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Administrative Purpose Comparative to the Effects Term Paper

… ¶ … Administrative Purpose Comparative to the Effects of Feedback for Developmental Purpose

In whatever aspect of communication, a feedback is very important. It not only allows continued flow of communication, but also greater understanding between the receiver and the sender of the message. But feedback is not only important in the communication process. In business management, giving and receiving feedback is also considered as one of the significant factor to run and strategically manage the people and the business itself.

There are varied types of feedbacks that can be solicited to and from the management. Amongst the highly used are feedbacks with administrative purposes and feedbacks for developmental purposes. As it can be implied, the two state feedbacks differ on its cause. With that…. [read more]

Post Break Up Relationships in Heterosexual and Homosexual Couples With and Without Children Term Paper

… Post Break Up Relationship Lit Review

AFTER ALL IS SAID and DONE literature review into the relationships heterosexual and homosexual couples maintain after they break up.


This literature review presents a 25-page examination of the relationships that are maintained by couples after they break up. The literature review examines lesbian and gay relationships as well as heterosexual couples. In addition it seeks to determine whether or not children have an effect on the contact the couple maintains following a relationship that ends.

In seeking out this information it was discovered that very few studies exist on this topic and those that due are somewhat vague in their findings. This points to the need for further research in this area for future development…. [read more]

Classroom Management Is an Educational Issue Term Paper

… Classroom management is an educational issue that has come to the fore in the literature in recent years in terms of various theories and models of management. One of the perennial issues often dealt with in the literature is the complex issue of discipline. This is particularly the case in recent years when classroom order, school violence and disruption have become topics in the news. The issue of classroom management as it relates to discipline has therefore assumed a greater importance in the literature.

It should also be borne in mind that discipline in class management and education is a subject that has a long theoretical and practical history. Teachers throughout the ages have been concerned with this problem. For example, Socrates was said to…. [read more]

Art and Society Term Paper

… Art and Society

An Analysis and Discussion of Gender Construction in the Toilet of Venus (1647-51) by Diego Velasquez

While women in the United States and the United Kingdom have enjoyed the right to vote for several decades now, things were very different at the turn of the 20th century when the suffragettes emerged to challenge the male-dominated status quo of Western society. One of the events that highlighted this period in history was Mary Richardson's attack on Velasquez's "The Rokeby Venus," an event which has since assumed its place in the historical record as one of the most important such events in women's struggle for equal rights. This paper provides an overview, an analysis of Velasquez's "The Rokeby Venus," including a description of the…. [read more]

Improvement of Education in Developing Case Study

… Research Question Terminology. On the one hand, populations are far too diverse to suggest that a one-size-all approach would fit all of them; on the other hand, in many instances, research with these groups is no different from that with any other group (Darlington & Scott, 2002). Although there a numerous research methodologies available to social researchers today, virtually all of them employ comparable terminology in their definitions and applications that can also be applied to the instant investigation (Neuman, 2003). For the purposes of this study, then, the following definitions will be used:


Participant-Observation. This term is frequently used as an umbrella term by social researchers and ethnographers to refer to all qualitative data-gathering techniques (Anzul, Ely, Friedman, Garner, & Steinmetz, 1991); however,…. [read more]

Eating and Cholesterol Term Paper

… ¶ … Eating Habits and Developing High Cholesterol Levels

Coronary heart disease (CHD) remains the leading single cause of death in the United States today, and elevated serum cholesterol is widely recognized as being the risk factor responsible for myocardial infarction and CHD death; furthermore, a growing body of research supports the acceptance of hypercholesterolemia being as a causal and treatable agent in coronary artery arthersclerosis (Baum, Jennings, Manuck & Rabin, 2001).. According to statistics released by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), approximately half a million Americans die each year from coronary heart disease (Adams & Jennings, 1993). To date, researchers have determined that controllable risk factors such as the level of physical inactivity, smoking, overweight or obesity, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol,…. [read more]

Activities to Reduce Inappropriate Behaviors Term Paper

… However, to date there is limited documented research supporting such a statement. In 2000, Holm and his colleagues conducted a seminal study that used everyday activities- (or occupation-) based interventions with two dually diagnosed students who attended school and lived in a CLA. The everyday activities-based intervention focused on enabling the students' participation in everyday AM and PM activities such as bed making, selecting clothes for school, helping prepare the food for dinner, setting the table, and selecting the games and crafts for after-dinner activities. Overall, the disruptive and challenging behaviors of the two students were significantly reduced when they participated in the everyday activities-based tasks, even though the focus of the intervention was NOT on their behavior as in the school environment, but rather…. [read more]

Natural Remission Term Paper

… In the first instance the subjects are "told that they must enter treatment to recover." However in the traditional 12 step-based treatment patients are informed that they will never fully recover. "This duality seems to be therapeutically unproductive, and largely unnecessary." ( ibid)

Nelson also states that there is ample evidence from various studies that reveal that "... successful natural recoverers fuel their change process with personal, unique motivational themes, and utilize their social networks to gain support." ( ibid) This evidence goes against the formal disease model and the postulation that alcohol and other dependent addictions are necessity lifelong and uncontrollable without formal treatment. Importantly, she also argues against the reliability of the DSM-IV-TR criteria which suggests that social or occupational impairment is a…. [read more]

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Term Paper

… Thus it is important that the researcher differentiate between alcoholism, PTSD, and a dual diagnosis. For purposes of this research the author will be concerned primarily with patients that exhibit dualistic symptoms of PTSD and alcoholism, not one or the other. Thus the body of research examined will focus on patients with alcoholism and PTSD simultaneously, and then attempt to discern whether one is directly related to the other via cause and effect or other relationship.

There are some studies that suggest that alcohol abuse among patients often results as a response to trauma, and that alcoholism may make pre-existing disorders including PTSD worse (Thornton, 2003; Jaycox, et. al, 2004). The link between the two is the primary focus of this research.

Research provides strong…. [read more]

Coffee Industry According to Legend Term Paper

… While the plan was initiated in the best interest of the economy, the bottom line was that, without incentive to produce quality, most of Brazil's farmers focused their energies on producing volume instead of taste." (ibid) The IBC was dissolved in 1991 and the industry in the country was essentially left without clear direction. This uncertainly was not helped by the frost of 1994 which created havoc for the industry. However, in the last few years efforts have been made to reconstruct the industry and to establish a more stable and organized framework for production.

In the past six years, the country has poured much of its energy into a targeted plan of restructuring. Farming and export efforts have been proving relatively lucrative and Brazil…. [read more]

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