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Robert Evans: A Life on Film Research Paper

… Robert Evans: A life on film and behind the scenes of the film industry

According to the Hollywood trade publication Variety, at a recent tribute to the Hollywood film producer Robert Evans, Evans said he was "the only person to have gone from being head of a studio and ended up as a cartoon" in Hollywood history.

Producer and former Paramount studio head Evans was referring to the fact that his best-selling memoir, the Kid Stays in the Picture, had spawned both an eponymous film and a cartoon entitled Kid Notorious. The animated TV series for Comedy Central adapted anecdotes from Evan's life in a South Park-style manner, and was full of into "snarky, knowing Hollywood insider humor.

" Despite the show's frequently "self-deprecating" and…. [read more]

Development of Genres in Film Film Review

… ¶ … Film

The early years of documentaries

The documentary genre was initially created with the purpose of providing people with trivial information and it gradually came to discuss more complex topics as society discovered its ability to serve as educational material. Mainly depending on societal trends, people directed their attention at making documentary motion pictures focused on particular concepts. Ranging from wanting to indoctrinate the masses to wanting to present them with the latest fashion, documentary films were bombarding society with information that could be sent through a new and interactive medium. Motion pictures like Workers Leaving the Factory produced a strong effect on viewers and made it possible for people to realize that this particular genre was especially important in having them learn…. [read more]

Film Analysis From a Design Essay

… These elements combine to create the semblance of a real person. Without these layers of detail, the character, the story, and thus the film are unbelievable and no one will watch.

The mise-en-scene in this scene is brilliant, simple, and appropriate. The lighting is stark. Jake wears a simple white tee shirt and slacks. There is no furniture in the room and nothing on the walls. Because there is no window, it is uncertain as to where the impossibly bright shafts of light are coming from. The only things in the cell are the bed, the walls, and Jake. The mise-en-scene reflects what Jake possesses internally and externally: nothing. Therefore the mise-en-scene effectively harmonizes with the content of the scene and Scorcese's overall message about…. [read more]

Food Inc. Robert Kenner's Film Film Review

… Food Inc.

Robert Kenner's film Food, Inc. is a documentary about industrial food production in America, and the problems associated with it. The film depicts animal food production facilities, showing how animals are treated when they are being raised for mass slaughter. In addition to showing where American meat is coming from, the film shows how large-scale agriculture works in the United States. As with the factory-raised meat, the agriculture production in the United States works fairly well from a business perspective, but entails the use of potentially dangerous chemicals. In conjunction with these issues, Kenner discusses the problems with corporate control of food, which is why the film's name is Food, Inc. Food production, manufacturing, and marketing is big business, and it is linked…. [read more]

Food Inc. Film Film Review

… Food Inc.

Film Inc. is a documentary that covers the subject of the food industry, specifically in the United States. It works through a series of vignettes that study the issue from a number of different perspectives, each woven together by three common themes. These three themes are

the forces that lead to the mass production of food

the toll of current food production methods of humans and animals

the rights of consumers to what is in their food

With respect to the first theme there are a number of forces at work that have led to the mass production of food. In part, farming has simply become a job few want to do, and urban flight forces the agriculture industry to concentrate. There are…. [read more]

About Food, Inc. Documentary Film Film Review

… ¶ … Food, Inc.

As its title suggests, the film Food, Inc. is an expose of American, commercialized agriculture. Instead of a family farm producing and raising meat, milk, vegetables, and grains, our food system is based on mass production. Food is no longer simply 'food' but rather is a part of a massive industrialized system of corporate control embodied in the personas of Monsanto, Smithfield, Perdue, Tyson, and McDonald's. No aspect of the food system is free of such controls. The film is thus very much informed by the work of cultural critics such as Michael Pollan, author of the Omnivore's Dilemma and Erich Schlosser, author of Fast Food nation, both of whom make appearances in the film.

What is particularly surprising about the…. [read more]

Movie Review on to Kill a Mockingbird Movie Review

… ¶ … Kill a Mockingbird Movie Review

Movie Review: To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

The plot of to Kill a Mockingbird (dir Robert Mulligan, 1962, with Gregory Peck and Mary Badham) is seen through the eyes of Jean Louise "Scout" Finch, who is six years old when the story begins (in a small Alabama town in 1932) and eight or nine when it ends. Scout grows up that summer, and over the next two summers, in a starkly prejudiced, racially-divided small town environment, as her lawyer father defends a black man unjustly accused of a white woman's violent rape. Atticus Finch, Scout's father, is a man of integrity and principles. He is appointed to defend Tom Robinson, the black man unjustly accused, and does so…. [read more]

Narrative Criticism to Kill a Mockingbird Movie Transcript Essay

… ¶ … setting of this classic film is the deep South during the Great Depression. The story is told through the eyes of a young girl, named Scout, played in the movie by Mary Badham, whose father is a prominent lawyer in the small, fictitious Alabama town of Maycomb. The Depression has hit Maycomb hard but Scout's family, which consists of herself, her brother, Jem, played by Phillip Alford, and her father, Atticus, have been largely unaffected. The role of Atticus is played by Gregory Peck.

The plot of the movie centers on the fate of a local black man who is represented by Scout's father. The young black man is charged with the rape of young white woman and, despite the sterling defense offered…. [read more]

Food Inc Essay

… These days the food we eat is coming from massive assembly lines where the workers and the animals are being ill-treated, and the food has turned out to be more hazardous in ways that are intentionally concealed from us. This really is not just regarding the foods that we are eating. It is also regarding what we are permitted to say. What we're permitted to actually understand."

Schlosser additionally makes the point that despite the fact in the 1970s the top five beef packers have control some 25% of the market, nowadays they hold a pretty good influence over more than 90%. He also makes mention to the idea that the manufacture of chickens has started to change melodramatically: "Birds are now really raised and…. [read more]

Themes and Techniques Used in Smashed the Perks of Being a Wallflower and Flight Essay

… ¶ … Smashed, the Perks of Being a Wallflower and Flight

Flight and the Perks of Being a Wallflower

Robert Zemeckis 2012 American drama film Flight, Stephen Chbosky's American 2012 comedy-drama the Perks of Being a Wallflower, and James Ponsoldt's American comedy-drama Smashed discuss with regard to antisocial protagonists who have a hard time being appreciated for their true value. These motion pictures put across feelings related to addiction, loneliness, and self-discovery in an attempt to influence viewers to sympathize central characters in spite of the fact that they initially tend to appear unappealing. The three directors concentrate on introducing feelings related to a sad form of sincerity -- an idea that is meant to induce intense emotions in audiences as they go through major…. [read more]

Movie Analysis of The Help Film Review

… She is mindful of the risks involved in her decisions but is willing to risk relying on her faith for direction. At the end of the movie, Aibileen discovers her strength and capabilities, which leads her to abandon her job as a maid and embrace an uncertain path that gives more independence (Columbus & Barn 2011).

Aibileen demographic position

Although Aibileen is the narrator in the film and the main character in the story, she is portrayed as at first submissive to the racism she suffers. She bears it, scared of challenging her oppressors. Even though the film depicts victory, in the end, Aibileen is seen walking away after losing her job. She narrates how telling stories was liberating and made her decide…. [read more]

Film Theory Essay

… Film Theory

Film and Reality

When photography appears in historical development, its indexicality adds the appeal of endurance through time to the impression of likeness in painted perspective. Crucially, ?likeness' is not given epistemological or cognitive value in itself, but rather is being invoked as a sup- port for fundamental needs of the subject vis-a-vis time. And cinema adds duration to the embalming of a single temporal instant in still photography. As Bazin puts it in ?the Myth of Total Cinema, this makes cinema the realization of a perennial compulsion, a virtually ageless dream of perfect realism, which would have to include duration (Bazin, 1971). but, as with any wish fulfillment, such preservation of the real object is protectively converted into the preservation of the…. [read more]

Film Criticism of Casablanca Term Paper

… The use of mis en scene as technique is apparent in almost every scene. It is clear that the art producer used careful consideration in painting the atmosphere of Northern Africa. The contrast of light and shadow throughout the scenes played at Rick's Place builds an air of mysteriousness and only heightens the drama of the romance and knowledge of war. In some ways, Rick's Place is a haven for the characters of the film. Within the nightclub's walls, there is entertainment and a gaiety that cannot be found outside. There is also a sense of comfort as the undertones of romance come through because of the elements of music and conversation. The use of costumes is vibrant and rich enhancing the romance of the…. [read more]

Film Analysis of the Film Wall Term Paper

… Film Analysis of the film Wall-E

Wall-E is a sci-Fi film that shows displays a story of lonely robot that has been left on Earth in order to clean up the mess humanity's has made. Disney-Pixar's, Wall-e, through analyzation is a film that is capable of opening a lot of eyes to how human beings treat the environment and where the future of the earth could be headed if human beings do not wake up and start treating it better than they are doing. The film, Wall-e, claims that if people do not start becoming more responsible with their ways, the planet could be demolished. Throughout the movie we are given many unrealistic and misleading examples. Wall-e was able to send the message of how…. [read more]

Movie Production Term Paper

… The authors cite several examples of independent and low-budget films such as The Blair Witch Project that have pleased critics, moviegoers, and reaped box office profits.

The chapter offers a thorough yet brief explanation of the film industry and its influence on modern society. Indeed, movies do help shape cultural values, as the authors suggest (p. 124). The power of film is in the media itself: in the intense visual and auditory experience of being in a dark room for several hours. The authors also examine the issues of censorship in the film industry, showing how even in its infancy the film industry was criticized for contributing to moral degeneracy. The so-called Legion of Decency tried to squelch filmmakers and stop them from producing films…. [read more]

Film Analysis: "Boesman and Lena Term Paper

… Another problem with the film is that, despite the occasional flashback montages that paint more of a portrait of South African history than the history of the couple, is that the film it is very heavily dialogue driven, and as noted before, very heavily driven by negative, rather than positive dialogue between the couple. The film's script was based upon Fugard's original stage play, and the structure of "Boesman and Lena" has really not evolved into a cinematic tale that uses pictures as well as words to tell a story. Even the camera angles that tell the sparse tale do not add much additional insight to the characterization of the couple, and the dialogue between the two actors reveals very little that is specific about…. [read more]

Food, Inc Film Review

… Food Inc. summary and critique

Food, Inc. (2008) aims to bring attention to how food processing in the United States has changed during the last 50 years and the pressure farmers are put under by the major food producing companies that they work for. The documentary focuses on three different aspects of food production: the meat industry including beef, chicken, and pork; the corn industry; and the soybean industry.

Food, Inc. (2008) begins by explaining how the food production industry has transitioned from independent farming that supplied a limited amount of food to an industry of mass production that will do anything and everything possible in order to produce the most food in the shortest amount of time including genetically modifying food. The film begins…. [read more]

Movie Food, Inc Movie Review

… Food Inc.

Agrobusiness is dirty, not just because farming involves long hours cleaning up animal waste and piling manure but because the food industry has been operating with questionable ethics for decades. The government is also to blame, as Michael Pollan points out in his 2009 documentary Food, Inc. The documentary provides stunning insight into how agrobusiness started, how it operates, and its effects on American consumer rights, eating habits, and health.

Nothing in the film seriously startled me because I had already known about issues like the inhumanity of meat farming; the proliferation of genetically-modified crops; and the pushing of mono-crops like corn and soil. I know about the dangers of processed foods and the insidious collusion between corporate food and government. Still, Pollan's…. [read more]

Movie Industry in America Term Paper

… " Other famous films released at the same time were "Little Women" and "Flying Down to Rio." Other famous titles include "Bringing up baby" and "Hunchback of Notre Dame." (RKO studios) "It's a Wonderful Life," "Suspicion," "Hitler's Children," "The Bells of St. Mary's," "The Best Years of Our Lives" and "The Magnificent Ambersons" are some of the other titles. At one stage stars like Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, Orson Welles, Johnny Weissmuller, Robert Mitchum, Bette Davis, John Ford, George Cuckor and Alfred Hitchcock were with them. (RKO: The period of development ended with Howard Hughes and in 1959 he sold off the physical studios to Desilu Productions as a place to make "I love Lucy" and other shows. (RKO studios)

Unlike those studios which…. [read more]

Ethics of Film Production Term Paper

… With that in mind, the message the film intends to put across might be perceived differently given the diverse backgrounds and beliefs of the film's audience. It should be noted that ethical responsibility in this case does not mean that the producer should censor his or her opinions and intentions. Instead, ethical responsibility means that the producer ought to take into consideration the diverse views, backgrounds as well as beliefs of the film's intended audience. Further, closely related to this is the influence the film has on the audience. Here, producers should keep in mind that by dint of producing films and documentaries with a large public audience, they happen to be in an advantaged position of influence from where they can shape, distort or…. [read more]

Silent Film and How Critical Research Paper

… A good example of the first movement would be Robert Wiene's The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari." (Blakeney, 2009) Blakeney write that the films' atmosphere and plot are through visual means almost entirely revealed through use of sets that are "wildly abstract and dramatically exaggerated makeup." (Blakeney, 2009) The film is reported to unfold "in an enthralling completely artificial environment where even the movements of the actors echo the distorted angular shapes of their setting." (Blakeney, 2009)

According to Blakeney (2009), Bazin is correct in the statement that films such as the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari are "an entirely separate art form. The story is conveyed through the intricate interactions between images, lighting, composition, and movement. If The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari was suddenly flooded with…. [read more]

Terminology Used in Film and Television Production Research Proposal

… FILM & TV Terminology


Film is more than the twentieth-century art.

Don Delillo (b. 1926).

Visual storytelling, whether in film or in television (TV), some argue, constitutes the hardest of all the art forms. "In the making of a movie, between the idea and the finished print so much can go wrong and often does."

Knowing the right techniques, however, as well as, the correct terminology, the researcher asserts, enhances the opportunities for a filmmaker or TV producer to more effectively produce a film/TV program. Consequently, this thesis purports:

As the terminology used in film and television production illustrates the specific lingo professionals utilize in the business, the use of this terminology may contribute to the success of the…. [read more]

Sophie's Choice 1982 Essay

… Film Analysis, Sophie's Choice

Film Analysis: Sophie's Choice

Sophie's Choice is one of the most compelling films of all time, a gripping drama that is not only a good film, but a great one with fantastic acting, a superb musical score, and fantastic cinematography, which work to place it among the ranks of the greatest American films of recent time. So many factors play into great film making, but often the critical acclaim, box office revenue, or award nominations overshadow the more subtle qualities that make a film what it is. Certainly these factors may play a part in a movie's overall "success," but to me, a really great film is simply one that leaves you thinking about it long after you've left the theater…. [read more]

Film "United 93" Directed by Paul Greengrass Thesis

… ¶ … film "United 93" directed by Paul Greengrass. Specifically it will provide an analysis of the film using technical, mise-en-scene, history, performance, and society concepts. "United 93" tells the story of the doomed United Airlines plane that the passengers attempted to take over after they learned of the events in New York City and Washington, D.C. On the day of September 11, 2001. The film notes that United 93 was on the way to Washington to crash into another building (the Capitol) before the passengers attempted their takeover and the plane crashed in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

This film attempts to tell the story of the passengers on United 93, who have become folk heroes in the eyes of the American people in…. [read more]

Film Noir Movement by Examining Research Paper

… The role of femme fatale is an integral characteristic of film noir especially for the detective film. The femme fatale is "mysterious, duplicitous, double-crossing, gorgeous, unloving, predatory, tough yet sweet, manipulative and desperate women" (Dirks 2). They are more than likely caught up in distressing situations where they are the victim of violence from their husbands or other family members. They have a legitimate reason for seeking the help of the hero which later become clearer as an ulterior motive to gain status or financially. They play on the fact the hero will feel sorry for them and want to help in some way. In detective films, they usually hire the services of the hero and this is where the mystery begins. In order to…. [read more]

Movie Review Chocolat Movie Review

… Chocolat Directed by Lasse Hallsstrom. Starring Johnny Depp. 2000.

Why does Vianne encounter such resistance to the opening of her chocolate shop?

The small French provincial village where Vianne and her daughter open their shop is extremely pleasure-denying. Denying pleasure and religion are seen as synonymous, and this is reinforced in the sermons of Father Henri and the mayor of the town Comte de Reynaud.

What is the significance of Lent in this small French village?

Lent, which occurs during the time when Vianne opens her shop, is a time to deny the pleasures of the body and of consumption even more so than usual.

What special properties or power does Vianne's chocolate have?

Vianne's chocolate causes people to feel passion and love, and to…. [read more]

Post Structuralism and Film Research Paper

… Post-Structuralism and Film

The objective of this study is to answer how the post-structuralist synthesis asks structuralism to account for its own structurality and begin to propose a theory of resistance to dominant cultural values and expectations and to dominant modes of filmmaking. This work will additionally answer if post-structuralism offers a third model of deconstruction and politicized intervention into first and second cinematic practice, how would one demonstrate that kind of analysis in a film such as Yol?


The first wave of structuralism is stated to have conducted analysis on texts holding them as "autonomous, self-contained entities." (Barrat, nd) the question however, of whether meaning is not an already existing fact but instead is such that every reader and viewer of that text…. [read more]

Hollywood Movies Research Paper

… ¶ … Hollywood Movies

The main aim of this research was to see whether Hollywood movies have an impact on the girls living in the Saudi Diaspora in Paris, France. We also wanted to see how these movies affected the sense of national identity that these girls had. We randomly selected two girls from the Saudi Diaspora and interviewed them about Hollywood movies. They were asked how these movies impact them and how are they affected by these movies. The major conclusion from the research was that Hollywood movies do have an influence on these girls. Due to their education and travel, these girls are able to reduce the influence but that assertion cannot be applied to the all the girls of the Saudi community.…. [read more]

Inception Explanation Some Movies Essay

… Saito, a Japanese business man. After accepting the task, Cobb assembles his team of dreamers and weaves a web of dreams within dreams. This is done to ensure that Fisher thinks he has come up with the idea of breaking the conglomerate through his dream. Ultimately, when the team is up to the task successfully, it is Cobb's own perception and guilt feeling that hinders the accomplishment of the task. The film ended with an ambiguous monologue "behind him, on the table, the spinning top is still spinning. And we-fade out."

Philosophical Analysis

The film effectively portrays that through dreams, the human mind is presented with things that may or may not be real. This seems the case when Cobb becomes a habitual thief of…. [read more]

Limitless Is a Film Essay

… The hallway seems narrow at first, but then after Eddie's takes the pill, the cinematographer uses a wider lens to make the narrow hallway seem vast. There are stairs both behind Eddie and in front of him, indicating the various levels of his development and his consciousness.

The location is very significant. America has a reputation for being the land of opportunity. New York City, the former capital of the country, is a place where people from all over the world to find their dreams and/or make their existing dreams come true, often in the shortest time possible. The culture of New York City is just as much a character in the film as Eddie, Lindy, Carl, and Vern. Eddie is often walking the streets…. [read more]

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