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Five Year Development Plan Term Paper

… Five-Year Development Plan:

A career development is an important part of the performance review process since it documents an individual's strengths and development areas with regards to career goals. As a result, the creation of this plan helps a person to establish means and strategies to maximize his/her opportunities for meaningful work in the future. The career goals should incorporate the required development to achieve the current role and necessary path to move into future roles. This is primarily because an individual's career covers his/her work experiences that are critical in defining current and future work roles ("Career Development Plan," 2007). The creation of career development goals is based on an emphasis on the current role since any development requires current performance targets and competencies…. [read more]

Five-Year Development Plan. My Career Essay

… More importantly, I have developed methodical skills that assist me to implement logical thinking and attention to solve a problem.

I have also acquired a substantial knowledge in financial accounting, management accounting, cost accounting and quantitative analysis with years of accounting study. Although, I am currently not working, however I intend to enter into further training to improve my skills to prepare me for a brilliant career in accounting profession.

e. "Job satisfaction attributes"

My job satisfaction attributes are to be autonomy and independence in my place of work. Moreover, I will derive higher satisfaction if the compensations received from my place of work are high. Typically, I expect to receive higher salary for the work done. The higher compensation will make me to derive…. [read more]

Five-Year Development Plan Essay

… (Adf Online, 2006) The company's forward looking operational boundaries have been illustrated in figure 1 at the appendix below. Based on these the following projections can be made for the next five years.

Five Year Projections:

Based on the current contracts that are based on fair practice and the ecological perimeters the company can continue the work contracts as it can sustain one or two years of cash flow with the above stated contracts. There may be an increase in the energy costs and the company is in search of alternative and renewable fuels. This may become feasible in the next five years in which case the cash flows can increase making the company sustainable. According to the company in future the fossil fuel costs…. [read more]

Five-Year Career Plan a Clear Vision Term Paper

… Five-Year Career Plan

A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power. - Brian Tracy

Career Goals and Objectives

Over the next five years, I plan to remain in the sales arena either in my current position selling warranties or, hopefully, in my dream position of being the owner-manager of a sports bar. My current job selling automobile warranties has allowed me to pay for my living expenses and to pay for my education without taking out loans. Thus, I am extremely grateful for being able to have a position, especially in this economy, which has allowed me to live as well as follow my dreams. Since I possess strong people skills and persuasion skills and I…. [read more]

Five-Year Career Plan Word Term Paper

… This degree will be obtained from a university with an excellent reputation who has shown great innovation and foresight in developing the renewable energies program.

In addition, my average grade point average for the past four years has been above a 3.7 which shows my ability to think critically and solve problems.

On a more personal level, I have a long standing record of service in the community. I have volunteered for the last three years at a local nursing home. This experience has helped me to grow as a person, to value human life, and increased my enthusiasm for the field of renewable energies not only because this field will be good for the environment, but ultimately because it is good for people.

Potential…. [read more]

Five-Year Skills Development Plan Essay

… This process will also include evaluating the necessary skills and competencies needed for this task in light of those I currently possess. This will be followed by learning the required skills and competencies between the second and third year of this plan. The fourth year will focus on analyzing an effective strategy and technique that businesses can use to improve motivation in the workplace. The strategy or technique will be practiced and applied in the fifth year based on the results of the analysis in the previous year.

Steps for Advancing Plans over the Next Year:

As part of the fulfillment of this vision, specific and concrete steps or processes are required to advance these plans over the next year. Based on the previously described…. [read more]

Leadership Development Plan Research Paper

… Subsequent mentorship programs shall be planned in advance to ensure that funding to the program does not compromise the time delivery of the workshop. As a mentor I have appreciated in order to impact more practical learning to nurses a furtherance of their study through the seminar and workshops should not be ignored. An outside class setting in these workshops and seminars will also go a long way to increase confidence and bring out the students practice concerns.

Organization Planning: Time management

Objective is to reduce wastages and overcrowded work schedules thus easing pressures associated with provision of required health service. By seeing to it that objective is attained, nurses will competently undertake their duties in patient care, and provide medical staff with the support…. [read more]

Individual Development Plan My Current Essay

… I want to be able to press hard for my ideas, recommendations and decisions to be accepted by other team members especially when I feel it is very relevant. I also look forward to proactively be in charge of as many situations as possible and be the first to give recommendations where group of decisions are being made as opposed to just being in agreement with every opinion given by others. I want to say no firmly to lousy and unethical decisions imposed on me and avoid being easily swayed or controlled by others.

There is also need of being calm when assessing a situation before reaction to it to avoid making unsound judgments. I want to look for positives in any given circumstance so…. [read more]

Supervisory Development Plan Assessment

… Supervisory Development Plan

Developmental Goals

Learning Strategies to Achieve Developmental Goals

Performance Gaps


Input from Others

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for Supervisors

Implementation of the Developmental Plan

Being a supervisor means to drive performance and accountability for not only oneself but for the employees as well. In fact, by developing a supervisory development plan, one would be able to determine the strengths, weaknesses, and goals, which would eventually facilitate the individual to fulfill and match the expectations of others. Moreover, this plan would also aid the individual to be effective and fruitful as a supervisor for the entire organization (Lu, 2007).

With this intention, the supervisory development plan desires to achieve the developmental goals that would ensure the areas of concentration for learning new…. [read more]

Personal Development Plan Essay

… Personal development planning has also helped me in overcoming the stress and pressures which most of the students face while they are in the middle of completing their educational career. Since I have a clear direction in mind, my whole attention and focus is towards completing my post-graduation program with high grades.

I find studying books and making academic projects more enjoyable than before.

I am now more aware of the techniques which can help me in overcoming my academic weaknesses, like confidence while presenting academic projects; achieving high grades as a compensation for low grades in previous semesters, attending seminars and extra-curricular events and activities, and the like.

I am now aware of my competition in my own university and other competing universities. I…. [read more]

Nursing: Five Year Professional Projection Research Paper

… " (p. 1) These programs are reported to "take between 11 and 18 months to complete, including prerequisites." (Raines and Taglareni, 2008, p. 1) As well, there are reported to be bridge programs offered by community colleges and four-year institutions for Licensed Practical Nurse/Licensed Vocational Nurses, Emergency Medical Technicians and other allied health professionals who wish to transition into the Registered Nurse role." (Raines and Taglareni, 2008, p. 1)

For the AND-prepared nurses with a desire to expand their previous knowledge it is reported that RN to BSN programs fulfill this need. RN's who move to advance their education further than initial preparation are reported to "choose to complete a baccalaureate nursing program. RN to BSN programs build on initial nursing preparation with course work…. [read more]

Staff Development Plan Essay

… The best professional development activity also includes inter-learning institutions corporation strategy with the aim of developing human resource within the higher education sector. Inter-Institutions Corporation will facilitate learning and gaining experience by small institutions. Inexperienced institution can learn how to develop, design and deliver professional development programs. Developing a network among the institutions in the nation will facilitate developing and drafting strategies for faculty staff development and even direct exchanging of staffs between members of the network. It also facilitates joint participation in workshops and meetings training.

Support staffs are necessary in achieving the mission and goals of higher learning institutions. Support staff compliments the work of the faculty staff in delivering the mission and purpose for existence of a learning institution. Proper motivation of…. [read more]

Technology With Customers Brief Statement Business Plan

… My goal will be to meet or befriend one executive each month in a position that I would like to obtain in the future. This is quite important for a multitude of reasons. First, I will gain valuable insight into the specifics of the position by an individual who has a through understanding of what the position entails. This knowledge can be used to help my own personal understanding of the merits behind this position and if I should pursue that particular position. Secondly, by developing a contact of executives in higher positions, a mentorship relationship can potentially be formed (3). This relationship will unquestionably prepare me for other career related obstacles that may occur in the future.

3-An assessment of professional strengths

My personal…. [read more]

Professional Development Plan Research Paper

… Professional Development Plan

One of the modern influences in teaching is the idea of differentiation. Differentiation refers to the teaching to the individual child and is responsive teaching that responds to learner's needs (Sousa & Tomlinson, 2011). Many different educational approaches promise differentiation, but effective differentiation requires teachers to incorporate three approaches in their teaching styles. The first approach is to use structured content, which requires a quality curriculum and meaningful assessment. The second approach is to be mindful of their individual students, which requires establishing relationships with each of the individual students. The third and final approach is for teachers to look at which elements in their classroom allow them freedom to tailor their content to their students, which requires classroom management skills (Sousa…. [read more]

Detail Five-Year Plan for Career Admission Essay

… As a student at Boston University, I intend to expand my local community to include the faculty, staff, mentors and administrators that will help me meet my career objectives at Boston University. BU is just as much a community worthy of dedication and commitment as my local community, hence I am confident I will develop a passion and dedication to Boston University much as I have to my local community.

Fart too often in modern times people think independently. They concern themselves with their personal security and development without consideration for the people that made their personal success possible. I feel that a community serves many purposes including fostering our natural ability to belong, care for and protect one another. A strong community is one…. [read more]

Five-Year Plan Academic Goals Essay

… 4th Quarter


Materials Research


Library / Internet




Twice Weekly


Twice Weekly



Watch Movie









Second year: 2014-2015







Eco Systems Thinking for Sustainability RW V: Process Consulting and Intervention Theory

Facility, Library


11 Weeks

11 Weeks

April, 2014 to June, 2014 1st Quarter

Organizational Performance and the Triple Bottom Line

RW VI: The Proactive of Process Consulting and Intervention

Facility, Library


11 Weeks

11 Weeks

July, 2014 to Sept, 2014 2nd Quarter

Advanced Action Research for ESS

Research and Writing VII

Facility, Library


11 Weeks

11 Weeks

Oct, 2014 to Dec 2014 3rd Quarter

Policy and Governance in Trans-Organizational Collaboration for ESS…. [read more]

Week Two Exercise: Training and Development Plan Essay

… 308) point out, "training and development activities are most effective when the people who participate in them understand how they can benefit from the experience." This is an assertion collaborated by X who points out that having in place well-designed training and development opportunities is critical in attracting qualified applicants to the organization. The author of the post ought to incorporate clear timelines, avoid vagueness, and include additional training items.

Student #3

The plan might, in this case, encounter challenges during implementation due to lack of clear timelines. The topic also fits poorly with the checklist items. Given that the topic is, Train Employees and Supervisors on Better Workplace Behaviors, checklist items should go beyond the introduction of employees to the Employee Assistance Programs. The…. [read more]

Supervisory Development Plan This Situational Assessment

… I will have to handle the whole situation with a lot of tact and care. Without proper thought a single sentence uttered can go wrong. This can end up ruining the whole of the trip for the group. That is completely against the aim of the trip. Another strong aspect on my side will be my highly capable assistant and right hand. With him by my side during the whole of the trip of Las Vegas, I will be highly comfortable. There is not much to handle with the set and designated members of the AARP.

Input from Others

When the whole of the trip was decided, there were many discussions held. These were crucial to the planning of the trip. These discussions helped me…. [read more]

Personal Development Plan Essay

… I also work in study groups with peers in my CPA program and these groups help me gain perspective and add to this balance I'm trying to create between work and my personal life.

Empathy is a personal competency that will enhance all of my business and personal transactions. I developed my strong sense of empathy from living and growing with my mother when I was younger. My mother suffered severe burns to her arm and always lived with a certain level of pain that I came to understand and from this I developed a level of empathy that many others may not have. My mother eventually passed away from an epileptic stroke and living with her through her pain and then losing her from…. [read more]

Career Development Plan Summary Telenex Essay

… Human resources must take the responsibility of monitoring the system outcomes so that there is some assurance that all employees are being treated in a consistent and fair manner (Daniels, 2009). The team performance management should include a diversity initiative to achieve the best results.

Progressive Discipline System

Telenex has a progressive discipline policy which is a policy where each related event or incident produces a response that is more severe (Salvo, 2004). The goal of the system is to encourage the employee in each step of the process to modify his or her behavior to comply with company policies and procedures (Salvo, 2004).

Telenex provides a three step progressive discipline system where a failure to meet performance standards for the month results in a…. [read more]

Inglot's Strategic Plan Business Plan

… Strategically, INGLOT has also created a source of agility (Sull, 2009). That allows it to seize growth opportunities by scaling up their business as need arises and implementing innovative changes in products to grow their market share. INGLOT's strategy has used creative mechanisms to mitigate risk and wait for the right time to embrace opportunity.

Sources of absorption

INGLOT has several sources of absorption that allow the company to withstand competitive forces and other threats to the company's operations (Sull, 2009). The first is the company's low fixed costs. The company has low costs of production of their products. This allows the company to price their products at medium price levels and also gives the company ability to survive price wars with competitors. The company…. [read more]

Professional Development Plan the Design Essay

… ¶ … Professional Development Plan

The design of professional development should be a result of a district's professional development planning process. It is best done as part of a comprehensive district plan in which the planning process includes, at a minimum, a collection of needs assessment data, i.e. student and teaching staff needs; root cause identification; proposed activities; identification of resources; and proposed evaluation of the impact of planned activities/approaches. Hence, this professional development planning process is dynamic, reflecting teaching staff and student performance benchmarks of increasing rigor as skill levels are attained. Enhanced teaching and learning is the foundation upon which individuals and districts should plan the content of all professional development.

Mindset, Learning Environment & Differentiation


Create a warm and inviting environment…. [read more]

Professional Development Plan Term Paper

… Professional Development Plan

A teacher's professional development plan creates a framework for setting and achieving short- and long-range goals. The purpose of this paper is to set some goals and develop some strategies to meet them. The goals encompass professional goals that I have set for myself as well as goals that will need to be met as conditions of my employment as a teacher. An important component of goal-setting is the process. I hope to illustrate this component by not merely setting forth a list of goals but demonstrating a thoughtful approach to the planning and implementation necessary to achieve them. As noted, some goals will be set by me while others will be mandated by the district or the state. It is important…. [read more]

Marketing Plan for Miller Inc. Marketing Management Term Paper


Marketing Management

Product or Service Idea: Bread

Is your product or service offered by:

__X__an existing company?

____a new company imagined for the assignment?


The company called Miller Inc. hopes to expand its operations to the southern part of the country. Previously, the operations of the company were limited to the northern part.

Who do you think is the target audience?

The target audience of this marketing plan is current and prospective investors for the company and the marketing department.

Are similar or competitive products or services available? List or briefly describe a similar product or service: (if your idea has no precedent in the marketplace, consider another idea).

There are other competitor products. Bread produced by the different…. [read more]

Career Development Five-Year Term Paper

… Even for professions that are not formal in nature, such as being a professional writer, being a member of a professional association can be helpful in terms of obtaining group health insurance, if one is an independent contractor. For individuals in certain professions such as personal training, that are pursued part time, professional organizations can also give the individual an advisory career data base regarding information such as obtaining the necessary personal insurance, or running a home-based personal training business.

Thus, if one were to determine a five-year personal career plan:

First year: Establish a personal budget and an economic base within a city and profession. Obtain a job that gives one necessary skills and expertise.

Second year: If first job was 'strictly starter' obtain…. [read more]

Diabetic Teaching Plan Term Paper

… Patient 2: 'David'


David is a thirty-five-year-old, single, Caucasian male recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He is surprised, angry and confused, given that he has 'always worked out and taken care of himself.' Unlike type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disorder and not necessarily associated with excess body weight. David must understand the full implications of his diagnosis, including the changes he will need to make in his lifestyle to allow for appropriate monitoring of his blood sugar, insulin injections and dietary modifications. He must also understand that diabetes is not his 'fault.'

Developmental learning needs

In the case of the thirty-five-year-old vs. A child, a more technical explanation of the mechanisms of why diabetes occurs may be desirable. The…. [read more]

Career Development Plan Term Paper

… Providing satisfaction to me as well as to my organization through my clients is the basic premise. I plan to devise achievable goals that would allow me to utilize my newly acquired skills and implement it as the challenges of opportunities come my way.

During this year, I will be more settled with my position therefore it will also leave room for me to explore opportunities for personal development and institutional development, Skill acquisitions will be ongoing so as to complement this quest and enable it to be developed even further.

Year three and Four

These two years would be directed towards accomplishment of goals of the previous year's strategies. It will be focused implementing the strategies through delegation, organization and control.

During these two…. [read more]

Client Is a Four-Year-Old Case Study

… Her fine motor skills are well developed; she is able to color, draw, use scissors, and tie a knot. My client shows that she has passed the sensorimotor stage and has moved into the preoperational stage of cognitive development. According to Jean Piaget in his seven stages of cognitive abilities, children that are in the sensorimotor stage (birth- 2 years), states that child's schemes become more mental in nature, by imitating behaviors of others they see, or things they see. This shows that a child is able to think in terms of symbols. By the time the child reaches the preoperational stage (2-7 years) children center on mastery of symbols (Snowman, McCowen & Biehler, 2009). My client symbolized the face of a sad girl, with…. [read more]

Personal Professional Development Plan Term Paper

… Personal Professional Development Plan

My interest in nursing has been piqued since an early age. Throughout my school career, I enjoyed the physical sciences more than other study directions. I am therefore delighted to take part in the study direction of nursing, hoping to make this my career and my advancement for the future. For this future, I have several short- and long-term goals, aimed at helping me reach my ultimate goal.. It is my intention to strive for my highest goals, although I also have back-up plans should these prove to be initially unsuccessful. My motto is never to lose hope and always to look forward to the goals I can achieve with what I have at my disposal.

My ultimate goal is to…. [read more]

Personal Leadership Development Plan Term Paper

… Leadership Development

Personal Leadership Development Plan.

Leadership development paper: A plan for action

Leadership development paper: A plan for action

Assess your practice for leadership attributes

My ultimate goal is to become a nurse on an (ICU) intensive care unit. Working on an ICU requires tremendous strength of character and decisiveness on the part of the nurse. The nurse must think quickly, give clear directives, and communicate a sense of confidence to the patient. In my current work as a nurse on a telemetry unit, I must also show confidence and give clear directions when dealing with patients with critical illnesses.

Summarize your strengths and areas for growth

I would describe myself as a compassionate person and a good listener, both of which are essential…. [read more]

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