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Project Management Emerging Markets Continue Essay

… This also allows flexibility in respect to overall consumer trends. With a matrix organizational structure, a particular region can quickly and efficiently address varying consumer tastes within that region. As I will show with my McDonalds example later in the document, the entire organization did not have to change its product offering which would have been detrimental to the entire business. Instead, only the Indian region was to change which allowed flexibility within the overall scope of the McDonalds franchise. Below are many multinational structures and how they are defined. It's important for the project manager in the digital age to understand organizational structure so as to determine his best approach to leadership and success.

1. Ethnocentric. An ethnocentric mind-set is one primarily based on…. [read more]

Fire Research on Fire Science the Commencement Essay

… ¶ … Fire Research on Fire Science

The commencement of modern fire research can be traced back to 1871 when two massive fires occurred in early October of that year. Due to their huge impact, the two fires set the tone for fire research that has developed to eventually become the contemporary fire science. The modern fire science is basically centered on the safety for victims of occupants and the fire fighters. Actually direct fire science consists of fire behavior projects with which the fire behavior variables are predicted through supervision and evaluation (Barbour, 2007). Since its inception, modern fire research has greatly impacted fire science in several ways including:

Infrared Imaging:

This is one of the major technological changes and advancements of modern fire…. [read more]

Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure Project Capstone Project

… It Infrastructure Project


The project reveals the strategy the Oak Creek Healthcare Corporation (OCHC) implements the latest technology to enhance the quality of service (QoS) and achieving a leading position within the healthcare industry. The case provides the strategy to connect LANs (Local Area Networks) across a WAN (Wide Area Network) using the latest technology such as Cisco 7204 and Cisco 7200. The project demonstrates the analytical tools as well as using the critical thinking skill to provide technically feasible and reasonable business solution to the problem facing Oak Creek Healthcare within the technological realm.

The project deliverables include the following:

25-page report

Network design solution for Oak Creek Healthcare Corporation.

The study also demonstrates the extent the project has been able to achieve…. [read more]

Project Management in the Oil Industry Thesis

… Project Management in the Oil Industry

The oil industry has had to adopt various tools in order to survive intense competition in the international market. Conservative efforts to get more profits and gaining customers by relying on size and strength are no longer applicable and only those companies who have successfully implemented project planning and management have been able to get an edge in this industry. Project management is typically a repetitive cyclical procedure which includes planning, implementing and controlling a series of tasks. Project planning and management consists of various processes which can be broadly placed in two parts. These are (a) Process designing to get the desired result, and (b) preparing a schedules and budget for the process. Process definition involves definition of…. [read more]

Project Management Activities Project Planning Essay

… Necessary and obligatory control allows you to install and adjust timely methods for periodic evaluation of compliance with state safety legislation in force, government regulations of labor protection and safety (Lewis et al. 2010). A process of regular monitoring, measuring and recording performance measures for the protection and safety contribute to the creation of safe working conditions, saving lives and protecting the health of students and school staff.

The main objects of control at school are:

• School personnel;

• The school building, all facilities, school grounds;

• Equipment, including furniture, teaching aids, technical training aids;

• Sanitary and technical condition of the school system;

• The learning process, technology and teaching methods, schedule, daily routine students, the schedule change;

• teaching jobs and school…. [read more]

Fire Project Term Paper

… Fire Project

Over the years, installation of Fire safety systems in hotels has assumed tremendous importance due to the mandatory requirement of provision of such systems under the law and also due to the growing consciousness within the hotel industry to provide such systems as a part of the overall infrastructure. Provision of high tech fire fighting device being products of advanced technology came to be increasingly installed in hotels resulting in decline of fire due to smoke and fire alarms and use of fire-retardant materials. This has resulted in drastic reduction in cases of major fire incidents over the decades. In case of majority of fires that have caused in hotels, the main source has been from the kitchen. (Hotels and motels)

How do…. [read more]

Fire Protection Consulting Services Research Proposal

… Fire Protection Consulting Services

Business activity as it applies to fire issues

Phoenix Fire Protection, LLC designs fire detection, prevention, and extinguishment system for different types of businesses. Its main purpose is to identify the needs of a business in terms of fire protection systems and to implement the proposed solutions into an overarching framework that will cover both the physical instruments (fire extinguishers, fire alarms, sprinkler systems etc.) and the training components (how to use all the instruments).

The purpose of this business plan is to design such a system for Ajax Metal Fabricators, a company specialized in the production and fabrication of different types of metals. There are some particularities of this type of business, notably fires that are potentially more dangerous and…. [read more]

Project Management Scope Management Small Term Paper

… But, because The Project Leader's team had minimal experience in the cabling and wiring area, the Project Leader was not able to minimize costs by reducing the time the contractors were needed. The elctrical contractors instantly became an expensive liability when the work schedule fell behind schedule.

Organizational Planning

Because Spring Academy Childcare Center needed to meet an established date, Small LAN's Inc. felt that the planning phase was crucial to the success of the project. Unfortunately, Small LAN's Inc. planned without the elctrtirican contractors. Small LAN's Inc.'s project manager needed to so better implement the communications process. The link was broken from the beginning.

As a solution to the communication's issue, Spring Academy Childcare Center should have utilized the Work Breakdown Structure to determine…. [read more]

Fire Mummies of the Philippines Essay

… Fire Mummies of the Philippines

Life and death have always fascinated human beings as the ultimate mystery of the universe. Cultures throughout the world have speculated about these issues, and constructed rituals and religions around them. The Ibaloi tribe of Kabayan is no different. Like Egyptians, and several other ancient cultures, this tribe mummified the dead from their elite social sectors. This was done on the assumption that these persons had the ability to live after death, much like the Egyptian dynasties. However, one fundamental difference between the Ibaloi tribe and the Egyptians is the method of embalming. The Ibaloi for example used a method that preserved the whole body of the deceased, where the internal organs were not removed, but dried within the body.…. [read more]

Fire Department Business Plan Business Plan

… Fire Department Business Plan

The Honolulu Fire Department developed a master strategic plan aimed at reviewing "how the Honolulu Fire Department does business"

Other than the evaluation of the business segment for the department, the plan was also aimed at providing a strategic framework for future actions and development and a clear strategic approach for medium and long-term.

The plan begins with a detailed description of how the information was gathered and who contributed to its development. Several methods were used, including some that encouraged a collective and cooperative approach. The executive staff retreat and the battalion chief workshop are good examples in this sense. At the same time, it is important to note that this is an approach that is proposed and promoted on…. [read more]

Fire in a Canebrake Term Paper

… State and federal authorities were quickly brought into investigate the murders, notes Wexler, and eventually public pressure resulted in President Truman bringing in the FBI in the hopes of cracking the case.

Wexler dwells on the difficulties that authorities faced in getting to the truth. In the face of questioning, many of the county's black citizens were afraid of repercussions from the white community. After all, four black people had died a violent death, presumably with the support of a large portion of the white community, and the fears of the local black community were probably understandable and rooted in good cause. Wexler notes that investigators faced a similar wall of silence from the white community. Many in the white community denied any knowledge of…. [read more]

Project Management Although Desirable Term Paper

… If the change in the project budget needs to be quite high and if that project is only in the beginning phases, then we can easier drop it from the portfolio than if it were in its final stages.

The second thing that needs to be considered is how much extra budget the project needs and whether this can be covered from the company's resources. Of course, the question of whether a budget may be supplemented or not will always refer to the beginning of the process, to the selection phase, and will check out the relevance of the project for the company, in terms of strategic objectives, as well as its relation to other projects (here I am referring to the fact that some…. [read more]

Project Management Case Study

… Project Management

The work of a project manager is essentially technical, especially with regard to deciding how particular tasks will be handled. Such planning began with large projects such as the Space Program in NASA and now extends to entertainment as well ("Project management," ). Therefore, the Rock 'n ' Reggae Outdoor Summer Music Festival project should be tailored according to a clear vision and understanding with regard to what the project management is setting out to achieve. What complicates this in this particular situation is that the elements enjoy a high level of autonomy. A lot is dependent upon the capacity of internal organization and the vision and leadership qualities of the project management team.

With regard to this, the project management team is…. [read more]

Project Manager Politics and Project Management Essay

… Project Manager

Politics and project management should not mix. Agree or Disagree and support your position.

I agree that politics and management should not mix. Managers need to be impartial and neutral in order to get the job done in the most efficient and effective way possible. However, because managers are human beings like the rest of us, there is almost no way that they can be completely impartial. There will always be office politics going on because people have preferences based on who they like and who they do not like.

Certainly there will be individuals in the office who will pull their weight much more than other people will. When this takes place, they are going to be favored by management and therefore…. [read more]

Workings of Forest Fire Management Systems and Urban Fire Departments Term Paper

… Forest Fire Management Systems and Urban Fire Departments

Forest Fire Management Systems

New Technologies

Urban Fire Department

New Technologies

Descriptive Statistics

Suppression Costs for Federal Agencies. Source: National Interagency Fire

Appendix II Figure 2. The tactical priorities of structural firefighting operations

Appendix III Figure 3. Fire Fighter Average Salaries for 2002 (Full Time)

Discussion and Study of Forest Fire Management Systems and Urban Fire Departments

Fire is a destructive force whether it takes place in a the forest or urban setting. A fire of any size causes costly damage to the environment, personal property and even human life. This paper acts as a discussion and study of fire management systems for both the forest and urban style of fire fighting. By studying fire management systems,…. [read more]

Strategic Analysis -- Fire Research Paper

… Funding sources. The Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergence Response Grants (SAFER) was created to provide funding directly to fire departments and volunteer firefighter interest organizations in order to help them increase the number of trained, "front line" firefighters available in their communities. The goal of SAFER is to enhance the local fire departments' abilities to comply with staffing, response and operational standards established by the NFPA and OSHA (NFPA 1710 and/or NFPA 1720 and OSHA 1910.134).

Strategy Development

The recommendations emerging from the study are as follows:

1. Build a new fire and emergency services substation on the donated parcel.

2. Apply for grant funding to fill the staffing gap until alternate funding is obtained.

3. Establish a program of total quality improvement in…. [read more]

Adopted Fire Prevention and Life Safety Codes for Buildings Structures Research Paper

… Fire Prevention Code for the City of Dallas

The adoption of the International Fire Code and International Building Code by the city of Dallas marks a huge step for the city in the area of public safety. There have been numerous public safety incidents related to building fires in particular. Building fires are especially dangerous in the context of multi-level buildings. Multi-level buildings present heightened public safety risks for the city of Dallas because of the difficulty of exiting the building. Furthermore, the bright long-term outlook for Dallas' economy indicates a building boom, especially in the Downtown area.

The risks created by building fires extend into more than one section of the Dallas municipal code. Thus, a serious solution to this problem required revisions to…. [read more]

Business Ethics in the Fire Service Research Paper

… Business Ethics in the Fire Service

The fire service in most countries is held in high esteem and widely regarded as a paragon of ethical business practices. Because the fire service is funded with scarce taxpayer resources, though, it is vitally important that the lofty perceptions of ethical practices in the fire service are supported by consistent applications of ethical principles in their day-to-day operations. Although every public service organization is unique in some fashion, fire service managers and firefighters alike encounter a number of ethical dilemmas in the course of their work that require an informed, professional response. To gain some fresh insights regarding these issues, this paper provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature concerning business ethics in the fire…. [read more]

Fire Service Hydraulics Term Paper

… ¶ … fire service hydraulics. This begins with an overview of motorized equipment and pumps that were utilized in the past and the advancements that have been made in today's equipment. A discussion stage pumps vs. multiple-stage pumps will be presented, including the advantages and disadvantages of each. Fire hose advancement will also be presented, from 2 1/2" supply lines to LDH supply lines. This will be followed by a discussion of nozzle improvements, as they've gone from set gallonage to automatic nozzles. Lastly, advancements in the electronics, instruments and construction materials of pumps and pumpers will be presented.

History of Motorized Equipment and Pumps:

Although many would think the bucket brigade as the primary means of fire fighting not so long ago, fire pumps…. [read more]

Fire Protection Systems Term Paper

… ¶ … fire protection systems as required by locally adopted building and fire codes. With this in mind, advantages and disadvantages that the installation of these code required fire protection systems generate will be presented. A narrative will then be presented regarding the different types of fire detection and alarm systems. An explanation of how heath and smoke control systems may assist or hinder the control of a fire emergency, inside the protect property will be given, as well as a comparison of the different types of special and sprinkler systems, with the advantages and disadvantages of each. Problems encountered regarding the determination of the amount of water required on premises for a system, and how that water can be provided, will be discussed. This…. [read more]

Forestry Fire Ecology and Fire Management of the Ponderosa Pine Forest Cover Term Paper

… Fire Ecology in Ponderosa Pine Forests

The Ponderosa Pine forests of the western United States are a spectacular site to see. However, as one listens to the wind rustle through the needles high above and listens to the songbirds sing, it is easy to forget the intimate relationship of the pine forest with fire. Fire is a constant mechanism of change and renewal in the pine forest. However, pine forests are resilient and able to bounce back quickly after a fire. Recently, concerns have arisen that the fires that are occurring are becoming more intense and lethal. They consumer large expanses of the pine forest and threaten its ability to recover and thrive (Fitzgerald 2005). This research will explore the more recent research into the…. [read more]

Man Who Was Apparently Fired Essay

… All organizations should have codes of ethics that guide their behavior. In this case, the sheriff's behavior was clearly unethical. The first issue that elected officials need to be able to work with their opponents in a democracy. The second issue is that elected officials need to work in the best interests of their constituents. There is a duty of care that elected officials have to meet the needs of their constituents -- it is part of the bargain of being in a democracy. We are electing servants, not temporary dictators. In this case, the sheriff's actions constitute not only immaturity but also a breach of that trust that the public has in the post. The sheriff is to work for the public, not for…. [read more]

Design of Special Hazard and Fire Alarm Systems Research Paper

… Fire Alarm Systems

Design of Special Hazard and Fire Alarm Systems

The destructions of fire and it's the aftermaths necessitate a secure fire alarm system. Fortunately there are many fire alarm systems already available in the market that cannot only warn about fire cases but can also suppress the intensity of fire. Two such systems of fire alarm are ultra-high-speed explosion suppression and ultra-high-speed water spray systems. Both the systems have some design strengths and some disadvantages. These systems match different settings and arrangements. The comparison of these systems is given below:


There are basic differences in design and technical aspects of high-speed explosion suppression system and the high-speed water sprays. These differences are discussed below.


The explosion suppression avoids the explosion by…. [read more]

Construction Project Risk Management Research Paper

… Construction Project Risk Management

Objective of this course work is to explore the strategy to be used for the risk identification and risk management within the construction project. The study discusses risk identification, risk management, data collection and risk analysis. The study uses a case study to demonstrate the importance of risk management within the construction industry. The findings of the case study reveal that risk plan is critical before the project implementation. The risk plan will be used to identify the known and unknown risks during the project lifecycle and the method to manage these risks. The study suggests for further research on the risk management procedure within a complex construction project.

Project Outline


: Risk Management Requirements in a Construction Project/sub-project

:Risk…. [read more]

Humanitarian Supply Chain Management Project Thesis

… Time-Bound. The research gathering and data collection will take a total of six months. This includes examining the literature, scheduling and executing online phone interviews, and collecting survey data. Then, the project will need an additional three months for the analysis of the data collected, with another two to three months to create the final evaluation.

Project Quality Management

The project has already been planned out in great detail, which assures quality planning. To further ensure quality assurance, a system of metrics can be used to test the data being collected in the project. These tests are statistical evaluation of both qualitative and quantitative measures, and will evaluate the data as it is being collected in order to determine if more data is needed in…. [read more]

Fire Science Thesis

… Fire Science: Building Design, Construction Methods, And Collapse

In the construction industry, there are a lot of variables that can affect how fast something is built, the quality of it, and the cost -- and also how well it holds up and what happens to it in a fire. It is important to look at construction methods from the perspective of the past, present, and future to more clearly see this, because the way that a building reacts to fire has much to do with whether building codes are changed and updated. One of the most common types of construction all over the world is prefab construction. This has changed when it comes to how the prefab construction is addressed, but the basic idea of…. [read more]

Fire Oxidation and Fire Science Thesis

… Some of the causes the fires incidents can be prevented through the public education program to limit the conducts of people towards certain kind of activities.

The benefit of fire prevention education is demonstrated by the Florida government. Between 2002 and 2007, the Florida state government approved $500,000 annually for the wildfire prevention education, and the goal of the program was to prevent campfire escapes, debris-burning escapes, children playing with fire and other wildfires smoking materials. The government used the homeowner visits, media efforts, presentations, flyers and information brochures for the wildfire prevention education program. The program also mandated the public organizations, private organizations, and a private individual to install the smoke detectors to reduce the chance of fire outbreak. Essentially, the…. [read more]

Fire Safety in Schools Past and Present Term Paper

… Fire Safety in Schools, Past and Present

The purpose of this paper is to show the importance of strategic planning in any business, but most importantly in the prevention of fires in schools. The paper begins by discussing the values that are important to a school when it comes to fire safety, and then moves into why planning is so critical and can help save lives and property. Not only are standards and mandates discussed, but also the process of developing a mission and a vision for the business and creating a philosophy under which said business will operate.

The paper then moves into community threats and strategic issues and discusses how to create the ideal plans to protect children both now and in the…. [read more]

Fire Dynamics Research Paper

… ¶ … Basin Complex Fire in California

Introduction and Fire Facts

California is a big, beautiful state, featuring mountains, deserts, beaches, and vast forested areas. Much of California is rural and wilderness. But California it is known for some serious problems due to natural hazards, such as frequent earthquake activity; it is also known for wildfires and for flooding in the season after the wildfires. The fires that scorch California in the summer and fall leave the earth barren and subject to flooding and mudslides when the winter rains arrive. This paper reviews and analyzes the great fire of the summer of 2008, the Basin Complex fire, and the dynamics of that fire vis-a-vis the natural world that it had an affect on. Also, the…. [read more]

Session Long Project Involve Developing Essay

… (IFRC, p. 16) What the report is referring to in matters of "displaced" is in regards to the number of people who have been forced to flee their homes due to natural disasters such as earthquakes. Thus, the level of impact on the well being of people is understood to have been dramatic in the last years. This raises concerns as to the safety of people and Asian societies are in need of further mobilizing forces in order to ensure the efficiency of rescue missions. Due to the fact that earthquakes cannot be prevented, safety measures should at least be directed at constructing resistant structures and people should benefit from specific training and should be further assisted in the aftermath of an earthquake. As such,…. [read more]

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