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Gang Programs: Understanding Gang Growth and Membership Characteristics Term Paper


Gang Growth and Membership, Characteristics of Gang Members, Gang Programs

Current Status, Historical Growth, and Projected Trends of Gangs

Current Research on Gang Formation and its Implications

Identification and Classification of Types of Gangs and their Influence

Street Gangs

Prison Gangs

Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

Juvenile Gangs

Hispanic Gangs

Asian gangs

Internationally Gangs

Assessment of Programs Policies to Respond to Gang Activities

Primary Prevention Program

Secondary prevention

Tertiary Prevention Program

Synthesizing Relevant Issues in Gang Formation and Recommendations




Fundamental objective of this project is to explore the gang growth and membership, characteristics of gang members, and gang programs. The research explores the history of gangs, gang classifications and various programs used to address…. [read more]

Violence in the Public Schools Term Paper

… Internally, how educators cope with these issues also needs to be considered, meaning that they should be given more assistance and guidance in addressing the problems of students. Analysts note that "strong recommendations for a shift toward and emphasis on more preventive and positive approaches for addressing problem behavior have been made by numerous educators and researchers" (Sugai and Horner 130). It seems clear that what is needed is a comprehensive security program involving increased vigilance, better counseling programs, and external security measures, and all need to be coordinated and monitored so that the administration knows what is happening in the school and is ready to head off a problem before it turns to violence.

Works Cited

Access Control & Security Systems Integration Facility Systems…. [read more]

Violence in Public Schools Essay

… A child's normal development can be hindered when the child is bullied -- and that hindrance can carry into adulthood, Horne explains; in fact early childhood bullying can become a "risk factor for adolescents' suicidal behavior" (68). And teachers in elementary school can usually identify a student who will later "…exhibit delinquency and criminal behavior" that is true because elementary school bullies often grow into offenders during their adolescent and young adult years (Horne, 68).

School Violence -- Forms of Bullying

Dorothy Espelage and Susan Swearer edited a book titled Bullying in North American Schools (Second Edition); they define bullying as a "complex phenomenon," deserving of being linked with school violence (Espelage, et al., 2004, 3). Research on bullying indicates that it is a "discriminatory…. [read more]

Gangs and Violence in Schools Term Paper

… Gangs and Violence in Schools

In the past several years, there has been a theatrical raise of gang's dilemma in smaller cities, towns, and villages. In 1999, sixty six percent of large cities, forty seven percent of inhabited regions, twenty seven percent of small cities and eighteen percent of rural districts stated active youth gangs but a small number of adolescent people join gangs in highly impacted regions. The amount of participation has rarely surpassed over ten percent. Additionally, it has also been reported that less than two percent of all youthful misdemeanor are connected with various gangs. However, such gangs play a major role on schools. Aggression in the schools has gradually increased a lot. Since 1978, a study of National Institute of Education…. [read more]

Gangs and Gang-Related Activities Thesis

… Education is one of the most important solutions to the problem of gangs, gang violence, and drug abuse. During my interview with Nick Parker, he made it clear that if he had a mentor or leader to help guide him in school and prevent him from dropping out, he might not have joined the gangs. In Snitch, the kids are diverted from school and they could have succeeded in school if they had avoided gang life. Education and awareness are important, but it is more important to have concrete means to avoid gangs. Participating in community life and healthy activities means that gang life needs to become socially unacceptable by young people, while healthy activities need to become normative. When fewer young people are interested…. [read more]

Gang Membership Multiple Chapters

… Gang Membership

A gang involves persons who have a similar identity and have a common purpose. A gang as per the description is just an association of people. However, the word is so much associated with specific groups whose intentions and activities are criminal in nature (Cummings, 1993). Thus with time the definition has changed to a group of such individuals perpetrate crime.

There are different types of gangs, a delinquent youth gang, is a loosely prearranged group of young persons, usually juveniles, and/or young adults who participate in undesirable behavior frequently attract attention from authority. A traditionally turf-based gang, is loosely structured group that is usually committed to just preventing or protecting its status as a group. It is mainly associated with territories and…. [read more]

Gun Violence in December Research Proposal

… Another particularly interesting article that adds a bit of texture to this discussion concerns the role played by the media in our collective understanding of school shootings. Namely, there is a tendency as a litany of this horrific incidences builds up in our recent memory to perceive them as part of a pattern. Indeed, with another mass-casualty incident appearing to unfold anywhere between every few months to once a year, we are inclined as a general public to perceive that these events are part of a growing threat of gun violence in schools. The article by O'Grady et al. (2010) points to the way that the media tends to contextualize each incidence as part of this pattern. According to O'Grady et al., "when the media…. [read more]

Gang Violence Essay

… When a light sentence is handed down by a court, it shows the offense has a low priority and that is wrong, Pollack asserts. Typically, a gun-related murder in Chicago follows this equation: "Two young men + stupid beef [grudge or argument] + gun = dead body" (Coates, p. 6).

How are Christians supposed to address gang / gun violence?

The Christian Science Monitor presents a Christian perspective of the increased gang violence in Chicago. God's presence is felt even in "urban wasteland" neighborhoods with "boarded-up homes" -- and the "goodness" from Christian-based creative ideas can break through "repetitive thought patterns" (Carlson, 2012). In other words, Christians should confront hatred and violence because it is within God's authority to do so; and humans have "God's…. [read more]

Gang Prevention as Education Levels Essay

… These programs have had success in the past because it emphasizes the need to reroute the thinking of many of the individuals residing in lower income communities. They are trained to think that violence is not the only means for survival, despite the contradiction from their environment and surroundings.

The need to educate the public on gang crime prevention does not solely exist in the communities that are constantly battling gang violence; the need also exists in suburban or middle to upper class communities. Much of the lack of support toward improving the educational system in the inner city communities is due to the misunderstanding of the aspects that lead to gang formation in the first place. Because most of these urban communities are occupied…. [read more]

Gun Violence in Schools Research Paper

… Gun purchase in many gun shops was reported to be on the rise immediate after the occurrence of 911 incidences. According to research by the FBI, six months after the 911 incidence saw an overhauled increase in the number of gun sales in the market. According to studies done by the FBI on one hundred and thirty thousand checks on gun sales six months before the 911 incident, the results showed that there was a rise of almost fifty percent of the guns sales after the 911 incident. Further research on the occurrence of violence and criminal activities after the 911 incident indicated that there was a rise in criminal activities involving gun violence after the 911 incident. For instance, gun violence involving young children…. [read more]

School Uniforms for Students Term Paper

… As part of a general safety program, many school districts are considering implementing uniform policies.

The purpose to this study is to prove that wearing school uniforms has a positive effect on student behavior and/or school violence in United States schools. In this paper's review of literature, issues explored include a rationale for policy adoption, legal implications of uniform policies; and the perceptions of parents, students, educators, and those opposing uniform policies. In conclusion, recommendations on successful policy formation will be issued in the Results section.

D. Procedures

It is hypothesized that behavior in schools which require their students to wear uniforms will be better than those schools which do not with respect to discipline and behavior.

This study will use existing empirical research. The…. [read more]

Local Gangs Part I Research Essay

… The crime activity consisted of 39% assaults, 27% aggravated assaults, 8% attempted homicide, and 4% homicide. Passaic reported 21% in gang related homicide. Violent crime was more likely attributed to the Bloods at 58%. Gangs involved in theft crimes were 38%, with robbery at 70%, burglary 42%, vehicle theft 33%, and shoplifting at 31%. Narcotic crimes consisted of 44% marijuana sales, 37% cocaine sales, and 28% heroine sales.

Some law enforcement officials questioned the results of the survey, claiming the survey results were not consistent with the number of gang related arrests (Fabiano, 2011). The survey indicated a strong presence of Blood and Crip gangs, but officials state a strong presence of Latin King as well. Another problem mentioned was the significant problem of illegal…. [read more]

School Uniforms: Unproven and Unnecessary When Long Term Paper

… School Uniforms: Unproven and Unnecessary

When Long Beach, California public schools began mandating uniforms in 1994, other schools and districts took notice (Schachter 46). Could uniforms improve academic achievement and reduce behavioral problems, as the Long Beach schools purported? By 2002 more than 23% of America's public elementary schools had followed suit, hoping to see the amazing results that were suggested (Schachter 46). Yet, the evidence is still unclear. Supporters continue to claim that violence and behavioral problems are reduced while discipline and concentration are higher in uniformed schools (Wilkins 20). What's missing is any credible research to back the claims of individual schools and educators. Some critics find that other changes instituted at the same time as uniforms should get the credit for improvements…. [read more]

School Uniforms Research Proposal

… School Uniforms

The debate about the effectiveness of a school uniform policy to address school performance and other issues has not been settled. Uniforms have been more common in private schools, particularly Catholic schools and the debate has been more about the use of uniforms in public schools. Some strongly agree that school uniforms positively change the school culture and the students' attitudes and behavior and there are those who deny this claim. The general debate focuses on two major issues -- the effect that uniforms can have on gang activity and whether or not having a school uniform policy infringes on students human rights. Mitchell and Knechtle (2003) examine the issue of constitutional rights and school uniform policies. Opponents to the school uniform policy…. [read more]

School Violence in Schools Term Paper

… "

Updating Policies

Schools across the country, such as those in Bergen County, New Jersey, are currently revising and implementing policies to deal with school violence. Their "policies on vandalism and violence in the schools are being modified to refer to bullying and harassment, and to make them conform to other school policies on bullying and intimidation (Austin, 2003)."


School violence is a crucial problem facing children today. It is imperative to not only find ways to reduce the violence, but to implement them as well. It is up to the adults to protect future generations and provide them with a safe learning environment.


Austin, Charles. (20 November, 2003). Fair Lawn plans to update school policies.

The Record (Bergen County, NJ).

Erickson, Doug.…. [read more]

School Children Crisis Intervention Term Paper

… It is important to note that when a school undergoes a crisis, it is usually considered a community/societal crisis. For example, consider the Columbine High School Massacre (or any other school shootings that have taken place in recent years). This incident was not only a community crisis, but it really was a cultural and national crisis because it brought up so many questions for society in the midst of a horrific event. It brought up issues about gun control, violent video games, and violence, in general, in our schools.

Forming a school-based crisis team is a wonderful idea, but the resources for these types of teams are often quite limited (UCLA 2008). However, not having a crisis team is considered a greater risk. Nearly all…. [read more]

Violence in the Media TV Movies and Video Games Research Paper

… Violence in the Media and Children

Violence in media has become a serious problem. Children are heavily exposed to violence in films, TV shows, and video games from their early ages. This heavy exposure to violence may lead to aggressive and violent behavior, encouraging children to see violence as normal. And because of the popularity of violence in media and the fact that children today represent a very lucrative market, the entertainment industry takes advantage of this situation by targeting children for their products that glorify violence. In essence, the producers of violent media content and video games are guilty of child exploitation. To address the problem, the public needs greater regulation of violence in media to protect children.

Violence in Media: Why Greater Regulation…. [read more]

Suggestions for Actions That Law Enforcement or the Public May Take to Curb Gang Activities Essay

… Gang Activity


Question 1- According to many researchers, the public in general views law enforcement as having the primary responsibility for curbing gang activity. Is this view faulty? Justify your conclusions and provide suggestions for actions that law enforcement or the public may take to curb gang activity.

Gangs are certainly not new in the historical sense. 19th century American and British teen gangs have been extensively studied, and even popularized in movies like Gangs of New York. In fact, who can forget the famous musical rendition of Oliver Twist, a youth gang led by a nefarious criminal; or even the…. [read more]

Schools and Delinquency Research Proposal

… ¶ … school crime, including the characteristics of individual students, schools and communities that seem most important in explaining school crime. Juvenile violence associated with schools is on the upswing, and each year seems to bring new stories of gun violence, vandalism, and gangs invading the nation's academic institutions, from elementary schools on to institutions of higher education. Several studies have attempted to explain this rise in school crime, and what attributes are most problematic in this issue. There are certain characteristics in common, although it is difficult to consistently predict when school violence will hit a community.

The nation's young people are dying violently more and more often, as researcher David C. May notes, "Firearm homicides are the second leading cause of death for…. [read more]

Gang Violence in Canada Essay

… S. It has been reported that in Canada in 2008, 1 in 4 homicides committed were gang-related, an 9% increase from 16% in 2005 ("Gangs and Guns").

Though gang violence is not exclusive to aboriginal gangs, violence and crime committed by these gangs has risen in recent years. Aboriginal gangs in Canada have gained prominence in the media due to their involvement in violent shootings and slayings, as well as their involvement in the 2009 Vancouver gang war (Bolan). Aboriginal gangs often participate in drug distribution, prostitution and theft. At a recent conference, it was predicted that aboriginal youth gang membership was going to double within the next ten years. Though aborigines only make up 2.8% of the Canadian population, they make up 18% of…. [read more]

Race and Ethnicity in Gang Term Paper

… Gang activity has grown substantially throughout the world over the past decade. For the most part the majority of gang activity occurs in densely populated urban areas. Over the years a great deal of research has been conducted as it pertains to the reasons for gang activity and the individuals that are most likely to join gangs. The purpose of this discussion is to explore race and ethnicity as it pertains to gangs.

History of Race and Ethnicity in Gangs

For the most part many studies concerning the prevalence of gangs have not been very exploratory as it pertains to race and ethnicity. According to an article found in the Journal of African-American History

Gang research from its beginnings, like urban sociology generally, has minimized…. [read more]

Gangs: Coercion and Prevention Essay

… These events will not only promote a sense of fun, but also a sense of community and activities that can be enjoyable while also being safe and harm free. In addition, positive family role models will also help young children to build a strong sense of morality which would not need to be replaced by gang loyalty or violence-related honor.

In other words, parents need to take responsibility for promoting these role-model images by displaying appropriate behavior while also relating to children in a way that will emphasize a proactive, non-violent way of resolving conflicts, abstaining from substances, and the like. On the basis of such strong family relationships, it is less likely that children will succumb to coercion methods without seeking the help of…. [read more]

School Shootings Violence in Schools Essay

… Substance abuse problems were also not prevalent. However, most attackers showed some history of suicidal attempts or thoughts, or a history of feeling extreme depression or desperation. Most attackers had difficulty coping with significant losses or personal failures. Despite prompt law enforcement responses, most shooting incidents were over well before a SWAT team could have arrived. Metal detectors have not deterred students who were committed to killing themselves and others. Most attackers had access to weapons, and had used them prior to the attack. Most of the attackers acquired their guns from home. Many attackers felt bullied, persecuted or injured by others prior to the attack, and said they had tried without success to get someone to intervene. Administrators and teachers were targeted in more…. [read more]

Liability Issue in School Essay

… Liability Issue in School

According to U.S. Department of Education, safety at school is a fundamental element in a good performance of students in a school. The reasons why safety at school is a legitimate issue is because, firstly it allows students to focus entirely on their academic achievements. Secondly it fosters positive relationships between the students and the school personnel which improves the staff morale. Thirdly, safety at school provides a conducive environment for learning which in turn leads to improved academics. Fourthly, it ensures reduced disciplinary cases, detentions and suspensions. All these benefits extend to the entire community in the district by bringing up children who are well behaved and with academic excellence. Further to this, the entire district becomes secure for all…. [read more]

Are School-Based Anti-Bullying Programs Decreasing the Rate of Victimization? Thesis

… School-Based Bullying

Prevention Programs

The problem regarding how schools may best make their environments physically and emotionally safe leads to the question: Does a school-based program decrease victimization? This leading question guiding the literature review addresses a critical concern challenging school officials and others interested in helping to ensure the safety and emotional well-being of youth. Determining what works best to confront violence and students being victimized, are interventions that help the child become stronger within himself. The program Olweus developed, which a number of school officials base their school-wide anti-bullying programs, on depicts an excellent example of one effective approach to counter bullying, victimization and violence.

During the study's literature review which examines the primary research question: Does a school-based program decrease victimization?, the…. [read more]

Gangs the Problems Term Paper

… On the other hand, the NYGSA data shows that in smaller cities and in rural counties the average age of known gang members tends to be younger. In other words, the more recent the gang start-up is, the more likely that gang has younger members.

Are there gangs with female members? The NYGSA information points to gangs generally being "overwhelmingly" male. However there are females that join gangs, it is just difficult for law enforcement to get a handle on how many. For example, the NYGSA information received from responding law enforcement do not indicate an interest in counting or assessing the number of females in local gangs; less than 15% of law enforcement agencies reported that "none of the gangs in their jurisdictions have…. [read more]

School Violence in South Africa Term Paper

… ¶ … violence at schools in South Africa has assumed grave proportions. While the issue of violence at schools is contemporary and endemic to many countries in the West, the situation in South Africa is problematized by the history of the country and the legacy of the Apartheid period. Consequently, there is a wide variety of interlinking and concomitant issues and causative factors that make this issue a complex but particularly relevant area of research.

Therefore, the topic under consideration in this study will be the various aspects surrounding the issue of violence at schools in South Africa. This will include not only a concern with underlying historical and social factors, such as pervasive inequality and the legacy of the Apartheid regime, but will also…. [read more]

Arise Gang Prevention Program Thesis

… ¶ … Gang Prevention Program

"Gangs contain bright boys who do well, bright boys who do less well, and dull boys who pass, dull boys who fail, and illiterates"

(Garabedian & . Gibbons, 2005, p. 26).

In regard to gangs, one never knows what may happen. In the article, "Gang grief: violence wounds teens and communities," Melissa Klein (2009) reports that Chantelle S., a 15-year-old from New York City relates that at times, students become fearful of what may happen when fights break out between rival groups in her high school. These fight lead to lockdowns with increased security in the school. Chantelle said: "It's kind of scary because you never know what can happen" (Chantelle, as cited in Klein, ¶ 1). During this paper,…. [read more]

School Uniforms Have Become an Issue Thesis

… School Uniforms have become an issue associated with public and private education, in part due to the fact that research has shown that school uniform policies are assistive to students and faculty with regard to a multiple number of school issues and pervasive school problems. Proponents of school uniforms insist that uniform policies help discourage gang activity, encourage discipline, help students resist the peer pressure they face to buy and wear trendy clothing, decrease or eliminate bullying among students, help identify those who do not belong in the school, diminish varied socioeconomic disparities, increase a sense of belonging and pride in schools, and improve achievement and attendance among students. (Whitley, Olson & Goodwin, 2001, p. 54) (Pickles, 2000, p. 51) the development of the public…. [read more]

Gang Violence Essay

… Gang Violence

In "Collective and Normative Features of Gang Violence," Decker (1996) examines the sociological origins of gangs and describes the impetus for gang-related violence through a sociological lens. Decker (1996) focuses on "contagion," or the spread of a collective mentality through the group. Contagion refers both to the spread of violent behaviors within one group as well as the spread of violence and gang membership increases across and between different neighborhoods. Decker (1996) also focuses on the issue of threat, and how actual and perceived threats precipitates violent behaviors among gang members. Group cohesiveness and collective behavior are also discussed.

Data was collected from a three-year study conducted in the city of St. Louis, in which the researchers directly contacted gang members for interviews.…. [read more]

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