which the mortgage or rental payments, related taxes, insurance and utilities, do not exceed thirty percent…. [read more]

3rd and Final Hardship Letter Thesis

… Hardship Letter

Any business relationship, whether it involves a bank, an employer, a neighbor or any other entity, should be entered into with a certain amount of trust on the side of both parties. A mortgage agreement should be no different. The mortgage company trusts that a consumer who enters into a loan agreement will make the payments he has agreed to, while the consumer trusts that the mortgage company will fulfill the terms expressed to him via the mortgage representative.

When I refinanced my home with your company a couple of years ago, I placed a certain amount of trust in your representative that he would do his job appropriately, and that was to offer me a better loan package on my $331,000 loan.…. [read more]

Leading Organizational Change for Results White Paper

… Leading Organizational Change for Results

Leadership of organizations face challenges in policy and decision-making, implementation, evaluation, and directing of individuals and organization in today's dynamic business environment. One of the greatest challenges is organizational transition since it affects not only the organization, but also the people who have to accept and implement the changes. Bridges & Bridges (2009) identifies that for management the most difficult task is the management of workplace change. This is because poor management of change can result to poor morale and workplace stability. Successful organizational change occurs when employees have a picture, plan, purpose, and are part of the implementation of change (Bridges & Bridges, 2009). This is a detailed report of an organizational change challenge that faced the Federal Housing…. [read more]

Federal Legislation and Impact Essay

… Assisting homeowners from foreclosure is appropriate and necessary. This plan was extended and refined in 2011 by the Obama Administration.

Chapter 23: Condominiums and Timeshares

Buyers should be aware of rules that may prohibit the approval of a loan for a particular condominium property. For both FHA and conventional loans the unit needs be at least 50% owner occupied, if not, the loan will not be approved. Buyers should ensure the HOA does not have any pending litigation and that the HOA is well-funded, absent any of these factors and securing a loan for the condo can prove to be quite difficult.

There is an active condo market in my area. For people who looking to own property they find relative cost to own a…. [read more]

Assemble Historical Data Essay

… This is because there was emphasis on having different agencies providing loans to individuals that are from low income households. Over the course of time, this meant that they would underwrite mortgages that were considered to be more risky (i.e. Alt A and interest only loans). During the last part of the bubble, is when these activities accounted for nearly 25% percent of Fannie Mae's and Freddie Mac's portfolios.

When this data is compared with the information from figure 1, it is showing how this focus has helped to contribute to an increase in homeownership rates. The reason why is because the federal government is making it easier for everyone to be able to purchase a home without having to follow traditional lending practices.

Moreover,…. [read more]

Elder Law Research Paper

… Elder Law

The preponderance of older Americans would prefer to grown old in their own homes. The high amount of long-term care paid by government, however, suggests that few seniors have enough money to pay these costs for very long. Until lately, older homeowners had inadequate options for improving their financial situation. They could sell their house, or if they had sufficient incomes, they could take out a first or second mortgage. A new solution that has emerged is that of tapping the equity built up in ones home (Use Your Home to Stay at Home, 2005).

The preponderance of older Americans are homeowners. Many have accrued sizeable amounts of home equity, including families whose other retirement resources may be very meek. Over half the…. [read more]

Race the Power of an Illusion Reaction Paper

… Race: The Power of Illusion

The PBS film Race: The Power of an Illusion addresses the illusory concept of race. In fact, the filmmakers claim was a relatively modern idea that has been evolving over the past four centuries. The idea of race was possibly born in the United States, where dividing people according to their physical characteristics had distinct political and social goals. Thomas Jefferson was in fact the author of two contradictory documents: the Declaration of Independence and the Letter on the State of Virginia. The former promoted equality for all, whereas the latter claimed that blacks were a "race" that was physically and mentally inferior to whites. Race: The Power of an Illusion is relatively thorough and encompasses issues related to race…. [read more]

Portfolio Management Project Thesis

… Finance Portfolio

FedEx Corporation (NYSE: FDX)

Industry: Air delivery & freight services

Investment Style: Large Blend

Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT)

Industry: Application software

Investment Style: Large Growth

Target (NYSE: TGT)

Industry: Discount, variety stores

Investment Style: Large Blend

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ)

Industry: Drug manufacturers

Investment Style: Large blend

Ford (NYSE: F)

Industry: Automobiles

Investment Style: Large Blend

Citigroup (NYSE: C)

Industry: Banking

Investment Style: Large Blend

Altria (NYSE: MO)

Industry: Cigarettes

Investment Style: Large Blend

Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-B)

Industry: Property & casual insurance

Investment Style: Large Growth

Exxon Mobile (NYSE: XOM)

Industry: Oil & Gas

Investment Style: Large Growth

JetBlue (Nasdaq: JBLU)

Industry: Airlines

Investment Style: Large Growth

Portfolio, based on November 2 purchases, as of November 24th, 2009.

Economic Indicators

The leading…. [read more]

Money and Banks. The Book Essay

… ¶ … money and banks. The book gets to the point and states that money is the framework and "currency" of a market economy and how it works. For example, money has to be present for the author of this chapter view in the form of paying home bills, paying for take-out food, and so forth. The chapter than segues to the larger types of money and the disparate forms that money takes on including physical and account/investment-based forms. For example, the balance of a 401(k) account the author of this report may have is just much money as a five dollar bill in a wallet. The difference is the liquidity of the money.

The forms of payment have changed in recent years. However, checks…. [read more]

Race and Poverty Are Closely Essay

… Poor U.S. Hispanic children are among the most vulnerable groups and their numbers has experienced a constant increase in the recent years. In contrast, the poor adult Hispanic populations have not increased significantly in the last few years. This makes it possible for people to understand that conditions are critical and that urgent actions need to be considered in order for things to change. Poverty affects society as a whole and poor people are not the only ones suffering because of it. By installing anti-poverty programs the government is more likely to experience benefits in the long run.

Works cited:

Arrighi, Barbara A. Maume, David J. "Child Poverty in America Today: Families and children ," (Greenwood Publishing Group, 2007)

Boger, John Charles, "Race, Poverty, and…. [read more]

Cultural Diversity in Homeownership Term Paper

… "

Summary and Conclusion

This work has clearly demonstrated that there is much disparity in homeownership rates between white and ethnic minority households. While there have been legislative and regulatory acts geared toward reducing these disparities it is clear that the disparity in homeownership rates for minority households persists. Predatory lending practices have served to further and deepen these disparities with the subprime crisis highlighting the treatment received by minorities when seeking financing for their purchase of a home. It is not clear what actions should or will be taken to address these problems. In fact, the only thing that is sure at this point in time is that many minority households are losing their homes to foreclosure and in many cases their equity has…. [read more]

Marketing Plan for a Virtual Financial Services Company Essay

… Marketing Plan: McBride Financial Services

What market research would you undertake?

First and foremost, the financial needs and target demographic in Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota should be established, particularly if they differ substantially from the Idaho-based company's current circle of clients. Layout of the territories, differences between the West and the Midwest should be researched. In terms of segmenting, given that some of the loans will be Federal Housing Association (FHA) and Veteran's Administration (VA) loans, the likely needs of these particular markets will be those of middle to lower-middle class individuals buying or refinancing homes for non-commercial reasons -- i.e. To live in rather than rent the homes. Also, the use of a virtual mortgage company in general, because of its…. [read more]

Mortgage Communications Director Colleagues Term Paper

… One change that will occur as a result of the system that GEM is introducing is a greater level of accountability, with each mortgage officer being able to track the length of time that each mortgage takes from initiation to final result as well as the percentage of offers of each type of loan that is accepted by our customers. Under the previous management employees had relatively little control over the acceptance rate of the various products that they were offering since they had essentially no flexibility in changing the conditions of those offers.

Differences in the levels of performance therefore resulted either from pure sales quality (not a characteristic to be dismissed, obviously) or on what we might call simple the luck of the…. [read more]

Welfare Policies From Urban Injustice How Ghettos Happen by David Hilfiker Book Review

… Urban Injustice: How Ghettos Happen

It is author David Hilfiker's considered, well-researched and respected opinion that most Americans do not have a good understanding of the primary causes of poverty. The author / doctor suggests that the primary causes of poverty are not to be found within the behaviors of individuals necessarily, but within the "social and historical structures" that are beyond one's control. A few of those structures / barriers will be addressed in this paper along with specific reference to a few of the roadblocks and stumbling points that tend to keep poor people poor: zero tolerance and mandatory minimum sentencing; "deserving" vs. "undeserving" poor people; definitions of poverty; TANF; the war on poverty, the war on welfare; educational shortcomings and "ghetto prisons."…. [read more]

Cook, "Franklin Roosevelt's Fundamental Intention Article Critique

… ¶ … Cook, "Franklin Roosevelt's fundamental intention by the beginning of his second term was to place public administration at the heart of a new American political system" (p. 98). In fact, the New Deal could be said to be the primary catalyst for the development of public administration as we know it today. Virtually all of Roosevelt's reform and reorganization efforts placed public administration at the center of their implementation.

Roosevelt did not invent public administration per se, but he transformed it into a new system that was designed to cater to the needs of the people by being responsive to the social issues that were souring the public on the concept of democracy. He created many new agencies and government authorities such as…. [read more]

Old, My Parents Term Paper

… "No comment," he said with a smile.

The connection between sprawl and crime is less clear-cut than it seems. Although there is unquestionably a link, it is not clear which is cause and which effect. In 1992, a survey of those who had left New York found that fear of crime was easily the most common reason for moving to the suburbs. Crime causes sprawl, as well as the other way round. Here too the solution may lie not in anti-sprawl policies but in anti-crime ones. And, of course, that is what has happened. Crime rates in many cities have fallen sharply in the 1990s. As a result, the population of many city centers has begun to rise again.

The topic of discussion turned to…. [read more]

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