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Food History-Swiss Term Paper

… Lunch may be as simple as a sandwich or a birchermuesli (granola) or it could be a complete meal. Dinner can be a full main course or just some bread, cheese with a fondue. Local products can include a great variety of beers and wines. Non-alcoholic drinks include many different flavors of tea and coffee and hot chocolate. ("About: Switzerland Food," 2005) A great variety of Swiss wines are available throughout the country and there are also spirits made from fruit, the most popular being Kirsch, Marc, Pflumli and Williams. Swiss beer of a lager type is also popular, and bottled mineral water is an accepted beverage at most eateries, with local brands including Henniez and Passuger numbering among the favorites. ("Swiss Food & Dining,"…. [read more]

History of Muslims in Europe and in the US Research Paper

… History of Muslims in Europe and in the U.S.

Islamophobia - the United States and the European continent

The Islam is at the moment one of the most important religious, cultural, and eventually political entities of the world today. According to studies made in 2009, it represents 23% of the global population of 6.9 billion people

Even so, there are numerous accounts in which the Muslim population is the subject of discrimination or political differentiation. At the moment, this entire phenomenon is defined as Islamophobia. The present paper addresses the issue of islamophobia from the perspective of the two most important regions where it developed and where is most visible. In this sense, the research takes into account the way in which the United States…. [read more]

Fast Food Sara Had Worked Term Paper

… , dad worked and they all came home for dinner at the same time each night. Today,. However, mom and dad have different work schedules, the children have soccer, band, cheerleading and other activities at all different times of the day and a family sit down meal is almost impossible. Fast food creates the ability to feed everyone at the times they have to eat. Whether it is providing funds for family members to hit a fast food place while out or bringing home a fast food meal at the exact moment everyone is converging in the house before taking off again, fast food has become the answer.

Fast food does provide an opportunity to eat in healthy ways. Just as a grocery store provides…. [read more]

Switzerland History, Culture and Lifestyle Economic Situation Thesis

… Switzerland

History, Culture and Lifestyle

Economic Situation

The Relationship between the United States and Switzerland



The Swiss Cuisine

The Swiss Lifestyle

Religion in Switzerland

Demographics in Switzerland

Holiday Celebration in Switzerland

Fashion in Switzerland

Tradition and Customs in Switzerland

History, Culture and Lifestyle

Switzerland, or the Swiss Confederation was founded in 1921 and initially it was intended to be a defensive alliance among three cantons. The alliance developed in the following years, as more cantons joining the initial alliance. Even so, the Swiss Confederation only gained its independence from the Roman Empire in 1499.

Much later, in 1848, the confederation was replaced with a centralized federal government, through the constitution that was also modified in 1874.

Some of the country's trademarks are its…. [read more]

Illegal Immigrants in the U.S Term Paper

… ¶ … illegal immigrants in the U.S. And the possibility of legalizing their status. The article shows: how illegal immigration is currently being dealt with, the views of people on the issue and the flexibility being exhibited by the government. The author makes it clear that while illegal immigration has always been a problem for the country and most people feel country must be protected against such immigration, still illegal entrance into the U.S. should not be criminalized. Very few, if any, percentage of people interviewed supported felony status, the rest felt that while it was not correct to let illegal immigration prosper, there was also no particular need for categorized it as a crime or serious offence.

Illegal immigration is a problem, which the…. [read more]

Globalization the Impact of the Internet Term Paper

… Globalization

The Impact of the Internet on Globalization

The impact of the Internet on globalization is visible from the pervasiveness and visibility of brands globally to changes in the everyday lives of members of different cultures around the world. Globalization, while discussed as a business strategy, actually affects individuals far more often and with greater consequences than corporations. It could also be said that the collective experiences of individuals are what a corporation experiences from the context of globalization at a more macro socioeconomic level. It is the intent of this paper to analyze the implications of the Internet on the individual lives of people globally and the resulting impact on corporations. The Internet is serving as the catalyst for these many changes that both…. [read more]

Mennonites in Russia Term Paper

… ¶ … Russian Mennonites. The writer explores the history and structure of the Mennonite society in Russia and discusses their function and purpose as they see it. There were four sources used to complete this paper.

Russian Mennonites explained

During the cold war many western societies believed that Russia so severely restricted its residents religiously that anyone who lived there was automatically told what to believe and what faith he or she should follow, however, when one closely examines the Russian nation throughout history one will find that the Mennonites were actually invited to live there however, once they began to settle in their lives became very oppressed.

The year was 1786 and Catherine II made the decision to invite the Mennonite community to live…. [read more]

Apple Trees Term Paper

… Apple Trees

Apples are among the oldest of all fruits cultivated by fruit growers. (a Modern Herb: Apple) Compared to any other type of fruit that grows on a tree, the apple is more extensively cultivated and more useful to man. From the long past, apple trees have been cultivated for their fruit. Many people have articulated about the fruit in their folklore, spiritual books and poems. (Apples) for not less than 2000 years, cultivators have grown diverse range of apples. (a Modern Herb: Apple) There are in excess of 7,000 types of apples cultivated in the world. (Apple Facts, Nutritional Information and Recipes)

In the United States, around 2,500 diverse kinds are available. Each type of apple is developed for unique food uses. While…. [read more]

Humanitarian Services of the American Red Cross Research Paper

… Humanitarian Services of the American Red Cross

The American Red Cross (ARC) is a humanitarian organization that provides emergency assistance to victims, relief to the disaster stricken and also education to the victims of disaster in the U.S.A. It is at times referred to as American National Red Cross and is an affiliate member of International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the purposes of the ARC and if they have achieved these intended purposes. The paper will also look at the benefits that the recipients have gotten from the organization as well as what economic impact the ARC has administered on the ground. The paper will then look at the challenges that the organization…. [read more]

Chemistry of Pesticides, Including Characteristics Term Paper

… The site notes, "Today, DDT is classified as a probable human carcinogen by U.S. And international authorities. This classification is based on animal studies in which some animals developed liver tumors" (7). However, DDT is still used in some parts of the world to help combat mosquitoes that carry malaria.

Both the United States and Canada now monitor and govern pesticide usage, because there are so many environmental and human health concerns about the over usage of pesticides. In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency took over the job of regulation when it was formed in 1970. They register and license all pesticides used in the United States, and they participate, though the United Nations, in pesticide practices around the world. They were one…. [read more]

1948?" it Will Inform Term Paper

… Some of the most popular films were "Hamlet," "Macbeth," with Orson Welles, "The Naked City," "Oliver Twist," and "The Fallen Idol." Popular songs included "Nature Boy," "Buttons and Bows," and "All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth." Television soared in popularity as more homes got TVs, and some of the most popular shows were "Howdy Doody," the "Philco TV Playhouse," "Toast of the Town," the "Kraft Television Theatre," and "Meet the Press" ("Highlights," 2004).


Olympic sports were at the forefront of 1948. The Winter Olympic Games took place in St. Moritz, Switzerland, and the Summer Games took place in London. Germany and Japan were not invited to attend the games, but Italy did attend. The games were the first in twelve…. [read more]

Social Variables in the Development and Maintenance Thesis

… ¶ … Social Variables in the Development and Maintenance of Business Relationships with Libyan Companies

The Need for the Research

Expected Contribution to Knowledge

Review of the Chapters

Review of Chapter 2 (Literature Review)

Review of Chapter 3 (Research Methodology)

Review of Chapter 4 (Research Findings)

101.5.4 Review of Chapter 5 (Research Discussion)

101.5.5 Review of Chapter 6 (Recommendation & Conclusion)

101.5.6 Review of Reference List

122.1 Why the Business Relationship is Important

132.2 Social Variables in the Development of Business Relationships

142.2.1 Cultural Affinity


202.2.3 Commitment

222.2.4 Experience

252.2.5 Satisfaction

262.2.6 Communication

Stages in the Development of a Business Relationship

322.3.1 Pre-contact

332.3.2. Initial Interaction

352.3.3 Development

352.3.4 Maturity

Research Methodology

373.1 Introduction

373.2 Definition of research methodology

383.3 Research Design

393.4 Research…. [read more]

Zweifel Chips Switzerland Thesis

… Zweifel Chips Switzerland

Browsing through the television channels, one can invariably be presented with at least one or two shows discussing the necessity of the modern day society to change its life style. While great emphasis is being placed on the protection of the natural environment, in the meaning of reducing personal consumption of the earth's natural resources or the reduction in activities that generate pollution, specialists also militate for changes to occur in terms of alimentation. The United States of America offers the most relevant explanation for this trend, with its increasing levels of obesity and diabetes, characteristic to all age categories.

The nutrition advices are generally organized onto two directions. The first promotes a healthier life style through the consumption of more fruit…. [read more]

Migros Company Visit Research Proposal

… Migros Company Visit

Introduction number of corporations of all types have discovered that adopting so-called "green" or environmentally friendly and socially responsible business practices can pay large dividends in terms of more efficient operations and engendering consumer good will, but grocery retailers have largely been absent from this movement with a notable exception. The Swiss grocery retailer, Migros, has been in the vanguard of corporations that have focused on improving the quality of life for its partners and the customers it serves through such practices, which is a truly remarkable approach to doing business for grocery stores which traditionally have been compelled to compete using razor-thin profit margins in a highly competitive environment. While these business tactics have not always worked out the way the…. [read more]

Celebrity Endorsement Strategy: An Investigation Essay

… (Source:

What you have here than in short is the first stage where no definite action is taken and the company cursorily becomes acquainted with the celebrity and decides whether or not to move forward. Frequently, the process tops just where it is with company and endorser parting on friendly, but non- businesslike terms.

In the second stage, the company cautiously proceeds to test whether celebrity may be a good fit, whether celebrity is interested; negotiations are casually mentioned; and objectives and measurements are tentatively formulated.

The last stage is the most serious of all, when the company actually hires the celebrity and conducts serious and drawn out negotiations regarding goal objectives, the contract, measurements to assess outcome, and results are conveyed to stakeholders.…. [read more]

Microeconomic Study the Market for Beverages Research Paper

… ¶ … microeconomic study the market for beverages in Switzerland

The Dining Industry in Europe

Throughout the twentieth century, Europe was a contiguous landmass that shared physical boundaries. However, the similarities between these contiguous yet independent countries would end right there. Currency values and format would make dining in one European country more favorable than ordering ostensibly the same meal in a bordering country.

The restaurant and soft drink industry in Europe is more competitive than what is to be expected to be found elsewhere in the world because of the relative changes in currency value and the level of interaction of travelers between different countries and the exchange of currency exchange and the velocity of money. The most popular restaurants do remain where tourists…. [read more]

Wal-Mart Read Attach File Wal-Mart - NAFTA Case Study

… Wal-Mart

Read attach file Wal-Mart - NAFTA. Then: 1. give a 1.5-page opinion prove analyze topic. 2. Post TWO news sources (articles) a response Main Topic explain briefly (sentence) news stories bear topic

Identification & analysis of the organization's problems

Wal-Mart must tread carefully in its venture into Switzerland, particularly in the field of personnel management. It must learn from its past mistakes. In 2005, Wal-Mart was forced to withdraw all operations from Germany, mainly because of the cultural difficulties it faced in assimilating into a nation with a profoundly different business culture that could not accept standard American corporate regulations upon employee behavior. Wal-Mart's stress upon cheerfulness was met with stony silence from German workers who were unaccustomed to being told how to behave…. [read more]

Nestle the Era of Nestle Food Empire Term Paper

… Nestle

The era of Nestle food Empire was initiated as an honest attempt to decline the infant mortality. With a view to providing a cost effective nutritious infant recipe for women who are unable to breast feed their babies, Henri Nestle, those had currently purchased a company that made rum and nut oils, stumbled onto a locate-laced gold mine in the 1860s. The Nestle Empire extended all over the Europe with the initiation of Farine Lactee Nestle an innovative mixture of milk of cow, wheat flour and sugar. Its growth becomes persistent with the marketing of condensed milk, milk chocolate and powdered soup companies. Nestle persistently assisted from its capability of adapting to the times: a shortage of milk during World War I compelling Nestle…. [read more]

Foreign Policy of China (Beijing Thesis

… But just as China (Beijing consensus)'s economic and military power does not yet match that of the United States, China (Beijing consensus)'s soft power still has a long way to go as demonstrated by a Chicago Council on Global Affairs poll. China (Beijing consensus) does not have cultural industries like Hollywood, and its universities are not yet the equal of the United States. It lacks the many non-governmental organizations that generate much of U.S. soft power. Politically, China (Beijing consensus) suffers from corruption, inequality, and a lack of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. While that may make the "Beijing consensus" attractive in authoritarian and semi-authoritarian developing countries, it undercuts China (Beijing consensus)'s soft power in the West. Although China (Beijing consensus)'s new…. [read more]

Vinos Andinos Vineyard Report Dating Back Term Paper

… Vinos Andinos Vineyard Report

Dating back to antiquity, wines have always been considered among the best alcoholic beverages, being associated with mythology, gods, powerful rulers, simple men and they are even referred to in the Bible. Today, wines are being consumed at both social as well as business meetings by all kinds of people, coming from all social backgrounds and registering all incomes. This means that the wine industry has to produce a wide variety of drinks, suited for all tastes and all pockets.

A major change in the behaviour of wine consumers is the early age of drinkers. This does not necessarily imply that young people are increasing their alcohol consumption, but that they change their drinking behaviour. As such, instead of drinking bear…. [read more]

Influence of Self-Perception and Self-Image on Consumers Choice of Luxury Fashion Brands Dissertation

… ¶ … price remains one of the most important factors that many consumers take into account in formulating their purchase decision, it is important for marketers to segment their target market accordingly. For luxury brands, this means that higher prices must be justified by the consumers' perception of higher quality or more nebulous factors such as brand association. The primary of the proposed study is to examine the influence that self-perception and self-image have on the consumer in their choice of luxury fashion brands. To achieve this research purpose, the study proposed herein will be guided by five main aims: (a) to test and examine the hypothesis stated above for its validity; (b) if the hypothesis holds true, to measure how strong of an influence…. [read more]

Nestle in 2008 Case Study

… Nestle Company

Nestle's long history began with founder Henri Nestle's infant saving formula. More than 140 years later, the company has grown into an international powerhouse centering on nutrition, health and wellness. However, the organization's recent financial success leads to a significant challenge. New CEO, Paul Bulcke, will need to ensure the company doesn't become complacent and continues to operate with a sense of urgency. This can be accomplished by taking advantage of developing and emerging markets, through the customization of recently acquired frozen pizza brands from Kraft Foods. If Nestle is ill-prepared for this, it could negatively affect their market position and profitability.

Table of Contents


Executive Summary:

Brief Problem Diagnosis:

Analysis of the Problem:


Strategic Posture:

Strategic Managers:

SWOT Analysis:

Strengths:…. [read more]

Chocolate: Behind Its Bad Rap Term Paper

… Public health officials often suggest that individuals over the age of 40 take a baby aspirin a day to reduce their risk for stroke and heart attacks. In the United States, it is estimated that millions of individuals take aspirin on a daily basis for its cardio-protective effects.

Scientists have also found that the flavonoids in chocolate may augment the natural oxidant defense systems in the body, which may reduce the risk for certain diseases.

Still, nutrition experts caution that chocolate, which is rich in sugar and fats, should not be viewed as a substitute for fruit and vegetables. Similarly, flavonoid-rich foods should not be viewed as a substitute for low-dose aspirin. This study will examine both the benefits and risks of chocolate in the…. [read more]

Elites in Engineering Dissertation

… Elites in Engineering

In the contemporary world, it has increasingly become significant for active engineers to be uniformly skilled in technical and management comprehension. This is in the view of the fact numerous graduates find themselves in significant leadership positions. To assist engineering professionals improve their leadership aptitudes within their profession through a course in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Innovation and Technology in Engineering (ELITE) is paramount. ELITE courses help engineering graduates who are seeking to enhance their profession through supplementary education. The courses also help engineers who are seeking to promote their technical knowledge and leadership abilities in their present role. In this regard, this paper assesses the leaders in British engineering and their characteristics. The paper will evaluate how the qualities of these leaders in…. [read more]

Thirty Years of War Essay

… ¶ … War

Brecht and Montaigne have significantly different perspectives of the end of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century, especially given the fact that they are authors living more than 350 years apart. Montaigne is indeed a contemporary of the end of the 16th century, which is probably the primary reason for which he can actually describe factually some of the historical facts going on during the respective period of time. He has, indeed, lived through much of the intolerance period in France and the rest of Europe and is thus able to philosophically contemplate these events out of his posture of someone living them.

Brecht, on the other hand, has a modern perspective to the things occurring at the…. [read more]

Is Outsourcing Inevitable? Term Paper

… ¶ … Outsourcing Inevitable?

Outsourcing as a strategy and ongoing approach to staying competitive is permeating both manufacturing and services firms globally. Having started primarily as a strategy of cost reduction, outsourcing has steadily grown to include new product research and development, the permanent re-aligning of more routine and easily replicable tasks, and the re-definition of customer service. Spanning the entire value chain of industries including manufacturing, outsourcing's impact on global business is permanent and has already re-defined the cost structures of industrial manufacturing, consulting services than span application development and maintenance, business process re-engineering, customer service and support, and the use of outsourcing for significantly impacting new product development timeframes through the use of computer-aided design techniques.

The goals of this paper are to…. [read more]

Standardized Coding Systems Essay

… Standardized Coding Systems and Nursing Informatics

As the pace of technological progression increases at a seemingly exponential rate, with the introduction of computer mainframes in the 1980's having paved the way for cloud-based data storage and retrieval today, the field of nursing informatics has emerged in response to the flood of medication guidelines, patient histories, and diagnostic codes that a nurse must decipher during the course of their duties. A significant transformation is currently occurring within hospitals, community clinics, and pharmacies throughout the nation, as the healthcare delivery model shifts from traditional paper filing systems and handwritten medical charts to the implementation of the electronic health record (EHR), using electronic documentation (ED) to record patient interactions. In an article published in 2008 by the Online…. [read more]

Organized Crime Break Up of Soviet Union Research Paper

… Organized Crime -- the Fall of the Old Soviet Union

How much influence did organized crime have on the collapse of the old Soviet Union? Did organized crime flourish during the events that culminated in the end of communist rule -- or was much of the growth of organized crime due in fact to the collapse of the Soviet Union? What were the factors that were relevant to organized crime in that era of perestroika? These questions and other issues will be critiqued and reviewed in this paper.

Corruption & Lack of Ethics in the Soviet Union

According to a peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Business Ethics (Neimanis, 1997), there are old values associated with the former Soviet Union that linger on, and some…. [read more]

Economic Analysis Describe Illustrate International Essay

… Then, also as a result of the crisis, the companies in all industries were forced to reduce their expenditures and these efforts often materialized in downsizing. For the cocoa and chocolate industry, this also meant an increased access to more cost effective labor force. Finally, the macroeconomic impact was also obvious at the level of the consumers, who came to possess lower levels of discretionary incomes, and as such focused more on necessary commodities.

7. Conclusions

Overall, the cocoa and chocolate industry is complex and dynamic, with pressures and change being generated from both within the industry, as well as outside it. At an internal level, the changes are raised primarily by the cocoa beans exporters as well as by the cocoa processing companies. At…. [read more]

Native Mythology to North America Term Paper

… In contrast to what Christians and Catholics believe that the first man and woman were Adam and Eve and were created by God, the myths of Native Americans have diverse ideas on origin of the earth, as well as the origin of the first man and woman. Some people believe that the earth came from the mud brought back by a person who dived in the ocean. Others, on the other hand, say that the earth is on the back of a giant turtle (Oaklamia, 2003). The first man and woman were said to came from a cave, or that they were brought on earth by a hero to assess them on how they can manage the earth.

In the myths that we have inherited…. [read more]

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