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Gay and Lesbian Serial Killers Research Proposal

… But this notion becomes particularly fascinating when we consider the various permutations that can be taken by a specifically homosexual serial killer. The homosexual can prey upon other homosexuals: this is the case with Dahmer and Dennis Nilsen. The homosexual can prey upon heterosexuals of the same gender: this is arguably the case with Gacy, Berdella, and Dean Corll. Although many of the young men that were victims of these three were solicited for sex, generally the situation was such that the victims were heterosexually-identified and motivated by promise of payment -- what psychologists and public health advocates would describe in 2014 as MSM (men who have sex with men) rather than specifically gay. Finally Wuornos provides the most interesting case, as a homosexual woman…. [read more]

Filmography of Spike Lee Term Paper

… Spike Lee Filmography

Spike Lee's contribution to black cinema has allowed viewers to see New York City through a Black cinematic lens. There are many recurring themes and symbols within Lee's works that make films identifiable as a Spike Lee Joint, so to speak; these symbols are reflective of Lee's external influences, upbringing, and personal background. Additionally, many of the works that he has directed are politically charged and provide commentary on Lee's political and social stances.

While these viewpoints may be uniquely Lee's, there is criticism against Lee that contends that his socio-political viewpoints may be problematic. For instance, Wahneema Lubiano contends, "The Spike Lee discourse and his production offer a site for examining possibilities of oppositional, resistant, or subversive cultural production as well…. [read more]

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