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Gay Couples and Child Adoption Essay

… Public Opinion

According to 2006 poll by the Pew Research Center, a close division exists on gay adoption within the public in United State, on the other hand, the CNN and Opinion Research Cop. indicated that 57% of respondents had a feeling that gay are suppose to adopt while 40% had a feeling that they should not. In 2007 in the United Kingdom, the opinion was that 64% were to the opinion that gay couples be allowed to adopt while 32% were to the opinion that they should not. In the year 2010 in Brazil, the finding of the polls was that 51% opposed the issue of adopting children by the gay couple while 39 had the opinion that they should be allowed.

A general…. [read more]

Gay Marriage Many Same-Sex Couples Annotated Bibliography

… Many gay-rights activists, however, argue the status of civil unions nonetheless causes the public to perceive their commitments to be less than those of married people. Supporters, on the other hand, defend them as the best deal gay couples are likely to get in states resistant to gay marriage (Mach and Stepney: 2f.). Grant nearly all or some state-level spousal rights to unmarried couples (domestic partnerships): While similar to marriage, a domestic partnership does not necessarily grant the 1,138 rights afforded to married couples in the U.S. By the federal government, as tallied by the United States Government Accountability Office. Furthermore, domestic partnerships are determined by each state or local jurisdiction, so there is no nationwide consistency on the rights, responsibilities and benefits afforded to…. [read more]

Gay Lesbian Rights Term Paper

… Gay Rights

Despite the gains of the Civil Rights Movement, discrimination still exists in many forms. One of the most enduring prejudices is related to sexual orientation. Indeed, many analysts believe that gay people continue to be the targets of much social stigma and even attacks.

This paper argues that gay and lesbian people are entitled to the same rights and protections as all Americans. This includes the right to marry and protection from discrimination in employment.

In demanding the right to marry and protection from discrimination in employment, this paper maintains that gay people are not demanding "special rights." Rather, gays and lesbians are arguing that they should be entitled to the same protection as are anyone else.

Discrimination in employment

In the United…. [read more]

Right to Carry Handguns Essay

… Currently, 49 states have established legislations that enable them to either issue carry permits or authorize law-abiding citizens to carry firearms outside their home for protection ("National Right to Carry" par, 3). Moreover, 41 out of these states have fair shall issue permit systems that provide any law abiding citizens to obtain a license of permit in order to carry guns for self-protection.

This claim has been used to support the claims on the basis that the presence of a constitutional provision or right would negate the establishment of such rules. Therefore, the fact that states have enacted carry permit legislations implies that law abiding citizens don't have the constitutional right to carry guns for self-protection.

Emergence of Interstate Reciprocity Concept:

Following the enactment of…. [read more]

Homosexuality and Marriage Argumentative Response Essay

… Homosexuals, when given the right to adopt children, have faced a lot of difficulty in order to be able to adopt. This is because they face a lot of obstacles and lengthy processes to be able to adopt, as they are not recognized by the state. These marriages have also seen these couples go through a lot of difficulties like; high insurance payments, higher taxes, difficulties in acquiring healthcare insurance for their families and partners. Homosexuals have not been recognized by the state because the state knows the implications of implementing these kinds of marriages. Forming a family by the gay is difficult as adoption of children is also difficult. Civil unions are the most appropriate arrangements for gay marriages.

Homosexuals if allowed to marry…. [read more]

Gay Marriage a Discussion Research Paper

… The public opinion shift in perceptions of the legality of same sex marriages also fosters a wave of additional implications.

One implication is that politicians have become more vocal about their support of same sex marriages. One of the most recent statements of support that has been made in favor of the legality of same sex couples comes from none other than President Barack Obama. Obama gave a personal account of how he "evolved" on the issue over the last few years with influences attributed to his daughters and some gay friends (Walker). Critics of Obama attributed his announcement in support of same-sex marriages; however the polls also show that the economy is generally the number one issue that voters currently recognize as a priority…. [read more]

Civil Liberties, Habeas Corpus Essay

… The Court proceeded with addressing the Guantanamo Bay detention center and the Military Commissions Act in particular as acting in disagreement with the Constitution. The Supreme Court acknowledged that there were several cases when the habeas claim was invalid but also supported the belief that the Bourmediene case was not one of them. The Court was provided with a significant amount of criticism on account of its decision and on account of the fact that it was unhesitant about second guessing the Bush Administration and Congress.

Civil Rights are a debatable issue in the contemporary society as a consequence of the numerous exceptions that people come across in trying to respect them. Cases like Bourmediene v. Bush can be largely considered to be triumphs as…. [read more]

Civil War Essay

… The North had better railroad systems (twice as many tracks as the South). The authors suggest the South's railroad situation was bleak, and by 1864 "…had almost collapsed" (377). The North had the advantage of 186,000 African-Americans who fought against the South. The industrialization of the North was beefed up in great amounts during the war. The North financed the war largely on citizens buying government bonds.

Southern currency was just paper money causing "disastrous inflation" (388) and the South faced "massive shortages of almost everything" (food riots broke out in the South because males went off to war leaving ineffective plantations -- run by slaves and women). Unlike the south, the North had an effective navy that transported supplies effectively; and while the South…. [read more]

Human Rights the Challenges of the Modern Essay

… Human Rights

The challenges of the modern world, intended by many to be a connected and collaborative place containing a sense of recognition of sameness as well as one of cultural difference are many. In this ideal world the differences of tradition, culture and nationalism often challenge the collaborative ideals of universal codes of conduct, but especially those associated with human rights. In the recent past independence of states has been seen as a sacred underlying code of existence only to be trampled upon when gross injustices, mostly against other states, warrant armed or unarmed conflict and even then to be answered with as much force as such a state could muster. The borders of a state were considered sacred territory, not to be crossed…. [read more]

Civil Rights for LGBT Gay Essay

… The constitutional bans have made it more difficult for SSM advocates to achieve their desired policy change, but in the vast majority of these 27 states, the odds that either the legislature or the courts would have legalized SSM were pretty low from the start (Keck, 2009).

Direct democracy has resulted in very different outcomes in gay relationship rights contests in the United States and Switzerland. In the United States, direct democracy increasingly impeded pro-gay relationship rights legislation; in Switzerland direct democracy has promoted pro-gay relationship rights legislation. Direct democracy, unlike representative democracy, occurs when citizens vote on the laws themselves. In the United States these contests usually only occur at the state or local level of government when citizens are given the chance to…. [read more]

Cilvil Rights Term Paper

… ¶ … gay/lesbian rights and how gays are treated like second-class citizens in this country. Gays and lesbians face social stigma and bigotry, and face many of the same civil rights issues that blacks faced four decades ago in our country. America prides itself on being an open and free democracy with room for everyone, but gays and lesbians are largely left out of that notion, proving American is not as democratic as it would like to believe.

In America, the "perfect" idea of life is to grow up, marry, buy a home, have children, and live happily ever after. The trouble is, if you are a gay or lesbian in America today, few of those options are open to you, due to prejudice, biased…. [read more]

Gay Marriage During Recent Years Term Paper

… Gay Marriage

During recent years, the issue of gay marriage has been a topic of passionate debate throughout the United States. Same-sex couples feel they deserve the same legal privileges as heterosexual couples, while many religious conservatives believe that such unions are sinful, and legal critics believe that such legislation will open a Pandora's box.

In December 2006, both houses of the New Jersey Legislature passed a civil-union bill, 56-19 in the Assembly and 23-12 in the Senate. Two years ago, the state passed a domestic partnership bill for same-sex couples, thus advocates consider this new bill as a stepping-stone to gay marriage (Graham). Civil unions grant same-sex couples inheritance rights, hospital visitation rights, among others enjoyed by married couples. Steven Goldstein, chair of Garden…. [read more]

Rights and Developing Countries Human Essay

… These communal groupings have been present in India since the colonial times. There have been several incidences where members of these communities have massacred one another. In one occurrence, Islamic militants murdered Hindus in Kerala. There was also an event during the partition of India where people of all religions died in great numbers. The riots and murder in India has brought to light the importance of human rights. Development and knowledge have made India develop policies that are able to safeguard human rights. There is a shift in ideology to previous human rights issues that concentrated on liberty and civil rights to the present model (Stefancic and Delgado, 1992). In the present world, non-governmental organizations have just changed their tactics to remain relevant.

Bibliography…. [read more]

Gay Marriage Gaiety Research Paper

… Conclusion

In support of the thesis statement, lack of sexual realization influences significantly on an individuals choice or/and his development as a gay person or not. Lack of sexual identity early in life results into more people becoming gay as time goes by. Despite this fact, gay couples face varied challenges just as they also pose great vices and virtues on personal and societal morality. Gaeity is not a crime, and the arguments made against gay marriage clearly have no firm basis as compared to the benefits, virtues and vices that face normal/straight marriages. However, in as much as gaiety also comes with certain benefits as explained in this paper, they are not long lived as more upvacals encroach society due to this practice and…. [read more]

Gay Marriage Essay

… He claimed that "it provides role models for young gay people who, after the exhilaration of coming out, can easily lapse into short-term relationships and insecurity with no tangible goal in sight. It could bring the essence of gay life into the heart of the traditional straight family in a way the family can most understand and the gay offspring can most easily acknowledge." Gays being accepted as normal stands to benefit this minority group in many ways.

The homosexual community is often known for not following a monogamous lifestyle. What is often overlooked it that straight people also fall into this category. It seems quite unfair to everyone to exclude people from certain rights and benefits because of what they do with their sexual…. [read more]

Gay in America Essay

… Gay

Homosexuality has become a hot political topic recently, especially when the State of California banned gay marriage in the November 2008 election. The passing of Proposition 8 showed that many Americans are fundamentally opposed to the idea that two men or two women should be able to wed. Gay marriages are all but unheard of in other cultures, so the issue of gay marriage has no legal or historical precedent. The issue of gay marriage has only come up recently in public debates. Californians made a clear call on November 8, one that did not necessarily relate to religious or political beliefs. The persons against gay marriage tend to be from broad backgrounds, including Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Gay marriage aside, homosexuality is itself…. [read more]

Civil Rights Movement Essay

… , 2007).

Tribally governed advanced schooling started during 1971 from Tsaili around the Navajo reservation, when Dine College (first set up as the Navajo Community College during 1968) had become the very first tribally governed college within the U.S. Deganawida-Quetzelcoatl University had been set up in Davis, California, at approximately the same time frame. Over the following decade an additional 24 such organizations had been founded in the Indian region (Cobb et al., 2007).

The Black Panthers Malcolm X's concepts affected a brand new age group of militant Black leaders who additionally preached black strength, Black Nationalism, as well as financial self-sufficiency. During 1966 within Oakland, California, Bobby Seale, Huey Newton, along with Eldridge Cleaver structured the Black Panther Party for Self-Defence, or perhaps the…. [read more]

Gay Donor or Gay Dad? Term Paper

… As discussed above, these children were brought into the world intentionally and in many cases with a commitment to childrearing stated in writing. How many kids from traditional families can make the same claim? What seems most important is that they are loved, cared for, and to have a reasonable measure of stability in their lives. There does not seem to be any difference between nontraditional and traditional families with respect to these criteria, and if anything, the inherent parental redundancy seems to ensure the child will be loved and cared for should anything happen to the primary parents.

The biggest issue seems to be society's acceptance of these arrangements. With an 80% increase in same-sex households between 2000 and 2010 (Lofquist et al. 5),…. [read more]

Gays in the Military Essay

… Based on these challenges, those of a different sexual orientation may choose to remain closeted.

Gays From a Societal Perceptive

According to Nardi and Schneider (1998), "discrimination against lesbians and gay men finds its 'justification' in the persistent negative views many in the society hold about homosexuality." The authors in this case note that heterosexuality is considered inferior to homosexuality especially given the fact that it is impossible for gay as well as lesbian couples to procreate. In the opinion of Wolf (2004), "gay oppression hasn't always existed." This is particularly the case given that evidence (anthropological) has shown the existence of homosexual behavior in a vast majority of cultures in the past (Edlin and Golanty, 2011). This is a fact further reinforced by Wolf…. [read more]

Homosexuality Japan in Japan's Progressive Term Paper

… Homosexuality Japan

In "Japan's Progressive Sex: Male Homosexuality, National Competition, and the Cinema," Jonathan M. Hall (2000) connects the "gay boom" in Japanese cinema with Japanese gender construction, gender norms, and Japanese nationalism. By framing male homosexuality as a reflection of heterosexual female desire, Japanese filmmakers reflect but also substantiate cultural values and social norms. Gay male sexuality is appropriated, manipulated, and marketed in ways that are meaningful within Japanese culture but also reflective of globalization.

Gay male imagery and themes permit the exploration of female heterosexuality and female gender identity within a patriarchal society. For instance, the heterosexual female assuages fears of male sexual predation, as the gay male is a safe friend and even safe bed partner. Hall (2000) notes that the gay…. [read more]

Gay Marriage Is a Topical Essay

… The deontological approach does not necessary lead one to conclusions, other than the conclusion that we as a society are bound to uphold our own laws. We have the power to create these laws, however, and it is the laws of the land and not the laws of any holy book to which our society is bound. If the legislators wish to legalize gay marriage, then that is the law to which we adhere -- the act is ethical. Under deontology, laws that apply to all supersede laws (such as religious laws) that only apply to a portion of society.


Consequentialism is the "view that normative properties depend only on consequences" (Sinnott-Armstrong, 2011). If the act has a negative outcome, then the act was…. [read more]

Right to Bear Arms Thesis

… Right to Bear Arms

In order to understand the importance of the right to bear arms, one must have a clear understanding of the events leading up to the American Revolution. The American colonists were being subjected to a form of government that they viewed as a form of tyranny. They confronted that tyranny with an armed rebellion, which they asserted was self-defense against the tyranny. Moreover, in the debates leading up to the ratification of the Constitution and the selection of the American form of government, the founding fathers discussed various different methods of keeping a militia ready to defend the new nation. One of the options that were discussed was having the government keep control of people's weapons. However, in the wake of…. [read more]

Civil Liberties, a Price Essay

… Nevertheless, some argue that the Patriot Act, as previously stated before may support some civil liberties while offering safety for citizens. As Marcovitz stated in his book: Americans do not believe the law is intrusive or, if they do, they are willing to sacrifice some of their civil liberties to protect human life" (Marcovitz 69).

A study performed by Domke, Graham, Coe, John, and Coopman suggests in reference to political elites, that control of political media and information environments especially during national crises, heightens revealing hidden political agendas in the process. This study examines the formation and enactment of the Patriot Act, which was recommended by the Bush administration after the September 2001 terrorist attacks and immediately passed through the active support of the U.S.…. [read more]

Civil Death and the American Essay

… Again, there is no nobility seen in the eternal struggle to survive -- no sense of "rising from the ashes" in some glorious and inspiring fashion. Instead, this photograph depicts the harsh reality of a city largely lain to waste and people that, despite being newly freed and ostensibly enfranchised, are left with only the barest elements of survival in a most ignoble and undignified fashion. This is the post-crashed world that Whitman foresaw, the aftermath of sieges and shellings such as those witnessed by Dora Miller, and the concrete reality that lays at the end of the road of abstract principles Garrison imagined to exist. Dealing with death became a way of life for an entire generation, and it did not serve to reunify…. [read more]

Civil Rights Movement: Brown v Research Paper

… The sixty years before the Brown decision was made were heavy with segregation (Kluger, 1975; Patterson, 2001). The argument for desegregation was that the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution was being broken by segregating blacks and whites. That Amendment states that every person has to be allowed equal protection under the law (Kasher, 2000). When people who are black or white are treated differently than others who are of a different race, that violates the Constitution. If the schools and other facilities were completely and truly equal there would have been no violation, but that was not the case. The schools and other facilities that were offered to blacks were clearly substandard and that was why there was so much concern about violations of the…. [read more]

Civil War Would the Union Thesis

… The Border States only helped to facilitate the North's advantages. The Border States did not create them. In addition, the south because of their reliance on commodities and crops were primarily farmers before the war. This was a distinct disadvantage as the south had to train farmers into soldiers in a very small amount of time. These farmers ultimately could not compete with the more polished northern soldiers. Furthermore, because the south relied extensively on cotton exports, the north had the ability to halt economic development through its superior navy (Surdam, 2001). The north with its industrialized economy used a blockade to stifle economic development in the region. As such, the south could not export many of its products to other neighboring countries such as…. [read more]

Right to Bear Arms Arguing Term Paper

… Right to Bear Arms

Arguing for the right to bear arms is a more complex and challenging task than arguing against it. The key, then, to a successful argument for the position I have chosen is to point out facts and information that would be relevant and convincing to the audience I am going to address. There are various audiences to which my arguments will be addressed. These audiences include the general public and specific sectors relevant to the issue of gun control. These specific sectors include gun owner groups and anti-gun ownership groups. Between these two groups, anti-gun ownership groups would prove to be a more challenging sector to convince than gun owners. The general public is also susceptible to the popular belief that…. [read more]

Civil War the International Law Term Paper

… (UN intervention in Somalia and Mozambique: why success is not always cast in stone)

The failure of the peace implementation policy is attributed to the presence of spoilers, factions or leaders contradicting the peace agreement and exerts force those oppose the peace agreement and apply coercive force to undermine that. The opposition of the neighboring states opposing the peace agreement and assisting the spoilers also contributes towards the failure. (Implementing Peace Agreements in Civil Wars: Lessons and Recommendations for Policymakers)

Strategically, the international community is required to be agreeable to back the intervention into some internal disputes. Interventions also are required to plan for success. They are also required to follow through with plans to execute any peace solution that may be accessed. The effective…. [read more]

Civil Rights and Police Departments Research Paper

… Racial profiling can be a difficult practice to stop, because many well-intentioned officers may believe that race or ethnicity is a valid reason to suspect a person of a crime. For example, in the wake of the 9-11 terrorist attacks, many non-criminal Muslims and people who appeared to be Muslim were targeted for criminal investigation because of activity that, if conducted by a white person, would have appeared harmless. Moreover, much of racial profiling involves an unintentional use of stereotypes and societal norms to inform decision making; officers may not even be aware that they are using race in their criteria. It can also be very difficult to demonstrate racial profiling, especially for the individual victim of the practice. For example, a controversial New York…. [read more]

Civil Procedure Essay

… Civil Procedure

Under the broadest definition, civil procedure refers to the regulations under which courts engage in civil trials. "Civil trials' concern the judicial resolution of claims by one individual or group against another and are to be distinguished from 'criminal trials,' in which the state prosecutes an individual for violation of criminal law. 'Procedure' is to be distinguished from 'substantive law' in that substantive law defines the rights and duties of everyday conduct, such as in contract law or tort law" (, 2010). A great number of statues deal with the jurisdiction of the civil courts. The fourteenth amendment famously bestows individuals with the right to life, liberty and property and such things cannot be taken away without the appropriate due process of law.…. [read more]

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