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Freedom Most of the Existential Essay

… On the contrary, freedom inherent limitations are not just contradictory, but have significance in achieving its related goal. The act itself as manifested in the success of Charles Bronson manifest freedom for the fulfillment of the potentiality of humanity nature.

The devotion of more resources towards freedom necessitates multiple elements as the ultimate human dream as the humanity consummate goal. In some cases, the limitations posed to human freedom are under self-imposition. With such aspects, they have vulnerability to the appropriate adjustments in attitudes and beliefs. The idea of changing beliefs in regards to freedom enables the possibility of achieving the material world. It is of significance considering the purposes of freedom orientation regarding the associating elements that are done through the vantage point of…. [read more]

Freedom Is Not Following Tradition Thesis

… Freedom

Today, the concept of freedom is a very important one. On both a personal and collective level, freedom is considered one of the fundamental human rights. It is therefore useful to study how freedom manifested itself in the minds of the world's greatest philosophers and artists. Indeed, it is such philosophers and artists that even today shape the most important ideals of human living. In studying Karl Marx, Martin Luther, and the musicians Mozart and Beethoven, it will be seen that each has his own specific sense of freedom. This freedom is closely connected to the ideal that each philosopher/artist considered most important in his life. Perhaps this can be seen as an important lesson for human beings today; freedom as a concept is…. [read more]

Tradition and Modernity Essay

… The story is representative of the lives of women and their role in Confucian China, it is indicative of their misery and lack of freedom even in death. The story, despite having a title synonymous with religious ritual, is a criticism of China's traditional values. In the beginning and the end, it examines the failure of one intellectual in making an important decision and asserting himself. He is afraid of the consequences, he founders when faced with the forces he abhors and fails to put into practice what is on his mind. He understood the plight of Lin's Wife; he narrates it all in details. The narrator's major weakness is fear of causing disturbance, "things would rather be as they are" attitude, ineptness, middle ground,…. [read more]

Heroes of the Chinese Wuxia Tradition Essay

… Chinese Wuxia

Prompt #2

The female protagonists of Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill (2003-2004) and Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2004) are similar in that both are skilled fighters and reflect the wuxia theme of the warrior protagonist. Additionally, the two characters each deal with the subject of destiny, marriage, and the family. Despite these similarities, however, the two characters demonstrate vastly different sensibilities, and the two films end in vastly different ways. In Kill Bill, the female character ultimately defeats the male, while in Ang Lee's film the heroine is not able to defeat her male opponent. Where Kill Bill ends with a subversive resolution in which the protagonist absolves herself of any submission to male authority, the protagonist of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon…. [read more]

Communication Islamic Countries Freedom Essay

… This could have dire effects for foreign businesses attempting to enter the country.

Another case in point is the violence in Papua (Human Rights Watch, 2012). This violence, not directly related to press freedom, has not been covered adequately or indeed accurately by the general press as a result of the very tradition of violence that also translates to direct violence against journalists. In other words, a sense of fear has been cultivated among members of the press, discouraging either honesty or accuracy in reporting, especially where culturally or socially sensitive material such as political violence is concerned.

The same is true for the UAE, where the government itself has played an active role in cultivating a fear campaign against journalists (El-Baltaji, 2009). The same…. [read more]

Kazantzakis Freedom or Death Captain Book Review

… He literally went wild, in fact, forgetting all 'Frankish' intellectualism and listening only to the call of blood and ancient battle cries.

6. Final Observations

This is a story about ancient tribal and religious hatreds, vendettas and blood feuds in a very traditional warrior culture that get carried over into modern nationalistic ideologies. Kazantzakis depicted the courage and many honorable traditions of this society, but also recoiled from all of its crudeness and brutality in the name of heroism, patriotism and male egos. In this sense, the novel is very contemporary indeed, given the wars in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan, where all of the hatreds between the Christian West and Islamic East have been on full display, with characters like Osama bin Laden who…. [read more]

Was Operation Iraqi Freedom a Legitimate and Just War? Research Paper

… Iraqi War

Operation Iraqi Freedom: A legitimate and just war?

The United States of America invaded Iraq in 2003 under the direction of President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair of the United Kingdom (Gordon 2006). The foundational information that is said to have precipitated the action was the idea that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction which purportedly threatened the security of regions held by allies of the United States and the United Kingdom (Gordon 2006). The United Nations Security Council in 2002 passes Resolution 1441 which required Iraq to adhere to the rules of the United Nations and determine that they were not in possession of cruise missiles or other weapons of mass destruction. There was no evidence found that truly…. [read more]

Editorial Political Cartoons Deemed Offensive Thesis

… Freedom of the Press and Cartoons as Political Statements

Allegorical interpretations of the public sector's opinions and feelings about the U.S. Government have been expressed as political cartoons since the beginning of our Republic. These political cartoons have been most often conveyed through the various newspaper media, and have long been protected under the First Amendment protection of freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Especially early on in America's history as a Republic, freedom of the press was the primary mode by which public opinion and feelings about government were expressed, because newspapers were mass produced and were widely distributed thereby carrying ideas and expressions to a greater number of people who were spread out over a large geographical range. Political cartoons could…. [read more]

Sean Hannity's Let Freedom Ring Term Paper

… Sean Hannity's Let Freedom Ring aims to condemn the liberal mindset by assigning responsibility for the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 on what Hannity believes to be liberal policies. To Hannity, winning "the war on terror" must be done at all costs, as to preserve the "blessings of liberty" handed down by our forefathers (Hannity 3). Essentially, the book uses the events of September 11 to justify conservative views while condemning liberal ideals. His argument is not a straightforward and strict argument in the logical sense; instead, he seems to take the opportunity to discuss, in depth, many other political matters utterly unrelated to his overall point. Defense of the United States from terrorists is his primary topic, however he often strays into lengthy…. [read more]

Can Responsibility and Freedom Go Hand Research Paper

… ¶ … Civil Rights

Can responsibility and freedom go hand in hand? The Civil Rights Act was created to bring equal rights to all citizens, but history shows that equal rights to all citizens did not come easy. War and protests brought about bloodshed, violence, and arrests of citizens. As law was created, some did not recognize it or follow it. Citizens that did not get equal treatment were resentful and reacted with further protests and more bloodshed.

The 1960s was a time of segregation. Blacks were not allowed to attend the same schools as whites. Public places provided only isolated sections for black customers. Blacks were not allowed to use the same restrooms as whites. They had their own isolated communities and churches and…. [read more]

Religious Traditions Term Paper

… Religious Traditions

Hinduism grew up around a collection of different traditions and stories, and as such has many sacred elements. Five that are the most fundamental, and characterize the Hindu tradition, are dharma, samsara, karma, moksha and yogas. These five influence every aspect of Hindu life, as they represent the Hindu's understanding of the nature of the universe, the nature of life, the goals that a soul must have, and the pathways to achieve these goals. These five sacred elements make up the core of Hindu belief and characterize Hindu religious tradition.

Dharma represents the concept of duties or ethics. In Hinduism, dharma is essentially the roots upon which the universe is supported. Adherence to the natural laws of the universe is important, as without…. [read more]

Civil Rights Movement: Learning Freedom the Plight Term Paper

… Civil Rights Movement: Learning Freedom

The plight of African-Americans is one of the most challenging in history because of the plight of these people. When the first African-Americans arrived in this country, they were slaves and they belonged to someone else. They were treated as property and this behavior continued for years. Racism became a mentality that would prove to be difficult to eradicate. The Civil Rights Movement is generally understood to be the years between 1955 and 1968 and it refers to the movements in America focused on eradicating discrimination against African-Americans while giving them voting rights and other freedom. The Civil Rights Movement is significant because it demonstrated how people of a like mind band together and make a difference for future generations.…. [read more]

Switzerland Following the End of World War Term Paper

… Switzerland

Following the end of World War II in 1945, while Europe was rebuilding its infrastructure from the ravages of the war, the country of Switzerland rapidly began to expand its commercial, financial and industrial base, due in part to the fact that Switzerland was a neutral country during the war and did not experience the devastation found within the rest of Europe. In 1945, Switzerland declined the offer to join the United Nations and also stayed out of the newly-formed North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO); however, Switzerland quickly began to participate in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. For more than fifty years, Switzerland maintained its distance from the rest of Europe, but in 1992, it applied for membership in the…. [read more]

Conservative Intellectual Movement Term Paper

… This work was "a manifesto, akin in impact to what C. Wright Mill's The Power of Elite was for left-wing students." Buckley, in attacking the "atheism and collectivism" in his religion and economic courses at Yale, drew national attention to the conservative intellectual movement of the 1950's.

William Rusher played a similar role in the development of the conservative intellectual movement. As publisher of National Review and first president of Harvard's Young President's Club, Rusher was further able to bring attention to the principles of the conservative movement. However, in contrast with Buckley, who had been deeply rooted in conservative ideals since childhood, Rusher claimed that, "the atmosphere of the Cold War and particularly the Korean War brought about his transformation to staunch anti-communism."

The…. [read more]

Themes in Howl and Guernica Term Paper

… This is another way that "Howl" expresses themes of freedom and happiness.

Many people associate the sound of a howl or the act of a howl with a wolf or a dog. Many people imagine a wolf or dog howling at the moon. Other animals besides dogs and wolves howl, such as howler monkeys, jackals, and coyotes. People have been known to howl as well. A howl is a long, loud cry. Howls express pain -- physical or otherwise. Other emotions that drive howls are anguish, rage, and distress. If we are howling, either out of pain or out of pleasure, we are alive and we are having strong feelings.

Poetry is a form of creative expression; it is a creative way to share one's…. [read more]

Capital Punishment With Regards to Christian Ethics Reaction Paper

… Christianity and the Death Penalty

A Christian View of Capital Punishment

The issue of capital punishment is as old as the Bible itself. God himself was the first to issue an edict of capital punishment. In Genesis 6-8 God decided that all of humanity, except for Noah and his family were to receive the death penalty for their wrongs. In Genesis 18-19 God punishes Sodom and Gomorrah for the sins of the people. In Exodus 14, God destroyed the Egyptian army in the Red Sea. The Old Testament is filled with instances where God saw it necessary to destroy a single man, or humankind for their actions.

Many anti-capital punishment supporter claim that capital punishment is unethical, as it is not fair to trade one…. [read more]

Colonial America African-Americans Essay

… There was a very small opportunity for moving up in class, as indentured servants, for example, were sometimes given land at the end of their servitude and could vote because they were landowners. Women in this class also worked, for example as slaves, to maintain at least a subsistence level of existence. The slave portion of this lowest class is well-represented by Mammy in "Gone with the Wind," who was in the lowest class and simply owned for her entire life. As descriptions of these three groups illustrate, it was possible for all three social classes -- high, middle and low -- to reside on one plantation and still retain their distinct class status.

3. Conclusion

African-Americans in Colonial America experienced the United States differently,…. [read more]

Friedberg 2001 Thesis

… ¶ … limits to behavioral freedom for an adult educator within an organization?

When an adult educator must work within the confines of a specific organization, there are naturally going to be limits on what that person can do from a behavioral standpoint. Some of these also extend out to the community, as people who are in charge of others, especially in the education field, often find that they are held to a higher standard than the people who are not in charge of other individuals in that same type of way. There is a lot of bureaucracy in many organizations, and when this is the case it is often difficult for a person to 'be themselves.' He or she has to limit things like…. [read more]

Zionism in the Biblical Jewish Tradition Thesis

… Zionism

The concept of Zionism is one with a rich history, and ramifications in social, political, and theological realms. Rooted in the Jewish tradition, it is a controversial position that some hail as gospel to the Torah, while others claim is completely against the belief of the Jewish faith. This paper will examine the concept of Zionism from a purely theological perspective to show that while some claim it is against the Jewish faith, Zionism is truly embedded in the Jewish tradition.

First, it is important to understand what is meant by the term Zionism. Zionism is a secular nationalist movement dating back over two millennia to restore the Jewish people to their rightful homeland (Sicker, x). The term itself was coined in 1891 by…. [read more]

Athens and Sparta Essay

… As far as Athens and Sparta are concerned, the Athenian culture is renowned and revered for its philosophical revolution and infrastructural maturity. In the similar manner, the Spartan society is famous for its strong and ruthless military4.

However, when history is examined closely, it is evident enough that the urbane life of Greece was particularly centered at Athens and without it, "Greek history would lose three quarters of its significance, and modern life and thought would become infinitely the poorer"6. It is simply undeniable that such genius men were produced by Athens that it has won herself an unquestionable place in the history of civilization6.

To cut a long story short, though Sparta and Athens were in great deviation to each other as the two…. [read more]

Christian Tradition Term Paper

… ¶ … dialogue with my dorm mate "Doubting Thomas"

The night before a Theology 101 final

Thomas: It's all so easy for you, Christian! (My name isn't Christian, but Doubting Thomas has nicknamed me Christian, because of his devout agnosticism)

Christian: Studying?

Thomas: No, not studying. (Thomas picks up Martin Luther's book on Faith and Freedom) Believing. Although I guess it must make studying easier if you can say a few words and think the man upstairs, or JC, or whatever you call Him can help you out on the final exam.

Christian: Actually, you'd be wrong on that one -- I don't mean the studying but the believing. Heck, even Martin Luther said: "I have no wealth of faith to boast of and know…. [read more]

Ethnic Music Humanities A) Origin Essay

… This stringed instrument gained my recognition as one of the ancient string instruments in history that still survives to be useful in the modern music instrumentation.

Muting or string-mute is a musical device that moderates the tones produced by the instrument. Evidently, brass instruments such as the trombone and trumpet used this technique of muting during the developments that took place during late 20th century, and later became popular all music styles. During this period, percussion instruments also developed into favorite sources of "colorful music" both during concerts and during popular fields. Currently, musical instruments across the globe are commonly existing and divided into two principle categories: of indefinite and of definite pitch. The former instruments encompass the marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, timpani, chimes, electric guitars,…. [read more]

Lives of African Slaves Per Levine Black Culture and Black Consciousness Essay

… Black Culture and Black Consciousness -- Lawrence Levine

Chris Rock vs. Lawrence Levine

Speaking extemporaneously in a 2007 Time interview, comedian Chris Rock characterized the era of European (and later) American enslavement of African blacks as the "worst thing that has ever been done to human beings." He also included a specific reference to the fact that, in addition to being shackled, beaten, and raped, the victims of slavery also had their culture and their religion stripped from them in the process of their enslavement. Lawrence Levine, author of Black Culture and Black Consciousness: Afro-American Folk Thought from Slavery to Freedom (Oxford, 1977) might disagree, based on his comprehensive analysis of the rich cultural traditions maintained by slaves throughout the Antebellum period.

In his well-researched…. [read more]

Concept of State Term Paper

… ¶ … Western tradition evolved, through time and context the concept of the state, the nature of man and liberalism also evolved. With each subsequent common thought the concept of each refocused to meet the needs of the situation at hand, in a sense either bolstering the current situation of political rule or challenging it to change, in some manner, to better meet perceived needs. As the dominant political thought changed the emphasis on rule changed, to meet new needs. First divine right and legitimacy are seen as the natural state, then through examples of illegitimate use of power and the faults of rule the concepts of legitimate rule changed, as the goal of a society that would better meet more needs of the individual,…. [read more]

Rituals Following Victor Turner, Who Frequently Invoked Thesis

… Rituals

Following Victor Turner, who frequently invoked of ritual, rites of affliction seek to mitigate the influence of spirits thought to be afflicting human beings with misfortune. Among the Ndembu, he found, if divination reveals that an individual has been "caught" by a spirit of the dead, an elaborate ritual is mounted to appease, and dismiss the troublesome spirit (Ohnuki-Tierney, 2004). For the Ndembu, such spirits are usually identified as those of the dead, who are blamed for problems in hunting, women's reproductive disorders, and various forms of illness. Although rituals of affliction similar to those of the Ndembu are found in many cultures, the category can be broadened to include other understandings of affliction, such as those one brings on oneself, like sin or…. [read more]

Women and Islam the Western Perception Term Paper

… Women and Islam

The Western perception of Islam is of a religion that is especially restrictive of women. Christianity has had its own more restrictive policies toward women in the past, but the West believes it has evolved to a more equitable view of the rights of women and of equality of the sexes. Islam is seen as living in the past and as failing to modernize, while Islam sees its restrictions as socially constructive and as elevating women rather than keeping them down. Such differences in perception are based on historical differences and also on the way the West has changed and now expects others to do the same without necessarily making the case in a way that appeals to Islam. There are some…. [read more]

Gothic Literature a Darkened Room Research Paper

… However, gothic literature is also famous for the narrative twists and unexpected turns which add to the mystery present in the texts. Anything can happen to the characters in a piece of gothic literature and instead of being murdered Ellena is sent off to a safe house. Ellena turns out to be Father Schedoni's long lost daughter, unknown familial connections being another known component of the gothic literary tradition. Now that Ellena is his child rather than just an impediment to his employer's wishes, he cannot kill her and thus performs an action completely counter to what has been known of the character thus far. His confession is not wholly made of fatherly affection but out of fear as well. The narrator states, "Above all,…. [read more]

Rest Case Study

… This limits made them prone to discrimination and prejudice. The other factor is the self-perception that most white American had that made them feel superior to other races which brought about discrimination and prejudice against other races. This may also be attributed to historical practices that positioned whites to be at higher social standing that black (Alexander, 2005).

Q4. Prejudice and discrimination often results to of endless cycle of discrimination and prejudice between the races that have contention. The cycle often begins when race carry out acts of discrimination for against the other. As part of their reaction the race that has been discriminated will then react negatively. The action will often result to acts of discrimination and prejudice to the other race that first…. [read more]

American Foreign Policy Change Essay

… The Civil War made significant changes to the economy. The need for weapons and ammunition fed the strength of the manufacturing trades in the North, while the slash-and-burn practices during the War all but devastated the Southern agricultural powerhouse. The victory of the North in the War set the stage for an American economy centered on manufacturing and trade in the 20th century.

From the start of the English colonies in the early 1600s through the end of the Civil War, democracy and social freedom expanded for all Americans.

The concept of civil and human rights and the concept of political freedom have developed substantially in the United States since the first colonies settled here in the 1600s, though not always consistently. Many of the…. [read more]

Canadian Canada Capstone Project

… They do this through by coming up with projects whose aim is to conserve the environment. Some of the investments made to promote biodiversity include the conservation of sensitive land. This is for the purpose of the protection of rare species that living in these areas. The other investment is the creation of areas for national wildlife and bird sanctuaries. The government also has come up with an action plan that would be able to maintain and protect the three coasts in Canada (De, la, p. 20). The investments for protecting the waters also make the Canadian authorities responsible for maintaining its heritage. These are only a few of the actions that the government has tried to implement in order to maintain the national heritage…. [read more]

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