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Drugs Be Legalized? Term Paper

… " The arguments labeling drugs as "immoral and destructive" are suggested as "unquantifiable" against "economic analysis" of drug legalization.

The 'war on drugs': a view from the trenches

Robert Silbering's article "The 'war on drugs': a view from the trenches." mentions arguments explaining the reasons for a drug problem, further suggesting drugs legalization as no solution to the problem. Silbering's arguments add another dimension to the debate on the issue of legalization surrounding drugs.

The author starts by devaluing the arguments in favor of legalization of drugs,.".. I am reminded of the manufacturer who sells his product at a loss." In a brief roundup the author highlights prudence by mentioning knowledge of all the aforementioned arguments in favor of legalization of drugs (such as those…. [read more]

Economic Problems Faced by Mexican Term Paper

… America needs to stop seeing the problems faced by the Mexican immigrant as "their problems" and help our brothers who are distressed to obtain the level of success they rightful deserve. If one portion of an infrastructure is weak it is only a matter of time before it all topples.

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Aboriginal Activism in Australia Term Paper

… It was these agitation's and activism which brought a number of changes for the Aboriginal people; these radical groups were successful in their strategy to adopt extreme form of protest and agitation's. The reforms brought about by these radical groups included the availability of commonwealth child endowment payments to Aboriginal families, after two years this reform was extended to those on missions or government reserves. In 1942 the old age pension began to be paid to those Aborigines outside the operations of the Aboriginal acts. Though these reforms were very crucial they did not bring about a radical change, there was a massive discrimination still going against the Aboriginal people. The government implemented the Aborigines act but it had a certain criteria as to who…. [read more]

Polish Immigrants Term Paper

… The Soviets would continue to develop their political and military might while Adolf Hitler would come into power in Germany. Though an independent country, Poland was surrounded by those who wanted to take thier independence away.

Prior to World War I, many of the Polish-Americans were struggling with integrating themselves into the culture. After the first World War, many of the Poles in Chicago were born in America. This new generation of Polish-Americans saw themselves more as Americans than as Poles. Many would continue to speak Polish at home and attend parochial schools where Polish history and culture was taught, but the vast majority defined themselves as American.

The nineteen twenties in Chicago was a tumultuous time. Prohibition began and Chicago became a haven for…. [read more]

Reading Improvement in Third Grade Term Paper

… The goals are as follows:

Terminal objective 1. Students will demonstrate positive attitudes toward reading by accelerating their growth and reading ability, fostering a love of reading, developing into lifelong learners, becoming critical thinkers, and improving their scores.

Terminal objective 2. Students will demonstrate their ability to construct, extend, and examine meaning for a variety of texts by using strategic behavior and integrating their prior knowledge about both reading and the topic.

Terminal objective 3. Students will demonstrate their ability to vary their orientation to the text by interacting with a variety of texts for different purposes. Students will read for recreation, for literary experience, to be informed, and to perform a task.

Terminal objective 4. Students will demonstrate their ability to interact with texts…. [read more]

Educational Vouchers: Multiple Issues Term Paper

… More than two-thirds of high school students either dropped or failed out before graduation. Of those students who managed to reach their senior year, one of every four still failed to graduate. Of those students who did graduate, few could read, write, or compute at levels comparable to their counterparts in other cities

(Zelman, et al., v. Simmons-Harris et al., 2002).

As to the Court's rejection of the church vs. state, the Rehnquist view (for the majority) was that, though it was indeed government money going into voucher parents' hands and then into the hands of religious schools, it was not government money going directly to religious schools. It was a case " which government aid reaches religious schools only as a result of the…. [read more]

Bilingual Educated Students Term Paper

… One the other hand, no matter what type of school the teacher is in, if her expectations are high of the students, and they are not allowed to do less quality work than what they are capable of, the students will pick this up to, and will adjust accordingly.

LEP students generally come from poverty level income families and seventy percent qualify for free lunches. They are considered of lower class social standing. As young as elementary grade levels, the students from these lower socioeconomic families did have lower academic achievement test scores. Financially limited children, whom most are also minority children, are just as capable of learning and retaining information as those of middle or high-class families. A conscious effort must be applied as…. [read more]

Against the Idea of Legalizing Essay

… This led to a three-year investigation in which many mob and public officials were arrested, charged and convicted of various crimes. One of the biggest crimes that was consistently committed according to the affidavits was illegal gambling and cohesion.

The late 1990s saw yet more public official murders that were contracted by the mob.

Several years ago a sheriff was convicted of assisting in the mobs cover-up of illegal gambling in Youngstown (Racketeering, 1999).

Those who want gambling legalized claim that it would allow the city to have control over the gambling and its funds and practices (James, 1997).

Gambling should not be allowed to come into Youngstown. With the history of the city so entwined in the life and business of the mafia; allowing…. [read more]

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