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flows of freight have of late Essay

… ¶ … flows of freight have of late been a critical element of the modern changes in the financial and economic systems at the local, regional and global scales. Looking at these changes one must only do so at quantitative, structural, and operational levels. Structural changes largely entail manufacturing systems with their production geography, while operational changes largely involve freight transportation and its distribution geography. Thus, the key question not only involves the nature, and movements of freights, but also the manner in which this freight is moving (Hesse & Rodrigue, 2004).

The multifaceted perspectives of friction in view of modern supply chain management involve a number of factors. Hesse and Rodrigue (2004) noted that transport expenses, the intricacies of the supply chain, the physical…. [read more]

Marketing Strategies Essay

… The structure of efficient search engine marketing

For the most efficient structures of the Search Engine Markets (SEM) to be achieved in future, there are factors to consider. The structure of the search engine is the layout of exactly how the data or articles will appear on the websites page. Without this layout, the flow of information will be distorted, and this gives the visitor to the website hard time to operate it. The webpage should, therefore, imitate a simple, user friendly page but provides the relevant information in case of referencing.

How one structures search engines determines a lot of things, ranging from the available information to the search engine spiders, which will differentiate between the most important and less important information to them.…. [read more]

Russia NATO Relations Essay

… On the other hand Russia insisted that this recognition was done based on the situation on the ground and it was in accordance to the UN Charter. NATO had taken an initiative to suspend t6he relation between them, and Russia completely terminated the cooperation agreement that existed. All this happened after the events of Georgia 2008 and they really had an impact on the negative views that Russia had on NATO (Vasilenkov, 2012).

The relations between NATO and Russia were further strained when Russia diplomats were expelled by NATO in 2009.They were expelled on the basis that they were on a spying mission and were not genuine diplomats. This intensified the tension which was already created by the NATO military exercises in Georgia as proposed…. [read more]

20Th Century Capstone Project

… The Investigator, as mentioned above has the overall coordination responsibility on the site. It is in the way in which it conducts the investigation that the results can be rapidly identified. This is also due to the fact that "the designated investigator-in- charge organizes, conducts, controls, and manages the field phase of the investigation, regardless of whether a Board Member is also on-scene at the accident or incident site. (The role of the Board member at the scene of an accident investigation is as the official spokes-person for the Safety Board.) The IIC has the responsibility and authority to supervise and coordinate all resources and activities of all personnel, both Board and non-Board, involved in the on-site investigation." (Federal Aviation Administration, 2010)

Another important role…. [read more]

Aviation Industry Flu Pandemic Outbreak Risk Thesis

… In case of the SARS outbreak in China the public transportation wasn't shut down but the amount of passengers decreased a lot as, people stopped using the public transportation to avoid getting infected. Similarly, trends of decrease in the number of employees was noted in the air transportation such as, the flights in Pacific Asia decreased by 45% as compared to the year before and there was a decrease of 69% in the flights between U.S. And Hong Kong (Brigantic et al., 2009).

However, it can easily be estimated from these above given scenarios that if an influenza pandemic did occur and stay for 12 to 36 months what would be the amount of damage that it would cause in the world…. [read more]

FedEx Founded in 1971 Term Paper

… ¶ … FedEx

Founded in 1971, "FedEx, properly FedEx Corporation, is a courier company offering overnight courier, ground, heavy freight, document copying and logistics services. FedEx is a syllabic abbreviation of the company's original name, Federal Express" (Wikipedia Encyclopedia).

Planning, Controlling and Management

In the process of planning, the company established connections with two emerging economies: China and India. It was the first express company to serve India with direct international air routes. In addition to the new countries already connected to, FedEx also wishes to expand inside the U.S. And to acquire Watkins Motor Lines. Besides the planning, the company also manages the relations with the community. The team members have been involved (as volunteers) in the process of helping the people affected by…. [read more]

Service Operations Management Report Term Paper

… Service Operations Management Report

McCarran International Airport Las Vegas, Nevada

The contributions of queuing theory, Economic order Quantities (EOQ), and the redefining of core business processes based on the strategic objectives of McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada form the basis of this report. Through several telephone interviews and visits to the airport, an analysis has been completed of how the airport was able to become the leading airport in the U, S, in Common User Self-Service (CUSS), RFID, and SOA-based implementations to unify the many systems that comprise the service component of the airport. This report analyses McCarran's strategic objectives and accomplishments as they relate to unifying and making more efficient services operations through the use of operations research techniques.


The efficiency…. [read more]

Sea Cargo Transportation Term Paper

… Aeronautics

Sea Cargo Transportation

Ocean freight companies have been transporting goods across the seas, from continent to continent, as cost effectively as possible for many years. Ocean freight shipping can help a company's bottom line if their product is non-perishable and is not time sensitive. Ocean shipping can be used whether a business is looking to export its goods, or import goods for use or resale. Deciding on the right ocean freight company to use can be complicated. There are customs rules and regulations that have to be taken into consideration, along with a long list of other factors that don't come into play when standard air shipping methods are used. In order to start using ocean freight one should start by looking at how…. [read more]

Airport Operations KMIA Thesis

… Airport Operations: Analysis of Miami International Airport KMIA

The objective of this study is to conduct an analysis of Miami International Airport from a business and operational point-of-view. This work will analyze the operating and business environment of Miami International Airport as well as analyzing the major issues and challenges faced by the airport and finally state conclusions and make recommendations.

The Miami International Airport (MIA) is a large hub airport with 15.4 million enplanements in 2005 and is 62% American Airlines Hubs and International Gateway. There are 130 gates at the Miami International Airport and parking capacity includes a 152 short-term parking garage capacity and a 7,499 long-term capacity. Total operating revenues for 2005 is stated at $442.5 million or $28.64 per enplanement with…. [read more]

Business Logistics and the Supply Chain Term Paper

… Business Logistics and the Supply Chain

In order for manufacturing companies to be successful in the emerging e-business environment, it is necessary for companies to establish strong relationships within their supply chain. A significant part of this process is improved information sharing on all levels of the chain, and the Internet allows for this integration of communication and information technologies, from the factory floor to the top office, and including the company's vendors and suppliers.

Online purchasing has provided the impetus for many manufacturing firms to move from a build-to-stock to build-to-order business model. In addition to upgrading technology, companies must work with their vendors to create win-win relationships with a special emphasis on information sharing. This requires a drastic change in manufacturer/vendor relations, which…. [read more]

Marketing (Water Fans, India) Industry Term Paper

… Company Philosophy

While it is not stated in so many words, TPI's company philosophy seems to be to supply reliable low-end products at fair prices, while contributing to the local economy as well. This should be received well in India.

Company mission

Again, the company itself does not offer a mission statement, but apparently, its mission is growth.

Company objective

The company objective seems to be to gain market share partially be acquiring complementary businesses and folding them into is core businesses. It competencies suggest that it is probably in need of expanded markets for its lower-end HVAC products.

SWOT analysis and company resources

Financial Resources

Because the company is not publicly traded, it is difficult to obtain its financial information. However, it would be…. [read more]

Benefits of Containerization Essay

… It is this kind of integration that has led to the emergence of the freight facilitator, an intermediary "whose job is to stitch into a unified system all the services needed to move the container from production site to retail outlet" (Clark, 2002, p. 239).

Additional benefits of containerization can be analyzed from the container advantage point-of-view; how containerization has made transportation of bulk cargo friendlier. To begin with, containerization has significantly reduced the costs of bulk transportation (Hofstra University, 2014). Transport cost benefits accrue in the form of outcomes of scale economies and reduced transshipment costs. Moreover, insurance costs are considerably lower, given that containerized shipments are prone to lower levels of theft and face low risks of damage (Hofstra University, 2014). Additionally, containerization…. [read more]

Railroad Policy Analysis the National Term Paper

… At that time, many in the trucking industry invested heavily in piggyback's promise, including less-than-truckload haulers, truckload carriers like J.B. Hunt Transport and Schneider National, and package express giant United Parcel Service. Rail inter-modal transport was more cost effective for long-haul traffic. It also seemed to be a viable answer to the dwindling supply of truck drivers willing to spend weeks at a time away from home making cross-country trips.

The enthusiasm drained away, however, during the widespread rail service failures in the wake of the mergers of Burlington Northern and Santa Fe, Union Pacific and Southern Pacific, and the split up of Conrail between CSX and Norfolk Southern.

Rail inter-modal loads began to edge back up in 1999 and 2000, according to the most…. [read more]

Telecommunication FedEx Is a Logistics Company Term Paper

… Telecommunication

FedEx is a logistics company whose primary business is overnight courier, but that also operates ground delivery and customs clearance businesses, among others. The company uses information technology to track packages, to assist in employee control, to manage demand and supply and to enhance customer service. The company operates globally, with a highly integrated system. There are around 259,000 employees spread over the world (MSN Moneycentral, 2011), and all either contribute to the information system, work with it, or use it to help in decision-making.

FedEx primarily sends and receives data. This information is numeric (bar codes) and sometimes is treated individually and sometimes aggregated. An example of the latter would be airplane information that is send to the different stations. Each barcode contains…. [read more]

International Marketing Plan Term Paper

… S. They placed it in the appropriate containers and filled out the necessary documents and forms, following all export standards and procedures for inspection, etc. It was to shipped via barge form Costa Rica to the U.S. After the cargo wen through customs, meetinga lall the shipping procedurs and requirements, OOCL arranged for truck delivery. Because of the relationship between Costa Rica imports and OOCL, my cartons were mailed to my warehouse and all the prices were given by Costa Rica Imports on one itemized invoice.

The tables brlow are inclusive of costs oin manufacturing and shipping to my warehouse. This system is in place in order to help expedit my orders. After much research on independent transporation and delivery, I was satisfied that I…. [read more]

Westjet vs. Air Canada Why Westjet Will Win Dissertation

… ¶ … airline industry has become increasingly competitive in recent years due in part to the horsewhipping it experienced following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The ongoing global economic downturn and high energy prices have added further constraints to airline performance. In this environment, it is not surprising that airlines that are agile and nimble in their response to changing market conditions will enjoy a competitive advantage, and this has certainly been the case with WestJet's performance compared to the struggling Air Canada airlines. By providing the flying public with no-frills, low-cost regional and international alternatives, WestJet has not only survived during this turbulent period, it has also gained market share from Air Canada, continuing the bleeding of this former industry leader. The…. [read more]

Strategic Management USA Truck Case Study

… Strategic Management - USA Truck Case Study

Mission/Vision/External Analysis

The company has specializes in commodity transportation in the U.S., as well as in small areas of Canada and Mexico. With its main headquarters in Van Buren, Arkansas, the company has also developed additional maintenance facilities throughout the U.S. According to the company's website, the main objectives for the company have been revenue growth and increasing the company's operating margins. These, in turn, are bound to increase the added-value for the company's shareholders.

There are several important external factors that need to be looked into.

In terms of economic factors, the company is dependant on the general evolution of the U.S. economy. The reason for this is that the more the economy produces, the more products…. [read more]

EZ Tracker: Analysis of International Business Opportunity Business Plan

… Tracking Company

EZ Tracker

Who We Are

In the fast growth market of Personal Locator Devices (PLDs), ABC Tech-Nic seeks to be a name of reckoning and sought of by the customers.

What We Sell

ABC Tech-Nic will be outsourcing the design and production process of the product to China initially. The software, however, will be developed in-house. The main feature will be its ability to work even in the absence of a mobile tower in the vicinity. Add to that the fact it can be fully customized at the user end; meaning, a very superior product, to the ones available in the market. The ones available in the market are solely meant for commercial purposes. Our product will have a larger range of applications.…. [read more]

Integrated Corporate Communication Dissertation

… Integrated Corporate Communication and Corporate Communication

Reflective Analysis Report

Integrated Corporate Communication (ICC) and Corporate Communication (CC) are the major communications and business developments of recent time, could be described as a millennial approach to business. While both have their history in marketing, they are more than simply communications or marketing approaches, but describe a synergistic management approach, in which communication is paramount. The idea that all of a corporation's public interactions helped shape its brand and its reputation led to the development of CC, which required approaching every potential interaction as an advertising opportunity, and reinforcing the brand at each of those opportunities. When the internet exploded, and it was no longer feasible for corporations to keep their internal communications from becoming external communications,…. [read more]

Global Terrorism's Impact on International Business Term Paper

… Terrorism Impact

When a terrorism attack hits a country, such as September 11, 2001, naturally the citizens of that nation are most affected. They are the ones who are immediately impacted by the injuries and deaths of peers, friends and loved ones, the shut down of production and services, and the psychological and physical long-term effects. However, such an attack also impacts the rest of the world economically, either through the way that the national organizations have difficulty fulfilling their international obligations or the way that other countries perceive that they, too, are being threatened by these same terrorists. In the future, it surely can be expected that such terrorist attacks will continue. It is up to the organizations to prepare their processes and people…. [read more]

White Servitude in Pennsylvania Term Paper

… Indentured Servants

In 1901, Karl Frederick Geiser wrote the book Redemptioners and Indentured Servants of Pennsylvania, to "in the hope of throwing some new light upon an important phase of our Colonial history upon which comparatively little has been written." One hundred years later, Geiser could easily publish his book again, since most people in the United States do not know about servitude during early America except for the African slaves. Terms such as redemptioners, embarkation, debarkation, and even indentured servants are not detailed often, yet this was -- for good or bad -- a major aspect of Colonial history.

When the Colonists came to the New World and saw that the land would yield profitable returns, they tried a number of different ways to…. [read more]

Inter-Parliamentary Union and Its Role in Enhancing International Law Term Paper

… Inter-Parliamentary Union and Its Role in Enhancing International Law

Legal Status of the Inter-Parliamentary Union

The Development of the International Institutions

The Public International Unions

The Private International Unions

Historical background of the IPU

Brief Overview of the IPU Statutes (Assemblies and Committees, Members,

Functions, Goals and Activities)

The Relationship between the IPU and the United Nations

Beneficial Cooperation between the IPU and the United Nations (Common

Goals, Agenda and Concerns)

The Importance of the Recognition of the IPU Contribution

The Role the IPU Played in Implementing Decisions taken by the Assembly of the United Nations and the Implementation of the Millennium Development


The UN as a Framework of International Machinery for the Peaceful

Settlement of Disputes

What Role can the IPU Play in…. [read more]

Qatar World Cup Research Paper

… It is important for us to briefly define these fields, so that we can have a better understanding of logistics pertaining to the FIFA World Cup 2022.

The first field that we shall briefly describe here is the Procurement Logistics. This field relates to the entire process that is employed to make a selection of the suppliers and to initiate contracts for timely delivery of quality services or products. It also revolves around activities that include requirement planning, market research, supplier management, make or purchase decisions, order controlling, and ordering.

Production logistics is related to controlling and streamlining the flow that results from the supply chain, starting from the point of entry towards the end. The latter is referred to as distribution logistics, which shall…. [read more]

Walt Whitman: Death and Immortality Essay

… Walt Whitman: Death and Immortality in Whitman's Verse

Walt Whitman has long been celebrated as one of America's most optimistic poets. However, like all 19th century authors, the omnipresence of war, death, and sickness in his society forced him to confront death on a regular basis and naturally this affected his poetic development and approach to his subjects. Whitman frequently contrasted the impermanent nature of the material world with the immortality of verse: although all living beings would die as part of the ebb and flows of the natural world, through his poetic gift he could convey immortality to the most ordinary creatures and people by showing how they all represented things larger than what they appeared.

In his poem "Out of the Cradle Endlessly…. [read more]

Black and Decker Forecasts Research Paper

… There are no major changes expected with respect to the company's solvency or liquidity ratios. The figures show that the performance of the company is expected to improve over the next five years. If strong growth overseas continues, and the long-term growth in the U.S. housing market materializes as expected, both the return on assets and the return on equity should improve steadily over this time period, making the gains resulting from the merger more apparent on the company's financial statements.


The current market cap for the company is $12.97 billion, based on a share price of $76.86. This price is near the top of the company's 52-week range. The first step in determining the appropriate valuation for the company is to determine a…. [read more]

Operations Management Our Supply Chain Essay

… " This begins at the design stage. Our engineers spend months living out of their hotel rooms in order to be close to the suppliers and manufacturers helping to tweak the industrial processes that translate the prototypes into mass produced devices. Our designers also work with the suppliers to create new tooling equipment. Our decision to focus on a few product lines and to do little in the way of customization also gives us some competitive advantage. Every part of our business is aligned to our unified strategy.

Some of the internal processes that are unique to our company is: worker mentality, the corporate culture, and the launch events. Our company thrives on a culture that: "spend exorbitantly wherever necessary and reap the benefits from…. [read more]

Cemex:strategic Risk Management Essay

… A new policy in Mexican GAAP required that all reporting companies recognize in the statement of income unrealized gains and losses on foreign exchange options and forward contracts -- these instruments must be marked to market for each reporting period. The new policy required reporting companies to present the assets and liabilities resulting from the hedging exercise separately from the underlying financial instrument being hedged. This accounting policy change introduced additional volatility in reported earnings -- just the opposite of the desired outcome -- and may misstate the company's actual operating performance. (Spieth, 2005)

Natural Hedging

While derivatives will continue to be in the toolkit of risk management, CEMEX had stated that it will emphasize natural hedging strategies going forward. The key to success in…. [read more]

Supply Chain at Ford Term Paper

… This makeover requires a remarkable modification for a lot of different functions inside Ford, and as the company progresses to realign its order fulfillment and development of new product processes, Ford hopes the logistics group to supply -- right, timely, precise and repeatable logistics cost estimates based on potential sourcing situations. An additional major expectation revolves around synchronizing inbound logistics with asynchronous material flow objectives and strategies within the manufacturing facilities which is a challenge that has deepened with the increased volumes of rail traffic which have been diverted to truck because of repeated deficiencies in service in the rail system of the country. Overcrowding at the manufacturing facility frequently destabilize the motive of the planner to have inbound trucks dump their materials at specific…. [read more]

E-Groceries Primary Data Collection Secondary Dissertation

… Finally, these inferences could be compiled in the report format with concluding remarks (Bryman et al., 2007). Similar format has been adopted for the current study, with the researcher using qualitative questions and hypotheses to direct the process of data collection. Along with that the identification of e-basic food logistics as sample firms has further guided the research process, as the relevant information was collected and scrutinized against the hypotheses. The theoretical underpinnings have been utilized to draw inferences and justifications to validate or reject the research hypotheses.


Population of the study can be identified as consisted of all those cases or units of analysis that fulfill the criteria identified by the researcher. One of the main aims of identifying the population of the…. [read more]

Northern and Southern Colonies Term Paper

… An ordinance of succession followed that saw the other states that were populated with slaves sign take the oath to the Confederate States of America. This oath was aimed at fostering the existence of the slave trade. The situation could not be negotiated, and the country had to divide into two. The Northern territory had a stable economy because of their industrialization, but the South had the economy founded on slavery. When potential exposed itself in the west, the South was for acquiring these territories for expansion use slavery. The North opposed this move; they even stopped the extension of the slave trade in new territories. The intention of the North was to constrain the number of slave countries in the Union. The perception of…. [read more]

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