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Firefighter Example Case Study

… This could have been prevented by a more cautious approach to entry and a less chaotic method of addressing the fire (Carter, 2017).

These types of operations are also covered by the National Fire Protection Association (2011) guidelines and procedures that outline parameters of professional development. The case study illustrates some role confusion and the need for more role clarity when multiple teams of firefighting personnel are included. Firefighting is inherently dangerous and some hazards cannot be avoided; personnel cannot possibly anticipate all dangers. However, some prior knowledge of how to approach this situation would have helped prevent the casualties.

The case study hinges on awareness of personnel at all times. Their coworkers should have noticed the two men who went missing for eight minutes.…. [read more]

JONSMOM2 the New Haven Firefighters Essay

… Having a uniformity of such demographics in upper-level management positions is a small consideration when compared to the larger effect of what could possibly happen if that position is not filled by the most qualified applicants.

As stated in the beginning of this paper, diversified workforces are an ideal that are frequently not realized in everyday practice. Had there been only one Hispanic captain or lieutenant promoted with the predominantly Caucasian group of firefighters to earn those upper level management positions in New Haven, such a ratio would have not been too far from that of the racial constituency in this country. Additionally, there is always the possibility that if New Haven had merely conformed to its process and expediently promoted the firefighters who were…. [read more]

Business Ethics Essay

… For the harassment of the type described to have continued over such a long period, it is difficult to imagine that management was entirely unaware or that management was not guilty, on at least some level, of tacit approval or at least of providing sufficient indication to the perpetrators that such harassment would not be punished in any serious manner. This provides an example of the way that the failure of management and of organizational leaders to lead by ethical example undermines any serious prospect of establishing meaningful ethical compliance within organizations (Stevens, 2008).

Ethical Behavior and Responsibilities of Employees and Management

Legally, fire department managers have an affirmative obligation to follow up on any reports of harassment on the job (Halbert & Ingulli, 2008).…. [read more]

911 Recovery Health and Safety Case Study

… Significant quantities of asbestos had remained in the Twin Towers despite asbestos abatement programs."

The fact that such incredibly potent chemicals existed in an area where dozens of people worked, and the fact that this was not analyzed by hygienist and not publicized by the government is deeply disappointing. Due to the age of the World Trade Center towers, many should have realized how these were built (i.e. A mixture of asbestos and cement would have been sprayed on as fireproofing material) and the potential health hazards they would constitute, especially in the form of fumes still given off.

Occupational Medical Surveillance of Recovery Workers

It did not take long for recovery workers to report health problems. Yet it was not until November 2005 that…. [read more]

Fire Safety Six People Died Term Paper

… The problems related to fire safety code violations and botched evacuation procedures were as serious if not more serious than the errors in building safety features. The fire safety code in place at the Cook County Administrative Building was an eight-page document given to all tenants, but the Building/Tenant Fire Safety Plan was not followed. The planned evacuation protocol called for partial evacuation of the areas in serious danger and did not call for a total evacuation.

Furthermore, the building security officers are supposed to yield command of the public address system to fire fighters upon their arrival. However, when the fire fighters arrived, none of the officers spoke orders into the public address system and left the PA announcements up to the security officers.…. [read more]

Niosh Fire Fighter Investigation and Prevention Program Thesis

… NIOSH Fire Fighter Investigation / Prevention

When errors in judgment occur and correct firefighter safety practices are violated, accidents, injuries, and even deaths can result. In the case of the February 9, 2007 fire training exercise on South Calverton Road, many National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) guidelines were ignored or violated, resulting in the death of recruit Racheal Wilson. Though tragic and heartbreaking -- not just for the colleagues of Wilson but for her family, her two children, her friends and loved ones -- incidents like these can be used as a tool for better safety practices in the future. Indeed, so that Wilson's death will not have been in vain, this report reviews and analyses the facts of the case based on BCFD regulations…. [read more]

New Haven Firefighters the Supreme Article Review

… The New York Times gives 2000 census data which shows that New Haven's population if 43% white and 37% black: in other words, these two communities are of roughly similar size, but do not participate equally in the city's civic or economic life. The Times quotes an additional statistic that while one in three entry-level firefighters in New Haven were African-American, blacks represented only 15% of the managerial positions. From the standpoint of DeStefano, a diverse workforce would be a positive goal for the city to achieve, lest an overly white firefighting brass alienate the city's African-American community: certainly the ability to fight fires is a skill which knows no racial designations, but the promotion of a managerial class within public service is, in itself,…. [read more]

Education Law Education 520 Business Term Paper

… g., upon promotion from associate professor to professor, or upon entering on a permanent position at another institution); (5) dismissal for cause" (Tenure policy, 2012, Carnegie Mellon).

Tenure is usually bestowed by a department based upon a faculty member's establishment of scholarship in the field, student evaluations, and commitment to his or her department and the university. Being hired in a tenure-track position does not automatically grant an instructor tenured status; rather tenure is something that must be conveyed by the department after a formal review.

Dismissal policy

Non-tenured employees can be dismissed 'at will,' or based upon the decisions of their supervisors, not simply due to negligence of duties but also because of such factors as the need for cost-cutting within certain departments. In…. [read more]

Exposure Assessment Elements Thesis

… Exposure Assessment: Approximating Rates of Exposure

For the purposes of an exposure assessment, a point of contact of exposure is defined as the exposure of an individual to an outside agent, at a specific concentration of the agent, over a particular interval of time (t-e) upon contact of the barrier of the individual's body and the environment (Prezant et. al. 2002). Lung, skin, and gastrointestinal exposure must all be subjected to analysis -- exposure can occur through multiple pathways. However, according to Prezant (et al. 2002), when conducting an exposure assessment of a particular area, such as the remains of the World Trade Towers, it is not always desirable or possible to directly measure the concentration of the substance in question at the moment of…. [read more]

Wildland Recreation Management National Fire Plan and Community Preparedness Thesis

… National Fire Plan & Community Preparedness

What is National Fire Plan

Importance of Community Preparedness

Fire Wise

Recent Efforts and Challenged

Political Considerations

Current Applications

Year Implementation Plan

Project Wildfire

Developing Community Plans

Future Issues and Concerns

Lack of Concern and cooperation in some communities

Making the Message Personal

Lack of Personnel and Resources

Need for Education and Efforts to Foster Social Responsibility

Common elements of Success

Overcoming Obstacles

Fostering Higher Levels of Supp

National Fire Plan & Community Preparedness

Every year millions of dollars of property and thousands of acres of U.S. forest succumb to fire damage. As the population the United States increases, more people are moving into fire-prone areas. This places their lives and property at-risk; it also increases the likelihood of…. [read more]

Discrimination in the Fire Service Term Paper

… Most recently, the City is being sued by a woman who claims she successfully completed the PAT but was nonetheless rejected, and her lawsuit once again alleges that not only is the test inherently discriminatory, but that it does not actually relate to the skills required to be a firefighter. This particular case highlights the difficulties faced by women attempted to redress grievances, because "the department wouldn't tell her how she scored on the individual components of the test, or which part she might have failed," so that the question of her suitability essentially became a matter of the department's word against hers, with the department failing to offer any evidence for its claim that she failed (Guzzardi, 2011).

The physical aptitude portion of firefighting…. [read more]

Ethical Scenarios Abigail Was Hired to Examine Thesis

… Ethical Scenarios

Abigail was hired to examine the effects of stress on firefighter's "readiness" capabilities. She has the firefighters complete a large standardized survey. The survey is anonymous and Ally can't link a questionnaire to a specific firefighter. While surveying the firefighters, she discovers that 75% smoke marijuana regularly in their off-duty hours. She reports this finding when presenting her results to the fire captains.

If I were the researcher, I would not feel comfortable conducting this study unless the informed consent form explicitly detailed the degree to which and conditions under which information disclosed might have to be divulged to Fire Department authorities. From the perspective of the confidentiality of each individual firefighter, the study did not violate the principle of confidentiality since none…. [read more]

Work and Occupations Essay

… Work and Occupations

Crisis and fire response services are the fundamental security measures that the U.S. government gives to protect its citizens from dangers related to fire. Fire administration-based emergency service (ES) frameworks are deliberately positioned to convey time-discriminating reaction and successful patient forethought. This facilitates this significant open security administration while additionally underlining the responder well-being, skilled and sympathetic specialists, and financially perceptive operations (Whyte, 2002). This study defines and looks at the different encounters of the fiery breakout reaction and crisis reaction encounters. It also monitors breaking down the two callings, which are essential when reacting to crisis occurrences, incorporating discharge, crisis therapeutic, and extraordinary operations.

Crisis Response Service

The Emergency Response Service (ERS) is uniquely prepared to react to crises in airstrip…. [read more]

Business Ethics in the Fire Service Research Paper

… Business Ethics in the Fire Service

The fire service in most countries is held in high esteem and widely regarded as a paragon of ethical business practices. Because the fire service is funded with scarce taxpayer resources, though, it is vitally important that the lofty perceptions of ethical practices in the fire service are supported by consistent applications of ethical principles in their day-to-day operations. Although every public service organization is unique in some fashion, fire service managers and firefighters alike encounter a number of ethical dilemmas in the course of their work that require an informed, professional response. To gain some fresh insights regarding these issues, this paper provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature concerning business ethics in the fire…. [read more]

Forest Fires and Suppression Research Paper

… S.A. along with ground and aerial patrols that scavenge the area every few hours. In addition to those, public service hotlines are established so that anyone can report suspected fires to the appropriate authorities. In modern times, electronic systems of detection have gained more popularity as human methods can be faulted and fatigued. These are fully or semi-automated systems such as local sensor networks are employed based on the degree of human presence in an area and the risk of fires occurring, i.e., presence of small thick vegetation nearby. Detection systems may also use wireless sensor networks. These act as a kind of an automated weather system, detecting smoke, heat and humidity in a region. Larger risk areas of vegetation and population along with wildlife-urban…. [read more]

History of Building Construction Research Paper

… Finally, due to numerous firefighters' deaths in the towers' collapse, we are looking into systems that can predict the possibilities of a structure's collapse (Pennwell Corporation, 2003) before firefighters enter the structure.

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Office of the Vice President for University…. [read more]

Workings of Forest Fire Management Systems and Urban Fire Departments Term Paper

… Forest Fire Management Systems and Urban Fire Departments

Forest Fire Management Systems

New Technologies

Urban Fire Department

New Technologies

Descriptive Statistics

Suppression Costs for Federal Agencies. Source: National Interagency Fire

Appendix II Figure 2. The tactical priorities of structural firefighting operations

Appendix III Figure 3. Fire Fighter Average Salaries for 2002 (Full Time)

Discussion and Study of Forest Fire Management Systems and Urban Fire Departments

Fire is a destructive force whether it takes place in a the forest or urban setting. A fire of any size causes costly damage to the environment, personal property and even human life. This paper acts as a discussion and study of fire management systems for both the forest and urban style of fire fighting. By studying fire management systems,…. [read more]

Health Consequences of Air Pollution Term Paper

… Definition of Terms

We have already touched on some of the important concepts that will be explored in this project including a general definition of air and of air pollution. However, a few more specific definitions need to be given to help us understand the specific types of pollution most commonly involved in these two instances as well as their possible health effects.

Scientists have determined that hundreds of specific substances are hazardous to the health of humans and other mammals even when they present in trace amounts in the air. Many of these substances were released into the air during the Gulf War thus exposing both civilians and members of the armed services to them.

The toxins that existed in the air at relatively…. [read more]

Reverse Discrimination in the Workplace Term Paper

… Reverse Discrimination in the Workplace

Since the 1970's, the overall issue of reverse discrimination has been increasingly been brought to the forefront. Part of the reason for this was the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This outlawed racial segregation at polling stations, in the workplace, education and any other facilities or services that were provided to the general public. To enforce the different provisions of the act, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) was created. They would use one of the mechanisms (racial hiring quotas), to force various instances of discrimination to end. (Skog, 2007) However, this system would spark counter claims from the majority, who believe that these laws discriminate against them, based on the fact that someone is in the…. [read more]

Disparities in Socioeconomic Outcomes of Wealth Term Paper

… Disparities in Socioeconomic Outcomes of Wealth and Social Policies and Other Solutions Aimed at Black/White Wealth Inequality

Differences in the patterns of savings, wealth accumulation, home ownership, and other disparities between races have been demonstrated to exist in previous studies. This work examines these studies and the social policies or solutions that have been historically focused on the inequality of wealth between black and white individuals and families.

The purpose of this study is to examine the differences in the savings patterns, wealth accumulation, home ownership and other disparities, which exist between the black and white races of individuals.

The significance of this study is the additional knowledge that will be contributed to the knowledge already existing in this area of study and the recommendations…. [read more]

Management Challenges the Role of Managers Term Paper

… Management Challenges

The role of managers in implementing management changes for the 21st century

The dynamic nature of management in the twenty-first century developed with the emergence of new technologies and innovations, which has radically changed the kind of management and leadership prevalently used at present. Literature on management changes for the 21st century emphasized on the importance of managers in the organization, centering its role as the mediator between organizational members and management. Indeed, researches and studies on the subject have found that managers play an integral role in facing the challenges and implementing the changes that occur in the midst of an information-oriented and technology-driven society.

In this paper, a discussion of extant literature concerning the important role of managers and the challenges…. [read more]

20Th Century Capstone Project

… The Investigator, as mentioned above has the overall coordination responsibility on the site. It is in the way in which it conducts the investigation that the results can be rapidly identified. This is also due to the fact that "the designated investigator-in- charge organizes, conducts, controls, and manages the field phase of the investigation, regardless of whether a Board Member is also on-scene at the accident or incident site. (The role of the Board member at the scene of an accident investigation is as the official spokes-person for the Safety Board.) The IIC has the responsibility and authority to supervise and coordinate all resources and activities of all personnel, both Board and non-Board, involved in the on-site investigation." (Federal Aviation Administration, 2010)

Another important role…. [read more]

Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster Research Paper

… These International programs initiated by the United Nations have been known to assist during such crisis. The red-Cross has always been available in times of need too.

International laws and polices that impacted international organizations' response and recovery efforts to the Chernobyl disaster the response showed some deficiencies and gaps. This is because the set International legal and regulations norms which had been established to govern the safe and peaceful uses of nuclear plants were not followed. At the same time, this incidence stressed the need for a collective International focus on nuclear plant use. This also prompted for a call on the creation of an International management for the secure development of nuclear power under the backing of IAEA. The International nuclear community tried…. [read more]

PTSD the Nature of Police Work Increases Thesis


The nature of police work increases the probability of developing Posttraumatic Stress disorder

Police Work

The nature of police work increases the probability of developing Posttraumatic Stress disorder (PTSD)

There is a general consensus that there are a very high number of police officers that suffer from PTSD, which has a decidedly negative impact on the individual and the functioning of the police force. As one study notes; "All too many police officers are victims of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" (Police and PTSD, 2005, para.1). Post traumatic stress disorder is understood as a response to traumatic stress, such as having to kill someone in the line of duty.

Another area of concern that emerges from the literature is that there is a relative paucity…. [read more]

Mindful Management in Government Organization Term Paper

… As Karl Weick and Kathleen Sutcliffe point out in Managing the Unexpected (2007), how mindful managers in HROs see things other managers miss; they ask questions that other managers never think of; and they make small interventions that other managers would deem a waste of time." (Gary, 2011)

Mindful managers are set apart from other managers by the following characteristics:

(1) Mindful managers track failures and especially the small ones. HROs continually ask four questions: What needs to go right? What could go wrong? How could things go wrong? What things have gone wrong? They also frame organizational goals in terms of mistakes that must not occur, and ensure that employees are keenly aware of organizational vulnerabilities. In so doing, mindful managers help create a…. [read more]

Joy Luck Club or Barbie Essay

… Barbie as an Online Tool of Consumer Culture

The appearance of the fashion doll Barbie has visually changed since her earliest incarnations. During the 1950s and 60s, Barbie was originally modeled upon a German 'adult' cartoon image with slanted eyes, a highly stylized image, and 'merry widow' corset proportions. Today, Barbie looks more like a fun, California girl-next-door, with a tan, platinum hair and a broad, friendly smile. Today's Barbie looks younger and more accessible. Yet she still exists as an idealized version of womanhood for young girls, even though her image has slightly softened become more girlish. Before Barbie, so-called 'fashion' dolls did not exist -- dolls usually resembled little girls or babies. Barbie was inspirational and supposedly marketed to children so they could…. [read more]

Martin Luther King Letter From Birmingham Jail Term Paper

… English Literature

Martin Luther King: Letter from Birmingham Jail

After an unsuccessful campaign in Albany, Georgia, in the spring of 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr., and his Southern Christian Leadership Conference planned a major nonviolent campaign in Birmingham, Alabama. King, Fred Shuttlesworth, Wyatt Walker, and other coordinators sent hundreds of protestors, including young children, across Birmingham. Headstrong city officials ordered police to let loose snarling dogs on the demonstrators and sent firefighters to wash them down the streets with fire hoses. Millions of Americans were shocked when they witnessed these events on television. Hundreds of marchers were arrested, and on Easter Sunday King himself was put into jail. At the beginning in the campaign eight clergy in Birmingham published a statement in the Birmingham Post…. [read more]

Children Being Raised by Stepparents That Are Not of the Same Race or Culture Term Paper

… Children Raised by Stepparents

Of Different Race Or Culture

This work in research investigates the inherent problems that exist in families characterized by parents and stepparents of a biracial union, or of a union that is characterized by diversity in terms of ethnicity, cultural, or religious differences or the diverse households headed by lesbian or gay parents. The conceptual framework of this research is the socio-cultural theory of Tharp and the Spheres of Influence as proposed in the work of Epstein. The literature review in this work notes that there is very little subject matter in this area and this study concludes that longitudinal research is critically needed in this subject area for the purpose of gaining an understanding of the challenges faced by these…. [read more]

Equal Pay and Compensation Discrimination Term Paper

… Equal Pay and Compensation Discrimination

According to Gender

Equal Pay Act of 1963

Pregnancy Discrimination

According to Race

According to Social Networks

According to Age

According to Corporate Culture

According to Performance and Rewards

The 2001 State labor legislation included several significant developments in employment standards (Nelson 2002). These were an increase in the minimum wage rates, child labor measures, employment in the entertainment industry, limits to child labor and employment discrimination on the basis of genetic information or other reasons. Occupational safety and health, employment and training, labor relations, employee background clearance, economic development local living wage ordinances were not covered. A ban on female workers being paid less than male employees by the same employer for the same work was excluded. Instead, the…. [read more]

Maryland Prison System Crime Term Paper

… Much of the criticism and backlash attacks "three strikes" laws as being an ill-advised policy, a quick fix solution to the dynamic problem of crime, a policy with no or at best modest deterrent effect, and lastly, a financial burden to the correctional community and taxpayers. Furthermore, critics say, this law, which currently has been adopted by thirty-seven states, contains many inconsistencies across the states. Some of these inconsistencies include what crimes (violent or nonviolent) actually count as a strike, the possibility of parole or no parole, whether the person should be sentenced as a habitual offender, and whether the offender should receive a mandatory life sentence. In response, some states such as Washington suggest that "three strikes" laws are effective given proper implementation (…. [read more]

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