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Forgotten Refuges the Conflict Between Arabs Term Paper

… Forgotten Refuges

The conflict between Arabs and Jews is a long and intractable issue. The central features of the conflict have revolved around the rights of Arabs in Palestine to a homeland. There is however another face of the issue that has received very little attention from the media and is not factored into the assessment of the problem. That factor is the refugee status of hundreds of thousands of Jews who were dispossessed by Arabs. The forgotten refuges throw light on a missing conversation in the dialogue between Jews and the international community. The Jews who lived in North Africa and in other Middle Eastern countries were unfairly expelled during the 1940s.

The Jewish history in North Africa and the Middle East begins with…. [read more]

Walking on Water: Film Interpretation Term Paper

… Is it right that Axel and Pia should be judged by the actions of their grandfather, and by judging them, does that not simply alienate them from the cause of Israel, which was supposed to be founded as a moral state as well as a refuge for Jews?

Eyal cannot bring himself to kill the grandfather of Axel and Pia on sight because the man has become too humanized in his eyes, as a result of his interactions with the young Germans. This distancing of one's self from the humanity of others is, after all, the type of cognitive dissonance that allowed the Nazis to commit their own horrific actions. Within Israel, of course, these types of moral debates were front and center in the…. [read more]

Compare and Contrast the End of the Roman Empire to Today Term Paper

… ¶ … Roman empire to today

The issue of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire is a source of fascination for both the broad public and the scholarly world. From a European perspective, the fall of the Empire can be regarded as the end of the Classical world as it brought about a decline in literacy, urbanism, and generally all the indicators of civilization. Roman civilization is seen as the golden age of art, literature and law, a period of flourishing culture and development. In fact, both European and non-European societies have adopted Roman architectural, sculptural and legal traditions. The founding fathers hoped that America would revive the virtues of ancient Rome, and would reinvent the Roman Empire under a new formula whose…. [read more]

How Bosnians Assimilated into St. Louis Society Dissertation

… [15: Krogstad & Radford (2017), p. 3.]

Figure 3. Percentages of Americans supporting refugee acceptance: 1958-1999

Source: Pew Research Center, 2017

It is reasonable to posit that the American general public’s acceptance levels for refugees, even from Islamic countries, would be far higher if more people knew about the significant successes that have been experienced by the Bosnian refugee community in St. Louis. For instance, Bhaba and Mirga emphasize that:

Although the U.S. reaction to developments in the Czech Republic provides an interesting case study regarding the evolution of U.S. policy and the relationship between U.S. and European approaches, the Balkans would provide multiple additional and equally illuminating chapters. The U.S. role in Dayton or…. [read more]

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