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Frontier Myth Essay

… Frontier Myth

The E-Frontier

"The national story and eternal destiny is to struggle with, ad ultimately conquer, the frontier," (McLure 468). The Wild West has long been a romanticized part of our imaginations. Recently, this imaginative image has been exploited as a way to sell merchandise, both in traditional print forms and now in a whole new online arena. Western advertisements have been notorious for their rugged and cool cigarette depictions of the Marlboro man puffing away out on the frontier. This was then, a time where the main source of media was newspapers, magazines, or even posters. Now, it's all about modern technology and new advances. Advertisers are fully aware of this and the potential in innovation in online advertising. Not only are they…. [read more]

Realism in Film -- Altman Term Paper

… Miller prefers using drugs to using her body for pleasure. Rather the main ethical dilemma the protagonist faces is economic and personal. Should McCabe allow himself to be bought out by the mining company who wishes to cast his saloon and gambling house out of the area? Should he risk his life for the sake of personal, material gain and attempt to build upon Mrs. Miller's enterprise and his own?

McCabe makes use of prostitution as a financial lure for gamblers, using the bodies of women for financial gain but the film sees him as superior to those who would kill him with bounty hunter rather than see him make money. Mrs. Miller may be a whore with a heart of gold, in the traditional…. [read more]

Literature in Popular Culture Edgar Allen Poe's the Gold Bug Book Report

… Poe Gold Bug

Edgar Allen Poe's "The Gold-Bug" encapsulates the era of Romanticism in American literature. The short story boasts some of the thematic elements for which Poe is famous for such as mental instability, social isolation, and death. However, "The Gold-Bug" is no "Tell-Tale Heart." The tone of the story is light-hearted and filled with comic relief. Enhancing the romance, Poe evokes pirate myths, secret codes, and buried treasures in "The Gold-Bug." The story avoids being gloomy, and yet is filled with suspense. Because I have always been intrigued by the roots of gothic mystery and adventure tales in American literature, Poe's "The Gold-Bug" seemed like a perfect tale to explore.

Moreover, "The Gold-Bug" serves as a window into nineteenth-century American culture. Race relations…. [read more]

Old Western Frontier Term Paper

… However, the sense of 'vanishing' is conveyed in the fact that one must constantly fight to protect one's land in the frontier, and that others are coming to take away one's freedom through laws, civilization, and bringing the institutions one was fleeing to the Wild Western town. The only solution is to go West again, of course, until one finds one's self in California. "The frontier, as reality and as a symbol, is what has shaped the American way of doing things and the American sense of what's worth doing." (Shames 58) What is worthy is not building laws and a community, or protective and collective structures, but making money and leaving home, and seeking wide-open spaces.

This sense of an expanding America and a…. [read more]

Brigham Young at First Term Paper

… Young had been campaigning for Smith, unaware of the intense anti-Mormon sentiments brewing in Nauvoo. In the crux of the campaign, while Young was in Massachusetts, Smith was violently killed by a "well-organized, disciplined mob," (62).

4. In 1846, "Young departed Nauvoo directing what would become the largest and best organized westward trek of pioneers in American history," (79). The final destination of the trek remained unknown, but their hearts were set on the Rocky Mountains. The outbreak of the Mexican-American War in 1846 put a slight damper on the expedition. However, Young developed a brilliant policy of working with, rather than against, the Native Americans. His philosophy, which worked well, was "it is better to feed the Indians than fight them," (84). The Indians…. [read more]

Stealing Rocks From Paradise: Pele Research Paper

… The myth that the Hawaiian goddess Pele takes revenge upon anyone who steals rocks or sand from the islands is over 40 years old, and the anecdotal evidence of such a myth is used as a method of preventing millions of tourists and visitors from taking a pierce of the islands home and potentially destroying the environment there. The roots of the myth are straightforward as are the methods for disproving it, scientifically. Also, the connection between human fear of the unknown and the priorities of those looking after the islands as stewards is more than a coincidence. By examining the myth under a scientific microscope, and by understanding the scientific limitations and body of knowledge that was accepted when the myth was created (1960's…. [read more]

Art Spiegelman's Maus and the Literary Research Paper

… Spiegelman's Maus And The Literary Canon

Spiegelman's Maus

Spiegelman's Maus and the Literary Canon

Upon examination of the evolution of the Graphic Novel, one discovers that amusing drawings have been around forever. But the rise of the newspaper industry in the late nineteenth century was the force that brought comics into everyday American households. From newspaper funny pages rose magazines devoted entirely to comics and superhero stories. From these magazines, rose book-length collections of previously published comics. However, most comics historians agree that the first real Graphic Novel was Will Eisner's a Contract with God and Other Tenement Stories published in 1978. Decidedly adult in its images, themes, and language, Eisner's book spoke to the generation that had first grown up with superhero comics in…. [read more]

Hamlet Ghost Research Paper

… Hamlet - Ghost

Besides the ghost of Hamlet's father, few characters in Shakespeare have such a great impact on the plot and so few lines spoken. Since Hamlet is so problematic in structure, and the ghost is so sparse in words, one large problem is left to the audience: do we believe in ghosts? If we heard through supernatural means that a worldly injustice can be solved, would we follow through with it? What if the ghost were at odds with God? Whether the ghost's "intentions wicked or charitable,"

Hamlet senses duty, and is dedicated to speaking with the ghost. The tragedy of the play is not merely in the melancholy opening of the play, but in the final failure of Hamlet to escape the…. [read more]

Crucible Questions 1. Perhaps the Most Shocking Thesis

… Crucible Questions
1. Perhaps the most shocking element of the play which is revealed in
the introduction is that which is revealed to the play's reader here for
the first time as the extraordinary young age of the girls. Acknowledging
them as being barely out of their puberty, this introduction helps to pave
the way for the cruel behavior perpetrated by such young aggressors.
A second shocking detail noted in the introduction relates to the fact
in the years after the witch trials, when the state of Massachusetts had
come to full acknowledge and provide reparations for what had occurred, it
did so with precious little remorse. Though it provided a small financial
sum to the compensation of the Proctors-with John Proctor already deceased
by…. [read more]

Salem Witch Trials. The Writer Examines Term Paper

… ¶ … Salem Witch Trials. The writer examines the cause and argues that it was hysteria that allowed it to happen.

The events of the Salem Witch Trials were so tragic and shocking that to this day people will use the phrase "with hunt" to describe something that is being driven by a force other than sound reasoning and good sense. It is important to understand the meaning and causes of the Salem With Trials and the hysteria that was at the base of the issue so that society can be sure it never happens again.


It was 1692 in Salem Village when the otherwise peaceful residents suddenly succumbed to mass hysteria and as a result of that hysteria 19 men and women…. [read more]

Social and Economic Circumstances Leading Term Paper

… Social and Economic Circumstances Leading to the Salem Witch Trials and Their Aftermath

The tense, suspicious, and paranoid period leading up to, and then during and subsequent to the infamous Salem witch trials (from approximately February through September of 1692) began with reports of alleged bodily "afflictions" (i.e., signs of witchcraft "spells") supposedly being intensely suffered by several young girls who happened, also, to be from influential and powerful Salem families, e.g., Ann Putnam Jr.; Mercy Lewis, and their friends ("Salem witch trials"). This paper examines events both before and after the Salem Witchcraft Trials, with an emphasis on the possible true motivations of prosecutors and others. This may shed light on whether the "witch-like behavior" of which 20 individuals were found guilty and executed…. [read more]

Theology Missiology Term Paper

… Global Changes in the Missiology of the 20th Century


A Paradigm Shift

The Early Church

The Modern Church

Correcting Edinburgh Explored

Formation of International Missionary Council (IMC)

Confusion Abounds

Response of Fundamentalist & Evangelical Movements

Problems Between and Among Evangelicals & Ecumenists

The Present View


The aim of this study is to examine the influential ideas that shaped mission thinking over the last century. This work will seek to point out to some theological differences and emphases represented by the various confessional groups such as evangelicals, ecumenical and Eastern Orthodox Church. At the same time it will seek to identify points of convergence in missionary thinking developed in the course of 20th Century that go…. [read more]

Faustus and Everyman an Analysis of Resemblance Term Paper

… Faustus and Everyman

An Analysis of Resemblance: Faustus and Everyman

Marlow's Doctor Faustus can be viewed on various levels, four of which are worth mentioning: First, Doctor Faustus can be considered as "Homiletic tragedy" in which the protagonist incarnates intellectual pride, compared with both Icarus and Lucifer -- existing simply to be punished. Second, it can be interpreted as a new kind of psychological play for the conflict lies entirely within the hero himself (Faustus) who is actually torn between conflicting worldly desires, religious commitments and ethical requirement. Third, it may well be seen as "blasphemous" or a heroic anti-morality play because, according to the humanist view, Faustus rebels against the limitation of medieval knowledge and does not accept the restriction put upon mankind decreeing…. [read more]

History as Art the Past Thesis

… Forner (2010) revealed many such incidents during this time which demonstrate this point. Forner explains America's adoption of an imperialistic state after the reconstruction era of the country. Forner explains that roots of today's American empire were born in this time, and hence makes it ok and acceptable. American's imperial stance in today's world cannot be underestimated. Hence, we, as a collective have a myth to look to in order to help us understand.

Zinn (2003) also used these tricks with words as he promoted his own brand of populous history. Zinn dared to collectivize the American memory in his book when he wrote " my viewpoint, in telling the history is different: that we must not accept the memory of states as our own.…. [read more]

Eurocentrism and History of Amerindians Term Paper

… But there was no flaw, no dark side to the most outstanding and essential of all his qualities -- his seamanship" (as cited by Zinn, 7-8).

Zinn argues that Morison does not lie or omit facts in his story of Columbus' voyage to America and the subsequent colonization of the continent. In fact, Morison describes it with the harshest word -- "genocide" -- but then Morison quickly buries the story of genocide and focuses on themes that are more important to him, and by implication should be to his readers. "Outright lying or quiet omission takes the risk of discovery which, when made, might arouse the reader to rebel against the writer," Zinn explains. "To state the facts, however, and then to bury them in…. [read more]

Colorful Period in America's Remarkable Term Paper

… Zindelof notes, "It was said that while traveling by wagons to Sacramento, the immigrants abandoned religion, leaving their souls on the plains like steamer trunks deemed too cumbersome for the journey." Even clergy got into the act, with all 46 Baptist preachers in Sacramento catching the gold rush fever, and none "available to do God's work" (Lindelof).

While lawlessness was the rule of the day, religion still came to play a role in the mining towns. As the population of the camps grew, and social order was regained, religion again took a foothold in the lives of the miners. African-Americans were among the earliest miners to embrace the church. The church offered them sanctuary from the prosecution in those days, as they were not allowed…. [read more]

Historical Jesus Thesis

… ¶ … Jesus

A Glimpse of the Historical Jesus

Jesus is well-known as a religious figure, but what do we know of his real existence within a historical context? Unfortunately, ancient sources outside the context of canonical literature prove scarce and ambiguous. Yet, there is viable Roman and Jewish sources that can be used to verify a picture of the historical Jesus as would have lived and preached. The location and political elements of Biblical literature can be used in correlation with real regional history and provide the context for his existence.

The search for valid historical evidence regarding Jesus' true authenticity proves quite difficult with such vast periods of time in between modern research and ancient occurrences. Historical, social, cultural, and religious factors that…. [read more]

Faith and Reason Irreconcilable Term Paper

… Though this new system demonstrated again the ideation of an assumed reconciliation between faith and reason it also gave insight into the future, i.e. one where the natural sciences and empirical though dominated western philosophy.[footnoteRef:9] [9: Grant. p 36.]

John Scotus Eriugena (c 810-877) the Irish philosopher and theologian who went to France to serve the court of King Charles the Bald, is one of the most significant early European thinkers emphasizing reason. In his great work, On the Division of Nature, Eriugena declares: "For authority proceeds from true reason, but reason certainly does not proceed from authority. For every authority which is not upheld by true reason is seen to be weak, whereas true reason is kept firm and immutable by her own powers…. [read more]

African-American History- Christian Denominational Involvement Essay

… The establishment of the St. Thomas Episcopal Church by Absalom Jones (in 1794) in Philadelphia was the very first, and there have been many to follow. The Union of Black Episcopalians now has 55 chapters in the U.S., Canada, Africa, and Latin America (

The African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) has a mission of ministering to the "spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and environmental needs of all people by spreading Christ's liberating gospel through word and deed" ( In fact the AME is and was unique because it was the "first major religious denomination in the Western world that has its origin… [in the form of rejection of] negative theological interpretations, which rendered persons of African descent second class citizens" (

The black cowboy "…found no…. [read more]

American? In J. Hector St Essay

… Thus, according to de Crevecoeur, "religious indifference is imperceptibly disseminated from one end of the continent to the other; which is at present one of the strongest characteristics of the Americans" (de Crevecoeur, p. 66).

Finally, the actual terrain and climate in which this newly created identity flourished had an immense effect on its formulation. Comparing the North American landscape in general to the soil itself, Crevecoeur, a farmer, appropriately suggests that "men are like plants; the goodness and flavour of the fruit proceeds from the peculiar soil and exposition in which they grow" (de Crevecoeur, p. 56). To illustrate how the quality of the American citizen depends greatly on the region where one resides, Crevecoeur presents brief sketches of three basic types of American…. [read more]

Envisioning America and What Caused the Pueblo Revolt Essay

… envisioning america & what caused the pueblo revolt?

Envisioning America

An English colonist describing life in North America

I left the port of London on the blessed day of 15 November, 1595, hoping to support bringing the light of our mother church of England to those poor savage Indians in the name of her Majesty. I was a carpenter and I knew they needed my labor and skills overseas to reinforce our first settlement, Jamestown, in the New Found land of Virginia. I had my doubts when it came to the natives I was about to encounter there, is the Lord would be so pitiful and shed his Grace upon me and those who set on this long voyage and brought us safe to this…. [read more]

Utah History Essay

… Utah's History And The Mormon Population

Utah's history is one inextricably linked to the evolution of the Mormon population in the United States. Today, one can't so much as mention the nation's 45th state without conjuring associations to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) and its frequently misunderstood, persecuted or socially isolated followers. As one of the fastest growing, most highly urbanized and yet in most regions most sparsely populated states in the Union, it nonetheless boasts a density of Mormon worshippers unseen in the rest of the world. Though the faith did not begin here, the expulsion of Mormon worshippers from many more established parts of the United States would lead to their institutionalization in a select piece of frontier. This…. [read more]

Catherine of Sienna Galileo Galilei Kramer and Sprenger Essay

… Western Civilization and Deep Reality

The concept of reality has been a matter of great scrutiny and debate since the dawn of human civilization. There is the somewhat obvious and deceptively simplistic question of what constitutes reality -- that is, what if anything that we perceive can be considered definitely and objectively real -- and even deeper questions beyond. Throughout the millennia of recorded history and philosophical thought, many answers have been proposed to these questions, but the only certainty that has arisen is our complete inability to ever fully answer any of these questions. This is largely due to the supremely subjective position we are in as humans; it is impossible to determine what constitutes reality with any sort of objectivity because we are…. [read more]

Social and Political Differences Among the American Colonies Thesis

… ¶ … Social and Political Differences Among the Pre-Revolutionary American Colonies

The United States of America has a name that might be historically misleading. Though this year marks the two-hundred-and-twentieth anniversary of the establishment of the current government of the country, the term "united" is still in some ways more of an ideal than a reality. The differentiation between "red" and "blue" states that pundits and politicians alike refer to in every national election is only the most obvious and prevalent example of how political operations in the many states of this union vary. Differences in social practices and norms based on region and even state identity are arguably even greater than the political differences; Texas culture and cooking could hardly be considered normative in…. [read more]

Rights of Women in Islam Research Proposal

… ¶ … Misunderstood Role of Women in Islam

The Islamic faith represents one of the most widely spread and acknowledged religions in the world. Often misunderstood and even more often exploited, members of the Muslim faith have developed an identity in the modern world which is problematically associated to such issues as regional conflict, global terrorism and internal mistreatment of women. However, an examination of Islam finds it to be a deeply complex faith based in a rich history of tradition and progressiveness. First and foremost to that tradition is the relevance of its theological code of laws to everyday life of observant Muslims, which though today are perceived as only helping to intensify the stigma surrounding the people, are nonetheless a self-contained moral paradigm…. [read more]

Postmodernist Literature Term Paper

… Postmodernist Literature

Discuss the representation (or the deconstruction) of national culture in the postmodernist fiction of the United States (reviewing four novels).

Postmodernism is, according to Fredric Jameson's Introduction to Postmodernism: Or, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism, " attempt to think about the present historically in an age that has forgotten how to think historically in the first place." Moreover, Jameson writes, the "moderns" were interested in "what was likely to come of" changes that were emerging in the culture; they thought "compulsively about the New and tried to watch its coming into being" (ix). However, Jameson continues, the postmodernist only tallies up the variations in changing cultures themselves; hence, "postmodernism is what you have when the modernization process is complete and nature is…. [read more]

Religion Shaped Development of Colonial Term Paper

… In fact, in many areas it virtually replaced Puritanism.

Revivalism allowed more people to preach their own brand of religion, and it got more people coming back to church. The itinerant preachers did not stay in one place; they traveled from town to town bringing the word of God with them. This was religion much better suited to America, because it was a big country and many people were striking out into the frontier to make their fortunes. The Puritans began to really fear this new type of religion because they saw it undermining their own church and taking converts away in big numbers. The Puritans became known as the Old Lights, while the converts and evangelists became knows as the New Lights. Eventually, Puritanism…. [read more]

Colonial Culture Before the American Term Paper

… These people lived a different life than those in the cities and almost universally supported the movement for independence. Their attitudes had been molded to some degree by the Great Awakening and their ability to read and understand the new ideas being discussed in colonial America.

IV. Conclusion

In the decades leading up to the American Revolution, American colonial culture began to develop a unique identity as a result of such events as the Great Awakening, the decline of the influence of the original religious establishments, the rise in education and literacy, the Age of Enlightenment, an increase in leisure time for some, and the rise of newspapers. This cultural change was an important factor in the drive for independence. Certainly, dissatisfaction with British administration…. [read more]

New Religious of My Own Term Paper

… Religion

The New Human Potential Movement answers current political, social, and spiritual needs. Characterized by a return to polytheism, the New Human Potential Movement also acknowledges the power of the individual to become a god too. Therefore, the New Human Potential Movement is equal parts religion, philosophy, and self-help movement. The religion formed in part to challenge the tyranny of monotheism and also draws from feminist neo-pagan religious traditions such as Wicca. However, the New Human Potential Movement is not neo-pagan. Ceremonial magick such as the type practiced by Aliester Crowley and the Ordo Templi Orientis fereconatures much more prominently in the ritual and theory of the New Human Potential Movement. An eclectic new religion, the New Human Potential Movement appeals to human beings from…. [read more]

William Carey Term Paper

… William Carey Biography

At one time, "Carey's pathway was pockmarked with crises." Traditionally, however, Carey is usually "portrayed as a 'heroic' character - as one of a class of big, ordinary people who do not resign themselves to misfortune but give their utmost to help others find hope in life."

Along with the good Carey did, that continues to live today, this report presents him as more than a "hero," as it relates real responses he recorded during his life. This researcher purports that Carey's investments in faith; into unknown areas associated with mission work, while being genuine and opening himself up to truths, returned benefits that continue, even today.

At one time when a youth, William Carey, born in 1761 in Northamptonshire, England, worked…. [read more]

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