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Strategic Woolworths Supermarkets Case Study

… Vision

The Australian Woolworths Supermarkets have a vision of being one of the best performing supermarkets and grocery suppliers in Australian the world as a whole. The company has vested enough energy in its strategies of trying to meet the desired needs and specifications of the public. Many other avenues of growth and development are part of the strategic options directed at the vision statement. The vision exists as a wholesome body that tries to bring every activity within its respective avenues of management in the country. The vision of the Woolworths Supermarkets has been articulated within it protocols of performance in the market. In order to be a strong force in the market, the company has established a vision that is beyond an immediate…. [read more]

Strategic Human Resource Management (Shrm) Essay

… Managers given the HRM mandate to contribute in making strategic decisions are expected to have a familiar compliance to the legal environment (Pynes, 2009, pg 56).

The utmost purpose of an external legal environment is essential in an organization's human resource management as well to its practitioners. It is vital fro an organization to comprehend laws that regulate a corporation's human resource management actions. Managers given the HRM mandate to contribute in making strategic decisions are expected to have a familiar compliance to the legal environment and associate the experience to their professional expertise (Storey, 2009, pg 71).

Legal circumstances are perceived as a foundation on external environmental subsystems and should be directed towards comparative sectors of business such as HR. A firm is necessitated…. [read more]

Strategic Leadership Influence Culture Organization Essay

… The company had set positive values and vision, through which it had promised to support the well-being of its stakeholders, but in the end it engaged in false accounting actions (Turner, 2009).

The company placed an increased emphasis on enhancing the value of its shares through tempering with the annual balance sheets and the promise of superior values for the customers, as well as the promotion of an organizational culture focused on the employees (Ulrich, Zenger and Smallwood, 1999). The leadership style at Enron was highly charismatic and close to a cult, in which the members were asked to conform and were penalized when they did not. While the accountancy issues ultimately generated the failure of Enron, it was the leadership style and culture created…. [read more]

Strategic Management Plan Anheuser-Busch Inbev Essay

… This area of the action or implementation plan is tangential to the first recommendation in this analysis, showing how important it for Anheuser-Busch Inbev Division to completely commit to quality. This is an investment in the brand of each best-selling beer in that it will protect them from degradation other, potentially conflicting priorities. Trimming suppliers who are not high quality enough will also serve to send a very clear message into the industry: Anheuser-Busch Inbev Division is not messing around about quality and will do whatever it takes to keep quality and performance high. This is a tremendous selling point to attract only the best distribution and reseller partners throughout North America including Canada and Mexico.

4. The quality metrics will be published in every…. [read more]

Strategic Alliances and Growth Essay

… One of the reasons for alliance termination could be that the alliance was designed to be temporary in the first place (Mowery, et al., 1996). Every objective that the alliance needed to meet has been met, and so there is no further reason to have the alliance. In those kinds of cases, provisions for the "winding down" of the alliance will likely have been built into the alliance from the start. That makes things much easier for everyone involved, and allows them to move through the changes from an alliance to a non-alliance without unnecessary drama and difficulty for any of the parties involved (Mowery, et al., 1996).

There are also times when the alliance was entered into with the best of intentions and seemed…. [read more]

Strategic Management of Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc Case Study

… ¶ … strategic management of Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc., and analysis of the company strategic position reveals that the company provides the strategic product and services for the U.S. government. The report uses STEEPL analysis to determine the external factors affecting the company performance. The report has been able to reveal that the U.S. government is the only major customer of Huntington Ingalls and the state of the U.S. economy has affected the financial performance of the company. Based on the current recession facing the United States, the company suffered the financial loss at the end of the fiscal year 2011. The Porter 5 forces reveals that the company has high bargaining power as a sole supplier of shipbuilding as well as the only company…. [read more]

Strategic Management Robin Hood Case Study

… Strategic Management - Case Study Robin Hood


In the past few years, several theories involving the implementation of strategic management in all types of organizations have emerged as a significant element of competitive advantage for both employees and management personnel. An analysis of such strategies using the Robin Hood Case Study provides an example of how strategic management can affect an organization's mission, vision, future and overall success. According to Thompson (2005), an organization's strategy is management's game plan for growing the business, staking out a market position, attracting and pleasing customers, competing successfully, conducting operations, and achieving targeted objectives.

A company's strategy is reflected in its actions in the marketplace and the statements of senior managers about…. [read more]

Strategic Framework in BP-Deepwater Horizon Essay

… They merely show company's awareness of these issues and basically help in getting media attention. To make sure that code is read, understood, believed and remembered, organizations need to conduct periodic ethics workshop to sensitize people to workplace circumstances' in which these issues are addressed (Gellerman, 1989).

Maintaining business operation which is ethically proven, socially responsible and environmentally friendly requires management support from the top to the bottom and making it an important part of the strategic framework of the organization ensuring that it is applied at all levels with profound leadership and management control. In this regard organizations need to develop proactive strategies rather than reactive strategies. Having proactive strategies means running business operations conscious of risk elements and being prepared for mitigating the…. [read more]

Strategic Management Practices and Bahamian Culture Using Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions Literature Review

… Strategic Management Practices and Bahamian Culture

Bahamian Insurance Industry: Background

The Bahamian insurance industry is divided into two main braches: one domestic, one captive and each operate without regard to the other, overseen by their own act of Parliament (Oxford, 2009). Within this field, around 100 companies are engaged in business, the bulk of them working as brokers, with just a few working as underwriters, working closely together when they do (Oxford, 2009). There appears to be a system of checks in place: agents aren't able to underwrite, and companies cannot engage in sales pitches to prospective customers directly (Oxford, 2009). The Office of the Registrar of Insurance Companies (ORIC) which is looked after by the Ministry of Finance regulates the entire insurance arena and…. [read more]

Strategic Plan for Small Restaurant Research Paper

… Strategic Plan for Small Resturant

Restaurant Strategic Plan

The following pages focus on proving a strategic plan for The Great Italian Food Company. The paper starts with the presentation of the company's mission and vision. This explanation is intended to introduce readers in the environment of this company. The values of the company are also presented. It is important to identify these values in order to determine the strategic options that the company should address.

The paper continues with the Environmental Analysis. This section describes the microenvironment and the macro environment, with the most important components. The internal and external environments are also address. In this case the most important components of the company's environment are represented by the economic, social, and technological environment, but…. [read more]

Strategic Staffing Handbook Company Manual

… Strategic Staffing Handbook

The purpose of the staffing handbook is to provide a manual of procedures and tools for properly selecting and hiring the right people at Pontius Media Consortium, the right way. These guidelines will facilitate the company's primary goal of acquiring, maintaining and retaining a diverse workforce as well as utilize their skills, knowledge and talents in order maximize their potential.

According to Bechet (2005) "Strategic staffing is the process of identifying and addressing the staffing implications of business strategies plans. Better still, strategic staffing can be defined as the process of identifying and addressing the staffing implications of change." The process is necessary for organization in order for them to aid them in the identification and addressing of the various staffing implications…. [read more]

Strategic Plan, Part I: Conceptualizing Essay

… Vision

We intend to become the first company that will help writers structure their proposal and help link them to agents and publisher. Our vision is to help each and every one of our clients fine-tune their proposal so that each and every proposal submitted through our services will become accepted. This unfaltering rate of acceptance will result in growth of our client-base and will enhance our reputation.

We intend to gain a universal presence within four years of our establishing the company and to carve a niche that sets us apart.

We also intend to generate a database of hundreds of book publishers and agents that will be regularly updated with new contacts added all the time. Contact will include non-fiction book publishers; non-fiction…. [read more]

Strategic Change: Kodak Many Companies Today Term Paper

… Strategic Change: Kodak

Many companies today are facing the same challenges as Kodak. The digital era incorporates rapid technological and information changes that are very difficult to match in pace. Customer demands concomitantly change on a very regular and rapid basis, making companies either obsolete or absurdly successful nearly overnight. Kodak's history appears to suggest that the company's flair for innovation and its connection to customer demands is what made it successful since 1888. Perhaps Mr. Antonio Perez's confidence, both in himself and in his new capacity as chief executive of Kodak, is not as misplaced as some shareholders fear.

Various challenges face the Kodak company, the core of which lies in the rapidly changing demand in the world of imaging and film. Film is…. [read more]

Strategic Use and Impact Essay

… Martin (2012) indicates that the campaigns were successful for President Obama won 2.5% points in 2008, in Florida by making out of the 8.7% unemployment rates (1). The polls indicate that this was possible because the state had 50,000 more African-Americans and 190,000 more Hispanics as compared to 2008 (1). The Republican Party did not carry out a thorough analysis of voter habits and demographic data. A white party failed to capture the growing minority and immigrant population in states like Florida (Martin 1). President Obama's ground operations not only included making personal contact, but also making demographic analysis, which assisted in identifying the correct population for a particular political message. This led President Obama to make a 20-point to 25 points margin lead in…. [read more]

Manager Essay

… Self-development whether recognizable or not, boils down to it being an ongoing process of how to best use your personality as manager to do certain activities that will ensure the best results and targets and as a result bring the organization repeat clients and profits. The manager does not have to be a self-development guru to be able to figure out how best the human personnel can achieve their goals and targets. Incorporating many coaching theories or sections of them is therefore extremely helpful and an effective and simple plan / methodology of achieving goals. Coaching theories enable managers to focus and put emotions aside at the workplace and are effective strategies of finding solutions to work related problems Taylor, 2010()

Some forms of learning/coaching…. [read more]

Strategic Tourism Management Plan Term Paper

… ¶ … Strategic Tourism Management Plan

Today, travel and tourism is one of the largest industries in the world, and its importance to the survival of some communities has become clearly evident in recent years. According to Harrill and Potts, international tourism remains a consistently productive industry despite periodic downturns in the global economy. During the period between 1950 and 1999, the number of international tourist arrivals worldwide increased from.025 billion to.664 billion and is projected to reach 1.56 billion by 2020; in 1999, gross receipts from international tourism exceeded $1 billion in 59 countries and territories around the world (Harrill & Potts, 2003). With all of this money up for grabs, it is not surprising that strategic tourism management has emerged as an important…. [read more]

Conceptualizing a Business Strategic Plan Essay

… Part of the cultural heritages will be appreciated by the company through production and issuance of awards in the market.


Ethics is connotations of equitable existence and production within the organization. The company will appreciate ethical exemplifications. In most cases, the company will involve teachings and seminarian sessions that will impart ethics to the people in the society. Some of the ethical aspects to be appreciated by the company will be:




Hard work





These ethical connotations will be appreciated among members, most of which will start from the stakeholders, employees, and consumers within the company.

Social responsibility

It will be the responsibility of Roland Beer Company to foster social health, security, and stability through its products and…. [read more]

Future Strategic Intentions Term Paper

… China's Future Strategic Intentions

On December 22, 2007, the Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, issued an unusually sharp rebuke to the Taiwanese government, and the senior Bush administration officials criticized both China and Taiwan for "unnecessarily inflaming tensions between each other and with the United States." They were addressing the Chinese cancellation and refusal of port visits by American warships, supposedly because Defense Secretary Robert Gates had not told officials in Beijing of arm sales to Taiwan. The result of this clash is higher tensions and a very closely watched Taiwan referendum issue, which could lead to further bad feelings between the United States and China.

According to Hon. Floyd D. Spence, the Representative from South Carolina and the Chairman of the Committee on Armed…. [read more]

Strategic Management: Management, Organizational Structure Essay

… 2) Scanning the environment

Tesco needs to carry out an internal analysis as well as an analysis of its industry. This will help identify the specific unprofitable stores that need to be closed down and the effect they have on profits. The company also needs to conduct a SWOT analysis and a competitive analysis using Porter's five forces model. This will help it understand the reasons for the decline in sales, the best location to open the new stores and how its competitors are being rated by the credit rating agency.

3) Strategy formulation

Using the information gained from the environmental scan, Tesco should now come up with strategies that will help it gain a better competitive advantage using its strengths and also downplay its…. [read more]

Strategic Plan for Bacardi Limited Essay

… Barcardi

A Strategic Overview of Bacardi Limited

The discussion here below offers a general overview, some brief historical details and a company profile for Bacardi Limited, which is one of the largest spirituous beverage companies in the world. Following an examination of the company's basic mandate, the discussion will provide a brief internal analysis concerning its immediate organizational and industry-wide outlook. Finally, the discussion will produce an assessment of Bacardi's strategic options and a recommendation for a strategy in going forward. The recommendation will be driven by the principle of brand alliance, and would be implemented based on the organic success of Bacardi and Coca-Cola as associated brands.


Bacardi Limited is a company with a remarkable history and a present-day success that both mark…. [read more]

Barnes and Noble Strategic Term Paper

… The study will also identify the generic strategy, grand strategy, and best value discipline for the organization. This paper will also provide various alternatives, and recommendation of a strategy. It is noteworthy that a growing trend among many businesses is enhanced through mergers and acquisitions. External environment factors play a significant role on how an industry operates. Such factors include remote, industry, and operating environments that affects the level of competitiveness (Pearce & Robinson, 2011). Barnes & Noble monitors and evaluates the causative factors in which the paper will evaluate to determine alternatives for the company's future growth.


Action items

Barnes and Noble's best discipline are found in customer intimacy for sustaining and establishing new relationships with their targeted audience. In choosing the customer…. [read more]

Effect of Cloud Database Service on User Intentions and Satisfaction for Business Research Proposal

… ¶ … Cloud Database Service on User Intentions

and Satisfaction for Business

The pervasive nature of cloud computing is re-ordering the economics of enterprise software, leading to widespread integration and adoption of database services. Moving from capital expense-driven (CAPEX) based spending to operating expense (OPEX) funding models, cloud computing platforms are accelerating in adoption throughout all levels of businesses today. In large-scale enterprises, cloud computing is being increasingly relied on as the infrastructure layer of global computing platforms. Examples of this include two-tier Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) strategies that scale across Asia, Europe and North America. In addition, cloud-based database services are being used today for unifying the diverse Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms across diverse business models and cultural boundaries. The same holds true…. [read more]

Letter of Intention Outlining the Candidate's Professional Term Paper

… ¶ … Letter of Intention Outlining the Candidate's Professional Goals and Educational Objectives for Attending the Program of Their Choice

Letter of Intention respectfully apply for the master's program in Organizational Leadership. I wish to use the knowledge that I will gain in that program to work toward my goal of leading a non-profit organization such as a school or a foundation. This type of work is very important to me and I feel as though I will do well for myself and others by working in this field. However, I understand that I must have proper training and education before I can be completely effective in my chosen profession. I also believe that I can bring a great deal of knowledge to the program,…. [read more]

strategic HRM in WeaveTech Business Plan

… It can be difficult to build a leadership pipeline, because you do risk losing good people if they are ready to move up but there are no opportunities to do so. But it is necessary to do some succession planning so that when opportunities rise there is always somebody with a high level of internal institutional knowledge ready to step into the gap; an absence should not result in a leadership crisis, especially if it is a planned retirement (Conger & Fulmer, 2003). So one of the major things that HR has to do is to continuously train people, to build their skills, to identify key future leaders and ensure that they are prepared to take the company forward by getting them the increasing level…. [read more]

SWOT Analysis Is a Strategy SWOT

… To manage this situation the government needs to assist poor families by giving them startup capital to start businesses in poor neighborhoods (Krings, 2009).

Labor unions are necessary in the organization. Unions fight for the rights of workers and other basic elements. The rights of the worker include right to be provided with shelter, salary and good working conditions. If an organization goes against the interest of workers, union officials institute a mode of communication to the top management. Other methods, which unions use in addressing their complaints, are collective bargaining or collective action. Aspects addressed by these unions include, the rate of pay, discrimination, corruption and any other factor that affect an employee (Viebrock & Clasen, 2009). Unions motivate employees to work, and times…. [read more]

International Strategic Management in the Service Sector Term Paper

… International Strategic Management in the Service Sector

International Strategic Management: Hospitality Service

This work will demonstrate the proposition that "success for any business is dependent upon the ability to find a valuable strategic position." Further this work will be applied to a hospitality organization and use this theoretical statement to critically challenge the performance of the organization and will further through a case study apply the principles and processes to explain the critical approach..

Marriott International, Inc. celebrated its 75th birthday in 2002. The leading hospitality company on a worldwide basis is able to trace its heritage to a beer stand operated by J. Williams and Alice S. Marriott. Presently Marriott International has over 2,700 establishments and over 490,560 rooms in the establishments both in…. [read more]

Moore and Kearsley Strategic Planning Thesis

… Moore & Kearsley

Strategic planning involves defining an organization's vision and a mission, goals, and objectives and perhaps most importantly of all, how to achieve those goals. For a distance learning course, the organizational leadership in its strategic planning needs to be explicit about who the organization is attempting to serve, with what means, how, and why, particularly given the recent proliferation of online venues to take classes. Like with any product, there must be a niche of demand for the specific educational product provided by the institution, and it must differentiate itself in terms of customer segmentation, cost, or the method of delivery. In terms of the last element, when creating the venue, 'the means of production' must be clearly defined, namely the method…. [read more]

Starbucks Strategic Management Starbuck Corporation Term Paper

… The flavors of the pastries that were offered had to be changed slightly, and a wider array of teas was provided to give friends of coffee drinkers more choices. Starbucks has begun to offer instant coffee in the U.S. But this was partially prompted by the fact that the Japanese (along with much of Europe) are far more enthusiastic instant coffee drinkers when consuming the beverage at home, versus Americans and thus Starbucks needed to make instant beverages part of its empire (Allison 2012).

Starbucks is now an international phenomenon, and this strategy of 'tweaking' its product to suit local tastes is now its most common mode of entry. It has a secure presence in Europe as well as other major global powerhouses, and its…. [read more]

Ethical Strategies the Emphasis Strategic Essay

… And all companies, regardless of industry, must act in a socially responsible manner in terms of the way they deploy new technology (such as using the Internet to market to children).

The company does have a responsibility to communicate to stakeholders how these ethical actions will produce value and to assure them they are meshed with the company's profit-making intentions. "Companies are growingly interested in stakeholder expectations, since maintaining a good rapport with stakeholders is believed to strengthen organizational legitimacy and long-term performance" (Olkkonen & Luoma-aho 2011:12). However, shareholders' uncertainty about the value of charitable corporate actions seems to be waning, and like all corporate trends, is subject to constant change. In the modern business climate, unlike in the past, "to maintain basic legitimacy, companies…. [read more]

Management Strategic Management Drawing Upon Your Own Thesis

… Management

Strategic Management

Drawing upon your own experience with a business or other organization, explain the concept of organizational culture and outline what must be done to sustain an effective culture. When new leadership comes in and takes over the helm of an organization, does it [i.e., he or she] have an obligation to sustain its culture, or to re-shape it, or & #8230;. Explain.

The organizational culture of an organization is basically the personality that the organization has. A culture is made up of the assumptions, values, and norms of organization and its employees. The culture of an organization is usually very easy to sense. It is often hard to define but is very easy to sense. An effective corporate culture can be sustained…. [read more]

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