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Food, Inc Film Review

… Food Inc. summary and critique

Food, Inc. (2008) aims to bring attention to how food processing in the United States has changed during the last 50 years and the pressure farmers are put under by the major food producing companies that they work for. The documentary focuses on three different aspects of food production: the meat industry including beef, chicken, and pork; the corn industry; and the soybean industry.

Food, Inc. (2008) begins by explaining how the food production industry has transitioned from independent farming that supplied a limited amount of food to an industry of mass production that will do anything and everything possible in order to produce the most food in the shortest amount of time including genetically modifying food. The film begins…. [read more]

Assata Shakur's Book Thesis

… To Assata, a true revolutionary must have knowledge regarding facts and history in order to be able to understanda process. He must carry a cultural luggage that may enable him to express freely his tradition and the rights for which he rebels. The foundation of his beliefs must reside in studies and develop through any form of art. She tells us that the "desire to be free has got to manifest itself in everything"

representative for the black people, whether it's music, food or a simple haircut; all of these elements have the power to create a strong image of an African-American citizen of a country "that is trying to completely negate the image of Black people"

That sense of community that Assata Shakur visualized…. [read more]

Freight Forwarding Company the Market SWOT

… For example, if a customer is displeased with the condition of their goods on arrival, we would evaluate whether we could better secure the customer's goods or what other options exist that is within our control for reducing these incidences.

Regarding the customer responses to the quality of our company's customer service, our department is concerned that only 20% of the customers surveyed that they believed that customer service was a strength of our company. To address this issue, we have instituted additional training sessions for our customer service team along with recording system that records customer calls. We are proposing a budget increase in availability of customer service representatives including the possibility that they work from home. Further discussion of the our company's customer…. [read more]

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