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Gateway Report on Accomplishing Goals Through Performance Management Term Paper

… ¶ … Improving Gateway's Performance / Gateway: Report On Accomplishing Goals Through Performance Management

Role of Job Analysis and Evaluation in Achieving the Organizations Strategic Direction

Ways in Which Performance Management Can Meet the Organization's Goals

Ways in Which Performance Management System Can Improve the Outcomes for the Organization

Five Recommendations That Gateway Institute Should Implement

Role of Job Analysis and Evaluation in Achieving the Organizations Strategic Direction

Analysis refers to the comprehensive procedure of identifying and establishing the responsibilities of a certain job as well as its requirements and the significance of these responsibilities for the specified job. The procedure whereby conclusions regarding information gathered on a job is referred to as job analysis. A significant aspect of job analysis is that the evaluation…. [read more]

Financial E-Commerce Research Proposal

… e-Commerce

The Impact of e-Commerce on Mass Customization and Revenue Growth

The progression of e-commerce continues to result in more innovative concepts, frameworks, and models of process integration and improvement being developed. One of the most fascinating is the ability to use e-commerce as the basis for fulfilling unique, one-of-a-kind customer requirements for products through mass customization while at the same time attaining profitability across an entire organization. For e-commerce to make significant contributions to interprocess efficiencies there needs to be integration at the system and process levels. The success of e-commerce systems and their accompanying strategies also rely directly on the extent of knowledge management integration as well (Helms, Ahmadi, Jih, Ettkin, 351). As e-commerce strategies that include mass customization and product configurators increase…. [read more]

American Dream" Deadline: May 3rd Essay

… A great deal of individuals in the middle class has been forced to lose hope in ever attaining the American Dream during recent years. "For those at the bottom, however, the end result may be the loss of hope itself, and the abandonment of belief in any version of the American Dream" (American dream dying: the changing economic lot of the least advantaged xiv).

3. Although just like most persons I like to think that the American Dream is actually possible and that society will, one day, be supportive concerning this concept, the reality is that it is very difficult to attain the dream in the contemporary society. Materialism plays an essential role in the world today as more and more individuals come to be…. [read more]

Organized Crime in Canada Research Paper

… In 2006, a multi-level task force and police investigation called Project Tandem was led by the Ontario Biker Enforcement Unit to focus on the illegal importing of cocaine, hashish, and various other criminal activities of members of various chapters of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club (CISC, 2007). In all, 24 people were arrested as were more than 10 prospects and associates. In 2008, most pled guilty and received Superior Court sentences of over 90 years and $640,000 in fines collectively. Such tactics have sent powerful messages to organized crime units that law enforcement is actively watching and vigilantly working in harmony across government agencies to stop the flow of drug trafficking and its ravages upon Canadian society.

Synthetic drugs are another area of concern. The…. [read more]

Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure Project Capstone Project

… It Infrastructure Project


The project reveals the strategy the Oak Creek Healthcare Corporation (OCHC) implements the latest technology to enhance the quality of service (QoS) and achieving a leading position within the healthcare industry. The case provides the strategy to connect LANs (Local Area Networks) across a WAN (Wide Area Network) using the latest technology such as Cisco 7204 and Cisco 7200. The project demonstrates the analytical tools as well as using the critical thinking skill to provide technically feasible and reasonable business solution to the problem facing Oak Creek Healthcare within the technological realm.

The project deliverables include the following:

25-page report

Network design solution for Oak Creek Healthcare Corporation.

The study also demonstrates the extent the project has been able to achieve…. [read more]

Crowdsourcing Techniques in Call Centers Dissertation

… [EXCERPT] . . . promising phenomenon that lends itself to call centers' ability to improve their own and their other business units' efficiency is the employment of crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is an online, distributed problem-solving and production model already in use by for-profit organizations such as Threadless, iStockphoto, and InnoCentive. Speculation in Weblogs and wisdom of crowds theory assumes a diverse crowd engaged in crowdsourcing labor. Crowdsourcing is the act of taking a job traditionally performed by a designated agent (usually an employee) and outsourcing it to an undefined, generally large group of people in the form of an open call. Furthermore, and as crowdsourcing is in some ways similar to open-source software production, prior research suggests that individuals in the crowd likely participate in crowdsourcing…. [read more]

Adolescent Substance Use Screening Instruments Term Paper

… " (Zoccolillo et al., 1999) Thus, the AAOD student is at a clear disadvantage in terms of successfully completing a high-school diploma and moving on to a career-oriented post-secondary education.

Additionally, high school is generally also a milieu in which the adolescent learns other non-academic life skills, including mature means of relating to peers and supervisors, responsible treatment of deadlines and priorities, and the perspective-broadening value of sports and other extracurricular interests.

Absenteeism limits the opportunities for acquiring such skills, and even while attending, the AAOD student in all likelihood will not maximize the chance to participate in meaningful relationships and activities. Playing sports while drunk or stoned, or both, obviously also risks serious injury for the student and his or her teammates.

At its…. [read more]

UK Immigration Act of 1971 Term Paper

… "

For the purposes of the Act, patrials were defined as British or Commonwealth citizens who were born or naturalised in the United Kingdom or who had a parent (or grandparent in the case of British citizens) who had been born or naturalised in the United Kingdom." The patrial category included British and Commonwealth citizens as well provided they had been settled in the United Kingdom for a period of 5 years and had registered or had applied to register as a British citizen; as a result, British citizens who were non-patrial were subject to controls while non-citizens who were patrials were not subject to controls.

According to Spencer, non-patrials were allowed to seek residence and could apply for a work permit; however, these steps…. [read more]

NAFTA Historical Beginning Term Paper

… 3. A panel of experts was utilized to handle disputes.

The creation of CUSTA sparked interest from Mexico. The free trading area or FTA spanned greater than 360 million people, and $6 trillion in annual output. NAFTA may also be considered a link to two of the largest trading partners to the U.S.: namely Mexico and Canada.

History Bibliography:

Mariama W. Williams, A Brief History of GATT and NAFTA; Women's Alternative Economic Network

Gary C. Hufbauer, Reginald Jones Senior Fellow and Diana Orejas, NAFTA AND THE ENVIRONMENT: LESSONS FOR TRADE POLICY, Institute for International Economics (2001)

Daryll E. Ray, Director, Agricultural Policy Analysis Center Melissa B. Cooney, NAFTA and the Small Mexican Farmer, Graduate Research Assistant University of Tennessee

US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce.

NAFTA Objectives…. [read more]

Enterprise Resource Systems Term Paper

… Enterprise Resource Systems

The company in question (hereinafter "the company") is a medium-sized value-added manufacturer that assembles and fills more than 3,000 different sizes and types of aerosol cans. Flexibility and responsiveness have been the keys to the company's success to date by concentrating on small production runs that do not require lengthy lead times in order to complete. The company purchases all of the aerosol can components from suppliers and the can ingredients are supplied by the customers. Some of the can components are fungible and can be obtained from more than one supplier, but while some of its product line share some components, others are unique to a specific aerosol can type. Following receipt of an order from a customer for a given…. [read more]

Aviation Industry Flu Pandemic Outbreak Risk Thesis

… In case of the SARS outbreak in China the public transportation wasn't shut down but the amount of passengers decreased a lot as, people stopped using the public transportation to avoid getting infected. Similarly, trends of decrease in the number of employees was noted in the air transportation such as, the flights in Pacific Asia decreased by 45% as compared to the year before and there was a decrease of 69% in the flights between U.S. And Hong Kong (Brigantic et al., 2009).

However, it can easily be estimated from these above given scenarios that if an influenza pandemic did occur and stay for 12 to 36 months what would be the amount of damage that it would cause in the world…. [read more]

FDI Ireland Experienced Essay

… First, there is the fact that the myriad conflicts in this zone reflect all manner of problems. The central government in Kinshasa is almost completely cut off from this part of Congo; a nation that itself is the artificial creation of Belgian colonialists drawing random lines on a map. The DRC as a stable political entity was never going to happen, and the fact that it is rich in resources merely exacerbates that problem; it doesn't cause it. So today the villain is Apple, tomorrow it will be someone else, but ultimately the issues in the region run a lot deeper than just materials sourcing.

To be frank, the best way to undo this situation requires a much bigger view. A nation-state like the DRC…. [read more]

Delphi Study: Influence of Environmental Literature Review

… Green IT and energy costs

Although IT devices consume energy, you can use them to control energy, particularly electricity consumption.

You can use IT systems to take care of building management. For example, using movement sensors, thermostats can be adjusted, lights switched on and off, and computers switched off out of hours and reawakened for software upgrades.

One of the biggest challenges in reducing electricity consumption is ensuring that electricity users can monitor their own consumption. What gets measured gets managed -- once people are aware of their consumption, they can go about reducing it. This isn't yet common practice, even in data centers. But, with new smart metering technologies, organizations could monitor the electricity usage of individual departments. Departments could be charged for usage,…. [read more]

Servant Leadership in a Conflicted Church Thesis

Applying Servant Leadership within a Conflicted Church: The Project as an Act of Ministry

My church, the South Iowa Chapel, like many modern churches, is a church in conflict. Conflicted churches are problematic because they drive parishioners away from the church, and, possibly, away from Christ. Conflict in a church can also be a difficult situation to remedy, because of the different personality types and leadership styles of people involved in the church. However, I feel that a significant part of the problem is that people are using traditional leadership styles in church. Jesus Christ was not a traditional leader. On the contrary, He was the epitome of a servant leader, one who leads through service to others. Obviously, He did a wonderful job leading…. [read more]

Motivation and Confidence in Sports Thesis

… 51). As it were, the association that exists between sport confidence and performance should be an important issue for psychologists in sports to analyze. Actually, sport confidence can be a varying and temporary variant. The inconsistency in sport confidence that exists in duration of time is influenced in basic by the sources of the confidence. (Weinberg & Gould, 1999, p.24).

Researchers can make an effort to realize how the sources of sport confidence would make an impact on the athlete's performance, level of confidence, cognition, emotion and behaviors. They may also carefully analyze the confidence that is derived from sources by realizing the interaction of the social background, organizational cultures, and the nuances of the athlete. Sport competition is a basic atmosphere…. [read more]

Alternate Practice Therapy Experiment Term Paper

… Ongoing evaluation, including meaningful and relevant outcome data geared toward increasing protective factors and reducing risks. The ACT Program is one that utilizes a series of progressively intrusive steps to hold children and parents/guardians accountable for truancy. The steps are:

1. Letter sent home to parents/guardians accountable for truancy

2. Parents/guardians and children are invited to a meeting with the deputy district attorney with school board personnel present.

3. Parents/guardians whose children continue to have attendance problems are invited to a review team.

4. Parents/guardians whose children continue to have attendance problems are referred to School Attendance Review Board;

5. If none of the above steps is effective a case will be filed against the parents/guardians and the Truancy is quite a strong predictor of…. [read more]

Lenovo and HP Websites Comparing Two Business Term Paper

… ¶ … Lenovo and HP Websites

Comparing Two Business Websites

The intent of this document is to review the e-business models, channel utilities and conflicts, security strategies, payment processes and initiatives to instill trust in the Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo websites. Each of these websites sort a product customization strategy that includes build-to-order of laptops, personal computers and servers, in addition to the selling of services to support these specific activities. The need for tight integration of systems across all areas of the website including order capture, order management, catalogs, and pre-sales content in the form of brochures and literature, even post-sales applications including the use of Return Materials Authorization (RMA) requests are together redefining the e-business models of all companies in the PC industry. For…. [read more]

Security Analysis Mobile Ad Hoc Networks MANET Research Proposal

… ¶ … Mobile Adhoc Networks (manet)

The work of Corson and Macker (1999) entitled: "Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET)" reports that advancements in computer and wireless communications technologies in recent years expectations are that advanced mobile wireless computing is expected to see increasingly widespread use and application, much of which will involve the use of Internet Protocol (IP) suite." (Corson and Macker, 1999)

Mobile ad hoc networking was envisioned as supporting operation in mobile wireless networks that is robust and efficient through incorporation of routing functionality into mobile nodes. These types of networks are viewed as being dynamic and rapidly changing in nature, "random, multihop topologies which are likely composed of relatively bandwidth-constrained wireless links." (Corson and Macker, 1999)

It was reported at that time…. [read more]

Problem Solving Merging Essay

… The basis of the conflict between Compaq and DEC operating units would not be resolved quickly, even after the smaller disagreements the case alludes to were solved. Both company's IT departments continued to be at odds with each other, with DEC's highly decentralized IT architecture and organization forced to become more centralized and controlled by a single IT department. DEC had however grown their mid-range server and high-end workstation businesses into global market leaders using the build-to-order strategies of Dell and others as a model. Compaq could not abandon these product liens after the merger; they represented too much gross margin and profits. As a result, Compaq integrated these more agile production methods and sourcing strategies into their business forcing the company to have a…. [read more]

Establishment of Blood Screening Protocols Literature Review

… " (Fallon, ) However, more recent evidence is stated by Fallon to call this conclusion into question as Hinton et al. In reports a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, that investigated the effect of iron supplementation in 42 iron-depleted nonanemic women. Findings of the study state that five male athletes were identified in which "screening abnormalities were associated with illness or other factors that explained the abnormalities." ( ) In three cases it is reported that hematological screening did not contribute clinically useful data as the abnormalities would have been expected based on the history and examination." In the other two it is reported that "the case of the asymptomatic slowly developing iron deficiency and of the football player who refused follow-up, hematological and iron-related screening uncovered…. [read more]

European Union Economy Issues and Policies Essay

… ¶ … country leave the EU or the euro zone?

This policy paper is for the attention of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron. It explores whether the UK should depart from the European Union amidst the Eurozone crisis.

Position: The UK should leave the European Union. The costs and risks accompanying membership in the EU is simply not worth the benefits for the UK. Contributions to the EU common fund are a significant drain on the UK and are disproportionately spent in areas which are irrelevant to the UK, such as agricultural subsidies. The benefits that the UK seeks from EU membership, regional security and free trade, are now either the norm or can be achieved through alternative means, such as…. [read more]

DOS and DDOS Attacks Term Paper

… ¶ … DDOS Attacks

Computers, computer networks, and the Internet are not only a part of daily life for most individuals in the developed world, but are also an essential element of businesses, governments, and other organizations large and small. The variety and virulence of attacks that can be carried out on organizational websites, computers, and networks is a matter of pressing concern, and is something that it would behoove most individuals to understand at least a little something about. The following paragraphs present a summary of research into one common type of attack, a denial of service or DOS attack, which can also be called a distributed denial of service attack depending on how it is carried out. Understanding how these attacks are carried…. [read more]

Prioritization of it Functions Term Paper

… All of these major projects are evaluated by the following criteria as follows

1. The project drives (or creates) more revenue for the corporation.

2. The project cuts the cost of doing business.

3. The project is mandated by Federal, State, County, or local laws or executive orders.

4. The competitor has undertaken a similar project.

A list of pending projects, including an evaluation of each project against the above criteria follows in Table 1 below; all four criteria may or may not apply.

Table 1. Evaluation of IT Priorities.

NA=Not Applicable/Unknown*; 1=Low Priority; 2=Moderate Priority; 3= High Priority

1. The project drives (or creates) more revenue for the corporation.

2. The project cuts the cost of doing business.

3. The project is mandated by…. [read more]

Property Portfolio Ownership and Management Marketing Plan

… Warrington -- Enterprise Park - Industrial

Value as of 2004 1,485,000

Value as of 2009 1,250,000 loss 235,000 (15.8%)

Highest Value 1,725,000

Total Net Income 807,056 50.18% 10.03% per year

Total Return 37.04% 7.40% per year

This industrial property provided the second highest total net income in the portfolio averaging just over 10% per year. The overall capitalization of the property is only about 5% of the entire portfolio, thereby lowering the risk of ownership by a huge margin, especially when considering the high total net income generated by the property. Another factor to consider regarding this property is that it is industrial in nature, the only property with that characteristic. It might well be worth purchasing an additional similar property to this one if…. [read more]

Computers Internet Computer Technology Term Paper

… Internet


Proposal & Implementation Plan

For Refurbishment of Former Factory Building

Proposal & Implementation Plan

For Refurbishment of Former Factory Building

As part of the proposed refurbishment of the former factory building, this proposal addresses the potential networking and Voice over Internet (VoIP) requirements for up to 50 apartments, 30 small retail stores, 2 or more full-service restaurants, a breakfast cafe, and office space. The business environment of the twenty-first century has become a more technologically advanced global spectrum that will remain extremely dependent on real time capabilities and seamless streams of information. The fact of the matter is that even small to midsized companies of today require the ability to fully utilize an available global communications infrastructure.

Historically, advantages were actually cost prohibitive…. [read more]

Bamboo Industry Research Proposal

… Bamboo Industry

In India, bamboo is considered "the poor man's timber." Over the past 20 years, bamboo has become a significant, sometimes superior substitute for wood. Currently, in some way or another in, the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan reports, approximately 1.5 billion people depend on bamboo products. In light of the significances of the bamboo industry, this thesis relates relevant research regarding the bamboo industry and asserts that a number of bamboo products, particularly those processed and manufactured for use in constructing houses and household items, primarily qualify as being eco-friendly.

From the literature reviewed for this study, the researcher completes a PEST Analysis, as well as a SWOT analysis to investigate factors contributing to the bamboo industry. Ultimately, the researcher finds that…. [read more]

Enterprise Saas ERP System for Workforce Dynamics Business Proposal

… ¶ … Enterprise SaaS ERP system for workforce dynamics and better capital expenditure (CAPEX) saving and improved security: A proposal

The recent advancements in Information Technology coupled with the various inefficiencies and risks associated with the implementation of the traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system has led several experts to suggest the need for small and medium business adoption of a cloud-based ERP system. The impact of cloud computing has been indicated by the work of Goel, Kiran and Garg (2011) to be great. This proposal presents a ubiquitous cloud-based ERP system for increased mobility and better capital expenditure saving among other potential benefits.

The problems with the traditional ERP systems

The problems with the traditional ERP systems includes; Complicated setup processes, too much room…. [read more]

Senior Management Teams Changes Term Paper

… Maybe we start with Patagonia and Zappos and figure out how to inculcate that sort of ethos in a Wall Street darling of a firm.

Internet Sources Referenced

Cisco Systems http://

Yahoo! Finance

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Biz

Network World

San Jose Mercury News

Business Week

The Statesman

Bright Hub

Cisco Website


Yahoo Finance

USA Today…. [read more]

Applying for the Position of Team Leader Essay

… ¶ … applying for the position of Team Leader to work in National Geographic Student Expeditions, I am hoping to prove how my experience and expertise can be an excellent match for your requirements. I am very well travelled, having visited locations such as Europe, Africa, Japan, Greece, and New Zealand. As my CV indicates, I have had multicultural exposure during these trips. I also speak Spanish, English and basic Italian.

During my many travels across the world, I also became acquainted with both the environments and cultures of the various locations I visited. I was able to use my documenting skills in the form of photography and film to capture these experiences. For this reason, I entered the Columbia University School of Arts to…. [read more]

Corporate Universities Investigation of Their Development Internationally in the Field Sector of Tourism Term Paper

… Corporate universities"-investigation of their development internationally in the field/sector of tourism.

In this paper, it will be discussed how corporate universities function internationally and otherwise. From there, their development process of tourism will be discussed and how it is affecting its organized culture. Going public will be addressed as an option in order to improve the development of tour. Finally, this paper will concluded the development has had many successes despite their slow start but will continue to defeat them.

Corporate universities fall under the direction of motivation by the following example, which helps them with the plans with the sector of tourism. "Corporate universities are created for different purposes. Some are developed to bring fresh life to the old training and development department. Others…. [read more]

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