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Controlling Street Gang Activity Research Paper

… These definitions have helped the policing agencies to apprehend high-risk individuals so that they may be prosecuted by the courts.

An important point to note in this scenario is that the Canadian correctional system is federal in nature as opposed to the system in the United States where each state has its own system and regulation of policing and correctional facilities. In the Canadian experience, the control of street gang activity relies almost exclusively on the use of gang suppression through policing efforts. This has put extreme pressure on the resources of the policing agencies, thereby adversely affecting their performance.

Municipalities play an important role in the policing strategy because they exercise control over the agencies. Considering that the policing agencies are under resourced at…. [read more]

Law Enforcement Bulletin Article Review

… Gangs Military Weapons Tactics


Gangs Deploying Military Hardware, Tactics

Street gangs are increasingly obtaining and deploying military-grade equipment and tactics. Be prepared for increasing levels of force and resistance. Pick your battles: Stay alert to stay alive!

National Gang Intervention Center 2007

National Gang Intervention Center 2007

Street gangs have been acquiring military-grade hardware, as indicated by:

Increasing civilian arrests for illegal purchase/posession of weaponry from private-sector Department of Defense contractors (1)

Congressional testimony and increasing nationwide arrests for stolen military offensive and defensive hardware sold at gun shows and by private individuals going back nearly two decades (2)

LAPD San Bernaardino arrested a parolee in 2006 in posession of a military rocket launcher (3)

Recent and increasing arrests…. [read more]

Juvenile Gangs Have Been Thorns Thesis

… White youths were more like to report having engaged in Vandalism than the black or Hispanic youths (Flores, 2006). Black youths were more likely to report having assaulted someone than the Whites or the Hispanics. Juvenile who lived with both of their parents were less likely to engage in law violating behaviors than those who lived in other types of families. Five percent of the youths aged 17 who lived with both of their parents reported their gang affiliations compared with 12% of youth who lived in other family arrangements (Flores, 2006). Presence of a family member in a gang determined whether a juvenile would report his involvement in gang related activities or not. Those with family members in gangs were three times more likely…. [read more]

Prison Gangs Movie American Me Term Paper

… Gang Life in Prison

When Montoya Santana was an adolescent he and his two best friends belonged to a "strong gang," hoping for respect in the neighborhood. As one of them explained, "Belonging is good, but respect is better." Respect in the story meant that nobody could take away from them their "class" or dignity. Sent to Juvenile Hall, Santano is brutalized and sexually victimized and kills his attacker. This act, he discovers, earns him some respect but also a 10 to 25-year sentence at Folsom State Prison.

There he becomes a member of La Eme because "Power became our game -- power to provide everything on the inside that is on the outside. Extortion, gambling, prostitution. Power to make every inmate pay rent. And…. [read more]

Gun Violence in December Research Proposal

… Another particularly interesting article that adds a bit of texture to this discussion concerns the role played by the media in our collective understanding of school shootings. Namely, there is a tendency as a litany of this horrific incidences builds up in our recent memory to perceive them as part of a pattern. Indeed, with another mass-casualty incident appearing to unfold anywhere between every few months to once a year, we are inclined as a general public to perceive that these events are part of a growing threat of gun violence in schools. The article by O'Grady et al. (2010) points to the way that the media tends to contextualize each incidence as part of this pattern. According to O'Grady et al., "when the media…. [read more]

Youth Violence Essay

… Similar to the tobacco industry that relies on the inability for the scientific community to prove cigarettes cause cancer (Cantor, 4), the entertainment industry relies on the inability to show that violence in the media causes youth violence, so it will not lose advertising revenue in violent programming aimed at children (Bushman and Anderson, 479). With such strong adversity, the scientific community will have to keep proving causality to try and break through the concepts to the general public.

Prominent members of the entertainment industry have gone as far as proclaiming that violence in the media helps reduce violence in the real world. Grace Johnson and Alfred Hitchcock have been quoted saying that media violence acts as a release for viewers and prevents future violence.…. [read more]

Depression and Teen Violence Few Term Paper

… WISQARS (Web-Based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System). Retrieved at On December 4, 2002.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance -- United States, 1999. Retrieved at On December 4, 2002.

Homicide Statistics Calculated From Data Provided in: Fox, J.A. & Zawitz, M.W. (2001). Homicide Trends in the United States. Bureau of Justice Statistics. Retrieved at On December 4, 2002.

National Institute of Mental Health. Depression in Children and Adolescents: A Fact Sheet for Physicians." Retrieved at December 4, 2002.

National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center- Teens- Hot Topics- Depression." Retrieved at On December 4, 2002.

National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center- Teens- Hot Topics- Youth Violence." Retrieved at On December 4, 2002.

Office of Juvenile…. [read more]

Youth and School Violence Term Paper

… Youth and School Violence

When studying violence by students in the school system, researchers recognize that the trait of aggression normally share other similar characteristics as well, such as low self-esteem and violence in their homes. In a study by Ellickson, Tucker and Klein in Pediatrics journal, the researchers looked at the correlation between early drinking and problematic behavior in school.

It is estimated that about 50% of adolescents have tried alcohol and about 25% have been completely drunk at least once by eighth grade. Unfortunately, teen alcohol abuse has a negative impact on the four leading causes of adolescent death -- car accidents, accidental injuries, homicides and suicides. As noted above, it is also a well-known fact that drinking goes hand-in-hand with other problems…. [read more]

Gang Prevention Term Paper

… ¶ … Stanley "Tookie" Williams' Gang Prevention Books on Pre-Adolescent Boys

One of the biggest problems facing American society today is gang violence committed by youthful offenders. Furthermore, studies have shown time and again that such activity remains on the increase, and even small towns, communities and suburbs in the United States are being affected by gang activity. The implications of this persistent presence of violence in American society has had a profound effect on the nation's youth as well, with many young people being drawn to this lifestyle as the only perceived viable career path available to them, while others may be attracted by the glamorized "gangsta" lifestyle popularized in today's music. Young people may commit acts of violence in an effort to emulate…. [read more]

Gangs the Presence Term Paper

… This perception also gets further reinforced due to legitimate employment opportunities being few and far between for people who carry the stigma of hailing from certain neighborhoods, which are known for their high crime rate. And, of course, it doesn't help that most people from such neighborhoods are usually not polished or well educated enough to qualify for the better jobs. Thus, it is evident that a number of interrelated factors work together to result in the development of criminally oriented gangs. Therefore, each of these factors must be addressed in order to prevent the very formation of criminal gangs.

The first of these, poverty, can only be addressed through programs that specifically provide employment opportunities. In fact, it may help to provide such opportunities…. [read more]

School Violence in South Africa Term Paper

… ¶ … violence at schools in South Africa has assumed grave proportions. While the issue of violence at schools is contemporary and endemic to many countries in the West, the situation in South Africa is problematized by the history of the country and the legacy of the Apartheid period. Consequently, there is a wide variety of interlinking and concomitant issues and causative factors that make this issue a complex but particularly relevant area of research.

Therefore, the topic under consideration in this study will be the various aspects surrounding the issue of violence at schools in South Africa. This will include not only a concern with underlying historical and social factors, such as pervasive inequality and the legacy of the Apartheid regime, but will also…. [read more]

Excess of Five Million U.S Research Paper

… Assault seldom happens devoid of oral violence. The publication, "Violence in the Emergency Department: Tools & Strategies to Create a Violence-Free ED" by Patricia Allen provides the STAMP method which illustrates high-risk habits for example staring as well as pacing (Allen, 2009).

Method of Handling a Potentially Aggressive Person

Rely on your feelings if you think uneasy around someone. Be aware. Don't segregate yourself. Have security personal around. Call security personal when you initially notice a risk. Maintain risk-free space. Maintain a wide open pathway for exiting. Show a relaxed, thoughtful perspective. Don't tie in with the threats. Do not give directives. Recognize the Individual's inner thoughts. Steer clear of any kind of routine which may be construed as hostile. Limit eye-to-eye contact.

Problem Statement…. [read more]

Youths and Gangs Thesis

… ¶ … presence of gangs in American communities remains a public safety issue and a public health issue. Gangs are linked to phenomena like violent crime and drug abuse. To reduce gang violence, it is necessary to recognize root causes of the presence of gangs, to understand the structure of gangs, and also to recognize the risk factors associated with gang membership.

Research related to gangs focuses on various sociological, psychological, and criminological variables. A review of literature reveals various structural phenomena associated with the presence of gangs, including high rates of unemployment and poverty. Some researchers focus more on the organizational structure and culture of gangs to illuminate the roles gangs serve in their communities. Research into the psychology of gang membership can also…. [read more]

Impact of Gangs on Females Research Paper

… Detrimental Effects of Female Gang Membership

In sociological terms, gangs usually refers to groups of juveniles. Gangs are seen as a form of establishing social order that offers an alternative source of status. The term 'gang' typically evokes violence, drug use and dealing and crime.

When a new member joins a gang, he/she must usually go through an initiation. Initiations do not usually involve elaborate ceremonies or formalities, but the initiate will have to endure certain rites. The most common is "jumping in," a beating issued by all the gang members. Gangs that accept female gang members sometimes rape them as their initiation instead of a "jumping in." Following the initiation the new gang member must participate in a mission. This can be anything from…. [read more]

Prison Gang Is a Select Essay

… This is why they fight with and manufacture improvised weapons. Gangs make prison corridors an extension of the streets where they battle over tuff and drug territory. Because of security lapses, these gangs make lethal improvised weapons behind the bars which are used to threaten and carry out violence. It is mind boggling how authorities would allow religious organizations whose activities influence manufacture of improvised weapons behind bars to continue operating within the prisons (Fleisher & Decker, 2001). Facilities exposed to the religious organizations like World Church of Creator (WCOTC) tend to have two-fold increase in weapons production. In fact, correctional facilities that have access to their literature have a weapon production problem of over 70% (Knox, 2005). It is worrying to know that with…. [read more]

Policy Analysis -- Gang Activity Research Paper

… Researchers reached to three conclusions at the end of this exercise. Firstly, approximately 8 out of each 10 cities had been noted to experience gang homicide cases on a frequent basis. Secondly, the pattern of gang homicide cases in these cities was experiencing an increasing curve allowing the problem to grow further and getting into the roots of the city. Thirdly, around 20-40% of all homicide cases pertained to gang killing in the two largest cities. These cities comprised 70% of the total population selected for the analysis (Howell et al., 2011).

The study revealed that gang activity has prevailed throughout the nation. It was not just confined to the State of New York. The presence of gangs in these regions raises doubts over the…. [read more]

Youth Gangs: The Role Essay

… It is these very reasons that informed the decision to use secondary sources and data that has already been conducted by past researchers to meet the study objectives.

Conducting secondary research has several advantages, including; it is affected less by researcher manipulation, is less time consuming, and is less costly to conduct. The fact that materials are readily available on the internet allows researchers to spend less time on data collection and more time on the interpretation of results. This gives room for the results to be more credible. Further, resources such as books can help in the recognition of trends over time, enabling the researcher to draw some useful conclusions. However, secondary research is not without its share of disadvantages. To begin with, there…. [read more]

Parent Interview on School Violence Research Proposal

… Parent Interview- School Violence: Project Description

The subjects of this project include two parents who have children in the public school system in urban Los Angeles. Both parents have children attending the same high school, the level at which one might expect school violence to pose the greatest threat to children and parents. The first parent is a fairly young single mother of one child. The mother is 31, and her daughter, aged 15, is a high-school freshman. The mother is African-American, and her daughter is of mixed ancestry, half African-American and half-Mexican-American. The father has been intermittently involved in the daughter's life, but is currently incarcerated. The other parent is also relatively young, a 38-year-old African-American father of a 16-year-old son. The father is…. [read more]

American Street Gangs Term Paper

… American street gang problem is one of a layered problem. The image f the American gangster has been glamorized by Americans, and shown to be one way, perhaps the easier way, of accomplishing the American dream. Unfortunately, as anyone living in a major American city like Chicago, Boston, or LA can tell us, there is nothing glamorous about bullets ripping through the paper thin walls of a housing development or finding your own child lying dead in the street before he or she has even reached puberty as a result of gangland violence. American street gangs have evolved, spreading now beyond the cities, to the suburbs and are now doing battle for the rural areas in order to expand the operations that feed the gangland…. [read more]

Criminal Justice System Program Reducing Research Paper

… Selection criteria and their weights are statement of the problem at 25%, project design at 25%, capabilities and competencies at 30%, data collection plan at 10%, and budget a 10% (BJA).

Rationale of the Program

Research showed a 4.1% decline in violent crime in cities where PSN was implemented as compared with only 0.9% in cities that had no implementation (NIJ, 2009). The cities investigated were Durham, Greensboro and Winston-Salem in North Carolina, Lowell in Massachusetts, St. Louis in Missouri, Chicago, Stockton in California, and Montgomery and Mobile in Alaska. There were very significant declines in gun crime in all the police districts, which implemented PSN as compared to districts, which did not. It was found that target cities with a high level of commitment…. [read more]

Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs and Organized Crime Thesis

… Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs and Organized Crime

The Modern History of Organized Crime in America:

Organized crime has a long history in the United States going back further than the modern era of American law enforcement, on some levels. The Prohibition era in between 1920 and 1930 greatly increased the profitability of organized crime because of the continued public demand for illegal alcohol after it was prohibited on a national scale by the 18th Amendment to the Constitution. In many respects, this period was considered the heyday of organized crime because of the extent to which public officials, local, and in some cases, even state authorities were complicit with organized criminal gangs such as those lead by Al Capone in Chicago. Even the modern-day National Association…. [read more]

MS-13 Gang and How it Related to Terrorism Research Paper

… M-13 Gang and How it Relates to Terrorism

The M-13 gang, otherwise called Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) is one of the most dangerous gangs in the world. Originating in the U.S., Los Angeles, it spread to other parts of the world, predominately Canada, Mexico, and Central America, and has recently spread to the Washington DC area of the Untied States1. Active in urban and suburban areas, the majority of the members are Central Americans. There are approximately 50,000 MS-13 members living in the U.S. today, and almost double that amount proliferating in Central America.

Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) is actually quite a recent phenomena. Mushrooming in the Pico-Union neighborbood of Los Angeles, MS-13 was formed by immigrants from Central America whose original purpose was to protect Salvadoran…. [read more]

Monkey Wrench Gang, by Edward Term Paper

… "Dangerous radicals" have stood up and been counted for hundreds of years in America, it is one of the things which sets up apart as a free nation. That four unique and divergent individuals could come together and join together into a well-oiled desert disaster squad says as much about Americans as it does about love of the land. The desert southwest was on an unalterable path, and the Monkey Wrenchers wanted to stop its headlong voyage toward destruction. In the same way path dependency defines not the best but the most popular, the Monkey Wrench Gang defines the path toward social change by not the best or most popular route, but the route that will make people stand up and take notice. The Monkey…. [read more]

Executive Email Format, Using Bullet Points Thesis

… ¶ … executive email format, using bullet points. Make sure you get right to the point using major facts and problems. It must discuss the status of gang violence on long island in New York for the past 3 years. Has it increases or decreased? Please discuss gang ms13 in detail as well as other gangs on long island. What can police do to help the gang situation?

To the department:

The problems of gangs in Long Island have shown a notable and disturbing increase.

According to New York Police Department (NYPD) statistics compiled in a report entitled "New York/New Jersey high intensity drug trafficking area drug market analysis" by the National Drug Intelligence Center:

Gang-related incidents increased 47.3% and gang-motivated incidents increased 44.4% in…. [read more]

Gangsta Rap Music and Violence Toward Women Term Paper

… Gangsta Rap/Violence toward Women

Gangsta Rap Music and Violence Toward Women

The term gangsta rap began its rise to popularity when the controversial single "Gangsta, Gangsta" by N.W.A. (*****z with Attitude) hit the Billboard's Hot Rap Singles chart (Quinn 2000). This new term denoted a fresh and provocative rap sound - a cocktail of bass - driven and usually minor-key tracks, heightened first-person street gang rhymes, irreverent and humorous stories, and antiestablishment social commentary on de-industrialized black life - created by a cluster of rap artists in the Los Angeles region, thus by the early 1990's, this most controversial strain of hip-hop was on its way to becoming the market leader (Quinn 2000).

Rap music is an expression of minorities' frustration with poverty, drugs, and…. [read more]

Corrections Gangs Term Paper

… Corrections/Gangs

Prison gangs are groups of organized criminals that began within the penal system and have continued to operate within correctional facilities throughout the United States. Prison gangs are also found outside the prison system as well. Normally, a prison gang is made up of a select group on inmates who have an organized chain of command and who are presided over by an established code of conduct. Prison gangs usually have fewer members than street gangs and usually are structured along racial or ethnic lines. Nationally, prison gangs present a threat because of their function in the transportation and distribution of narcotics. Prison gangs have an important connection between drug-trafficking organizations and street gangs. They often broker the transfer of drugs to gangs in…. [read more]

Looking Into Gangs in the U S Prisons Research Paper

… Gangs in the U.S. Prisons

Who are they?

The definition of 'prison gangs' according to Lyman (1989) is a group that operates in prisons as a self-maintained criminal unit, comprising of a selected bunch of prisoners having a fixed, ordered command chain and regulated by a set standard of conduct. These gangs typically operate covertly. One of its objectives is performing gang activities through the control of their respective prison environments, via aggression and bullying directed at non-gang members (p. 48). They constitute a relentlessly disruptive force within correctional facilities. Their activities end up disrupting correctional programming, eroding institutional culture, and threatening staff as well as fellow inmates' safety (Fleisher & Decker, 2001).

Commonly, prison gangs engage in illegal activities such as drug trafficking, prostitution,…. [read more]

School Shootings Violence in Schools Essay

… Substance abuse problems were also not prevalent. However, most attackers showed some history of suicidal attempts or thoughts, or a history of feeling extreme depression or desperation. Most attackers had difficulty coping with significant losses or personal failures. Despite prompt law enforcement responses, most shooting incidents were over well before a SWAT team could have arrived. Metal detectors have not deterred students who were committed to killing themselves and others. Most attackers had access to weapons, and had used them prior to the attack. Most of the attackers acquired their guns from home. Many attackers felt bullied, persecuted or injured by others prior to the attack, and said they had tried without success to get someone to intervene. Administrators and teachers were targeted in more…. [read more]

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