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Design and Development Plan for Web Media Contents Monetization Software B2b Business Plan

… Web Content Monetization System

Design and Development Plan

The design, development, launch and continual maintenance of a Web content monetization system requires the integration of Web content management and order management systems at the most foundational level of the application. Rapid prototyping using Ruby on Rails (Viswanathan, 2008) to create AJAX-based applications will significantly reduce the development cycles (Serrano, Aroztegi, 2007) and lead the development of source code that can be audited for security (Gutierrez, Rosado, Fernandez-Medina, 2009). Using these technologies and development methodologies costs will be minimized. The intent of this development plan is to define the development status and tasks, difficulties and risks, and assess costs as well.

Development Status and Tasks

The development of a Web Content Monetization System requires the integration…. [read more]

Creating Leadership Development Plan Term Paper

… Creating Leadership Development Plan

Leadership Development Plan

In assessing the results of the leadership plan received, my intention is to define a series of personal, professional and leadership strategies for improving based on the plan's feedback. My intention is to significantly improve in all areas of the plan to make a significant, lasting contribution to Imperial Tobacco Canada. This plan will specifically address short, medium, and long-term goals and strategies to accentuate emerging strengths and overcome weaknesses as defined in the plan. In responding to and accentuating the strategies to build on to of the leadership development plan, I have organized my analysis by the five years of its structure. These include self-management, organizational capabilities, team building and teamwork, problem solving, and sustaining the vision.…. [read more]

Training Plan for the Implementation Essay

… Information system manager will be in charge of overall coordination of the training program. The preparation and training will involve approximately 1500 hospital employees and physicians. Information system manager will inform the target audience about the importance of the training for the organization. The manager will use email circulars, and memos to inform the target audience about the training program.

The venues for the training will be the training centers of the St. Joseph Hospitals. Since St. Joseph Hospital has centers scattered across the United States, the organization will use satellite to diffuse training instructions to all locations. Moreover, the hospital will connect all the training centers with wide area network (WAN), which will assist the organization to diffuse the training resources online.

The costs…. [read more]

New Product Plan the Photodrive Essay

… Other storage devices lack the added functionality of the PhotoDrive Pro. Nevertheless, it is expected that a certain segment of the potential target market will not see the value in the PhotoDrive Pro and therefore will continue to utilize these substitute products. Intensity of rivalry is non-existent, but once new producers enter the market the intensity of rivalry will be higher.

All told, the competitive environment is relatively easy at present, but is expected to become quite difficult in a short period of time. The company can expect new competition with similar products within a year, and as a result it must be prepared for both products that enter the market seeking to be cost leaders and products that seek to be differentiated on quality.…. [read more]

Personal Leadership Plan Complete Essay

… Each leader has several competencies that can be improved in accordance with their current situation and objectives they want to reach. In my case, the areas I want to develop better competencies in are represented by conflict management, networking, constructive feedback, vision, and time management.

Conflict Management

I am currently not good at resolving conflicts between others. This is probably because I do not want to give credit to one side in the detriment of the other. This delays my involvement in conflict resolution. In order to improve this competency I intend to take conflict management training courses, and to benefit from the knowledge and experience of other leaders with such issues. I also intend to identify conflicts between people and develop strategies in order…. [read more]

Business Plan for a Concrete Business Plan

… Financial factors

The company will consider various ways of raising capital. Among the ways available, the company will consider the ease of obtaining this capital and cost. For the company at its start up level, the method of obtaining capital should not be a burden. There are many factors to consider before raising capital. Amount of capital required determines the source. Not all financiers will be able to offer a large capital to the company. The size of the company and the number of operations in the plan will also determine the amount of capital required. The decision to raise capital from a particular source will is influenced by the cost in returning and the duration. The company will consider taking a considerable size of…. [read more]

Facilities Strategic Plan Essay

… The second way of recruiting constituent support is through establishing partnering groups among academic units and administrative segments as part of the engagement process. These partnerships will be crucial in providing support by developing a culture of shared involvement and ownership of facilities. The partnership groups will also be used as major parts of the implementation, evaluation, and improvement of the strategic plan. The third process is developing effective means of connection and collaboration between the university's human resources. Collaboration and connection will be ensured through effective communication means that promote the institution's expertise and organizational knowledge.


In conclusion, the facilities strategic plan provides a measure for enhanced academic excellence and achievement in the local state university. This plan provides measures for alignment with…. [read more]

Personal Development Careers Essay

… My mine main area of improvement was in the ability to write both clearly and in a concise manner. I also wanted to develop my ability to summarize relevant information in a succinct manner. Through my personal and career development, I have however, made significant strides in regards to many of these aspects. I continue to make progress by utilizing various grammar and punctuation tools available both online and in person. The use of personal feedback has also proved invaluable in critiquing my grammar. All of the above mentioned techniques have aided immensely in my development.

Another opportunity that had a very profound impact on my development was that of the transition into the tourism and travel industry. This skill is very useful in navigating…. [read more]

Leadership Development Plan Term Paper

… Personal Leadership Development Plan

During this course, I have gained immense insight into my own leadership capabilities. I have learned my preferred leadership styles and those I avoid using. I have learned about my strengths and about my weaknesses. It is important that I continue to grow and develop as a leader, especially in my need to reconcile caring for people with caring for my organization's uniformity of purpose, and my ability to persist towards a real solution in times of conflict.

In order to facilitate that growth, I propose the leadership development plan below, based on my goals, self-assessments, and feedback from people who know me well. This plan is not just a one-time task or assignment, but an expression of my values that…. [read more]

Individual Development Plan the Origin Term Paper

… This brought about the transmission of a similar feeling to the group, including the trainee. This led good emotions among the group, and improved the cooperation, spirit of fairness and better group performance. This attitude among the managers led to a fairer distribution of money among the people and thus was of use to the organization. This activity also continued for some time, in other similar activities, and similar results were seen. In terms of emotional intelligence the required quality can be called empathy, and this has been known by the psychologists to contribute a lot to the success of individuals. (Emotional Intelligence: What it is and why it Matters)

Let us look at the case of Aaron Feuerstein, and his Malden Mills Polartec factory,…. [read more]

Physical Education Lesson Plan Term Paper

… Divide the students into specific groups where they can discuss and make decisions about reaching their goal.

Each member of each team is given a scooter and then they are randomly scattered against the gym walls; the garbage cans and other such equipment is also scattered throughout the gym.

The overall challenge is for team members to scramble using their scooter, while collecting equipment (one at a time) and place the equipment in the garbage can which is labeled with the color of their jersey. All members must collect equipment, one piece at a time, while using their scooter and place the equipment in the garbage can which is marked with their colored jersey. When there is no more equipment left on the gym floor,…. [read more]

Treme Explain Your Plan Business Plan

… The problem with franchising a newly created restaurant is that consumers are not aware of the value proposition of the firm. Therefore, this lack of recognition would mute any benefits of franchising. Treme restaurant is relatively unknown within the Brandywine community. Likewise it will be difficult to find investors willing to put their money into a relatively new and unstable restaurant chain. As such, franchising, in my opinion, would do little to help grow the company.

As such, the best alternative to growth is that which is organic in nature. By simply satisfying each customer, one at a time, a brand can be established. This brand will ultimately help generate a loyal following of customers and repeat purchasers. Through this community of customers, a more…. [read more]

Security Technology in Next Five Essay

… Conclusion

To have the best possible security plan with the application of the security technology it's important that organizations make up the incident response plan. Planning is the initial stage for any activity if it's done in the correct form initially it will produce maximum results. Prevention from the risky situation always is better than getting things done correct when disaster has occurred. Proceeding the planning comes the detection phase. Identify the elements that had created the defect in the system. This phase requires intensive investigation and security measures updating plan for the upcoming projects. Then follows, responding to the situation which is done through proper security measures taken and sever action plan adopted. Make the security strategy for the future and benchmark practices. Evaluating…. [read more]

Personal Leadership Plan Essay

… Aside from a passion for helping those in need, I am also organized and good at prioritizing what needs to be accomplished during the day. At the end of the day, I will get the greatest satisfaction from knowing that I made a difference in someone else's life in a positive way. Numerous opportunities for career advancement is also a factor as well (Lu, While, & Barnball, 2007).

Core Values

The nursing profession is more than just a career. The nurse must have certain professional core values, which remain a central part of their daily experience. The nursing profession has many core values, such as compassion, integrity, and accountability that form the central basis of their work. These core values change according to the institution…. [read more]

Futpro Business Plan Business Plan

… Newsletter and Leaflets: Fut Pro-Soccer also reaches the potential customers by sending them newsletters and leaflets.

Social Media: Social media is also used as an effective means of communicating with the existing and potential customers. The company profiles on face book and twitter are used for providing the customers with updates about the events and achievements of the company. Moreover, the videos of players and testimonials are also uploaded in YouTube to create a positive brand image and position the company as a differentiated football coaching entity.

Press Releases: Fut Pro-is also using press releases to provide information to the existing and potential customers about the achievements of their schools and coaching style. Along with that, the news about the achievements of the company also…. [read more]

Business Plan Costs Preparing Documents Business Plan

… To minimize the overhead costs so that our customers could take advantage of the savings.

2. To work according to the philosophy that our customers are always going to be our top priority.

3. To never be satisfied with the status quo

4. To make use of material that is of the highest quality.


7. Vision Statement

It is our vision to be known as a company that is the leader when it comes to the regional desktop publishing industry and to be known for our high quality and reasonable prices by 2010.

Cost Estimates for the business plan

ABC Desktop Publishing Business

Schedule of Startup Funds Required

Startup funds:


Equipment Required:

Price Elasticity

Quantity Needed


Laptop Computer




New…. [read more]

Export Business Plan: Moldovan Cellular Business Plan

… As regards the cellular phone industry, conditions in Moldova seem to be promising: Because Moldova is a small country, telecommunications companies manage to achieve good coverage in both wired and wireless communications infrastructure. Landline is available in most settlements, but mobile phone usage is preferred and has grown exponentially particularly in recent years. Prices are high and technology is somewhat behind Western standards but this is where Moldovan Cellular Phones can find its niche.

A. Description of the firm and products to be exported.

Moldovan Cellular Phones is a company that has invested time and money into finding ways to give the system higher capacity therefore lower cost. Cellular phones today are one of the most popular indispensable consumer electronic devices with over 59 million…. [read more]

Marketing Plan Essay

… For marketing relationships management, one of the main ways that Moorilla would use to build and maintain relationship with the retailers is ensuring communication and gathering information on time. Especially for online business, Moorilla would build up a comprehensive information system to collect datas such as sales and feedback from retailers. Thus Moorilla could arrange their activities. For customer relationship management, Moorilla would also have a specific system to collect and analysis data from customers. Moorilla would also conduct some activities to promote customer try the product and give feedback. On Morella's Website, the specific link for customers enquires would be built up for after service.


Successful marketing efforts result in products that become part of everyday life (Pride et al., 2007).According to Ferrell…. [read more]

Employee Training and Career Development Term Paper

… Employee Training and Career Development

Employee training involves learning done by an employee. It seeks a permanent change in the employees that lead to the improvement of their job performance. Employee training involves changing how an employee works, their attitude towards work, the people they work with and towards the organization.

Career development is an approach used to marry the employee's goals with the needs of the business. Career development purposes to enhance an employee's job performance enable someone to take advantage of future job opportunities. It fulfills the company's goals for an effective and dynamic workforce. This involves the managers, the human resource department and the employee himself. The company structures the career progress of its members.

Role of training in an organizational development…. [read more]

Growth Sustainable Business Plan Organizational Business Plan

… Thus, Systemic Software Technology sometimes experience shortage of IT staff who possess the required skill for the development of software. To address this shortcoming, the organization is always on the look out for the highly skilled IT professionals. Moreover, the organization always provides in-house training for employee to ensure that they serve organizational needs.

5: Resources Required for the Plan

The organization would require both financial and human resources to successfully record profits from the business. The projected profit and loss for the business in the next 3 years is revealed in Table 1. Based on the pro-formal profits and loss, it is projected that the company would record $1.03 million in sales in the first year, and the sales would increase to $3.7 million…. [read more]

Children Age Group Physical Development Essay

… Toddlers -- Ball Bop (31), Body Art (32), Boom Down (33), Color Game (34), Drop Box (36), Finger Friends (38), Guess Which Hand (39).

3 to 5 -- Play dough, Newspapers, Spray Bottles, Tweezers, Eye Droppers, Coins & Buttons, Finger Puppets, Tomy Waterfuls Games.

Props for Motor Development (3 and describe use)

Infants -- Small cereal boxes to throw, hacky-sack balls, pin cushions (without the pins). For the most part these items are to allow for squeezing and throwing. The colors and fabric provide interest. The cereal boxes often have cartoon characters and may inspire attention to detail.

Toddlers -- Animal sponges, boxes on strings, egg cartons for stacking. Toddlers are squeezers too and animal shapes inspire interest and associations. The boxes on springs can…. [read more]

Personal Development Goals in 5 Years Research Proposal

… Personal Development/Goals in 5 yrs

Personal Development Plan


My final years of college and my currently working within the educational system have opened my eyes to several future possibilities. These ideas could include becoming more involved in the lives of the youth communities by becoming their teacher, their mentor and the liaison that helps them make the transition from children to young adults. This could materialize in actually becoming a teacher. However, since I have no education and experience related to children and teenagers, I have decided to open such a facility and run it from the business standpoint.

But since I believe that education begins long before the adolescence years, I tend to be more focused on creating learning and socializing facilities for…. [read more]

Business Plan Shells Fine Dining Restaurant Business Plan

… Business Plan Shells Fine Dining Restaurant in Melbourne, Australia

Product Profile

Marketing Plan

Legal Requirements

Human Resources Plan

Operational Plan

Financial Plan

Future Prospect

Business Plan Shells Fine Dining Restaurant in Melbourne, Australia

Business overview

Shells Fine Dining is an 80 seat fine-dining establishment with an attached 30-seat lounge. Shells Fine Dining focuses on fine dining in an elegant and relaxed style. The establishment offers a diverse selection of fine dining including seafood, steaks and catering services. Indoor and outdoor seating add to the beauty of the Riverfront, making Shells truly a place of visitor's and locals dreams.

Shells will be located in the booming Riverfront district central to Melbourne, as part of the City of Melbourne's 2007-2012 Tourism plan, which includes infusing new establishments…. [read more]

Strategic Plans for Different Age Essay

… We will emphasize on the use of innovation in producing top quality athletic apparel and footwear. As a consequence of dedicating tremendous resources to R&D of its items, we will capture the biggest market share of the overall industry in the athletic footwear and clothing industry and maintain our position as the leader of quality items (Thompson, 2013).

We could use the complete structured approach in selecting a grand strategy to achieve our corporate objectives. By focusing on product advancement, we will be able to continue expanding our establishing tenant that has secured us a position that verges on influence and support within the athletic footwear, accessories and apparel markets. Since we have a history of successful marketing in key worldwide areas, focus is a…. [read more]

Marketing Plan for Glisten SWOT

… One of our biggest strength shall be a detailed record that G&S will keep about its customers and their purchase history; this will help us to serve them better and to understand their requirements better (Kotler, Armstrong, 2008).

The name itself "Glisten & Shine" adds a feel of fashion that is being provided by us. This defines the attributes of our offerings and one can make several inferences after reading the name. We felt that this would fit in well with our target market's persona that when they are looking for something glitzy and glamorous, they know where exactly to come. Our employees will make sure that they get exactly what they need in order to make them look just that!

G&S's unique jewelry offers…. [read more]

Business Plan Proposal: The Ducks Business Plan

… 7 million. Five Oregon Indian Casinos reportedly offer Poker rooms: Wildhorse Resort and Casino in Pendleton; Spirit Mountain Casino in Grande Ronde; Kah-Nee-Ta-High Desert Resort and Casino in Warm Springs; Chinook Winds Casino Resort in Lincoln City; and Seven Feathers Hotel and Casino in Canyonville. Within and around the City of Eugene, a cursory review reveals 5 poker rooms, with the dominant poker room being "Full House Poker," which offers 2 tournaments per day, six days per week, excluding Sundays.

5. The Market Analysis

Eugene is the second largest city in Oregon and the seat of Lane County. As of the 2010 U.S. Census, Eugene has a population of 156,185; this represented an increase of 18,292 since the 2000 Census. Eugene is also the home…. [read more]

Child Care Developmental Observation Term Paper

… A major component for the play area is the consideration of the size of space for a child or children to play. Designs for different ages of children are vital for the safety and cognitive development of the youngster. Not only is safety a primary issue, but appropriately sized playground structures are also important.

Observation Visit 4:

again had the opportunity to observe Maribel on the playground. Her love of the outdoors is evident as she chased butterflies, and picked some wildflowers growing in the new spring grasses.

Again, she met up with children her own age, and together they played for about 20 minutes. The small group interacted and played in the sandbox while using various shaped pails to build. New experiences and the…. [read more]

Environmental Systems Capstone Project

… ¶ … environmental systems in the past five years. Summarize the techniques used, the assumptions and limitations faced, the potential for error and how it was minimized, and the lessons learned.

Scope/Direction of the Research

The scope of the study extended to a review of relevant studies published within the last 5 years to provide an overview and recapitulation of the techniques that have been used in recent years to study the development of environmental systems, the assumptions and limitations that have been encountered along the way, the potential for error and how it was minimized, and the lessons learned from these efforts. The development of environmental systems includes various geospatial technologies, alternative energy systems, and other technological solutions that are designed to interact with…. [read more]

Interpret Criteria for Child and Adolescent Development Research Paper

… ¶ … Child and adolescent development process is made up of about thirteen years. An inclusion the infancy and toddler stages make it eighteen years. Through these years, the child grows as well as develops in a number of ways. Several theories have been advanced in order to explain the concept of child and adolescent development. Each of these theories suggests that children develop in almost similar ways. The criteria for their successful development are numerous. Successful emotional as well as cognitive development are though of as two different and separate processes. According to Bell and Wolfe (2004,p336) the two developmental processes are intricately bound to one another. The authors indicate that the two processes are linked as well as act upon each other in…. [read more]

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