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American Experience Term Paper

… American Experience

Americans pride themselves on their nation, its achievements and its fundamental philosophy of government. Yet what is commonly thought of as the "greatest nation in the world" has frequently, systematically, and continually failed large segments of its society. The Declaration of Independence outlined lofty goals of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," and yet those ideals did not apply to one-half of the entire population: women; nor did the ideals apply to African-Americans. In fact, African-Americans were legally defined as three-fifths of a human being in the United States Constitution: a literal fraction of a person. Thus, embedded within the American legal and political system were safeguards to protect the rights of an elite few over the rights of others; to promote…. [read more]

Importance of the Fifth Amendment Essay

… Fifth Amendment

The Fourth Amendment, part of the Bill of Rights, protects against unreasonable search and seizure. The Fifth Amendment gives one the right not to be held to answer for a crime unless presented with an indictment. This means, among other things, that a person has against self-incrimination and against double jeopardy. This paper will analyze these two amendments and their importance in the protection of Americans' civil rights. The two amendments form the cornerstone of protection against government abuse in the judicial system, and both relate back to pre-independence rulings in Britain that built the foundations of those protections.

Fourth Amendment

The Fourth Amendment derives from an 18th century English court case that was settled prior to independence, in 1775. The amendment grants…. [read more]

Fifths Compromise History Term Paper

… This idea was presented before the delegates on July 12 that year and stated that three out of every 5 slaves should be included in population count for determination of representation. This compromise favored the pro-slavery quarter in the United States but it appeared to be the best solution in the given situation.

James Wilson of Pennsylvania who was ironically a fair anti-slavery delegate first presented the idea of three-fifths compromise. This compromise was strongly opposed by most Northern states because they knew South would use slave count unfairly to gain an edge over other states in House of Representatives. Secondly they also believed that South for relaxation of taxes too. However the entire idea behind this compromise was to consider five black men equal…. [read more]

American Revolution History Has Shown Term Paper

… 50).

Furthermore, when discussing the ongoing debate about the Senate, Berkin highlights the words of Gouverneur Morris, whose justification for the Senate included an explicit acknowledgment of the class divisions present in colonial society. Morris argued that "the rich will strive to establish their dominion and enslave the rest," and so they should be represented by the Senate, which would stand in dynamic tension with the more egalitarian House (Morris qtd. In Berkin, 2002, p. 104). This view was born out of a pragmatic consideration of colonial society at the time, and although Morris seems positively sociopathic for actually encouraging the maintenance of wealth inequality, his words do at least confirm the thesis of this study, namely, that the Constitutional Convention was mainly oriented towards…. [read more]

American Civics Essay

… American Civics

The American population is undergoing a number of dramatic shifts. The U.S. population is becoming more diverse in terms of race. The growth in the Latino population, in particular, constitutes a huge part of this increased diversity. The Latino population is set to double its 1990 size by the year 2015.

The American population is getting older. The median age of the population will steadily increase from 34.0 in 1994 to 35.5 in 2000. This increasing median age is driven by the aging of the population born during the Baby Boom after World War II, from 1946-1964. As the Baby Boomers age, the median age of the American population will rise.

The American population growth rate is slowing. Despite the large increases in…. [read more]

American Airlines/U.s. Airways Merger Issues Case Study

… This tendency has the possibility of increasing the volume of fares to the consumers thus ability to reduce the value and satisfaction of the needs and preferences due to increase in the cost of travelling.

Strategic Issues:

There are various strategic issues that might arise because of the integration of the American-U.S. Airways. One of the strategic issues in relation to the merger is the decrease in the level of competition. The proposed merger will have the ability to reduce competition for 1,665 flight choices thus affecting approximately 53 million passengers. The size of the new entity will be above the current operators in the market and industry thus the tendency of eliminating the trust of effective, free, and fair treatment and competition in relation…. [read more]

Race and Revolution by Gary Nash Bibliographic Book Review

… Race and Revolution by Gary Nash

Bibliographic information

Nash, G. (1990). Race and revolution. Lanham, MD: Madison House Publishers.

Author Gary Nash is a professor and the University of California Los Angeles and the director of the National Center for History in the Schools, and a former president of the Organization of American Historians. Nash is a social historian, who emphasizes the importance of the interactions between different diverse groups of people at various points in time. Much of his academic research and writing has focused on the history of slavery and how race became an issue in slavery in the United States in a way that it was not in much of the rest of the Western world. In Race and Revolution, Nash investigates…. [read more]

Abolitionist Movement Black Africans Helped Research Paper

… However, in 1830 black leaders differed on the best strategies that they were to use in struggling against slavery and discrimination after they started meeting frequently in national conventions. A section like Henry Highland Garnet and David Walker were for the idea of slaves to revolt and overthrow their masters while Paul Cuffe and Russwurm were for the idea that a major modern black within Africa. But through the support of the white American Colonization Society in 1822, black Americans were able to establish Liberia in West Africa, (Morgan, Edmund, 2003). But as time passed by black leaders considered themselves as American and they had a feeling that their problems could be solved through more struggle while they were at home.

When slavery was extended…. [read more]

Native Americans the Age Thesis

… Europeans devoted a significant amount of capital to the development of weapons to fight amongst themselves. By the time they conquered the Americas, the Indians had only bows, arrows, and spears.

Finally, the indigenous people of the Americas were vulnerable because they were diverse and thinly populated. They had no strength in numbers. Although there were several tribal alliances and some tribes enjoyed control over vast portions of territory, they could not successfully align themselves in a united front against the foreigners. The Europeans took advantage of the situation, employing a divide and conquer policy that worked brilliantly. Some Native Americans trusted and developed bonds with the Europeans, thereby missing the opportunity to join forces with neighboring tribes that would soon be decimated.

The Native…. [read more]

Native Americans Term Paper

… Native Americans

Over the years, the United States has exerted oppressive force over the Native American Indians who were in this country long before settlers arrived from Europe. Not only did the white European settlers cheat, rape, and steal from the Natives; they also managed to decimate nearly the entire Native American population. Native American tribes are now forced to live on reservations that are technically separate from the rest of the United States of America, although their sovereignty is still an ongoing matter of debate.

The Supreme Court has assumed in recent years that although non-Indians have the right to be free from political control by Indian nations, American Indians can and should be subject to the political sovereignty of non-Indians. This disparate treatment…. [read more]

Boston Massacre Brutal Murder Term Paper

… Although British government did tried to support their situation through printed literature but a live example of a solider opening fire on people is more provoking than any printed media[footnoteRef:17]. Another argument can be given that if self-defense was necessary and there was no other way of protecting themselves, the soldiers could have just injured the attackers by shooting them in the legs or arms. [17: Agresto, John, "Art and Historical Truth: The Boston Massacre." Journal of Communication, 29, no. 4 (1979).]

However, counter to that argument, it can be suggested that the series of events has to be evaluated. It was only eight soldiers who were being threatened by a mass much greater in numbers. Secondly, they were being attacked not only with sticks…. [read more]

Native American's With Alcoholism Term Paper

… For instance, the rate of diabetic end stage renal disease is as much as six times higher in the Native American population. The number of Native Americans who have had limb amputations due to diabetes is as much as four times higher than in the general population. Among the many possible causes of this situation are poverty, the lack of access to medical resources and comparatively low membership of medical plans among Native Americans.

4. Strategies and Rehabilitation

Both alcohol abuse and diabetes are symptomatic of underlying and extensive problems affecting Native Americans. Therefore, as many health care workers suggest, the strategy and readies to alleviate and deal with these problems requires a deeper understanding of the fundamental roots of the problems. " ... any…. [read more]

Poverty in Mississippi Term Paper

… Poverty in Mississippi

The state of Mississippi, the 20th to be admitted to the Union on December 10, 1817 (Mississippi state facts, December 27, 2006); located in the Deep South region of the United States and bordering the Mississippi River and the north coast of the Gulf of Mexico at its southern edges (Mississippi state facts) is today also the poorest among all 50 American states, especially in its rural and agricultural areas (Mississippi state facts; Ownby, 1999; Rogers; 1979). As of February 25, 2007, Mississippi had a total population of 2,921,088, including a large minority population (over 40%) consisting mostly of African-Americans ("Mississippi," February 25, 2007). Multiple; varied; and complex reasons; historically and now for Mississippi's place at or near the bottom of states'…. [read more]

U.S. Hispanic Groups Mexican-American Research Paper

… S. over the past 60 years is much more complex than other Hispanic groups because of recurrent periods of political turmoil and violence. For example, in the 1980s the drug trade turned otherwise law-abiding citizens into drug mules and money launderers because social policy changes led to skyrocketing unemployment (Guarnizo, Luis and Diaz, 1999, p. 402-403). A percentage of these Colombians never returned and others became integral to the drug trade outposts in the U.S.

The cycles of turmoil and violence, and the nature of the drug trade, has forced Colombians into being distrustful of anyone not in their immediate family (Guarnizo, Luis and Diaz, 1999, p. 403-404). Skin color and class also stratify social networks, such that light-skinned, white-collar Columbian Americans do not mix…. [read more]

African-Americans History and Culture Essay

… Ghana, a West-African civilization was the home of a rich people, who achieved wealth through trade and mining. Ghana actually had a system of taxation that is similar in some ways to the tax system we have today. Ghana was a major hub of trade in ancient times, leveraging control over the Senegal and Niger rivers which were important to commerce during that time.

While all forms of slavery is undesirable despite it being practiced in many civilizations around the world. The particular crime of American slavery was the overt oppressive nature and severe crimes against humanity. Also, the American slavery establishment is much more well-known with documentation that bears witness to the crime. Much of the African slave establishment was not documented and passed…. [read more]

Civil War American Indian Term Paper

… ¶ … conflict between Native Americans and colonists was inevitable from the beginning. The insurgence of colonialism from the 17th to the 18th century led to the complete transformation of the Eastern American frontier from wilderness to colonial settlements. As a result, the "Indian Civil Wars" between the colonists and the various Indian nations represented some of the bloodiest conflicts in American history. This conflict, which occurred concurrently with the American revolutionary war eventually led to the destruction of the Indian Nations west of the Mississippi. Although often discussed within history books as massacres and genocide, a real examination of the Indian wars upon standards of a "just war" has been lacking. The following analysis will look to understand the conflicts between Native Americans and…. [read more]

Abraham Lincoln Term Paper

… The third essay deals with this and talks about how many Southerners felt that the Republicans were out to restrict their rights and stop them from having the quality of life that they enjoyed. Not many books look at the military commanding abilities of Lincoln and the fourth essay in McPherson's book sets out to ensure that that is corrected. The issue of supremacy in military commanders is also revisited in the sixth essay in the book, because it compares Lincoln to many Northerners and shows how they were often unclear about the goal of the fighting. This was not something that Lincoln shared.

In the fifth essay, McPherson examines the use of metaphors and rhetoric that Lincoln utilizes and shows how strong a communicator…. [read more]

Native Mythology to North America Term Paper

… In contrast to what Christians and Catholics believe that the first man and woman were Adam and Eve and were created by God, the myths of Native Americans have diverse ideas on origin of the earth, as well as the origin of the first man and woman. Some people believe that the earth came from the mud brought back by a person who dived in the ocean. Others, on the other hand, say that the earth is on the back of a giant turtle (Oaklamia, 2003). The first man and woman were said to came from a cave, or that they were brought on earth by a hero to assess them on how they can manage the earth.

In the myths that we have inherited…. [read more]

Civil Rights Movement in America the Struggle Term Paper

… Civil Rights Movement in America

The struggle for the Civil Rights of the African-Americans have their roots in the slave trade era and the resulting pressure to let go the slaves in the southern states increasing every passing year during the emancipation of slaves period. The movement can be traced to as early as 1800 when Absalom Jones and several other blacks living in Philadelphia petitioned Congress against the notion of enslavement and slave trade and challenging the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793.

The heat for recognition of civil rights took centre stage with the Court ruling that the Civil Rights Act of 1875 which sought to give "all full and equal enjoyment of the accommodations, advantages, facilities, and privileges of inns, public conveyances on…. [read more]

American Meat Packing Corp., 362F.3d Essay

… , at 611.


9. FLSA with regard to documenting compensable time

Problems arise when employers determine not to count, or fail to recognize and count, certain hours worked as compensable hours. The workplace is replete with work situations that are not tidy with regard to actual time working or time at a desk or workstation. Employers and employees are frequently at odds over these times with mixed motivation. It is relatively common for employees to file a class action suit when employer practices seem designed to take advantage of employees' vulnerabilities in order to save money or restrict provision of benefits. It is important for employee manuals and policies to clearly describe required documentation regarding these gray areas of employment. While employers may regard…. [read more]

American Education Current State Term Paper

… Furthermore, the College Board stated that even amongst the college seniors, only about 45% were capable of meeting the college standards, denoting that several college students are to take remedial studies in order to attain the required academic standards (David, 2008).

Insufficient preparedness poses threats on the five fronts of national security: physical safety, economic competitiveness and growth, intellectual property, U.S. unity and cohesion, and the U.S. global awareness (Matt, 2010). Many young individuals are unemployable within the highly increasing skilled and the global economy while several remain unqualified for joining the military due to their physical unfitness, criminal records, or inadequate education levels. For instance, cynics of the American education system elicit that only fifty three percent of the American adults knows the duration…. [read more]

American Politics Introduction to Kevin Term Paper

… However, although it was supposed to get rid of tax preferences for "the rich and powerful" - there were "650 special provisions" in the bill which were called "transition rules" and "technical corrections" which actually didn't hurt the rich but harmed the middle class.

On page 414, Phillips calls a section of his Afterward "The Democratic Deficit and the Rise of the Unelected." During the winter of 2000-2001, Phillips recalls, "when Americans watched the U.S. Supreme Court determine the outcome of the November presidential election..." And the Federal Reserve Board made "its critical judgments on the fate of the U.S. economy," the "migration of political authority" was thrown into "bold relief." For thinking Americans, these past few years have brought about radical and almost unbelievable…. [read more]

American History X Term Paper

… American History X: A Portrait of Multicultural Interaction for Counselors

By far, American History X is not the first movie to deal with racism. Through artful cinematography, extraordinary relevance, and poignant acting, however, its characters tell the story of not only the consequences of racism, but also its beginnings. Overall, director Tony Kaye and McKenna blatantly expose racism as the fuel of gang warfare in this socially conscious film that all should watch. And through their strong portrayal of a brotherly bond laced with hatred, Edward Norton and Edward Furlong, in their respective roles of Derek and Danny Vinyard, bring emotion to the center of the screen. Though it has a few technical plot clinches that somewhat mitigate the effect of the ending that mixes…. [read more]

American Media Representation of Islam and Terrorism Term Paper


The objective of this work is to prepare a research proposal that will reflect how the American media (print, broadcast and online) portrays Islam's connection to terrorism post 9/11 in research focusing on "When an average American audience picks up the morning paper and reads an article about terrorism on the front page - what are the first two things that pop into their minds? (1) Muslim extremists; and (2) the September 11, 2001 attacks on America and to answer the question of: "Why is this? It is the position of the researcher that this is due to the one-sidedness of the American media, where America is portrayed…. [read more]

American Government Proposed Radical Policy Change: Limiting Research Proposal

… American Government

Proposed radical policy change: Limiting meat consumption

Proudly, many Americans drag their recycling to the curbs. Perhaps they occasionally walk to the supermarket on a nice day. or, the most conscientious may worry about their global footprint and try to car-pool to work in their colleague's hybrids. But while small measures are certainly noble, there is something Americans could do that would reduce their collective carbon footprint to a far greater degree. And it lies on their plates.

According to the United Nation's leading expert on global warming (that's climate change in the preferred vocabulary of my Republican colleagues) Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, chair of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on the subject, and a joint recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, people should…. [read more]

American Civil War Term Paper

… He looks like a good man (and I believe there is much in looks)" (Lowenfels 81-82). According to accounts, both men conducted themselves like gentlemen at the surrender, and were very respectful of one another. One man was a "loser," and one man was a "winner," but both men had dignity and earned the respect of those who watched the surrender. "General Grant now stepped down from the porch, and, moving toward him, saluted him by raising his hat. He was followed in this act of courtesy by all our officers present; Lee raised his hat respectfully, and rode off to break the sad news to the brave fellows whom he had so long commanded" (Surrender).

I believe the event would have changed me for…. [read more]

American Automotive Industry and Porter's Five Forces Model Research Paper

… American Automotive Industry and Porter's Theory

American Automotive Industry in the light of Porter's Five Forces Model

automotive industry contributes a great deal in global economy. It is huge and a truly global industry; has gone through major wave of recession and is now in recent years showing gradual improvement. It has severely faced challenges of globalization, decreasing oil reserves resulting in high fuel costs, changes in buyer's demand and diminishing buying potential along with threats from direct competitions especially from Asian manufacturers who are enjoying low production cost.

The research paper is an overview of the automotive industry in America which is further followed by an analysis of the industry's structural characteristics, its profile and its impact on U.S. economy with the behavior it…. [read more]

Americans With Disabilities Act Term Paper

… American With Disability Act

American with disability

A legislation to protect the rights of the disabled members of the community in America was signed to law in July 1990. This legislation is an extension to other anti-discrimination legislations that have been signed to law. These legislations are aimed at prohibiting discrimination based on race, religion and sex. They ensure that all Americans get equal employment, promotion, dismissal and trainings in places of work without referring to their nature of creation or operation of their limbs. Americans with Disabilities Act has covered government institutions, employment bureau, telecommunication, private institutions and transport sectors (Shaw, 2008, p.20). Since the legislation was signed to law, companies other relevant institutions are required to train their employees on the contents of…. [read more]

American Civil War Reconstruction Term Paper

… Reconstruction Period

Reconstruction (1865-1877) was the period in American history which can be called a failure because it was marked by extreme racial segregation and futility of all acts concerning equality. This was the time when civil war had just ended and the black community was beginning to gain more rights and an equal place in the society. But it is argued that during reconstruction when rights for each group were being formulated and slavery in the South was dying, race relations in the country were not any better than they had been before the civil war. This was the time when Bill of Rights took shape and the radicals emerged in the country. Though reconstruction promised equal rights, "Be it enacted..., That all persons…. [read more]

American Dream vs. God Research Proposal

… American & God's Dream

The American Dream and God's Dream: Are they Compatible?

Americans love to talk about the American dream. In fact, the belief that anyone in America can become a success is at the very heart of what it means to be American and feel patriotic, even if different Americans have different ways of defining that success. However, there is a central belief that hard work and perseverance can lead to success, because America is a land of limitless opportunities. Traditionally, the American dream was tied to economic gains: early immigrants fled their countries of origin to get to America, so that they could provide their families with new levels of economic security. In fact, many new immigrants to the United States consider…. [read more]

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