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Campaign Plan Political Environment Business Plan

… For the field work the volunteers need to be recruited. Also, the available places should be identified for the purpose of hanging the yard signs (COC, 2008).

Week 19: Week of June 22 - Begin fundraising

Campaign goals:

The appeals for funds need to be sent out to the potential donors.

For the purpose of communications the speaking engagements and the endorsements will continue.

The administration needs to establish a database of the voters and codes should be assigned to these supporters.

The volunteer recruitments and the yards signs allocation should continue (COC, 2008).

Week 18: Week of June 29 - Fourth of July Weekend

Campaign goals

$500 of funds rose through mail.

For the purpose of visibility and public appearances the fourth of July…. [read more]

Campaign Finance Reform Research Paper

… Federal Election Commission decision to tilt Californian elections to suit their ideological whims. Unless proactive policymaking is engaged in by a consensus of pragmatic local politicians, California's election cycle could easily become as contrived and commercialized as the blockbuster films for which the state is so famed.

California has maintained a strong tradition of enacting and enforcing local legislation restricting the abuse of campaign financing, and as current Republican Vice Presidential Paul Ryan noted in 2003 article published by the National Civic Review, "the Los Angeles public financing program upheld by Johnson v. Bradley has served as a model for programs in the California cities of Long Beach, Petaluma, Oakland and San Francisco" (Ryan, 6). By preserving the last shred of integrity inherent to our…. [read more]

Campaign War Essay

… For the PD, shirking duties should result in serious disciplinary action, because the shirking of duties can be a very serious problem when other people's lives and property are involved. Overall, disciplinary actions must be strong enough that the person who is considering shirking his or her duties will think twice about whether it is "worth it" to ignore a duty he or she knows is part of the job. However, the disciplinary action should not be so severe as to frighten or intimidate people, because scaring people into doing their jobs rarely works for a long period of time. The people who work for the PD should be there because they want the job they have and they want to do well at that…. [read more]

Caesar Cesar's Work "The Gallic Wars" Abounds Essay

… Caesar

Cesar's work "The Gallic Wars" abounds in characterizations of the two people that he encounters during his campaigns: the Gauls and the Germans. The descriptions for these two people are, however, antithetical: on one hand, Cesar has a positive characterization of the Gauls, while, on the other hand, his description of the Germans is more centered on their negative characteristics that include brigandage, their appetence for destruction and willingness to plunder. The focus of the books is on Gaul, so reference to Germany, both in terms of its geography and of its people is scarce and generally related, in some way or another, to the Gauls.

In this general antithetical approach, Cesar uses an antithesis of the landscape and geographic descriptions as well, both…. [read more]

2012 Political Campaign Funds Term Paper

… President Obama is so far one of the best candidate who have managed to raise a considerable amount of funding. He is leading other potential candidates in a significant amount of money. However, one of the main issues relating to the funding is how the politicians will spend the raised amount in a considerable way. On his side, one of the potentials presidential candidates, Ron Paul, says that he will advocate for the right usage of the campaign funding. He says that he will campaign for the money nit to be used for other purposes than the intended ones like supporting abortion. Moreover, Ron Paul says that the campaign funding should not be used for various family planned programs. Paul is a physician by profession…. [read more]

Campaign Finance and Its Effect Research Paper

… In the case of other states, Perry was able to raise funds throughout the country, as this accounted for one quarter of the total contributions he received. There were small amounts that were raised through the oil industry of $200.00. However, the larger donations were sheltered inside the contributions that he was receiving for his political action committee. These different elements are important, because the focus of financing his campaign with these contributions allowed him to easily be able to use the media to spread his message to the general public.

The results are that this is having a profound impact on the outcome of the election with Perry easily beating Sanchez in the 2002 gubernatorial election. Evidence of this can be seen by looking…. [read more]

Campaign Finance Ongoing Issues Essay

… There are also more important philosophical and ethical reasons for choosing this option over the other options discussed.

While it might seem inherently undemocratic to use taxpayer money to support political candidates when some of these candidates will by simple logical extension not be supported by a majority of the voting public this is a necessary step given the nature of media today. In the days when the constitution and its initial ten amendments were ratified, mass media consisted of the ability to print and distribute pamphlets and run ads in newspapers. Not only were these less effective means of reaching massive numbers of voters than today's technologies allow for, but they were also more affordable to those even of lower economic standing, and thus…. [read more]

Campaign Finance Spending You Decide Research Paper

… The Court decision flies in the face of common sense: "If the court believes that the government may limit a $3,000 contribution to a candidate because of its corruptive potential, how could it not believe that the government has a similar anticorruption interest in limiting $3 million spent in an independent effort to elect that candidate? Would a federal candidate not feel much more beholden to the big spender than the more modest contributor?" (Hasen 2011). In other words, the decision merely serves to empower shadowy organizations not specifically affiliated with the candidate that may be even more ideologically rigid than the person they are trying to elect.

The Citizens United decision immediately fueled the creation of what became known as 'Super PACs' or political…. [read more]

Campaign Strategy Plan WI CD8 Essay

… We only need 10% of that swing. There is only one potential hitch, the ghost of Mr. Dodgson.

The first Rep. Dodgson was a staunch Democrat, but Carrie envisions a more inclusive campaign and office, and plus we need the swing vote, so we declare independent. Nonetheless, popular sentiment is noticeably swinging against the big banks, insurance firms and multinationals our opponent takes vast contributions from and represented with his few votes on the Hill. We spin this as Wall St. Vs. Main St. with our seniors and young nurses; ironworking parents, etc. Problem is, Mr. Dodgson was a nationally-renowned conservationist, and their daughter is a well-known Environmentalist. In order to get around this environmental stigma especially given potential Tea Party / Great Recession II…. [read more]

Campaign for the U.S. Presidency Essay

… Meanwhile due to the Supreme Court decision in 2011 called Citizens United, untold millions (perhaps as much as $400 million) was pumped into attack ads against Obama in the "battleground" states (Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, Iowa, et al.). Those attack ads (paid for by independent "super PACs" funded in part by former Bush advisor Karl Rove) were like "hand grenades" tossed into the middle of a presidential campaign, according to Jeremy Peters writing in The New York Times. One of the independent PACs, Crossroads GPS, funded an ad that claimed Obama was "Dishonest on taxes because he failed on jobs"; another roared that "Barack Obama wasted $800 billion on a failed stimulus"; still another claimed that Obama is "failing American families" (Peters, 2012).

But was Obama's…. [read more]

Gallic Campaigns Caesar Research Paper

… The Britons had a structure that was more like the Germanic tribes, but they also had a hierarchical government like the Romans and the Gauls. [22: Commentarii de Bellum Gallico. Trans W.A. MacDevitt. New York: Everyman's Library, 1915.3:1.] [23: Athena Review. "Caesar's Campaigns in Gaul (58-50 BC)." Athena Review, 1:4 (2007).] [24: Ibid.]

Some of Caesar's most interesting notes while fighting the Germans were those that he made concerning the actions of the druids. The Gallic people and the Britons worshipped gods who were patterned after those of the Greeks and Romans[footnoteRef:25]. But, the Germans had a much simpler belief. The Druids spoke to their gods who were supposed to be composed of the natural elements around them. The Druids spent years just memorizing the…. [read more]

Attitudes Roman Armies Barbarians Caesar Essay

… Regardless of any respect, the Romans treated the Gaulls and the Germanic troops as enemies. They were the enemies in their conquest to surrender the territories and acted as such. In one account of the wars that lasted for eight years, "Caesar, having given the necessary orders, hastened to and fro into whatever quarter fortune carried him, to animate the troops, and came to the tenth legion. Having encouraged the soldiers with no further speech than that "they should keep up the remembrance of their wonted valor, and not be confused in mind, but valiantly sustain the assault of the enemy" (McDevitte and Bohn, 2009)

The impression of the "other" is relevant in this case as well. The Gaulls, although the Romans were seen as…. [read more]

Julius Caesar as an Ethical Leader Essay

… Julius Caesar as an Ethical Leader

Ethical leadership can be observed in some of history's most notable individuals, taking into account that their strategies made it possible for them to assist their subordinates in achieving success as a whole. People in ancient times were generally determined to take on authoritarian attitudes as leaders, as they were accustomed to simply giving orders while expressing little to no interest in the well-being of their followers. In contrast, Julius Caesar acknowledged that it was best for him to actually care for his subordinates and focused on making them feel that they played an important role within the community. Rome was prospering during Caesar's leadership and people felt happy with their leader as he practically presented them with a…. [read more]

Anti-Drug Campaign for Teens Term Paper

… Scrutinizing the verbal strategies

In February of 2002, the director of ONDP Walters designed a task force to focus on the weaker links of the campaign and the causes which made it weak in outlook. The group identified some major changes in the campaign strategy. Now the target was the slightly older group of teens between age bracket of 14 to 16 who drastically went over to the dark side marijuana offered. Teens were not targeted this time. The ads were supposedly made more cut throat and competitive. Previously, not all ads were tested and proven before airing on national television. Now all these ads were to be given the green signal before airing on national television. The standards were now more cutthroat and competitive.…. [read more]

Health Advocacy Campaign Essay

… Leg one is the formal lobbying effort which is provided by the independent paid individuals. Leg two is known as the grassroots leg while, leg three is the political leg, this is the one that continuously tries to have an influence on the outcome of the elections.

Leg One: Professional Lobbyists

Lobbying is basically the act through which you persuade a government entity to achieve some specific outcome or legislative. There is no bill that can be made into a law without the input from a lobbyist. Although anyone can become a lobby but most of the time the lobbyist are associated with particular parties or groups. The lobbyists are looked at by the lawmakers as the experts of various issues and are usually contacted…. [read more]

Anti-Smoking Campaign Put Down Essay

… This should be especially effective for younger people who are in general more likely to be influenced by a message that tells them that they will be excluded from their peer group if they smoke. Much of the most effective marketing at younger people (both for social causes and for commercial products) has emphasized fitting in. The standard approach for selling cigarettes to young people has traditionally been to emphasize the cool-ness factor.

This is another way of describing the fact that cigarette companies have sought to convince young people that they will be popular if they smoke and that they will ostracized if they do not. Anti-smoking campaigns like Quit Victoria can work to reverse this message, telling young people that they will be…. [read more]

Public Awareness Campaign: Child Exploitation on the Internet Essay

… Better still, state educational officers could make impromptu visits to schools to assess their levels of compliance and report any deviations to the state governments for corrective action (Byron, 2008).

ii) To Parents

Parents understand the individual differences between their children better than anybody else. In order to effectively minimize risks to children, a reform plan should incorporate an element of support for "measures that raise parents' e-skills and confidence to enable them to protect their children effectively themselves" (Byron, 2008, p. 10). To this end, state governments could, through the various parent associations, create modules for parent training on e-safety matters, including child behavioral management (Byron, 2008). Moreover, the governments could deploy trained parenting experts, tasked with the role of equipping parents with the…. [read more]

Federal Campaign Contributions Research Paper

… During the middle of the primary season, he had an extra marital affair with an aide. She became pregnant and gave birth to Edward's daughter. During this process, is when the campaign diverted funds to provide her with financial support. Moreover, Edwards was a part of a major cover up to hide the affair and the child from the public. This is a violation of federal campaign finance laws (which resulted in Edward's indictment). ("John Edwards Repays $1.2 Million")

Campaign Finance and the Presidential Elections

In the current Presidential election, both the Romney and Obama campaigns have been receiving a tremendous amount of support from super PACs. In many cases, these are wealthy individuals that will pool their resources together along ideological lines. In the…. [read more]

Campaign Finance Essay

… Ethics of Campaign Finance

Marxist Response -- Campaign Finance

The Ethics of Campaign Finance: A Marxist Perspective

In January of 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a landmark decision regarding some fundamental aspects of campaign finance law. In doing so, it also raised some serious political, economic, and even ethical questions about the nature of freedom, expression, and representation in our country. The decision, which resulted from arguments about whether or not a film produced by a politically-aligned non-profit could be banned under the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reforms, effectively stated that corporations in general could not be limited in their ability to advertise for or against political candidates with funds from their own treasury. This decision overturned two previous decisions limiting the political influence of…. [read more]

President's Campaign Essay

… Campaigns of Grant and Wilson

A political campaign, particularly a Presidential campaign, is an important part of the American political process. It is an organized, and sometimes lengthy, effort to influence both the decision making process and overall political and social goals of the country for at least a four-year period. Modern political campaigns bear very little resemblance to those in America's history, partially due to social networking, technology, media influences, and a general style of journalism and techniques. Major campaigns in the United States are partisan and Presidential campaigns often last years -- sometimes even beginning shortly after one election and in preparation for the next. Campaigns have become so complex and expensive that only a select few can even begin to aspire to…. [read more]

Hugo Chavez the Propaganda Campaign Essay

… In an open letter to the Board of Directors of Human Rights Watch, over 100 experts on Latin America criticized the organization's recent report on Venezuela, A Decade Under Chavez: Political Intolerance and Lost Opportunities for Advancing Human Rights in Venezuela, saying that it "does not meet even the most minimal standards of scholarship, impartiality, accuracy, or credibility." The signers include leading academic specialists from universities in the United States, including Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and a number of state universities, and academic institutions in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, the U.K., Venezuela and other countries.

Media Utilization Techniques

The media has utilized many techniques to discredit Chavez over the years. These techniques include exaggeration of many aspects of the Chavez presidency. For example, although Hugo Chavez…. [read more]

Old Navy's Mobile Marketing Campaign Essay

… ("Digital Marketing Works Better for Millennials than TV," 2012)

When implementing these kinds of changes, it is imperative that management evaluates which approach is more effective. This means having the advertising department run a series of promotions. Their objectives are to understand which responses and formats that is most favorable. When this happens, researchers will create strategies that can have a lasting impact on customers. This is the point that they are willing to shop in Old Navy locations (based upon these views). ("Digital Marketing Works Better for Millennials than TV," 2012)

However, there must be a certain amount of flexibility applied. This is from the changes in tastes and what areas are most popular. If Old Navy can focus on these segments, they can…. [read more]

Anti-Drug Marketing Campaign What Do You Think Essay

… Anti-Drug Marketing Campaign

What do you think of the design of the advertising pretest?

The advertising pretest seems to have been seriously flawed in at least two specific ways. First, the main point of the entire project was to determine which would be the best and most effective possible message to prevent teenage drug use. By setting up the pretest to separate a prevention strategy and a curtailment strategy, the researchers weekend the potential value of the project. Initially, they had no basis for knowing how many teens already use drugs and how many do not yet use drugs. Obviously, a prevention strategy is comparatively less useful than a curtailment strategy in connection with teenagers who already use drugs; likewise, a curtailment strategy is comparatively…. [read more]

Campaign Ads Thesis

… Campaign Advertisements

In the 2008 historic presidential race, Barack Obama has repeatedly accused John McCain of running a completely negative campaign. Obama argued that the issues are too important for the "misleading mail and TV ads" and other negative tactics he attributes to our campaign. However, he made no mention of his own campaign's conduct.

According to Jones (2008), Obama ran "the most negative campaign in recent memory." In the Atlantic, she writes that Obama ran more negative ads than any candidate in history, including an advertising statement in which one of his supporters linked Senator McCain to the segregationist policies of George Wallace and the murder of four little girls.

Jones writes that while Obama said he detests negative advertisements, his campaign is filled…. [read more]

Campaigns and Elections Thesis

… Campaigns and Elections

Strategy Memorandum: The Political Geography and Climate of Mississippi Today

This strategy memorandum provides a background and overview of issues relevant to the State of Mississippi, recent election result, and popular political figures in the state that both parties can use in a nonpartisan fashion to determine how best to work within the political and historical confines of their respective districts and the state.

Median Income; Education

Median Age: 35.4 years

years and over: 73.9%

years and over: 12.4%

Workers median income: $25,849

Washington Post (2008) Elections at

Partisanship: Democrat (Blue State)/Republican (Red State).

According to Mitchell (2008), "Mississippi remains one of the reddest of the red states - voting Democratic in the presidential election only once since 1956. President Bush…. [read more]

Campaigns and Elections Thesis

… ¶ … Obama Campaign

Barak Obama is getting an incredible amount of media coverage and most of it is good. Since Obama is spending an incredible amount of money on ads, this should be no surprise. Jim Rutenberg reports that Obama buys advertising time, "day and night, on local stations and on the major broadcast networks, on niche cable networks and even on video games and his own dedicated satellite channels" (Rutenberg). That being said, Obama is running a mixture of advertising. Some of his ads clearly attack McCain while others tend to promote fear in order to garner votes. Howard Kurtz reports, "Seventy-seven percent of the Illinois Democrat's commercials were negative during the week after the Republican National Convention, compared with 56% of the…. [read more]

Julius Caesar and His Rise to Power Term Paper

… Julius Caesar and His Rise to Power

Caesar served his first military campaign under Minucius Thermus in 81 BC, assisting in "stamping out the embers of resistance to Roman rule in the province of Asia." During this campaign Caesar was awarded the civic crown for saving the life of a fellow soldier the battle of Mytilene; this would be the first of a huge number of decorations Caesar would earn over his legendary career. After continuing campaigns in Asia and Cilicia, he returned to Rome in 78 BC once news of Sulla's death reached him, but his failure to preserve the Sullan constitution drove him back to the East a year later. Here he planned on avoiding the realm of politics by studying at Rhodes,…. [read more]

Julius Caesar Was a Historical Research Paper

… As the senate wanted to deprive Caesar of all the opportunities of positive political growth, it designated him with the areas, the conquest of which had brought him no prestige and glory as a military man. Caesar, on the other hand, wanted more glory and prestige; therefore, he realized that he needed his associates and allies to overcome his adversaries in the Senate. (Julius Caesar biography, 1-2)

Caesar was able to find out an alliance that could overcome his enemies and opponents in the Senate. He, therefore, aligned himself with military general Pompey and a noble and powerful Roman politician Crassus and this alliance came to be known as 'the First Triumvirate'. This alliance brought both military power and strong political connections to Julius Caesar.…. [read more]

Promotional Practice Report Objectives Essay

… On the other hand, posters can be used in schools, business premises and the streets. They need to be attractive in order to capture the customers' attention. The suitability of this method in the campaign was that it captured the attention of many prospective customers who responded by purchasing the drinks. This led to increased sales (McMillan, 2008, p. 162-165).

Costa Coffee also used electronic media in its promotional campaign. An example of this media that it used was the internet. The internet is for marketing communication by many businesses. Ads about new and existing products and services are on a business's website that is posted on the internet. This allows for easy access of the information by prospective customers due to the development in…. [read more]

Mcdonald's Integrated Marketing Campaign Dissertation

… Noe (2006) further stated that advertisements for food and beverages passes on a message that is powerful enough to trigger consumption of the food advertised and positive emotions linked to food consumption. The message conveyed in the food adverts have the powers to act as real-world primes and lead to corresponding eating behaviors. However, given the types of foods, which are mostly fast foods or snacks and consumption benefits that are typically promoted in food adverts, what is primed or activated in the human conscious is usually consumption of those foods that are rather unhealthy. Therefore fast food advertisement that conveys snacking and fun i.e. those mostly shown when children programs are on air, will automatically trigger consumption behavior not only among children but also…. [read more]

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