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Film Analysis of Double Indemnity Term Paper

… Film Analysis of Double Indemnity

"From the moment they met, it was murder!" This is the legendary tag line for Billy Wilder's most incisive film noir, Double Indemnity, even though in 1944, when it was first released in New York on September 11, critics called it a melodrama, an elongated dose of premeditated suspense," "with a pragmatism evocative of earlier period French films [poetic realism of the 1930s]," with characters as rough, solid and inflexible as steel.

Even though James M. Cain is accredited as the original novel and Raymond Chandler and Billy Wilder contribute to screenplay credit, the film is in fact based on the case of Ruth Snyder, a criminal murderess who breathed her last breath in the electric chair on January 13,…. [read more]

Double Indemnity Scene Analysis Essay

… However, in this scene, the room is dimly lit. The only light that comes into the room comes from outside. The lighting in scene creates an atmosphere of unease and gives the room a sinister look. The lighting reflects the tension that is present between Phyllis and Walter. In the film, Phyllis not only conspired to get Walter to help her murder her husband, but she also conspired to have her stepdaughter killed and Walter killed. The darkness of the room also reflects the darkness of Phyllis' character; the lighting of this scene literally makes Walter see Phyllis in a different light, for the person she really is.

The scene's setting also helps to establish mise-en-scene. Double Indemnity is set in Los Angeles during the…. [read more]

Movie Editing Term Paper

… Editing Analysis of Selected Movies

For modern motion picture audiences, the art of film editing has risen to the level of quality that it is unnoticed -- if it is done expertly. In its most fundamental, editing is a process that assembles raw film shots into a coherent whole through the creative use of layering images, story, dialogue, pacing, and even the actor's performances to craft a more cohesive whole. In many ways, the film editor is the final director and can turn a film into a piece of cinemagraphic art or, conversely, great actors into a tedious "B" movie offering.

Film editing is one of the processes in the industry that has benefited from technological advances. With the advent of digital editing, film editors…. [read more]

Vertigo Analysis Narrative Elements Essay

… Vertigo Analysis

Narrative Elements of Vertigo

Vertigo is at its surface a noir film in which the themes of duality are a driving factor of the film's narrative. In the film, the protagonist and femme fatale are dual forces, much like perception and deception. Film noir has been described as "murder with a psychological twist," a descriptor that encompasses the narrative theme of the film (Spicer 1). In Vertigo, the protagonist must overcome psychological traumatization that is induced through perception in order to uncover the truth behind Madeleine Elster's "suicide."

The term film noir was first used by Nino Frank to describe four crime films -- the Maltese Falcon (1941), Murder My Sweet (1944), Double Indemnity (1944), and Laura (1944) -- that shared a common…. [read more]

1976 Movie Network Essay

… Network

Directed by Sidney Lumet and written by Paddy Chayefsky, 1976's Network provided one of the most cutting satires of television and American media culture to be produced in the twentieth-century, and its themes continue to resonate to this day. However, the film's incisive consideration of network television can frequently obscure one of the most interesting elements in the film; namely, the conflict between two generations of businesspeople, with the older, moralistic generation, embodied by Max Schumacher and Howard Beale, finding itself increasingly incapable of controlling or even holding its own against the younger generation, embodied by Diana Christensen and Frank Hackett. This inter-generational conflict seems to stem from the same media culture critiqued by the film as a whole, and examining it in some…. [read more]

Paranoia, Entrapment, and the Corruption Essay

… "This existentialism was another response by liberal intellectuals disillusioned by the failure of American society to embrace socialism and therefore becoming disenchanted with the values and objectives of pre-war radicalism (Pell, 1985, pp. 41-49, 181; Spicer 22). Detour demonstrates the failure of society to embrace socialism through the depiction of Roberts and Haskell. While Roberts may not have any money, he is at the beginning of the film, an innocent man. On the other hand, Haskell is a thief and a liar, yet has a considerable sum of money. The disproportionate distribution of money in relation to each man's character demonstrates how unfairly money was distributed among American society; those that work hard struggle to make ends meet, whereas the corrupt continue to thrive.

Double…. [read more]

Film Noir / Cinema Architecture Essay

… 2011.

Zemeckis, Robert. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? 1988.

Mark Shiel's comment (in Hollywood Cinema and the Real Los Angeles) that "the evolution of movie theater architecture in Los Angeles suggests a homology between it and the architecture of studio facades and sets" is perfectly exemplified by the Arclight Theater Cinerama Dome on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles (192). In its present form, the Arclight is essentially a facade: what was previously the main entrance of the building, when it was originally constructed in 1963, is now essentially a sealed-off museum -- patrons no longer enter through the main glass doors that sit beneath geodesic dome and behind the vast marquee advertising Cinerama, but instead the ticket booths and other amenities are accessed from behind, in…. [read more]

Authorship Critique Analysis of the Wachowskis Auteur Theory Essay

… Wachowski Auteur

The Wachowski Brothers, Bound and the Auteur Theory

The Wachowski Brothers jumped to film legend status with their directorial completion of the Matrix, which would reinvent many of the standards relating to the use of computer graphics, cinematography and major themes. But in many ways, the slick, leather-clad world imagined by the Brothers would be given prelude by the 1996 crime drama, Bound. The qualities that would come to define the Wachowski Brothers in the extremely successful film and marketing franchise that the Matrix Trilogy became may be observed in their first stages in Bound. The thesis is that the Wachowski Brothers demonstrate the auteur theory by showing a stylistic tendency toward the older 'noir' films and a thematic tendency toward male-driven violence…. [read more]

Memento as Film Noir Christopher Essay

… Film noir's objective was to invalidate cultural norms to create tension and disrupt order to bring about "the disappearance of psychological bearings or guideposts" (Naremore 19). This concept is expedited due to Leonard's neurological disability. Leonard's psychological bearings have been eliminated because of his inability to recall short-term information, which makes him vulnerable to manipulation and also causes him to question whether his long-term memories are true, or if they have been unconsciously altered to coincide with what he believes is true. For instance, Teddy attempts to convince Leonard that it was his wife that suffered from diabetes and died of an insulin overdose instead of Sammy Jankis's wife (Memento).

The conflict between good and evil is dependent on the proverbial battleground on which the…. [read more]

Insurance Fraud After Tax Evasion Term Paper

… The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates that healthcare fraud itself cost Americans about $54 billion dollars annually. More than one third of the people hurt in auto accidents exaggerate their claims so as to obtain additional and higher compensations from the insurance company.

Research into insurance fraud shows that certain types of insurance are more vulnerable to fraud than others: Health care, workers-compensation and auto insurance are sectors considered the most vulnerable. Fraud is also more prevalent during an economic recession than when the economy is doing well and the financial markets are on an upswing.

National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) noted that, historically, there have been increases in the number of fraudulent claims reported after a major disaster -- natural or man-made. For example,…. [read more]

Role of Mistake in English Contract Law Term Paper

… Role of Mistake in English Contract Law and German Contract Law

INTRODUCTION verbal contract isn't worth the paper it is written on." - Samuel Goldwyn (1882-1974)

In They Never Said it, Paul F. Boller, Jr. And John George explain the Goldwyn's actual words are reportedly, "His verbal contract is worth more than the paper it's written on." Goldwyn was referring to Joseph M. Schenck, a movie executive regarded to be completely trustworthy. The introductory "misquote" when compared and contrasted to Goldwyns' actual words has been attributed to be one of a number of Goldwynisms his own staff created. This research paper, although not directly nor remotely related to Goldwyn, examines the concept of mistake, as it compares and contrasts the role of mistake in English…. [read more]

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