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Frozen Food Profit Calculations Essay

… However, roll outs of new developing technology can be a huge short-term investment that would ultimately lock up some of the firm's free cash. Additionally, it can cost the firm dramatically because it needs to retrain employees to keep up with the latest technology. New hires may be necessary that understand the new technologies better in order to ensure that a new technology roll out will be successfully. Although these costs can be quite high, they are necessary. It is important for a firm to stay up-to-date and not to allow the out dated technology to become a major factor in lagging productivity in comparison to other competing firms.

Question 3

In order to make the most well informed decisions, it is crucial to analyze…. [read more]

Organic Agriculture, Gardening and Retail Term Paper

… Bioengineered products also are known to cause the naturally grown products to become sterile upon contact with the bioengineered imposter crops.

5. Support of local food is support of local farmers and their families: It is important that the farmers who are farming as their main occupation are supported in the community through patronization of the produce stand of the farmer.

6. Building Community: There exists a time-honored bond between the farmer or grower and the eater, the customer purchasing the produce as well as the other priceless benefits derived from speaking with a local farmer about his home grown produce.

7. Local food preserves open space: The increase in value of homegrown food lessens the chance of the farmland in the area being sold…. [read more]

Small-Business Management and Entrepreneurship Term Paper

… New York City is also considering a smoking ban, but one that would mirror a stricter version that took effect in California back in 1998. The California law bans smoking in all public workplaces, including stand-alone bars. Currently in New York City, a restaurant must set aside 85% of its seating for non-smokers. If Mayor Michael Bloomberg has his way, there will no longer be smoking sections in restaurants and bars. (Sanson, 2002, pg. 8)

There are of coarse a few skeptics who are resistant to the change because of the fear of loss of consumer base and there is also a small population of the smoking public who express feelings of alienation.

The proposal irks famed restaurateur Elaine Kaufman, who expressed her displeasure in…. [read more]

Role of Land Settlement Cooperative in the Kingdom of Thailand and Its Business Performance Term Paper

… Role of Land Settlement Cooperative in the Kingdom of Thailand and Its Business Performance

Prior to the Cooperative Crisis

Agriculture is a mark of civilization for the mankind.

It is beyond economy.

It is a part of our society, and a part of our culture." (Kittiampon)

Interview: Thailand...," 2000)

Cooperative Contentions

This researcher contends that in Thailand, an agricultural cooperative's business duties, when dealing with farmers may be divided into two primary scopes:

The first "scope" consists of the original idea founding the agricultural cooperative, focusing on money, in the realms of either savings or loans.

Another "scope," marketing needs to cover the dual aspects of marketing agricultural products, such as providing pertinent agricultural input to members and gathering members' products to resell.

The primary…. [read more]

Ben and Jerry's: A Strategic Essay

… The vanilla extract in Ben & Jerry's Smooth Vanilla and Chocolate Macadamia ice cream produced globally is made with Fair Trade/Fairtrade vanilla beans from farmers in India, Indonesia, Uganda, and elsewhere.

Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey® ice cream produced for the European market is made with Ecuadorian-grown and Fairtrade bananas from El Guabo Cooperative.

The cocoa powder in Ben & Jerry's Smooth Chocolate ice cream in the U.S. And Chocolate Macadamia ice cream around the world, and in the chunks and coatings for our European flavors Chunky Monkey® and Vanilla Toffee Crunch are Fair Trade/Fairtrade Certified, from cooperatives in the Dominican Republic and West Africa.

As it says right on the pint, all Ben & Jerry's Fairtrade flavors produced for the European market are made…. [read more]

Pepsi Cola Beverages Term Paper

… PepsiCo

Roger Enrico is facing a huge business decision as part of his responsibilities at Pepsi Company. His duties as President and CEO of Pepsico Worldwide Beverages includes making decisions with the importance that this one has, but in doing so, he must carefully consider all the factors and all the possible scenarios stemming from those factors. This specific situation could have worldwide implications for the future of Pepsico, and of course, Roger Enrico.

The problem is that Pepsico, which at the time, was showing strong profits and sales, while at the same time the company was also facing increasing competition. If the company was to continue to grow, and prosper, a complete reorganization might be necessary. That decision was facing Enrico.

The reason for…. [read more]

Human Resources Management: How to Improve Minimum Wage Policy Management in Hong Kong Essay

… (Lovells, et al., 2012, paraphrased) In terms of record keeping, beginning May 1, 2013, employers are required by law to keep records of the employee's total worked hours where the employee's wage during any wage period total less than $12,300 which has been increased from HK$800 and when an employee is averaging more than $12,300 per month the net wages of the employee may be reduced by the exclusion of unworked time that is paid is less than $12,300 however, the Ordinance required record keeping will still be in effect. Therefore, it is necessary that employers keep good records of the number hours that each employees work. (Lovells, et al., 2012, paraphrased) It is stated to be critical to note that the calculation method and…. [read more]

Polish Companies Reacted to Ethical Term Paper

… parts of Poland favor potato cultivation; sugar beets, the most important industrial crop, grow mainly in the west and southeast (

Section 1.1.3. Labor Force

At the end of 1991, about 30.7% of Poland's estimated population of 38.3 million lived in urban centers with populations of 100,000 or more ( priority given urbanization and industrialization in postwar Poland caused the urban working class to grow dramatically and the rural working class to shrink proportionately in the first decade of communist rule ( process slowed considerably over the next three decades (

Section 1.2. The Polish Economy Under Communism

After World War II, a centrally planned socialist system was transplanted to Poland from the Soviet Union without any consideration for the differences in the level…. [read more]

Blue Ridge Coffee Case Study

… The organization set up decentralized structures on regional basis (Wallace 2004). Sales representatives execute their duties effectively and are accountable to specific managers across the U.S. In effect, the marketing and promotion sections of the organization would operate such that their personnel report to managers at regional levels. Proper organization of the sales force is critical to overall success of the wholesale division and the company in general (Wallace 2004).

Since BRC is a formal organization with clearly defined tasks for salespersons, the promotion and marketing strategies would also tend to be formal (Wallace 2004). If the company had adopted an informal structure to its sale force, the marketing and promotional strategies would also be less formal and less rigid. Overall, the customer service, promotion…. [read more]

Mongolia Adventure, Inc Term Paper

… Mongolian Tourism

Mongolia Adventure Inc.

Key Issues

Oyun Ganbaatar wants to know first if he should start his own tourist business, similar to the company for which he works today.

If the answer is that he should, then he has to determine what packages to offer, what prices to charge, and how to make the company a success.

There are only two alternatives for this question, so that either Oyun Ganbaatar should start a business such as he contemplates or he should not. These are the alternatives, and analyzing them considers the same general set of issues. Oyun Ganbaatar has worked out the expenses involved in the sort of office he contemplates, and the cost, while reasonable by Western standards, is high by Mongolian standards.…. [read more]

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