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Future of Dental Care in the US Term Paper

… Dental Care in the Future

Cosmetics, Elderly Care and Managed Care Insurance Will Increase

This paper presents a detailed examination of what the future of dental care looks like in the United States. The writer explores the topics of cosmetic dental care, elderly dental care and the concerns about managed dental care as they pertain to the future of the field. There were three sources used to complete this paper.

As the world continues to move forward, society's expectations continue to advance as well. It was not long ago when dental care involved a few cursory check-ups and a visit when a cavity got bad enough to hurt. In recent history however, the world of dentistry has exploded with knowledge of the importance of preventative…. [read more]

Employees Healthcare System Obesity, Ageing Essay

… As a following substance, in case any arranged program can stay alive monetary anxiety hinges on its comparative esteem. On this substance, there is undoubtedly: Social Security and health care are unequivocally the mainly in vogue residential social programs;

Healthcare Delivery in the U.S.

The World Health Organization (WHO), in 2000, "marked the U.S.A. social insurance framework as the most elevated in expense, foremost in receptiveness, 37th in generally speaking display, and 72nd by generally speaking level of state of being (around 191 part countries combined in the study). Right around those whose business pays for state protection, the representative could be needed to give part of the expense of this protection, while the management for the most part picks the protection team and, for…. [read more]

UK Healthcare Term Paper

… According to Enthoven, the focus was directed towards enabling private practice to develop and forcing more elderly people to independent private nursing homes, where they had to pay from own resources until their money ran out. Within this approach, the goals of the government as addressed by Enthoven were:

To improve its ability to control the NHS financially by separating 'health' from 'social' care and to continue offering 'free' if services were provided by the NHS staff based on 'means tested' access.

To increase the efficiency of the NHS by improving both productive efficiency and allocative efficiency.

According to Le Grand et al., (1998), the basis of the development of the 'internal market' involved the introduction of competition via the establishment of more and smaller…. [read more]

Healthcare Canada Essay

… ¶ … Health Care Systems

Comparison of Canadian and American Health Care Systems

The purpose of this paper is to examine the relative merits of the Canadian and American health care systems in an attempt to determine what the future of health care might be in the United States. The present system is dying under the weight of increasing costs and limited access and cannot long continue as is it presently formulated. As the United States is one of only a few nations still operating under a system where the costs of health care are shouldered by employer-based insurance plans it is time to examine the American system of health care and this paper will attempt to consider the options.

Table of Contents


Introduction…. [read more]

Status of Florida State's Health Term Paper

… Jeb Bush propose that there should be a deliberative policy to manage Medicaid in order by saving at least 8% of the health care funds. At this rate the government can save to fund more facilities for the future patients.

In view of the above what the government of the State needs to address now is the public healthcare public management system that allow the individual health plans through managed care. Individuals should encourage the beneficiaries to invest in the funds so that they will reap the benefits as and when they require it regardless of their age. The current economic status of the country does not encourage savings in banks therefore health care fund or trusts allow the individuals to channel their savings yet…. [read more]

Health Care Drivers for Increased Medicaid Funding Research Paper

… Health Care Drivers for increased Medicaid funding: A study in the United States.

The Per capita health care spending has increased to about 2,814 in 1990 to more than $7,000 today. With such increased amounts, it is obvious that everyone in America would not be able to afford such so much. This led to the creation and the need for a program like Medicaid. Medicaid is basically a national health insurance program for people with low income. In the year 2000, about 42.7 million people received Medicaid. (Einhorn 25) This shows that Medicaid itself was a program that was a crucial factor in the medical necessities of a lot of people. The demand for health care is still expected to increase thus making an even…. [read more]

British Healthcare System: A Model Term Paper

… British Healthcare System: A Model for the United States?

Are there components in the British National Healthcare system (NHS) that would fit well in the United States national healthcare system? This paper reviews and critiques scholarly, peer-reviewed research on several aspect of the NHS, noting which of those may or may not be appropriate in the United States.

An article in the journal Medical History (Stewart, 2008, p. 453) posits that the original idea behind the NHS was not "a national health service at all" but rather it was a "national hospital or a national sickness service." The focus was on treating injuries and sickness, Stewart insists, and preventative medicine -- along with public health education -- were "relatively neglected" (p. 454). Meantime, Stewart admits…. [read more]

Rural vs. Urban Health Care Disparities Dissertation

… Health Care Disparity in Maryland

Context of the Problem

Unsettling Disparities Occur

Approximately 1,600,000 individuals who live in Maryland either do not have access to healthcare as they cannot afford insurance and/or are underinsured.

In "Health care reform: a vital issue for Maryland's nurses," Anne S. Kasper and Leni Preston (2008) stress this unsettling fact, as they point out that Maryland ranks number 24 in the United States in the number of uninsured residents. Fifteen percent of Maryland's population, almost 800,000 people, in fact, is not insured. The significance of the fact relating to those who do not have access to healthcare, Kasper, and Preston (2008) assert, increases as this magnificent number of individuals without access to healthcare does…. [read more]

Marketing in Healthcare Catholic Term Paper

… The mission of the CHW is to provide those in disadvantaged financial positions with excellent health care. It is also their mission to do so in a spirit of Christ-like compassion and love.

If a paradigm of wellness is to be adopted, programs such as community education events could be implemented. These could focus on educating the public regarding the maintenance of health and the prevention of illness. The focus can still be the poor and of course the acute illness care unit can still operate for those who need it. However, if wellness is a greater focus within the organization, some of the existing facilities could be converted to become education centers to help people focus on wellness.

For any organization to grow, new…. [read more]

Competitive Advantage in Healthcare Research Paper

… Same is the case with the price of treatment that encourages paying visits to doctors. The clients feel power and control over their decisions when there is competitive pricing in the industry. The patients feel that they are benefitted by paying for the insurance or the medical services. The free market mechanism and consumer choices make the client capable to decide which organization to select for purchasing the good or service.

validating competitive advantages

Competitive advantage plays a vital role in determining the success of organizations. The sales person in a medical organization needs to communicate pricing as well as quality message in order to increase sales and thus revenues of organization. Like the movie Love and Other Drugs, it is the case in actual…. [read more]

Diabetes Type 1 As a Long-Term Illness in the Community Essay

… Managing Long-Term Health Care Needs

The management of patients with type I diabetes presents a number of challenges to health care professionals. Of all the various chronic conditions, complicated diabetes is particularly challenging. In order for diabetics to achieve the medical goals suggested by current guidelines diabetic patients are required to self-monitor their blood glucose, take frequent insulin injections, properly administer their various medications, attend to their diet, pay particular attention to their foot and dental care, maintain a proper diet, and make sure they get proper exercise. It is a daunting task and it is one that few diabetics are able to manage on their own. Most diabetic patients require frequent and consistent monitoring. The intent of this care plan is to provide an…. [read more]

Programs for Children in the Foster Care System Research Paper

… Programs for Children in the Foster Care System

This paper aims to discuss the United States Foster Care system. It puts light on the trends of entries, exists, adoptions and placements in the U.S. foster care system. In addition to that, the kinds of difficulties that are being faced by the foster families due to lack of funds and proper support are also being discussed in this paper. This paper also indicates the defects that are being rendered in the nurturing of the children by the foster care system.

In this paper, the foster care system of the United States of America has been discussed in detail. It has been observed during the last few years that a rising number of children are located in…. [read more]

No-Fault Compensation in UK Medical Malpractice Thesis

… 2 The survey tried to quantify the frequency and/or severity of adverse effects through a population sampling experienced as a result of their medical treatment. The respondent sample consisted of 3638 men and 4568 women, or a total population of 8,206.

395, or 4.8% (4.8 in every 100) patients felt that they had suffered some illness, injury or impairment, which directly resulted from their medical treatment or care. This figure is slightly higher than the estimates derived using the methodology from the Harvard Medical Malpractice Study, which estimated that 3.7 in every 100 patients suffered "adverse effect." The report noted that the proportion responding "positively declined with increasing age and was inversely associated with social grade." Further, the report stated, "there was…. [read more]

Universal Health in Australian Cities Essay

… Australian Healthcare System

The following paper discusses the Australian healthcare system. It begins with the structure and overview of the system and then moves on to the governance of the system. After covering these aspects, the paper highlights the functions of the Australian healthcare system. In addition, the paper also discusses the historical background of the system. In the end, the paper discusses the current issues that are faced by the Australian healthcare system.

Australia is a huge country with an area of 7692000 square kilometers. This country has increasing population and other factors that present a challenge to its healthcare system. The Australian healthcare system is a tax-funded system that provides the Australian populace with healthcare facilities. The system has gone through many reforms…. [read more]

Green Provides Some Clear Guidelines Term Paper

… e. via telephone, email, marketing, direct face-to-face communication, focus groups, interviews, etc. (Perko, Module 4).

Step 6/7: Create messages/Develop promotion programs

- The messages and development programs are created and implemented with the help of professional marketing or advertising companies (Perko, Module 4)

Step 8: Implement communication strategies

- This is done primarily following the internal organizational structure of the hospital (discussed late in question 6 under health communication) (Perko, Module 4)

Step 9/10: Assess Effects/Feedback

- This is a long-term monitoring process of the management whereby statistical, qualitative and quantitative data and facts are collected to ensure the success or failure of a promotion strategy employed (Perko, Module 4)

3. Discuss three examples of health promotion techniques that can effectively achieve environmental change.

Ethical…. [read more]

Health Care Services for the Homeless Research Paper

… Health Care Services for the Homeless

An Analysis of Health Care for the Homeless, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Today, one of the most significant problems facing underserved populations is an inability to obtain health care services in the marketplace. In fact, there is a strong relationship between homelessness and health; homeless people typically experience higher rates of physical illnesses than the general public, and in cases where access is severely limited, people will tend to use fewer health services and will typically experience worse health outcomes (Helvie & Kunstmann, 1999). Furthermore, the constraints to access of medically underserved and vulnerable populations is reflected in their higher mortality rates and increased rates of cancer, heart disease, strokes, and dental disease (Barrett, Epstein, Gaston & Johnson, 1998). Community health…. [read more]

Fortis Healthcare Care: Company Analysis Case Study

… Fortis Healthcare

History, expansion and development of Fortis limited

Fortis Healthcare Limited has been one of the largest healthcare companies operating in India having 28 hospitals, heart command centers, and satellite centers with a total capacity for 3,300 beds. Apart from that, these hospitals also have multi-surgery facilities along with tertiary and quaternary healthcare services available. They are capable of providing heart care, neurosciences, renal care, oncology, orthopedics, gastroenterology and maternity care. Using advanced technology they are certainly providing top quality care to their valued clients (Herzlinger, 2008).

Fortis healthcare limited was commenced by two brother named Mr. Shivinder Mohan Singh and Mr. Malvinder Mohan Singh back in 1996. Their commercial operation began back in 2001 when they started the Fortis Heart Institute as well…. [read more]

Briefing Note the Recent Economic Term Paper

… In the financial situation currently facing us, we need to focus not only on the way we have made budget allocations in the past; we should also focus on what we can learn from other countries faced with the same economy. Indeed, the current economic situation is global, which makes this a perfect platform for learning and greater future efficiency.

Key Considrations

There are two key considerations we must focus on now. First, we are faced with severe economic conditions that have resulted in a significant budget reduction for health care in our province. Second, the global funding allocation used in Canada is unusual in terms of the rest of the world, most of whom have used the ABF method. Our question should be: What…. [read more]

Martin Army Medical Center Essay

… Francis Hospital, 2012, para. 1).


Comparison to competitor. Like its competitor, St. Francis Medical in Columbus, Georgia, this Department of Defense facility is also a not-for-profit operation; this Department of Defense facility, though, limits patient services to eligible military beneficiaries (these may include family members). Although Martin Army Medical Center offers a wider range of healthcare services than St. Francis Medical, the latter features a number of services that are specifically for women. In fact, no specialized services for female veterans were identified at Martin Army Medical Center.

Profile licensing and regulatory factors. Both St. Francis Medical and all Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs are subject to the same licensure and regulatory requirements that apply to their civilian counterparts, including accreditation…. [read more]

Healthcare System's Survey Data Term Paper

… The Medicare is a federal government program that delivers social and health insurance to older people aged above 65. Thus, the in income that the hospital will earn from the federal government on Medicare will depend on the number of Medicare patients seeking for the medical services from the University of Alabama Hospital. If the number of patients declines based on the HCAHPS scores the results will have short and long financial impact on the hospital because there will be a decline in both quarterly revenue and accumulated revenue at the end of the fiscal year. Moreover, the federal government will reduce the cumulated payment per year for the hospitals that do not meet the 2.0%.

6a. Potential Impact on Hospital Quality Outcomes

Potential impact…. [read more]

Integrate Services for People Needing Long-Term Care Research Paper

… Integrate Services for People Needing Long-Term Care

Over the last several years, health care costs have been rising dramatically. Part of the reason why this is occurring, is due to the fact demand has increased. This has caused the underlying costs for different services to rise. Over the course of time, this is having a ripple effect on the industry and the amount that everyone is paying. Evidence of this can be seen within the insurance premiums that many businesses and individuals are paying. In a study that was conducted by the Common Wealth Fund, they found that businesses are seeing disbursements for health insurance premiums increase by 44% (between 2003 and 2009). While, individuals have seen a 77% increase in the costs that they…. [read more]

Future of DNA Testing Research Proposal

… Future of DNA Testing

The Beginnings of Genetic Identity Testing

DNA fingerprinting

Genetic identity testing establishes the patterns of genetic material, which is specific and unique for almost every human being.1 The sequence differences between individuals are used as basis for identity testing. The techniques applied are DNA fingerprinting, DNA profiling, and DNA typing. Identity testing in crime investigation began with the analysis of the ABO blood group. Later, it proved useful in identity and paternity identification. But two decades ago, Professor and geneticist Alec Jeffreys of the University of Leicester in the UK found and introduced DNA-based identity testing.1

DNA is deoxynucleaic acid, the hereditary material in the nucleus of the human cell, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

DNA analysis…. [read more]

US Cellular Term Paper

… U.S. Cellular

Human Resource Management at U.S. Cellular

Company Description

United States Cellular Corporation was founded in 1983 and it is currently headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The organization activates in the telecommunications industry and it possesses a wide market share in the wireless sector. "U.S. Cellular, the sixth-largest wireless service provider in the United States, operates and invests in wireless systems across the country. The company serves 6 million customers in 26 states and employs 8,000 associates. Operating on a customer-satisfaction strategy, U.S. Cellular meets customer needs by providing a comprehensive range of wireless products and services, superior customer support and a high-quality network. U.S. Cellular is a business unit of Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. [AMEX: TDS], which owns 82% of the company" (Investor…. [read more]

Dentistry Improvements in Dental Technology and Cavity Term Paper

… Dentistry

Improvements in dental technology and cavity detection: Saliva-testing, quantitative light fluorescence, and digital radiography

Recent dental research has tended to stress the treatment of cavities. But exciting new research has begun to focus on the prevention and early detection of problematic areas in patient's mouths. Because of the need for early detection of cavities, innovations in saliva testing for problematic teeth, quantitative light fluorescence, and digital radiography are equally, if not important as other areas of research. Because of these new innovations, recent statistical trends in cavity prevalence in young children may decline within our lifetimes. It has been much publicized that, flying in the face of previous trends: "while fluoridation and improved oral hygiene have resulted in fewer cavities overall among Americans in…. [read more]

Identifying Opportunities to Improve Oral Health Care Services Access Research Proposal

… Improving Access to Oral Health Care in Westside, Jersey City

Why oral health care for low-income residents of Westside in Jersey City is an important topic

The timely provision of oral health care is an important part of keeping people healthy. Oral health constitutes an important part of general health. For instance, the U.S. Surgeon General's report on oral health emphasizes that oral health represents an essential element of health that must be included in the provision of other health care services (Ravaghi & Quinonez, 2013). According to these researchers, though, "Despite this, there are differences in provision of general and oral health care in many developed countries" including the United States (Ravaghi & Quinonez, 2013, p. 467). This assertion is based on an analysis…. [read more]

Newest Vital Sign and Realm Screen Tools Literature Review

… Newest Vital Sign and REALM screen tools in health literacy

In a clinical setting, the quality and robust nature of a number of diagnostic tools are central to both accurate results and a medical professional's ability to assess the medical situation. For example, there are numerous tools designed to assess health literacy within the clinical setting. Two of these tools, REALM (Rapid Estimate of Adult Literacy in Medicine) and the NVS (Newest Vital Sign Screening) tool, have very different approaches to the same problem set. Under this rubric, the seminal question becomes one of preference, ease of use, accuracy of results, and whether one too or another will influence usage and robustness of data. Since these types of tools are primarily used by registered nurses,…. [read more]

Globalization and American Health Term Paper

… S. But available elsewhere also prompts people to seek treatment abroad. One such treatment is the orthopedic procedure known as hip resurfacing, that is an alternative to the traditional hip replacement as done in the United States. Thus those suffering chronic pain, are treated in India, "where hip resurfacing techniques, materials, and instrumentation have been perfected, and the procedure is routine." (Edelheit, 2007)

There are lesser waiting periods abroad and those who are subscribers of free health care have to wait for very prolonged periods to be treated and such persons like those covered by the 'Veterans Administration Act' chose to pay out of pocket to beat the uncertainty of waiting. These are the types of patients who seek relief outside the U.S. But the…. [read more]

Arizona's Correctional Healthcare System Prison Essay

… Providing Qualified Medical Professionals for ADC Prisons

ADC requires all medical personnel working in their prisons to be licensed by independent licensing boards, of which there are at least eight (ADC, 2011). For example, physicians are required to be licensed by the Arizona Medical Board (2011) and nurses by the Arizona State Board of Nursing (ADC, 2011). These medical boards set standards of care and conduct for medical professionals, and these standards are the same regardless of whether the medical professionals are working in a private hospital tending to the wealthiest residents of Arizona or in a prison clinic tending to inmates on death row.

The ADC gains several advantages from relying on independent medical licensing boards to certify that the medical staff it hires…. [read more]

Hispanic-American Population Assessment Pockets Term Paper

… It looks forward to adding more specialists and services to its list. It continues to work closely mostly with the Hispanic-American community to identify its other basic needs not yet attended to, unavailable or currently un-affordable (Serve the People).

Latino Health Access launched the Healthy Eating, Active Communities project in the 92701 zip-code where 92% is Latino (LHA, 2011). It contributes to fill the feeding and physical activity needs of its more than 61,000 residents who live below the federal poverty level at 68%. In addition to high population density, Santa Ana is also short of open space for physical activity at only 0.9 acres per 1,000 persons. The National Parks & Recreation recommends 10 acres (LHA).

Active Living in Santa Ana or ALISA is…. [read more]

Care Partnerships Will Maximize Rebecca Essay

… A care partnership is tailored to serve the needs of the client, and is also crafted within the unique framework of each community. Some care partnerships involve dental care; others psychiatric interventions. There may be support groups, and cultural organizations serving the needs of various ethnic or linguistic communities. A care partnership reflects a holistic model, in which all aspects of the patient's life are addressed. The care partnership also reflects an understanding that many patients require multiple levels of care along different dimensions. In Rebecca's case, the care partnership includes psychological and social support services, occupational and physical therapies, and perhaps child care services as well.

Why are these services important?

Care partnerships are "multidisciplinary," and they are important because no patient or problem…. [read more]

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